REVEALED: Official Trailer for ‘WWE – 30 YEARS of SURVIVOR SERIES’ DVD, SummerSlam Blu-Ray Is On!

August 10, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE '30 Years of Survivor Series' DVD - Logo

This week we unveiled the FULL content WWE has in the works for “30 Years of Survivor Series” – a new DVD set featuring a countdown of 30 moments and a collection of 17 extra matches:

REVEALED: Full Content Listing & Cover Artwork for “”WWE – 30 YEARS of SURVIVOR SERIES” DVD

Now comes the official trailer which includes loads of Survivor Series flashbacks that will be part of the countdown main feature, and sightings of some of the matches included as bonus content.

“30 Years of Survivor Series” will be released as a 7-hour, 3-disc DVD collection. It’s scheduled to hit the United Kingdom first on October 23rd and follow just one day later to the United States.

Click here to pre-order your copy of the “30 Years of Survivor Series” DVD…

Below is a cover art reminder and a look at how the content will be presented on the packaging. Once again be careful when viewing the listing as it spoils the moments selected and their rankings.

WWE '30 Years of Survivor Series' DVD - Cover Artwork
WWE '30 Years of Survivor Series' DVD - Full Content Listing

“Double Feature: Great Balls of Fire & Battleground 2017” also has a new trailer out right now.

This is the next WWE DVD due to hit stores and will do so in less than 3 weeks!


USA: August 29th. Grab the next “WWE Double Feature” DVD soon here on

UK/Europe: September 18th. Get the next “WWE Double Feature” DVD here on

Australia: September 27th. Grab the next “WWE Double Feature” DVD at


Heads up – after the recent cancellation of the SummerSlam 2017 Blu-ray, WWE Home Video UK have just announced they will in fact now be producing the Blu-ray! can confirm there are now plans in place to release the Blu-ray in the UK and Germany, presumably in limited numbers. An official statement on the turnaround follows below:

“Since revealing our Q4 lineup our inbox has been filled with members of Raven’s flock asking “what about blu-ray?” As previously stated over the past 4 and a half years we have endeavoured to release as many WWE releases as possible on blu-ray, in fact we released well over 30 blu-rays exclusively to the UK in that time! However over the last two years the sales of WWE blu-rays has declined and there hasn’t been enough demand to warrant continued support.

We have heard the fans however, and have decided to do release Summerslam 2017 on Blu-ray, this will be a one off run, and once they’re gone they’re gone. We will closely monitor the performance of this release and it will directly affect our future blu-ray plans.

We hope you continue to enjoy all WWE Home Video releases.”

On the subject of PPVs and the double packs, it appears that at this time the TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017 event will see a Home Video release as an individual title, not as a “Double Feature”.

That’s simply due to how the PPV dates has fallen and because Survivor Series will of course also be a standalone title. Also, due to the TLC PPV now happening in October, expect to see the DVD close out the 2017 DVD schedule instead of beginning a new year which is usually the case.

WWE Home Video 2017 - Logo

Kayfabe Commentaries have announced a new “Next Evolution” due for release later this month as Chris Hero (known in NXT as Kassius Ohno) sits down with series host Gabe Sapolsky.

Get your copy of the DVD on August 29th via

Chris Hero & Gabe Sapolsky Sit-down Interview, 'Next Evolution' DVD


This special offer is of gold medal-standard! Head to now to find the brand new “Kurt Angle – The Essential Collection” DVD slashed in price to just $11.99.

Oh, it’s true. Oh… you know the rest.

WWE’s sale is running for one day only and set to expire in the early hours of tomorrow morning. You can also grab the recent DDP DVD for the same low price, or its Blu-ray counterpart for $14.99.

WWE 'Kurt Angle: The Essential Collection' DVD - One Day Deal!

IT’S TRUE, IT’S TRUE: Kurt Angle’s new WWE DVD is on sale for $11.99 today only at…

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  1. Corey C. says:

    With Time Warner being WWE’s U.S. distributor, test runs of on demand Blu-rays should be considered. Time Warner’s manufacture on demand vault can help gauge buyer interest for wider releases where sells volume is concerned.

    • LP1 says:

      Those aren’t actual DVD/BD discs. They’re DVD-R’s/BD-R’s. No different than burning them from your own PC. The difference between regular DVD/BD discs and DVD-R/BD-R discs is that regular discs have a much longer shelf life and DVD-R/BD-R discs aren’t compatible with all players. So that could cause an issue.

      • Corey C. says:

        Which makes this alternative less versatile given specifics. Thanks for responding and keeping me in the loop. :^)

  2. SCSA says:

    Matches that should’ve been included on this set!;

    1987; OMG! No match from 87! The first Survivor Series PPV! I would have liked – 5 on 5 elimination match- Randy Savage’s team Vs Honky Tonk Man’s team Or the 5 on 5 Hogan’s Team Vs Andre the Giants team.
    There was also a 10 on 10 Match, which looked cool!

    1988; 10 on 10 elimination of The Powers of Pain guys team Vs Ax’s team!

    1989; Again no match included from this PPV! Here I would have loved to see the Ultimate Warriors Team Vs The Heenan Family in a 4 on 4 elimination match!

    1990; They all looked amazing!
    Look for yourselves;

    1991; Undertaker Vs Hogan looks great, however I would have also have liked to have seen on this set the The Legion of Doom & Big Boss Man Vs the Natural Disasters & IRS in their 3 on 3 elimination match.

    1992 & 1993 also skipped on this set where we could have seen great matches such as; 92’s; Undertaker Vs Kamala’s Coffin match / 93’s; 4 on 4 elimination w/Hart family Vs Shawn Michaels & his Knights Or the All-American’s Vs The Foreign Fanatics in the 4 on 4 elimination.

    1994;The Bad Guys Vs The Teamsters had already been released on ‘The Kliq’☹️ I was hoping for; the 4 on 4 elimination match of the Royal Family Vs Clowns! It was funny & entertaining at the time! Or perhaps the Submission match for the Championship w/Bob Backlund Vs Bret Hart.

    1996; Shawn Vs Psycho Sid – I would rather have seen; Undertaker Vs Mankind singles match.

    1997; skipped. Perhaps due to the Montreal Screwjob?

    1999; I would have preferred the IC belt match between Chyna & Y2J!

    2000; skipped. Well, how about Bubba Ray Dudley’s team Vs Edge’s team in the 4 on 4 elimination match?

    2001; The Tag Team Unification match looks good, though instead of the Divas match why in the hell didn’t they add the 5 on 5 elimination match of team WWF Vs Team Alliance?! Okay it was over 40 minutes! Though they need to adjust around this with these kind of matches!
    (Or perhaps bring in a Blu-Ray version)?!

    2002; Brock Vs Big Show – cool, but what about the Elimination Chamber match?!

    2003-2008 – 6 PPV’s missed. Was this because it was in Benoit’s era?
    Great matches missed such as Goldberg Vs Triple H – Title match in 2003. Team Orton Vs Team Triple H including Benoit in 2004. Triple H Vs Flair in last man standing match in 2005. Also in 2006 there was Team DX Vs Team Rated-RKO! Another 2 great matches missed out on the 2007 PPV card of Randy Orton Vs Shawn Michaels – title match & Batista Vs The Undertaker – title match in a HIAC! Finally 2008 which included the title match of John Cena Vs Y2J!

    Oh man?! What the hell? Now if most of these singles matches are shown/mentioned in the Documentary, then I’d say yeah.. good… but no 10 on 10 5 on 5 / 4 on 4 great elimination matches given n so many years missed out!

  3. Cmw says:

    Bring on the history of summerslam.

    • Anan says:

      I want a history of Summerslam. But idk….the True History sets haven’t been all that. The Survivor Series is a countdown with the best moments rather than an actual history like True Story of WM which was more of a historically focused doc than a countdown of moments.

      I do believe though that a set on Summerslam will happen since the other big 3 ppvs got sets.

      I know they’renot a ppvs or don’t exist at all anymore but I’d like to see a history of kotr and iyh sets. For B ppvs IYH was awesome. Maybe not the whole card but it had some awesome bouts in its history. I know there was a best of set on bluray some years back and same w/KOTR. KOTR launched the careers of Owen Hart, SCSA, HHH to name a few. I’d like a history retrospective doc on these ppvs over of which btw I own. Will they happen? Prob not but would be great though.

  4. David says:

    I assume Summerslam Blu-ray is still canceled in the US correct? and this is a UK exclusive?

    At least Freemantle listens to the WWE fans, going out of their way to respond and produce, even if its in limited numbers they still give that option.

    The same however can’t be said about Warner Home Video and WWE who think dropping Blu-ray completely they think those fans will just purchase the DVD…well, i don’t think so. Watching and owning Blu-rays, its very difficult to go back and own DVDs, especially HD content which looks utterly crap on DVD.

  5. Robert emons says:

    Wouldn’t survivor series close out the DVD schedule? And the last 2 ppvs in December be released at the beginning of the year?

  6. Andre says:

    I am very happy about and have pre-ordered the Blu-ray a few hours ago. I hope that it will be successful so that at least the Big Four will still released on Blu-ray.

    • whut2 says:

      1/10 trolling.

    • SCSA says:

      I don’t watch the WWE now. I used to watch it in the past, so I don’t know what’s on the card, though I’m still hoping that SummerSlam will do good in fact great so that they can still keep putting up all the sets on Blu-ray including all the older match sets e.g. 30 years of survivor series – only DVD☹️

  7. Timothy Thorpe says:

    When will the Summerslam blu ray go on sale?

  8. RabidHeat says:

    Really happy for those that wanted the BluRay, that they now get their wish. They just now need to follow through on what they’ve been asking for and actually buy them if they want BluRays to keep coming, otherwise they can’t really complain.

    I’m most please however to find out that SOMEBODY at is quite obviously a true fan, to have slipped in that Raven reference, lol. And it’s nice to know they’re going the extra mile; first the WrestleMania 33 pre-show matches and now this. I’m convinced it’s ex-SilverVision staff that took over recently.

    • CJ Styles says:

      only the people who run the dvd website changed, it’s still Freemantle who make all the DVDs etc..

    • SCSA says:

      I’m happy to read your words of you being happy for those who wanted Blu-ray versions! If only they could do the same with the new 30 years of survivor series set as well as several others that have come out too!

  9. Mark Markson says:

    Think I have to order that Summerslam blu-ray. I love limited edition releases! I remember 7 years ago, Silvervision did a steelbook DVD for Summerslam 2010, limited to 500 copies. I own that too.

    • whut2 says:

      to my knowledge, Silvervision actually put out several steelbooks that were exclusive.

      (wasn’t the Lesnar steelbook released by Fremantle an exclusive as well?)

      • Mark Markson says:

        Yes, I also own a Summerslam 2007 steelbook. I know they also did some for other of the big four PPVs.

      • John Johnson says:

        There have been several WWE Steelbooks both in the UK and in the States. The USA has seen roughly 7 WWE STEELBOOK releases in the last 2 years (BLU Ray) of course. Previously, there have been DVD STEELBOOK releases such as Wrestlemania 23, Wrestlemania 24, SummerSlam 2008, Survivor Series 08?, Royal Rumble 2008, just to name a few.

        • David says:

          There was also Royal Rumble 2009 DVD Steelbook that was exclusive in Canada – basically was the standard release. I believe this steelbook was exclusive to Walmart in the US.

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