Trailer for WWE Best PPV Matches 2013 DVD, Update on Full 2014 Schedule

December 7, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Best PPV Matches DVD Logo

Best PPV Matches 2013 will be released this month!

We can now show you the official trailer. The DVD compilation contains 17 PPV matches spanning from the Royal Rumble to Hell in a Cell. The UK exclusive Blu-ray edition also includes an extra 5 matches on top.

The 3-disc DVD set releases later this month on December 31st! You can pre-order your copy in time for then with Amazon by clicking here.

Many readers have asked us about the status of the full year 2014 schedule and when it will be made public. We’ve heard from a reliable source that plans simply aren’t solid enough yet.

This time around WWE have been more heavily researching ideas with the help of the several surveys issued to fans. Below is a full list of the DVD ideas found in the recent surveys. Two of them (“Best of WCW PPVs” and “Music of WWE”) are confirmed for release.

Sting WWE DVD 2014 Schedule

Best of WCW Pay-Per-Views
Music of WWE
– Attitude Era Vol. 2
– Batista Best Matches
– Before They Were WWE Superstars
– Best of Bra and Panties
– Best of Great American Bash
– Best of PPVs
– Best of RAW: Not on RAW
– Best of Saturday Morning Slam
– Best of Shotgun Saturday Night
– Best of Superstars
– Best of the Slammys
– Best of Tribute to the Troops
– Best of Velocity
– Best of WCCW
– Brothers of Destruction
– Bruno Sammartino Bio
– Chris Jericho Best Matches
– Class of 96 (Rock & Stone Cold) Documentary
– Daniel Bryan Best Matches
– John Cena Documentary
– John Cena Matches
– Macho Man Randy Savage Documentary
– Nexus
– OMG! Vol. 2 (WCW themed)
– Paul Heyman Bio
– Rey Mysterio Best Matches
– Rhodes Family (Dusty, Goldust, Cody) Documentary
– RVD Best Matches
– Santino Comedy Hour
– Shawn Michaels Best Matches
– Sting Matches
– Stone Cold Steve Austin picks his favorite WWE matches
– Thanksgiving Moments
– The Christmas Collection
– Top 25 Superstar Entrances
– Top Divas
– Top Giants
– Ultimate Warrior Matches
– WrestleMania Main Events
– Wrestling Factions
– WWE Around the World
– WWE Fitness

FYE have now officially announced the Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale they have running on WWE DVDs, which we’ve been reporting on recently. It is valid in-store only.

FYE Buy 1 Get 1 Free WWE DVD Sale

There’s some confusion at with regards to orders placed for the new RAW box set. Given that they had a big surge in orders the product was back-ordered. Jeffrey Evans and other WDN readers have noted that getting in touch with them about orders has helped move things along quicker with re-orders made over the phone and original sale prices honored.

We recommend giving them a call about your order at 866-993-7467.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Box Set

Speaking of WWEShop, if you’re looking for a good deal there before Christmas use code “WINTER” to get 20% of all orders $40+. That also includes free shipping!
Use the code on DVDs/Blu-rays at

These three RARE Region 1 WWE DVDs are ending on eBay today…

WWE Triple H That Damn Good DVD Rare (221329548624) Triple H – That Damn Good

A 2002 FYE store exclusive in the United States, also available in Australia, but never made it to Europe originally. Despite the WWE logo on the cover, the content on the DVD readily referred to WWF which was the reason for the “deletion”. Due to time of release, in addition to being a store exclusive, this DVD can be quite difficult to find.

WWF Judgment Day 2002 DVD Rare (301031675413) Judgment Day 2002

Released after the name change to “WWE”, this DVD was available only on Shopzone and for a limited time, so if you did not order it from there then you did not get it. It also made it to Canada for some time under the KOCH label. For the UK/European market it was a widely produced DVD that was never removed from the catalog.

WWF WrestleMania 15 DVD (190988937472) WrestleMania 15

Did you know the first ever ?WWF? DVD released was WrestleMania 15, back in 1999? Maybe some WDN readers own it and have been collecting the DVDs ever since! The event was re-released on the Anthology set several years ago and more recently as part of a WM 1-15 collection. Both of those, however, had edits made to them.

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Kalv says:

    They need to release all 30 Wrestlemanias in one blu ray boxset in 2014.

  2. Wonderllama says:

    An idea not on here: Best of Survivor Series Anthology. Dedicated solely to the traditional elimination tag team matches.

  3. a-54 says:

    i want to see:
    -attitude era vol.2
    -best of PPVs
    -Brothers of destruction
    -austin and rock doc
    -john cena doc
    paul heyman bio
    -macho man doc
    -DB best matches
    -WrestleMania main events

  4. Victory73 says:

    I’m really hoping for an Ultimate Warrior set for 2014.

  5. Anan says:

    What I wanna see:
    – Best of WCW Pay-Per-Views – confirmed for release
    – Music of WWE – confirmed for release
    – Attitude Era Vol. 2 – The first one was good. But it seemed like a bit of a rushed documentary since they skipped over some stuff.
    – Before They Were WWE Superstars – It’d be nice to see what the superstars were doing before they got to WWE. Although we’d get that on a individual superstar documentary anyway. But not every superstar in the company is gonna get a documentary set done on them.
    – Best of RAW: Not on RAW – I think this is that off air RAW set that I read about sometime back.
    – Best of Shotgun Saturday Night – Loved this show. Taker’s Tombstone to HHH on the first episode….awesome.
    – Best of Superstars – Another favorite show of mine growing up.
    – Best of WCCW
    – Brothers of Destruction – Taker and Kane seem to have some kind of interaction with each other every year since 1997. So therefore, I think WWE should wait till one of them retires and then release it.
    – Bruno Sammartino Bio – This has got to be like the Stone Cold, Bret Hart, Edge, Mick Foley, and HHH documentaries.
    – Macho Man Randy Savage Documentary – This also has got to be like the Stone Cold, Bret Hart, Edge, Mick Foley, and HHH documentaries.
    – OMG! Vol. 2 (WCW themed) – As it relates to WCW, many OMG moments, good and bad, come to mind. An example of an OMG moment was Robocop. It was OMG in a band way like WTF??!!! An example of a good OMG moment…..Sting’s helicopter entrance.
    – Paul Heyman Bio – This also has got to be like the Stone Cold, Bret Hart, Edge, Mick Foley, and HHH documentaries.
    – Goldust Documentary – Goldust should get his own documentary. He’s been with WWE longer than Dusty, who got his own set and also has had a long enough career in WWE for one. His current run makes him deserving of his own documentary set,
    – Sting Matches – If done right, this would be a great preview for an inevitable Sting documentary set.
    – Top 25 Superstar Entrances – A great companion to the Music DVD.
    – Top Divas – Fabolous Moolah, Sensational Sherri, Alundra Blaze, Sable, Trish Startus, Lita, Mickie James, there’s a lot of history with the WOmen’s division and it’s about time it’s covered via DVD.
    – Top Giants – I expect Andre to get a good amount of time. Same goes for Big Show.
    – Wrestling Factions – DX, nWo, Ministry, Corporation and more could be covered.
    – WWE Around the World – I read about this one too. I like it.

    I do think Daniel Bryan should get a DVD. It’s just too early now. His debut was in 2010. It’s only 2013. That’s not even 5 years. Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Ziggler just to name a few examples have all been in WWE longer and have yet to get a set of their own. Sure, some of them may have a Superstar Collection DVD. But I think Bryan’s got one of his own too.

  6. Shane A. says:

    What I want this year…

    – Attitude Era Vol. 2
    – Chris Jericho Best Matches
    – Daniel Bryan Best Matches
    – Macho Man Randy Savage Documentary
    – Rhodes Family (Dusty, Goldust, Cody) Documentary
    – RVD Best Matches
    – Top Divas

    And plenty more but I don’t wanna type it out right now XD

  7. Justin McDonald says:

    They need to do more WCW/ECW/Attitude Era dvd/blu rays. They are always the best sets. And since I was like 2 at the height of all these, I would love more footage. And they need to release the Sting set the Y2J set and best of all the Macho Man Randy Savage set. That he awesome.

  8. number1jf says:

    Because there are usually about 14-15 3-Disc Complications per year, I predict:

    Best of WCW Pay-Per-Views
    Best of RAW: Not on RAW
    Best of Shotgun Saturday Night
    Bruno Sammartino Bio
    Brothers of Destruction
    Chris Jericho Best Matches
    Daniel Bryan Best Matches
    John Cena Matches
    Macho Man Randy Savage Documentary
    Rhodes Family (Dusty, Goldust, Cody) Documentary
    RVD Best Matches
    Shawn Michaels: Mr. WrestleMania
    Ultimate Warrior Matches
    WrestleMania Main Events
    Wrestling Factions

  9. Joe says:

    I ordered my Raw set on Wednesday morning (12/4) and it was listed as in stock. Since then, I’ve called Shop 3 times cause my order status has said (and still says) “Being Processed.” All 3 people that I’ve spoken to have said that my copy is NOT on back order and should ship shortly. The woman I spoke to this morning said that because of Cyber Monday they received an abundance of orders and that has slowed down the shipping process.

  10. Tommy D says:

    I just called WWEShop about my order placed on 12/2, they said (for what it is worth) that they received a new shipment in and they should be sending out my 20th Anniversary set next week.

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