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December 1, 2012 by Daniel Bee

WWE WWF The Attitude Era

Here’s the trailer for The Attitude Era DVD and Blu-ray. It recently hit stores in North America, is shipping now to Australia via, and will be released to fans in the UK & Europe in February 2013.

[flv: 610 348]

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Here’s the digital news coming out of November, brought to you by Roger Palmer.

WWE Digital News

– The big November release is nWo: The Revolution with the hour long documentary being available to view digitally on Xbox, Vudu, and Playstation Network.

– The other big WWE release of the month is Hell in A Cell and is available on iTunes with each match costing $1.99 (SD) or $2.99 (HD), or at the season price of $17.95.

– As previously reported on WWEDVDNews, FremantleMedia will take over the international rights for WWE Home Video, which includes new WWE Digital releases for the first time in Europe. It was also referred to in the FAQ section of their website.

Q. Will products be available to download digitally?
A. Yes we have digital rights and will be making all content available digitally

– has added new PPVs including Hardcore Justice and No Surrender 2012.

– The Rundown starring The Rock is now available on Vudu.

– John Cena’s Fred 3: Camp Fred is set to be released on December 4th.

– WWE Greatest Matches has updated with some new videos this month including:

  • Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig – Cage Match
  • Sid vs Ron Harris vs Kevin Nash
  • Edge vs Christian – Rebellion Cage Match
  • Undertaker vs Big Show – Cage Match
  • John Cena vs The Miz vs John Morrison – Cage Match
  • The Rock vs Al Snow – Cage match
  • Eddie Guerrero vs JBL – Cage Match
  • Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero – Cage Match
  • Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio – Cage Match
  • Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty – Cage Match
  • Jimmy Snuka vs Terry Funk – Cage Match
  • Lex Luger vs Owen Hart
  • British Bulldog/Bret Hart vs Bob Buckland/Owen Hart
  • Lex Luger vs Tatanka
  • Diesel vs Owen Hart
  • 123 Kid vs Bam Bam
  • British Bulldog vs King Kong Bundy
  • Fatu vs Jeff Jarrett
  •  Bret Hart vs Owen Hart
  •  Brock Lesnar vs Rob Van Dam – KOTR

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  1. RabidHeat says:

    It’s a crap trailer really, it doesn’t show you at all the format of the DVD. You think it would at least demonstrate that there is a documentary, classic moments and matches, and tell you more about the content, rather than just be a bunch of clips with a voiceover. I know we come to this website for all that, but there are people that don’t, lol.

    Makes me laugh how much better quality that final clip of HHH/Michaels in 2006 is, looks so out of place amongst all the Attitude footage before it! And the words “The Attitude Era” said at that precise moment, when the image is not from it, lol.

  2. John Peterson says:

    I wonder if tna will get a new distributor in the new year?

    • Dave says:

      Doubt it…TNA have been pretty behind on their DVD releases. The last one was Destination X.

      Two months ago Jeff Hardy Vol. 3 DVD was suppose to be released and couple weeks ago Twin Pack Vol. 8 with Hardcore Justice and No Surrender was scheduled but both got delayed until further notice. Next week Bound For Glory is scheduled but i doubt thats coming out this year.

      I think they’re focusing on their online demand service. Hardcore Justice and No Surrender are up and i’m sure they will put Bound for Glory in a week or two.

  3. Ryan c says:

    Fye is having a buy 1 get one sale on wwe. And they had the 4 disc eddie guerrero set with the smackdown tribute show for 6.99

  4. WWE Divas Rock says:

    Damn Sunny looked so hot back then! Good choice for the menu on the dvd


    I dont get where people are getting the idea of wwe bashing the attitude era in the documentary, they dont do that at all, i watched the documentary myself and its really good, i pretty much know what attitude era is all about and it was the first time i ever watched wrestling a episode of smackdown when i was around 7 and i just got hooked from there,
    I learnt new things in the documentary that i did not know before, they dont rush anything
    they do go in detail with a few certain topics, they quite honest and open about quite lot of stuff so they dont shy away from that, its nice and easy to watch and 57min running time is more than adequate, in a ideal world if the documentary was extended to extra half n hour then it would have been awesome but they did not do that cause pretty much anyone who is a wrastlinn fan knows about the great era in Professional Wrestling history even if your new young fan just type in google attitude era and you will know everything and buying the dvd is just the added cream on top of the cake.
    Documentary is really worth a watch, Its not amazing thats going to blow your mind away like the CM Punk doc but its very good watch, Just dont expect things to wow you though,
    The Matches and Moments/Promos are fantastic, i do feel the blu-rays have made the dvd’s weaker in the fact that wwe want to fit discs 1 and 2 dvd on disc 1 blu-ray so they shortened the first 2 disc of the dvd version but im with technology now and i love blu-rays, i have big collection of them so it doesnt really bother me tbh but i think it does to some people,
    Im glad they included the WWF Championship match the night after King of the ring 1999 on Raw between Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin, Finally its released as it is a good match and a important title change and its a match that doesnt get the light of day,
    Rikishi vs Val Venis Cage Match from Fully loaded 2000 is also a fantastic match that has gotten the attention it deserves, i feel this match should have been on the greatest cage matches of all time 3 disc dvd but it was left out so im glad they included it here, its really good cage match that has a mental moment when rikishi did the splash from top of the cage and the look on his and the story telling just said it all, thats what gets you pumped and into wrestling matches.
    The Repeated Matches like Rock vs Mankind Survivor Series 98, Summerslam 2000 TLC and Hell in a Cell 6 man Armageddon 2000 are very important matches that personified the Attitude era and the hell in a cell match is very good way to end the dvd and having them uncensored even though i would have liked moments from 2001 espically to the run up to Wrestlemania 17.
    The biggest thing to come out the dvd is the Uncensored footage,
    Since WWE won back the rights to use the WWF Scratch logo from 98-2002 they dont have to blur and bleep when anyone says WWF, It wasnt really a matter to me as i have the tagged classics of the classic ppvs uncensored for us UK fans but it just made the dvd even better and true to the era as there is no editing, it was a good time to release the dvd and i feel with the blurring and bleeping it would have completely ruined the dvd and made it miserable to watch. Future dvds are going to even better when attitude era footage is included including the upcoming raw 100 moments dvd/blu-ray.

    I feel this dvd was not a rush job, everyone is entitled to their opinion and feel they need to say what they like as its good and wwe can look to improve on for future projects but its really easy to sit through and enjoyable to watch, you dont feel like wwe is forcing you to watch certain things to get through the whole dvd, all the moments/promos picked out and matches they are worth watching that has you glued to the screen all the way through,
    By the end of the dvd it brought a Smile on my face and made me want more,
    Im sure to lot of people who brought the dvd/blu-ray had a smile on their face to 🙂
    I cant wait for the Blu-ray version to come out here in the UK in February 2013!!

    • Unscripted says:

      I have all of the tagged classics from the Attitude Era aswell it’s the best way to collect older ppv’s as they are uncensored and unedited unlike the box sets that were released! The only edit i spotted on tagged classics was Armageddon 1999 when The Kat was topless and they blurred it out but that was how the original release was done too as the tagged classics are direct transfers from the video releases.

    • no says:

      Ok…well that didnt need 3 days worth of text

    • The Boot says:

      Actually Silvervision said that the original release had the edit aswell.

  6. The Top Rope says:

    The main reason why The Attitude Era worked as well as it did not just because we liked the TV14 format it’s simply because the roster was full of top stars back then!

  7. Daniel Bee says:

    I don’t think the Attitude doc was as bad as people are saying, nor do I think it really trashed the era. It was mostly positive from where I was sitting – and by drumming home the point that every character on the show meant something back then pretty much brought out the weaknesses in the current product. I agree it should have been more in depth and had more star power in the interviews conducted, but gotta disagree that it was bad. It made out the era to be groundbreaking, exciting, and edgy which it was.

    I do agree they probably didn’t plan on doing a documentary from the off so in some respects it feels like an afterthought. Good doc with laughs and nostalgia, that I’ll watch again from time to time, but didn’t end up being as amazing as it could have been.

    • RabidHeat says:

      That’s good to read Dan, thanks. I hadn’t seen the documentary so I was only going off what everybody else seems to have been saying. Will watch it for myself when I get the set.

  8. Eric says:

    And you cost me more money. 🙂 There’s another $72. On the other hand, after all these sales over the last week +, I’m almost caught back up after only buying PPVs for awhile.

  9. RabidHeat says:

    I’m starting to wish we’d just gotten this set:

    I do like the Sgt. Pepper theme, but I think the artwork should have resembled more something that would have been released at THAT time. Perhaps a “full matches and moments” anthology (done in the same was as the Raw 15th Anniversary/Raw Seasons/Best of Nitro sets) would have been better than even bothering with a documentary.

    I know it’s lame to suggest all of this AFTER this has been released, but it’s not like WWE DVD researchers will not have seen the fantasy concept below for some ideas; I bet they did. They will be aware of the site. They probably did it purposely different just to be stubborn, lol.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why does WWE keep calling him “Bob Buckland”? It’s Backlund not Buckland.

    That is a lot of cage matches, I wonder why WWE doesn’t just do a DVD called Greatest Cage Matches Vol. 2? I don’t even remember that Snow/Rock cage match either. Edge/Christian from Rebellion sounds interesting too. WWE should use those UK only PPVs for content since most Americans probably haven’t even seen them.

  11. RabidHeat says:

    It’s just baffling as to why they finish the trailer on a clip of the 2006 DX at the end.

    Can I ask whether people agree with what some other people have said when they state that the documentary comes across as a bit negative, almost saying that the era went “too far” and that it was distasteful, etc.? Because if it does that really bothers me, I feel like WWE should just be proud of its legacy, and the way it was in different time periods etc. when that time called for such an approach. I don’t want to hear them pontificating that they now think it was disgusting and offensive, when they were perfectly happy to make millions from the fans off that type of product at the time, if you know what I mean, lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      It felt weird as hell. Like the 1st comment said it just felt like a quick cash in and felt like a release they didn’t want to do. Documentary is disgusting how much they bash the Attitude Era saying it went too far ect. Felt weird and something that should have been epic turned out to be a big fail of a release.

      WWE need to make an A.E DVD set when they are ready too because that release is an example of WWE cashing into a popular time period when they didn’t want too.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was just as baffled when the Best of Nitro cover had the WWE nWo on it. I wonder if the people who make this are even wrestling fans?

      I also noticed that the trailer had some 2001 clips, yet the matches end at 2000.

  12. FUCK says:

    i feel this dvd was rushed and like they really did not want to do it all.

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