Tick-C’s Treasures: The Mattel WWE ‘DVD Heroes’ Action Figures

July 10, 2013 by Hiten Tick-C Patel

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Welcome back to Tick-C’s Treasures, where every fortnight I showcase some of the crown jewels I have found throughout the years collecting WWE DVDs!

Who doesn’t love wrestling toys? When I was a child, any toy with my favourite wrestler on it was the greatest thing in the whole world. With WWE’s colourful gear and comic book muscles, it was only a matter of time before WWE made the transition into the world of action figures. I can even make the argument that WWE action figures helped nourish my fascination with WWE. It’s been a good while since I played with action figures though. Not because I am 28 years old, but because my disposable income is being spent elsewhere (like on WWE DVDs, ha).

LJN started things off for them in the mid ’80s, presenting caricature figures for a time when many wrestlers sported cartoon-ish gimmicks. These figures were made of solid rubber and were very accurate in appearance to their real life counterparts; however they did not have any articulation. Hasbro continued that trend in the early ’90s, but enhanced the creation. The toys were manufactured from plastic and although not fully articulated, had various spring-loaded action features such as punches and clotheslines.

Jakks Pacific had an exclusive deal with WWE going into the new millennium. They upped the ante on realism, creating very lifelike versions of the superstars. More recently, Mattel has taken over and done a lot of what Jakks did, but adding their own flair as well, with lines which feature 26 points of articulation and packaged with accessories such as masks, armbands, t-shirts and in this case… with WWE DVDs!

Mattel WWE FlexForce DVD Heroes Figures

The only folks I know with WWE action figures now are my nephews and nieces and they tend not to share! However, I spotted these action figures with bonus WWE DVDs included a few years ago and I simply had to go online looking for them. I was told they were only available in the USA but a devoted collector is a devoted collector.

After some research, I found out that there were only 4 DVD FlexForce figures out there to find, sold originally through Toys “R” Us stores.

Flip Kickin’ Rey Mysterio
Hook Throwin’ CM Punk
Flip Kickin’ John Morrison
Fist Poundin’ John Cena

The DVDs themselves have a runtime of 19-23 minutes each. They highlight each wrestlers’ careers with behind the scenes interviews on how they became WWE Superstars, with quick a look at their signature moves and their journey into the spotlight. Translation: mostly clips from their respective DVDs released in the past (e.g. Rey Mysterio Biggest Little Man), segments hosted by Josh Matthews and some interviews with Todd Grisham.

If anyone reading this wants in on the action, you can still grab these figures but there isn’t too many around. Your best bet would be to look on eBay.com or Amazon.com where they currently look to be available to pick up at reasonable prices.

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Mattel WWE FlexForce DVD Heroes Figures


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Mattel WWE FlexForce DVD Heroes Figures

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  1. Spencer Mcnish says:

    What is the title of this cause I used to have this movie

  2. David says:

    Always wondered what these DVDs consisted of, but had a feeling its just clips from previously released sets (except CM Punk). We never had these in Canada but might track couple these down. Great article! looking forward to the next one.

    • Hiten Tick-C Patel says:

      These do have footage not present in the superstar DVDs. For example CM Punk didnt not have a WWE dvd before this release. And none of the feature in this dvd are present in his new dvd.

  3. Spritz1999 says:

    These are nice to have if you are a SERIOUS collector… plan to get them sooner or later!

  4. John says:

    Sounds like it does not include full matches, I am going to pass

  5. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I never had these but I used to have the Hasbro figures when I was a kid back in the early-mid 90’s. Tons of them. I like the Mattel ones, though, and if I had the room and money to do it, I would already have a collection of them somewhere too.

    • David says:

      Same here…i also had the wrestling ring, usually they always advertised on Coliseum videos in 1990. It came with the flag and championship belt flag. When i watch those now, my childhood memories from those figures and ring come flooding back.

  6. LP1 says:

    These are pretty cool. I have the 4 you mentioned plus the Austin vs Rock one. The Cena vs Edge DVD is tough to find at a reasonable price.

  7. King_2099 says:

    Cena is such an idiot. Can’t wrestle. Why is he even in the WWE? Real wrestlers don’t wear running shoes and jean shorts

  8. John Clarkson says:

    nice mate never been that big on figures take up loads of room that im running out off lol 5 star tho mate again

    • Hiten Tick-C Patel says:

      Na not into figure collecting either, but they came with DVDs that’s why I got these. 🙂

  9. Brandon says:

    This was actually CM Punk’s first WWE DVD in the US.

    There are two other Mattel sets that come with a DVD: Stone Cold/The Rock/kids size IC Title and John Cena/Edge/kids size WWE Title. One of them was covered on this site a few years ago: