Tick-C’s Treasures: The WWF Attitude Collection DVD Box Set

June 10, 2013 by Hiten Tick-C Patel

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Hi and welcome to Tick-C’s Treasures!

Every fortnight I’ll be showcasing some of the treasures I have found throughout the years collecting WWE DVDs.

Let’s kick this off with one of the gems that I acquired a few years ago from eBay…

WWF Attitude Collection DVD Box set

I was born in 1985 in Preston England, and I can reminisce watching the earlier PPVs at a young age on Sky television (back then on Sky Movies, my first one being WrestleMania 8). I grew up through the “Rock and Wrestling” era of professional wrestling by swapping video tapes with friends. As I got older, the World Wrestling Federation evolved, to a heavily gimmicked era in the early ’90s which I enjoyed watching so much. The sport’s resurgence made it socially acceptable to watch grown men in colorful outfits beat the snot out of each other. But I believe WWF was struggling for ratings survival while a cultural shift in the viewing audience’s taste was occurring. ‘Saying your prayers and taking your vitamins’ had lost its luster amongst the rebellious masses that were now ‘stratusfied’ by ‘flipping the bird’ and ‘laying the smackdown’.

However, I was only 12 or 13 years old when the Attitude Era of WWF hit the screens and remember my mother telling me off for watching WWF TV then, but I would somehow manage to record and watch WWF TV week in week out in my room on my own as I was hooked! The era had a striking swing to more adult-oriented programming content, which was accomplished in numerous ways, including an upsurge in the level of portrayed violence and the combination of sexually charged, horrific, or otherwise politically incorrect characters and story-lines created for shock value. And guess what? It worked. Well, it worked for me anyway.

WWE Attitude Collection DVD Box set

My teenage years went hand in hand with the Attitude Era. From Stone Cold, The Hardyz, The Dudleys, The Godfather, The Rock, D-Generation X, Trish Status, Lita, the list goes on and on, who I grew up with, living vicariously through what they did each week on television.

So, with that in mind, I was quite excited to learn that Silver Vision had a box set dedicated to this time period in professional wrestling. Conversely I had been collecting wrestling DVDs for quite some time before picking up this jewel. I had all the separate VHS’ from this set when they were released previously, however I never had the outer box pictured above with the DVDs. The complete set was released in 2002 I believe but I only managed to get hold of it on eBay.co.uk a few years ago. I remember a lot of bidders on this particular set but I was prepared to pay big bucks and managed to be the highest bidder with a price tag of around the £190 (US $300~) mark. Some people may feel that’s quite the outrageous spend but for me reliving and reviving those past memories, every penny has been worth it!

For the newer WWE fans who simply weren’t around for the Attitude years, or maybe fans that dropped off before the era started, this set is a great summary and reminder. If you can’t get hold of the originals then it’s not the end of the world, since many were re-released to the UK under the WWE banner recently and are cheap to find on various websites, so it won’t burn a hole in your pockets to relive these great moments.

I’ll be back soon with more treasures right here on WrestlingDVDNews.com.

WWF Attitude Collection DVD Box set

WWF Attitude Collection DVD Box set

WWF Attitude Collection Austin DVDs Uncensored Undertaker The Phenomt

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  1. Velvita says:

    It won’t sound impressive but I have this set but all on VHS.

  2. Arkam says:


  3. zahid says:

    i still have mine sealed. i will not and am not thinking of ever selling it!

  4. Guy Icognito says:

    Silvervison were fantastic, pity they lost the contract to freemantle

  5. jamie millar says:

    when and where was the box available?

  6. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    The only original WWF Attitude Era DVD’s I was able to find and buy were “3 Faces of Foley”, The Rock “Know Your Role”, “The Best of WrestleMania I-XIV” and “The Best of RAW Vol. 1”. Obviously, I want the whole collection eventually though. Still looking for them cheap.

  7. Jeff Copeland says:

    man i am lucky i found 1 of those us version at a fye few years ago i was loooking and i saw Rock Bottom In Your House so i said YOINK mine 😀 not the best card u know austin taker buried alive rock mankind rest is ok and it was 10 bucks so good deal sad u cant find any of these rare dvds in us stores anymore unless u go to ebay or amazon and pay a arm and leg sometimes sad i miss the old days of going to a place fye blockbuster getting a few wwf or wcw tapes SIGHS 🙁

  8. sebastian Diaz says:

    Wow this is awesome

  9. Chuncho says:

    Hi, what a great boxset!

    I have a question. I can see that the box has the WWE logo but that the individual DVD’s have the old WWF scratched logo. I’ve seen that these same DVD’s were released later with the current WWE logo. Is there any difference at all between these DVD’s besides the WWE/WWF logo in the cover? Thanks in advance.

  10. Dave Dodd says:

    Got that set but missing the box..it is a great set

  11. GEOLINK says:

    This is great.

  12. Chris Gwilliam says:

    Awesome stuff mate. I look forward to the next one.
    2 more to go until my WWF attitude collections complete lol well jealous of the box though 😉

  13. John Clarkson says:

    nice one mate cant wait to next one keep them coming 🙂

  14. Roly says:

    Lovely article that mate, may be my fave thing on the site. Will look forward to reading you each fortnight.

  15. Stu climson says:

    Great review mate, ill definitely be keeping an eye out for your articles #NewBreed

  16. HunterWW says:

    Nice review of your history of being a wrestling fan…less limey history, more review of treasures…

  17. ZJ says:

    Wow…Didn’t know this existed.

  18. Daniel Bee says:

    Always intrigued me why the outer box had the WWE logo but the titles inside had the WWF. I guess it was because as a full set it was released very close to whole lawsuit verdict and removals so they needed the WWE logo on the outside to be in with a chance of selling it?

  19. Brian Kraemer says:

    If this is anything we can expect.. then I can’t wait every two weeks.. give me more now!