Tick-C’s Treasures: The WWF Classic Five Of 2001 DVD Box Set

June 25, 2013 by Hiten Tick-C Patel

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Hi and welcome back to Tick-C’s Treasures!

Here I’m showcasing some of the treasures I have found throughout the years collecting WWE DVDs. So, let’s kick this off AGAIN with another jewel that I acquired a few years ago from eBay.co.uk.

A fortnight ago I told you how I got into wrestling by starting off with the “Rock ‘N’ Wrestling” era of WWF. I was swapping video tapes with friends to watch it. The endless spectacle of plumbers, clowns, garbage men, and ice hockey players gathering up to do battle in the squared circle. However all that came to an end and the wrestling product was changing to an era of blood, sex and violence, which brought some of the finest flashes in wrestling history.

Gone were the days of WWF being family-friendly television featuring the likes of Hogan, Warrior and Savage, as cartoon characters were kicked out of the back door to be transformed by trash talking, beer drinking, hand gesturing anti-heroes, who broke every rule in the book. The WWF quickly developed an attitude. Even the good guys weren’t the kind of people that your parents wanted you to look up to!

Conversely, as the times changed again, the imminent demise of the Attitude Era had come in and around 2001/2002. Therefore I bring to you this treasure:
The Classic Five of 2001.

WWF Classic Five 2001 DVD Box set

The box set contains the big five Pay-Pay-View events from 2001.

Royal Rumble
Wrestlemania X-Seven
King Of The Ring
Survivor Series

Again, just like the Attitude Collection Box set featured last time, I did not acquire this directly from Silver Vision, but instead later from eBay. I remember getting this for around £100 (US $150~), which I thought was a real steal for a gem like this, as it contained 5 deleted titles, with all 5 of them containing the WWF Attitude “scratch logo”.

WWF Classic Five 2001 DVD Box set

I would say the DVDs in this set are amazing to capitalise on the nostalgia of the closing stages of the Attitude Era in your wrestling viewing. Austin would go on to win the Royal Rumble and come out victorious against The Rock for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania X-Seven with help from his former arch rival, Mr. McMahon.

At this point the Monday Night Wars came to an end when the WWF purchased WCW from Time Warner. King of the Ring had one of the most memorable matches with Shane McMahon, who was supposedly trying to acquire talent for his new vision of World Championship Wrestling against former Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle who was also defending his crown that night. SummerSlam pitted two of the mega-stars from both the WWE and the now defunct WCW against each other. Although Shane McMahon was in Booker’s corner, he couldn’t help him defend his WCW title, as The Rock came out triumphant.

This, along with WWF’s acquisition of the bankrupt ECW, led to the Invasion storyline, where the WWF roster faced a WCW/ECW Alliance (led by Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley). This in-ring war concluded at Survivor Series with the WWF prevailing.

Finally, if you cannot get hold of the box set as a complete piece, I would recommend you getting all of the original “scratch logo” DVDs separately where possible. If not these individual out-of-print DVDs, then perhaps the UK Tagged Classics while they are still around since those could soon be difficult to find as well.

Back soon with more treasures. As always, follow me on Twitter to check out unboxings.

WWF Classic Five 2001 DVD Box set


WWF Classic Five 2001 DVD WrestleMania 17


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  1. Anan says:

    If you buy them separately, the DVD’s are cheaper so I’d recommend they be collected that way. That’s just me though. I have every PPV already but keep these reviews comin!

    P.S. The recent passing of Doink make me miss that that cartoonish era even more. Wished he was in WWF longer than he was considering how awesome the character was. He made a clown persona, which would not otherwise be believable work in a world of wrestling. R.I.P. Doink.

  2. Bill says:

    I have every single one of these

  3. John Clarkson says:

    i was gonna get this but i already had 3 of them at the time and didnt get it keep it up mate

  4. THOMAS says:

    Where would I be able to buy WWF The Classic Five Of 2001 DVD Box Set

  5. James says:


  6. Brian Kraemer says:


  7. Steve Baggett Jr. says:

    you guys get some good stuff in the uk. wish they would have treated us like this here in Merica, lol…i had survivor series 01 at one time years ago and traded it in. Kicking myself for it now.

  8. Thijs says:

    I’ve got all the 2001 releases, bought it a few months ago for around €100 (= 80 pound = 125/130 dollar). All in pretty good shape. No Mercy, Survivor Series and Backlash were American releases btw, so pretty good price I guess..

    But does that classic five box add more value (in money) to the dvd’s?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I would say the value goes up because that little piece of cardboard has become (a la Steve Austin) a sumbitch to find. 😉

  9. alvaro says:

    When did chumlee fom pawn stars became a wrestler. is he the main member of the wyatt family.

  10. Tadge Wesolowski says:

    I got 2 of those,with the original WWF logo,i only want Summerslam,& RoyalRumble,&if i could get it on dvd,Armageddon from 2000,the ppv with the 6 man Hell in a Cell,best Hell in a Cell ive seen!

  11. Brian Kraemer says:

    These are so hard to find even US version for a really good deal/steal

    Only one you can get for under $10 is SummerSlam 2001

    • Hiten Tick-C Patel says:

      Might aswell get them while u can, they’ll only go up in price!

      • Brian Kraemer says:

        That is true… the collector in me a few years ago would get them now… but since I’m selling like 95% of my collection and really just keeping the ones I want … I see no point..

        I’m also not a HUGE PPV buyer unless it’s WM or it’s a REALLY good PPV.

  12. Daniel Bee says:

    This is one I definitely need back in my collection!

    (sold it, never found it again…)

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