Two Major WWE DVD Projects Revealed for 2014 – Including Sting Biography?

April 18, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Two potential new WWE DVD projects have been revealed today by the UK retail site, Zavvi.

Most notably, appearing there is a Sting DVD and Blu-ray which is listed for September pre-order.

Back in 2008 WWE actually scheduled a Sting DVD set for release but the project was shelved rather quickly. This time however with reports of Sting signing a deal with WWE, and appearing in the Ultimate Warrior documentary last night on WWE Network, it could very well happen!

Sting 2014 WWE Interview - Ultimate Warrior

When Steve Borden was still a part of the TNA roster, put together this match compilation “fantasy concept” titled Sting: The Ultimate Collection. It’s worth a look again for debating which Sting matches should be chosen for the new DVD/Blu-ray, in addition to a probable planned documentary portion.

The second WWE DVD project revealed as a possibility for this year looks at the rivalry between Undertaker and Kane. Information available to us suggests that if going ahead it may be a single-disc release rather than a full 3 disc set, but it might also make it to Blu-ray format.

The current working title for the DVD/Blu-ray is “Brothers of Destruction“.

WWE Undertaker & Kane - Brothers of Destruction

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman” looks to be the planned name right now for the new Paul Heyman WWE documentary.

As mentioned, it’s coming to both DVD & Blu-ray formats on August 5th, 2014, and can already be pre-ordered here on in time for then.

WWE Shooting Paul Heyman DVD Documentary

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Rare WWF Wrestling DVDs

We recently showed you pre-release photos of RAW After the Show DVD. Below is now a first look at the Blu-ray edition of that set, courtesy of WrestlingSuperStore.

WWE Best of Raw After the Show Blu-ray

The Best of RAW – After the Show” is the next WWE DVD/Blu-ray release incoming and it hits stores this Tuesday! You can pre-order your copy with Amazon by clicking here.

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  1. Mike Poulin says:

    Here’s what I got for Sting DVD matches.

    Sting vs Flair from the First Clash

    Sting/Flair vs Funk/Muta from Havoc 89

    Sting/Luger vs Steiners first Superbrawl

    Sting vs Rick Rude Nov 1992 Clash

    Vader vs Sting Bash 1992

    Sting vs Pillman King of Cable Tournament 11/92 Saturday Night

    Sting vs Steve Austin WCW Saturday Night 1/94

    Thundercage Superbrawl 4

    Sting vs Rude Spring Stampede 1994

    Sting vs Vader Slamboree 94

    Sting vs Big Bubba Lights Out Match Slamboree 95

    Sting vs Meng Great American Bash 1995

    Sting and Flair vs Arn and Pillman Halloween Havoc 95

    Sting vs Lord Steven Regal Great American Bash 1996

    Sting vs Savage Spring Stampede 1998

    Goldberg vs Sting Slamboree 99

  2. Brad Attitude says:

    @David: yes the title does matter to some people. Got a problem with that?

    • SRB says:

      One of the ongoing arguments on this site is if covers, running time, and titles matter. While this argument will never be solved, I say they all matter and are just as important as the content. When you buy a blu-ray or DVD, you are buying a package. Presentation does matter. If WWE sold their sets in sandwich bags without artwork, just selling discs, their sales would decrease. It all matters: time, content, titles, and artwork. The very fact that WDN reports on this stuff shows it is of some importance.

      • Daniel Bee says:

        I’d say, for one, covers do matter. Those articles with cover reveals on WDN over the years have always got a reaction from readers. People care. A lot of us here are DVD collectors and the artwork on them is what we see forever more when we pick them up so it matters especially to those folk, it may even decide if we watch that particular DVD at that particular time in a strange way.

        Titles maybe not so much but as SRB says the package as a whole of course matters.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have no interest in the Brothers set. The Sting set should be awesome though.

    I’m really hoping for:
    1/88 first Sting vs. Flair from NWA Pro
    2/88 Sting vs. Flair from NWA WWW
    9/7/88 Sting vs. Windham Clash
    9/12/89 Sting/Flair vs. Slater/Muta Clash
    10/27/90 Sting vs. Sid Havoc
    12/16/90 Sting vs. Black Scorpion Starrcade
    10/27/91 Sting/Gigante Steiners vs. Vader/Cactus/Abdullah/Hall Havoc
    2/92 Sting vs. Vader Power Hour
    2/29/92 Sting vs. Luger Superbrawl
    9/2/92 Snake/Vader/Rude/Invader vs. Sting/Nikita/Steiners Clash
    2/21/93 Sting vs. Vader Superbrawl
    7/18/93 Sting/Bulldog vs. Vader/Sid Beach Blast
    8/93 Sting vs. Flair WCW Saturday Night
    10/24/93 Sting vs. Sid Havoc
    9/18/94 Sting vs. Vader Fall Brawl
    11/26/95 Sting vs. Flair World War 3
    6/16/96 Sting vs. Regal Bash
    2/22/98 Sting vs. Hogan Superbrawl
    6/14/98 Sting vs, Giant Bash
    4/12/99 Sting vs. Flair Nitro
    3/19/00 Sting vs. Luger Uncensored

  4. Justin F says:

    Here’s the likely match listing for Undertaker vs Kane

    vs Kane Wrestlemania 14
    Vs Kane Unforgiven 1998
    vs Kane and Mankind Fully Loaded 1998
    vs Kane Judgment Day 1998
    vs Kane Survivor Series 1998
    vs Kane Inferno Match – Raw 1999
    vs Kane Summerslam 2000
    vs Kane Wrestlemania 20
    vs Kane Bragging Rights 2010

    This is going to be so much overkill….

  5. ekkoes4life says:

    The Brothers of Destruction project will be a pass for me at a first view. Not the best rivalry, very slow tempo pace, especially their 2010 feud, and I do not recall any great tag match they had standing united together.

    Also think, that the overview storied story will be covered in the inevitable Undertaker doc that will come some day.

  6. ekkoes4life says:

    like the Paul Heyman title, hope it will not be subject for change; no one really knows how to introduce his/her self like Heyman.. promos are highclass..the way he interacts with the ordiens..brilliant how he comes up with counter reactions and the way it is expressed. Really looking forward to that one.

    I just hope the WWE produce a suitable release containing substance and not a disapointed set like the Bobby Heenan release, that was a short fuse overview of a great manager/commentator character.

  7. SRB says:

    Bros. of Destruction is only a single disc? It could easily be a three disc set.
    At this point, you could also make three (or more) Sting collections.

  8. Brad Attitude says:

    The Paul Heyman dvd title sucks. Just call it Paul Heyman … geez!

  9. Jason H says:

    Anything vs Vader (especially the strap match) or vs Flair should end up on the Sting DVD, those were his best two opponents.

  10. josh says:

    I can’t wait for this dvd to come out. I hope that wwe does it right. They should have one match where the bladerunners teams up. At least one flair vs sting match. That should be a rivalry dvd between flair and sting. Superbrawl 3 match should be one there vs vader strap match.. Flair vs sting either clash 1 or worldwide 88 match. Have a nice day.

  11. TheManInBlu says:

    Well overdue! I really hope there’s a 2 hour doc with the matches. And that DVD artwork is gorgeous; let’s cross our fingers the WWE comes up with something half decent. They’ve been hit or miss with their covers lately…

  12. yoyo says:

    I hope we FINALLY get that Sting vs. Vader Superbrawl match.

  13. Simon says:

    That’s pretty awesome finally a Sting set and if they do a Greatest rivalries like the hbk and hitman set that would be interesting!!! Hope it comes true!

  14. Televisomnia says:

    I’m very very interested in how the possible Sting documentary will be if it happens. I’ve been a fan of his since his time with the late Warrior.

    And that BOD DVD, bring it on!

    The Heyman one, I hope it’s good and that they hold nothing back and that they got Shane Douglas and Raven to be on it.

  15. Andy Garland says:

    i am glad a sting bio will happen long overdue

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