Unreleased Match for ‘The U.S. Championship: Legacy of Greatness’, WWE DVD Prices Slashed!

January 27, 2016 by Daniel Bee

WWE United States Championship: Legacy of Greatness DVD - The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle

Our exclusive week of content reveals for “The U.S. Championship – A Legacy of Greatness” is about to continue! See all of the matches unveiled so far at this link: U.S. TITLE WEEK.

Confirmed today for WWE’s 2016 DVD and Blu-ray compilation on the United States Championship is a rare and unreleased match from the JCP/WCW library, an “Attitude”-filled showdown between The Undertaker and Kurt Angle, a John Cena U.S. Open Challenge, and more!

Five more match reveals are coming at you…



No Disqualification Match for the United States Championship
Dusty Rhodes vs. “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton
Power Pro Wrestling • February 13, 1988

WCW United States Championship Match
Curt Hennig vs. The Giant
WCW Monday Nitro • September 29, 1997

WCW United States Championship Match
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker
RAW • November 5, 2001

WWE United States Championship Match
Matt Hardy vs. MVP
Backlash • April 27, 2008

WWE United States Championship Match
John Cena vs. Cesaro
RAW • June 29, 2015

US Title Week - WWE United States Championship: Legacy of Greatness DVD

Right now, “The U.S. Championship – A Legacy of Greatness” DVD/Blu-ray will hit stores across the United States on April 26th, following to the United Kingdom shortly afterwards on May 9th.

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  1. me says:

    I hope the parking lot brawl between Eddie Guerrero and John Cena from the 9/9/03 Smackdown is on this.

  2. me says:

    They had to shoehorn Undertaker on here didnt they. I was hoping for Angle vs Kane from the 11/1/01 Smackdown but this one is a pretty good choice. Third straight day I am impressed with the selections.

  3. RnRisKing says:

    Where’s Magnum TA? He was the greatest U.S. Champion of all time.

  4. Tommy D says:

    It is fantastic that we get Cesaro/Cena on this set from 6/29/15 and Cesaro/Cena from 7/6/15 the next week on Best of Raw/Smackdown.

  5. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Magnum vs Nikita…..still waiting…………..

  6. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    this is slowly becoming just as much a favorite upcoming release for me as the Hardcore, OMG vol.3, Lesnar and History of Rumble sets. Excited to see that Dusty vs Beautiful Bobby no dq rare gem.

    Since I choose not to watch RAW but settle on reading bout it, I’m excited bout the much spoken about Cena vs Cesaro match.

    I really love these day to day build ups on reveals from you WDN guys..makes one guess, what else could be on these sets..up untill the full revealing at some point. 🙂

  7. Aaron Hinx says:

    Glad MVP vs Matt Hardy is on this set.

  8. John says:

    Great stuff!!!

  9. Tommy D says:

    This is a FANTASTIC set. Can’t wait to see the rest of the list. Over 30 matches, awesome!

  10. Jeff Copeland says:

    NICE!!!!! never knew taker had a shot for the us title :O !!!! i hope we get 1 or 2 more mvp matches and hardys title defence vs chavo at noc 08 but so far DAMN GOOD LOOKING set and we have not even seen the bluray extras yet

  11. Bart says:

    I’m loving this set so far.

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