ATTITUDE WEEK: Unreleased UNDERTAKER Matches for ‘Attitude Era Vol. 3’, New Roman Reigns DVD?

April 7, 2016 by Daniel Bee

ATTITUDE WEEK - WWE Attitude Era Vol. 3: Unreleased DVD

Undiscovered Attitude Era matches that you may never even have known existed are being unearthed all this week here at as part of ATTITUDE WEEK.

Our exclusive daily reveals are naming just some of the “never-before-seen” Attitude-filled moments to be included in the new “Attitude Era Vol. 3 – Unreleased” DVD and Blu-ray set.

WWE will release the Home Video compilation this summer, featuring almost 30 matches – all in all that’s about 7 hours of previously unseen footage on DVD and 8 hours on Blu-ray!

Five more of those matches are about to be unveiled.

The conscience, the constant, the deadman – he was there through the good, the bad and the downright outrageous of the beloved era… THE UNDERTAKER!



— The Undertaker vs. Mankind
[Non-Televised] In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies • April 28, 1996

— The Undertaker & Bret “Hit Man”” Hart vs. Owen Hart & The British Bulldog
Kuwait City, Kuwait • May 12, 1996

— The Undertaker, Goldust & Ahmed Johnson vs. The Nation of Domination
[Non-Televised] RAW • March 17, 1997

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
The Undertaker vs. Bret “The Hit Man” Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Anaheim, CA • June 28, 1997

— Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker
Madison Square Garden • June 26, 1999

And there’s still MORE! Join us tomorrow for the final day of reveals…

“Attitude Era Vol. 3 – Unreleased” is on the way for this August – keep on checking and because it’s one of the next WWE DVDs to go live for pre-order!

ATTITUDE WEEK - WWE Attitude Era Vol. 3: Unreleased DVD, The Undertaker

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  1. Frank Lloyd says:

    I went to Kmart for the savage set and they had like 6 cena sets, just my damn luck

  2. VintageSimon says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the IYH dark matches have commentary. The IYH 1-5 video releases in the UK all featured the dark matches, and they too featured commentary – so maybe they continued recording them for potential release during 1996.

    Combined with the Kuwait and Sun City tapings, there’s likely more commentary here than some may be expecting.

    • RCS1988 says:

      So they included these on the U.K. releases?

      In Your House #1 – Syracuse, NY – On Center – May 14, 1995 (7,000; 3,500 paid)
      Jean Pierre Lafitte pinned Bob Holly

      In Your House #2 – Nashville, TN – Municipal Auditorium – July 23, 1995 (6,482)
      Skip pinned Aldo Montoya at 4:00

      In Your House #3 – Saginaw, MI – Civic Center – September 24, 1995 (5,146)
      Fatu pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley
      Goldust pinned Bob Holly
      Ahmed Williams pinned Skip
      The Undertaker pinned King Mabel

      In Your House #4 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Arena – October 22, 1995 (10,339; 9,000 paid)
      Bob Holly pinned Rad Radford
      Henry Godwinn pinned Psycho Sid
      Bret Hart defeated Isaac Yankem DDS via submission with the Sharpshooter
      Owen Hart & Yokozuna defeated Savio Vega & Bam Bam Bigelow when Yoko pinned Vega

      In Your House #5 – Hershey, PA – Hersheypark Arena – December 17, 1995
      Goldust pinned Duke Drose
      Barry Horowitz, Hakushi, & WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated the Bodydonnas, Yokozuna, & Isaac Yankem DDS
      Savio Vega pinned Bob Backlund

      • VintageSimon says:

        Not all of them, but some were added in.

        IYH 2, for instance, had the post-show Bret Hart vs. Jean-Pierre Lafitte and The Undertaker vs. Kama dark matches. And I believe the IYH 3 tape has The Undertaker vs. Mabel on it, even though it’s not advertised on the case.

  3. 97-03 says:

    I’m looking forward to this now!! Gunna be a quality buy. A new Undertaker vs Mankind match, nice!

  4. me says:

    Hart vs Austin vs Undertaker could have main evented a PPV.

  5. David says:

    Looking good so far.

    I was looking online and didn’t know there was a triple threat with Bret Hart vs. Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels from RAW in MSG in 1997. Hope that makes it in.

  6. LP1 says:

    I like the idea of being able to see these rare matches, but I’m really afraid that they’re going to fancam-style. I know for a fact that there was no hard camera set up at the May 19, 1996 MSG show.

    • chris says:

      There were professional TV cameras there for some of the show, mostly to shoot the Godwinns’ title win over the Body Donnas. On the 2002 NWO set, there was some high quality footage from the arena floor of Razor Ramon after his match with Triple H and of the cage being set up for the main event.

      • CDR says:

        Yea, I know what you’re talking about. On the Monday Night Wars DVD set, they show professional camera footage shot from the arena floor of Razor in the ring with the fans chanting “you sold out!”, so there was definitely some professional cameras there shooting in the arena that night. But, for whatever reason, they decided not to film the main event, which is why we only see the hanheld fan shot footage of the match and aftermatch celebration.

  7. justin f says:

    Owen vs Angle damn it

  8. captainplanet says:

    I’m LOVING these unreleased triple threats. So few exist from/before ’97. Also, Bret/Taker vs Owen/Bulldog? Killer.

  9. Domenic says:


  10. Jay Chan says:

    Can you bring back FANTASY CONCEPT, please?

  11. Damon says:

    Great matches and the fan packs look cool but DVDs in sleeves are a pain though

  12. Steven Jackson says:

    This set is looking excellent!

    I never realised the WWE had recorded so many house shows and events. It is great to see all of these matches starting to come to light. I am really excited for the rest of the reveals 🙂

    • Damon says:

      *Shaking my head at your comment saying that you never realized the WWE had recorded so many house shows and events” I mean really dude?

      • RabidHeat says:

        So what, he’s aloud to say that if it’s what he thought, isn’t he? Can’t stand controlling people like you! Let people make points they want to make on a comments board! It’s not like he said anything offensive or trolled anyone.

  13. RnRisKing says:

    I’m definitely getting this set. There’s enough Bret Hart stuff on it.

    I hope they put out an NWA/WCW unreleased set.

  14. Brandon says:

    I wonder what’s on all 3 K-Mart dvds.

  15. RabidHeat says:

    I really think they may as well have made this “WWE Unreleased Matches Anthology 1995-2000” or something. Too much non-Attitude Era stuff on it. Good to have such rare stuff, but the presence of commentary will be a deal-breaker for me.

  16. RCS1988 says:

    I’m impressed with this set. Now if they can do a DVD for stuff from the 80’s & early 90’s as well as TV taping dark matches from NWA/WCW TV tapings from the 80’s & 90’s as those had some good things as well.

  17. Gus Galaxy says:

    I’m definitely picking up this Attitude unreleased set, and I’m intrigued by those fan packs! I wonder if there is a full lineup listed somewhere? I tried to look but with no luck. I’d love a Ryback, Sting, or Mick Foley set for sure!

  18. Eric says:

    This is going to be great! What the hell is on a Roman Reigns DVD? The merch pack is awesome though.

  19. Ryan says:

    This set is going to my second most anticipated release yet (behind the Owen set). These match reveals have been consistently intriguing and make this set a day one purchase for sure. Owen and the Bulldog vs Bret and Undertaker from Kuwait and the triple threat match sound especially good.

    I kind of thought we’d get the IYH dark match between Undertaker and Mankind. Good to see that one, too.

    It would be good if we were told which matches do — and don’t — feature commentary. Also, if the Owen-Warrior MSG match from yesterday is fan footage (same night as curtain call)

  20. Tommy D says:

    Can anyone confirm what is on the Roman Reigns and Macho Man DVD?

  21. Rich says:

    I agree that this set should not be called Attitude Era. BUT this set is looking AWESOME! I love unreleased house show/dark matches being released on DVD. I’m psyched for this set!

  22. Frank Daddio says:

    I gotta find me the savage set, very cool. Cant wait for preorder of attitude era, its going be awesome!