Update on Walmart’s Huge $5 WWE DVD & Blu-Ray Sale – 40 Titles Included

December 26, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE DVD & Blu-ray Compilations

Yesterday we noted that a WWE DVD sale is starting up at Walmart stores across the United States. Included are various DVDs (and so far, one Blu-ray) priced at $5 each!

Thanks to WDN readers “JG” and Jamyn Blanton for providing the photos below.

Along with the pics we’ve put together a list of the 40 DVD/Blu-ray titles found right now. If you see any additions on top of these then do let us know in the comments section.

Big $5 WWE DVD Sale at Walmart

Best of Raw & Smackdown 2011
Best of RAW 2009
Best of Smackdown 2009-2010
Best PPV Matches 2009-2010
Bret Hart Best There Is…
Brian Pillman Loose Cannon
Chris Jericho Breaking the Code
Elimination Chamber 2011 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
Great American Bash & Vengeance 2004 (2 Pack)
Hart & Soul Family Anthology
John Cena My Life
John Morrison Rock Star
Legendary Moments
Money in the Bank 2010
Money in the Bank 2011
Night of Champions 2010
No Mercy 2008
Raw The Beginning
Royal Rumble & No Way Out 2003 (2 Pack)
Stone Cold The Bottom Line
Superstar Collection Zack Ryder
TLC 2011

Walmart $5 WWE Wrestling DVD Sale

Big Show A Giant’s World
Batista I Walk Alone
Epic Journey of The Rock
Falls Count Anywhere
Greatest Cage Matches of All Time
Greatest Rivalries Shawn vs. Bret
New & Improved DX
Rey Mysterio Life of a Masked Man

Walmart $5 WWE Wrestling DVD Sale

Best of King of the Ring
Best of WCW Clash of the Champions
Billy Graham 20 Years Too Soon
Ric Flair Definitive Collection

Walmart $5 WWE Wrestling DVD Sale

Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event
ECW Blood Sport
Ricky Steamboat Life of a Dragon

Walmart $5 WWE Wrestling DVD Sale

Edge You Think You Know Me?
Highest Flyers
Mick Foley Hits & Misses (Hardcore Ed.)

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  2. Alan says:

    We have two Walmart Supercenters here & one has a WWE display and the other has no WWE display. Luckily, the one closest to me has the $5 WWE sale. I’ve bought all of the titles that I didn’t have. The Batista, Steamboat, and Hart & Soul DVDs as well as the 2004 Anthology, Edge, and ECW Bloodsport have all went out of stock at some point. The Batista DVD has been hard to come by, but I was FINALLY able to buy it yesterday when there was only one last copy available. No surprise on Batista as the anticipation for his return has most likely made sales on it skyrocket. The 90s DVD was in the $5 bin and I also scored Summerslam 2012 in said $5 bin.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      yea i finally found one 40 mintues away from where i was i got clash and 04 pack pain in the GAIN! to find these walmarts that do this sale but at leace it was early compaired to last year when they did maina dvds the walmarts near me did not do it until all most may

  3. jmtwin says:

    Well this is frustrating. The Walmart app shows most (if not all) of these in stock at my two local stores, but I’ve yet to see a display in multiple trips to either. I did find a random copy of Best Superstars of the 90s in a bin of 5 dollar movies but that’s it. I may have to track down an employee next time I swing by. If they have them, they’re doing a hell of a job of hiding them 🙂

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      same with me i saw 90s dvd survivor series 2013 night of champs 2012 for 5 bucks goldberg for 12 and best of ppv matches 2013 it sucks they dont tell u the states or at leace stores that do the sales

  4. TheJmp187 says:

    The Walmart right down the street has this sale the one further down does not. Son its hit or miss. I’ve already picked up clash of champions and raw the beginning. I’m actually going back to wall mart in a few minutes to get the rumble 2 pack the mankind one maybe the cages and maybe something else. Depends. But I do feel bad for those who can not take advantage of this cheap sale

  5. tripple haitch says:

    anyone know if any Wal-Marts in SE Ohio or Northern WV are having this sale?

  6. Todd says:

    I have been to 4 different Walmarts in Cary, Garner, & Raleigh, NC and NOTHING! So aggravating. If anyone here from NC sees them in Wake, Durham, or Johnston County please post here and let me know. There are 5 of these I would like to get. Thanks!!!

  7. chase says:

    the wwe DVDS i got was falls count anywhere 3 disc DVD set tht came out in 2012

  8. chase says:

    wwe awesome wwe DVDS are even awesomer

  9. DrFever says:

    I picked up Pillman, Cage Matches, and Foley Hardcore (just for the 3rd disc, finally)

    I almost picked up Bret v Shawn but happen to look up matches on my phone before I bought and notice the Survivor Series match is only the bluray. So no point.

    Can’t wait for the yearly WalMart WM DVD Sale

  10. Steve Baggett Jr. says:

    did find Falls Count Anywhere…on Blu….for $6.99….at FYE! My Walmart STILL doesn’t have these, nor do the other 5 or 6 stores in my area. So i still need the Mysterio Biggest Little Man and the RR/NWO 03 combo….

  11. Triple F says:

    Oh please, CodyT, you’re way over analyzing. These are DVDs that McMahon is stuck with. Walmart buys his overstock on a regular basis. I’m just a couple of miles from a very nice Walmart, which happens to be the highest grossing store in the country. They’re loaded with them. I have two other Walmart on my street, within 5 miles, and they have them too.

  12. Lukas24 says:

    There is also a 2 pack with GAB 04 and Vengeance 04

  13. CodyT says:

    My theory about the low income stores may be correct, seeing as how most people, and in this case mega corporations, view wrestling fans as poor, white trash neanderthals :p

  14. CodyT says:

    To be honest, I think the sales are predominant in lower income area Walmarts. Two stores near me that are located in what are considered “nicer” areas didn’t have the sale, whereas the store I found that finally DID feature it was whatwe call the “trashy” Walmart. Idk, I could be wrong. Anyway, here are the 7 titles I snatched up:

    Bret Hart: Best There Is…
    Chris Jericho: Breaking The Code
    Best of Smackdown 2009 – 2010
    Best PPV Matches 2009 – 2010
    RAW: The Beginning
    Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event
    Falls Count Anywhere

    I’ll probably go back soon for Clash of Champions, Brian Pillman and maybe a few more.

    • Jay says:

      IDK. It’s actually the opposite where I live. The Walmart in the nicer area have this deal while the crappier one only had the newer DVDs. I think it’s just all dependent on how much that particular walmart has in stock.

  15. legendhitter93 says:

    My Walmart restocked a few more today. I picked up Mysterio and Foley sets. Was surprised the Mick foley dvd included the insert. I’m gonna go back and pick up the most violent matches dvd.

  16. Dave says:

    Only one of the three stores I checked had the display. I picked up Mysterio, Morrison, Money in the Bank 2010 and TLC 2011.

  17. Jake T. says:

    I think a sale like this one depends on whether the Walmart is a “Supercenter” Walmart. I checked two of my local Walmarts which are “Supercenters” and neither of them had any sale like this. I may be wrong, but for those of you who have found the sale, can you confirm that this may or may not be true?

    • todd says:

      select wal marts have this sale. i know two supercenters by me have the displays but only have like 3 dvds in stock 🙁 i went to another supercenter and they didnt even have the promotional area for them. so im thinking only select ones have em. check the website and enter the dvd you are interested in. it will let you know the availabliity of it in stores with the promotion.

  18. Isrs4life says:

    I picked it up the Randy Orton evolution of a predator dvd set but it wasnt 10 bucks
    I just happen to seen it and I grabbed it plus it is a good copy I checked it because it was the only one but i never seen anything else for wwe dvds thow

  19. legendhitter93 says:

    Was very surprise the see my local walmart have a few of these. i picked up chris Jericho set, Highest Flyers, and Tagged classic RR, NWO 2003. I hope to check out some other walmarts near me. There’s still quite a few I still need

  20. Mr Z says:

    I got happy when I read $5 DVD sale only to click on the link and realize there’s only two DVDs here I don’t already have. The Best PPV Matches I don’t need because I have all the individual PPV DVDs, and I don’t have the Edge set but I’d rather get the Blu-ray for that one.

  21. Rip says:

    Sad, that the local Walmart shelves don’t even look like this. Let alone having the product and when they do their quarterly swap shelving to deture thief is another challenge to find the product. Another sale lost into thin air But, Walmart has great TV commercials full of other product to make themselves look good! Cheers

  22. TheJmp187 says:

    My wal marts usu. Have these sales. I’ll def. Be checking them out here soon. These really r great deals.

  23. number1jf says:

    Has anyone ever purchased any of the ECW Hardcore TV/On TNN Sets? I want to get some to have unedited (themes, etc.) old-school ECW content.

  24. Jeff Copeland says:

    if this is true i am gonna get that 04 pack maybe austin clash of champs and maybe best of raw 09 and best of 2011 raw sd as far as walmarts go its feast of fired lol wat i mean is some do it and u get the dvds some walmarts dont which sucks so my best guess is wait a while and see cause last year with wm sale they were late so maybe there making it up by doing this sale so early as far as tna that sale is still going highspots BECAREFULL they screw people over alot so have a happy holldays and buy buy buy all the dvds 😀

  25. Isrs4life says:

    I would love to be at that wal-mart such great titles that i’m missing like
    I would love to get Batistas set for 5 bucks and some others there
    I know my wal-marts wont have this sale tommorow on the boxing day
    blits sales. god batistas set for 5 bucks is a worthy price.

  26. Corey Rice says:

    I also saw great American bash and vengeance 2004 combo pack there

  27. Steve Baggett Jr. says:

    is it bad that i only need 2 of these…yet i know my WM won’t participate?? (Falls Count Anywhere and Life of a Masked Man)

    • Stephen says:

      My first comment on this site but been a long time lurker. That was the only 2 discs I needed (re:wanted) that I noticed on the post yesterday. Ended up getting the Clash of the Champions dvd as well. Can’t beat $5 right?

      I was in Walmart tonight and didn’t even think about it and my dad made a comment about a large endcap of wrestling dvds (he noticed Flair/Cena/Rock). $15 later….

  28. number1jf says:

    I’m going to give the Walmarts around my area a few days, I went to 3 different stores & none had the sale, but had many unopened cardboard boxes. I think that one reason that many stores don’t have this sale is because the employees have to pull the Christmas DVDs & place others (these WWE DVDs) in their place.

    • number1jf says:

      Also, Highspots is having a 35% off After Christmas sale on WWE, ECW, TNA, Shoot, Independent, etc. DVDs. Shop TNA also has all DVDs (except Slammiversary 2013) $4.99. On FYE’s website you can get 20% off of used DVDs/CDs using the code “decused20”.

  29. Ray Cornwall says:

    My Walmart is claiming that they’re not doing this. Darn shame.

  30. John says:

    I am going to get Greatest Cage Matches since it is $20 on Amazon so it would save me $15

  31. KurtK26 says:

    Do any of these have Vudu cash on them? What I really want is WM15, but if I could buy one of these for $5 and get that digitally, win-win.

  32. Jordan B says:

    There are a lot of DVDs on walmart.com for $5 and some for less. Fir examole The 3 disc IC DVD is only $4.25

  33. Simon says:

    Only in some U.S. Wal-Mart store, I would have to guess?

  34. Matt says:

    Anyone know if some of the compilations (King of the Ring, Clash of the Champions, etc) are worth holding out for blu ray? Because these are great prices otherwise

    • David says:

      I think the exclusives are alone worth the Blu-ray version over the DVD. The DVD versions to me are incomplete.

      • SRB says:

        I agree with David. The Clash exclusives are worth the blu-ray itself and the “incomplete” point of view is perfectly said.

  35. Alan says:

    I have two Walmart stores here & haven’t seen these sales at either one.

  36. Bandit says:

    Ok, I found my fifth one – Ricky Steamboat – so its Falls Count Anywhere, ECW-Bloodsport, Best Of Saturday Nights Main Event, Hart and Soul and now Ricky Steamboat for me – paid with the $25 gift card I got from one of my relatives.

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