UPDATED: FULL Content Listing for WWE ‘Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe’ DVD

February 27, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD & Blu-Ray - Extended Documentary

The new “Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe” WWE DVD and Blu-ray has been made available for fans in the UK and Europe to pre-order today over at WWEDVD.co.uk.

Check out the FULL, finalized content listing of the set (now with the complete list of documentary chapters and extra stories in the Blu-ray exclusives) down below!



The following new synopsis for “Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe” suggests that the documentary main feature of the DVD/Blu-ray is likely to be an extended version of the WWE Network special “Warrior: The Ultimate Legend”, with 30+ minutes of extra material:

After a long period of exile from Sports Entertainment, the ferocity and energy of ULTIMATE WARRIOR makes his long awaited return to WWE!

Follow the homecoming of The Warrior as he prepares for his induction into the 2014 WWE HALL OF FAME, reunites with WWE Legends and reflects on his historic career in this extended documentary featuring over 30 minutes of never before seen footage!

This 3 Disc set also features Ultimate Warrior’s most memorable matches and moments spanning his early days in WORLD CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING to his rise to stardom in WWE. This collection encapsulates the spirit of Ultimate Warrior and shows that his actions inside and outside of the ring inspire the WWE Universe to ALWAYS BELIEVE!


  • A Message From Dana Warrior
  • Always Believe
  • Beginnings
  • The Blade Runners
  • Dingo Warrior
  • Ultimate Warrior
  • SummerSlam 88
  • Competing for a Spot
  • WrestleMania VI
  • What’s Next?
  • WrestleMania VII
  • SummerSlam 1991
  • Back in the Spotlight
  • The Ultimate Love
  • WCW
  • “Self-Destruction”
  • One Warrior Nation
  • The Journey Home
  • Hall of Fame
  • Back Home
  • The Apology
  • An Incredible Weekend
  • April 8, 2014
  • Outpouring of Support
  • Nattie
  • Future Diva
  • No Greater Tribute
  • Final Letters
  • The Spirit of Ultimate Warrior Will Run Forever

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List



2-on-1 Handicap Match
Dingo Warrior vs. Perry Jackson and Chico Cabello
World Class Championship Wrestling • July 25, 1986

Dingo Warrior vs. Big Bear Collie
World Class Championship Wrestling • June 2, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Frenchy Martin
Madison Square Garden • November 24, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Brian Costello
Wrestling Challenge • November 29, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Mike Sharpe
Philadelphia, PA • December 5, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Conquistador #1
Wrestling Challenge • May 8, 1988

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Honky Tonk Man
Boston, MA • October 10, 1988

Intercontinental Championship Match
“Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior
East Rutherford, NJ • May 8, 1989

Ultimate Warrior & King Duggan vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude & Andre the Giant
Madison, WI • June 6, 1989

Ultimate Warrior vs. John Weiss
Wrestling Challenge • September 24, 1989

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre the Giant
Maple Leaf Wrestling • October 29, 1989

Ultimate Warrior vs. Brooklyn Brawler
Wrestling Challenge • March 11, 1990

WWE Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Haku
Saturday Night’s Main Event • April 28, 1990

Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Saturday Night’s Main Event • April 27, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick “The Model” Martel
Wrestling Challenge • April 28, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Smash
Superstars • May 18, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Skinner
Superstars • May 2, 1992

Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango
Lexington, KY • May 19, 1992

Ultimate Warrior & “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. The Nasty Boys
SummerSlam Spectacular • August 19, 1992

Ultimate Warrior vs. Isaac Yankem
RAW • April 29, 1996

Ultimate Warrior vs. Owen Hart
RAW • July 8, 1996

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List



Bill Mercer interviews Dingo Warrior
World Class Championship Wrestling • September 19, 1986

Nightmares are the Best Part of My Day
Superstars • February 27, 1988

I Live For Anger and Frustration
Wrestling Challenge • March 13, 1988

Normal People
Wrestling Challenge • June 5, 1988

I Won’t Let You Down
Wrestling Challenge • June 25, 1988

Legends Weren’t Built Overnight
Superstars • July 16, 1988

Craig DeGeorge Interviews the New Intercontinental Champion
Superstars • September 3, 1988

You Can Feel It
All American Wrestling • September 18, 1988

Totally Out of Control
Wrestling Challenge • January 29, 1989

A Test Like all the Others
Wrestling Challenge • May 28, 1989

We Shall Conquer the Giant
Superstars • July 15, 1989

Mean Gene interviews Ultimate Warrior about SummerSlam
Wrestling Challenge • August 13, 1989

The Eighth Wonder of the World
Superstars • September 9, 1989

Mean Gene interviews The Ultimate Warriors
Wrestling Challenge • November 5, 1989

The Brother Love Show Discussing the Royal Rumble
Superstars • January 13, 1990

I Speak to You, Hulk Hogan
Superstars • February 3, 1990

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List

The New WWE Champion
Superstars • April 14, 1990

The Brother Love Show Discussing SummerSlam
Superstars • June 23, 1990

Confined Spaces
Superstars • July 21, 1990

Leaving Nothing Behind
Wrestling Challenge • August 12, 1990

Useless Dreams
Wrestling Challenge • August 26, 1990

The Brother Love Show with Queen Sherri
Superstars • September 8, 1990

Sister Love
Superstars • October 13, 1990

The Commander in Chief
Wrestling Challenge • December 23, 1990

Your Ultimate Destruction
Wrestling Challenge • December 30, 1990

Total Surrender
Superstars • January 5, 1991

The Smell of Defeat
Wrestling Challenge • January 13, 1991

Mean Gene interviews Queen Sherri
Royal Rumble • January 19, 1991

I am the Wildness
Superstars • February 9, 1991

I Said Sew It In!
Superstars • February 16, 1991

You Have Found the Madness
Superstars • February 23, 1991

Don’t Look Back
Superstars • March 9, 1991

One More Step in the Destiny
Wrestling Challenge • March 10, 1991

A Battle Like No Other
Wrestling Challenge • March 17, 1991

Now We Are Back
Superstars • May 4, 1991

Then We Shall Feast
Superstars • April 11, 1992

These Are My Warriors
Superstars • April 18, 1992

The Papa Shango Curse
Superstars • May 23, 1992

Only Desperate Men Act with Impatience
Superstars • August 8, 1992

The Ultimate Maniacs Are Born
Superstars • September 19, 1992

The Ultimate Maniacs Are Out of Control
Wrestling Challenge • November 7, 1992

One Warrior Nation
WCW Monday Nitro • August 24, 1998

Running to Reappear
WCW Monday Nitro • September 21 • 1998

Ultimate Warrior – Hall of Fame Induction
Hall of Fame • April 5, 2014

The Spirit of Ultimate Warrior Will Run Forever
RAW • April 7, 2014

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List

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Extra Stories & Matches
  • Ultimate Warrior? Who’s That?
  • Disneyland Warrior
  • The Ultimate Bike Ride
  • Call Vince
  • That’s My Dad!
  • WrestleMania VI Movie Night
  • Barbie Meets Ultimate Warrior
  • Cockpit Door Promo
  • Batista’s Homage
  • Warrior Plays The Game
  • The Warriors Meet The Goldbergs
  • The Slammy Award Presentation
  • Mattie vs. Nattie
  • Warrior Girl

Dingo Warrior vs. Rick Rude
World Class Championship Wrestling • August 22, 1986

The Ultimate Challenge
WWE Championship vs. Intercontinental Championship Match

Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior
WrestleMania VI • April 1, 1990
Arena Hard Camera Version

Ultimate Warrior & Legion of Doom vs. Demolition
Saturday Night’s Main Event • October 13, 1990

Ultimate Warrior vs. Earthquake
Fort Myers, FL • February 19, 1991

Ultimate Warrior & Undertaker vs. Papa Shango & Berzerker
Ontario, Canada • June 3, 1992

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List

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Australia: April 29th. Pre-order now via WWEDVD.com.au.


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  1. Zach says:

    I don’t understand why they didn’t include the “hogan’s plane” WM6 promo even though there is a bluray extra where he talks about it? They even talk about it on the Self Destruction DVD so its a pretty popular promo but its still never been released on any of his dvds

  2. mike says:

    Wish they added the raw tribute video package or the whole raw show:(
    RIP ULTIMATE ONE!! Ill support anything with the warrior so this is A must have:)

  3. kliq316 says:

    Shame they’ve excluded Warrior/Sting vs Hogan/Bret from Nitro in 1998. I’d prefer to have seen that then Taker/Warrior vs Shango/Bezerker.

  4. RCS1988 says:

    This set needed to have unreleased matches that have never seen the light of day like his matches with Kamala, Ric Flair, & Nailz. WWE should do a match poll for each set, like they did with the history of the IC title DVD set. Have groups of matches, and pick a certain amount in each group. The matches with the most votes get put on the set. WWE NEEDS to start using dark match TV taping footage. The footage exists.

  5. This will be my first WWE Blu Ray purchase of 2015 – It looks essential!!

  6. I will buy every Ultimate Warrior DVD/Blu-Ray.
    I will “Always Believe!”

  7. mdax says:

    lotsa jobber match

    • But that’s the thing, Warrior was always about giving everybody credit that climbed in the ring with him, especially young or new talent.
      Look at 123 Kid, now X-Pac. He was a jobber at first.

  8. Brad Attitude says:

    I’m torn whether to purchase this or not. I’ve already got the ultimate legend documentary which i downloaded last year but at the same time it’s kinda mind boggling that there are more jobber matches than his major matches (i know his best stuff were on his previous dvd/bluray set) while at the same time we get a bonus set of his best promos.

    I think I’ll wait for price to lower a bit before purchasing it because its not really worth paying the full price to watch Warrior beat jobbers.

  9. Nico says:

    I’m confused! So is The Ultimate Legend documentary going to be on this set or not?!!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Infers an extended documentary with 30+ minutes of extra footage in that new synopsis at the start of the article, so I’d say yes.

  10. steiner says:

    Are there any repeats here and in the Ultimate Warrior collection?

  11. fred fuchs says:

    This will be the greatest wwe bluray/DVD of all time, guaranteed. I don’t like a full disc of promos and prefer matches but still epic set.

  12. Brian says:

    I’ve been checking for weeks for the new warrior bluray preorder on amazon.ca and can not find it anywhere? Does anybody have it?

  13. Nicolas Hébert says:

    I pre-ordered in Blu-Ray discs on Amazon.ca for many weeks now!!! Can’t wait until April 14th!!!

  14. Mr Hesse says:

    I’ve had this pre-ordered for a few weeks now. I can’t wait. RIP Warrior.

  15. SRB says:

    First, RIP Warrior. I’m still shocked. Second, this is a great set. Tons of gems and packed with footage. Third, my only gripe is the 3rd disc. I understand guys like Flair, Heyman, Warrior, Piper (and the list goes on) had/have unique mic skills. But, to dedicate an entire disc to promos is odd. Warrior’s promos have been discussed negatively for years. So, I don’t see why WWE would dedicate an entire disc to them. They said his promos were confusing and delirious. Now, all of a sudden they are worth a two hour ‘greatest hits’ compilation?

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      while I understand your point regarding the third disc full of promos, the statement they made bout Warrior’s confusing and delirious on mic, comes from the “Self-destruction…” release…

      and there’s a chapter that I am very excited to check out in the documentary…cos, as well as Warrior can not run away from the past, but WWE can not either..

      I might have liked a few matches more on that third disc instead of it getting loaded with “out of this world” promos…on the other hand, the fact that they were out of this world, plus, delivered with the intensity and energy, like only the Warrior could deliver them, and problaly all of his most famous promos now collected on 2 sets, makes it maybe pretty cool after all. Likely not the disc I go back for very often, but, still, pretty historic. But.. we’ll see how it plays out when we get it.. 🙂

    • LP1 says:

      To be fair, WWE also said the guy didn’t have good matches and was only a legend in his own mind. Yet they made a match compilation of him and put him in the Hall Of Fame. So that should tell you all you need to know about that Self Destruction DVD.

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        guess, there’s change of hearts from time to times.. 😉

        no matter what WWE’s motives are for releasing this and for getting on good foot with Warrior, and one obvious reason is the Green, it is nice to have these sets as a fund memory of one of the charismatic charachters in wrestling.

        • attitude.era.4life says:

          …and certaintly better produced releases than the terrible “Self-destruction..”

          • LP1 says:

            I’m guessing once this lawsuit against Punk is settled we’ll get a “Self Destruction Of CM Punk”. You know it’s coming one day.

            • attitude.era.4life says:

              …not forgetting the short awaited:

              “The Self Destruction of 619”.

              • attitude.era.4life says:

                ..and in a few years there will be:

                “The Best of Self Destruction of Superstars”.

                Okaaaaay.. taking it Over the Limit now, I guess.. -lol-

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