REVEALED: Updated Names for WWE’s 2017 NXT & ATTITUDE DVD, Documentary on SURVIVOR SERIES?

May 22, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WWE - Attitude Era, Classic 'Scratch' Logo

This time last week news was breaking of three major WWE DVD projects for 2017. Today we have solid content details for each of them and a verdict on which ones will go Blu-ray too!

First up, WWE’s new 1997-themed DVD, first referenced as “Dawn of the Attitude”, has the full name of “1997: Dawn of the Attitude Era”. As of now the plan is to include a documentary main feature on this title and therefore it will be produced on both DVD and Blu-ray.

The three-disc DVD and two-disc Blu-ray is currently scheduled for release in October.

“30 Years of Survivor Series”, also slated to be a three-disc DVD, is on the way for November. Early word is that the DVD will present 30 matches and moments (either shown in full or highlighted) celebrating the event’s landmark anniversary. A Blu-ray edition is not in the works for this one. can confirm that WWE’s second NXT DVD, previously reported to be named “NXT: From Secret to Success” will now be “NXT: From Secret to Sensation”.

Like the Attitude set, NXT is penciled in for DVD and Blu-ray versions when it releases in December, with the format expected to be a documentary main feature and a selection of extras.

The names, formats and release times we’ve mentioned are applicable to both the United States and the United Kingdom. As always, keep locked to WDN for more updates.

WWE 'NXT: From Secret to Sensation' DVD Scheduled for 2017!

The incoming “Seth Rollins: Building The Architect” WWE DVD will release exactly 1 week today to fans in the UK and follows next Tuesday in the USA!

Get the “Seth Rollins: Building The Architect” DVD; $17.99 from

Courtesy of WWE Home Video UK, here’s a sneak peek at some of the material in the DVD:

In addition to a new and exclusive interview with Rollins (previewed in the clip), the three-disc DVD compilation will feature 21 of his best matches and moments from FCW, NXT, and WWE.

Can’t wait ’til next week? A “First Look” special will be added to the WWE Network this Thursday.

WWE 'Seth Rollins' Building The Architect' DVD - Official Cover Artwork

Get your hands on WWE’s “Seth Rollins: Building The Architect” DVD…

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In case you missed it, Austin Aries took to social media over the weekend to air his displeasure at not being included on the WrestleMania 33 DVD!

The WM33 DVD/Blu-ray just released to the United States, Canada and is about to hit Australia this week. Due to space issues and tight scheduling these versions do not include the Kickoff Show matches, one of which being Austin Aries vs. Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship.

However, the UK’s DVD and Blu-ray (out 2 weeks today) will include the extras.

Last night’s SmackDown-exclusive Backlash PPV will be combine with RAW’s recent Payback PPV in a 2-disc “Double Feature: Payback & Backlash 2017” DVD in stores next month.

Finalized cover artwork for the release should be available soon. Until then you can pre-order the new “Double Feature” pack for only $13.89 by clicking here to

WWE - Payback & Backlash PPV Logos, 'Double Feature' DVD

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  1. Anan says:

    Glad NXT & Dawn if the Attitude Era are getting docs. I’ve come to learn to expect short docs as that’s what they put out lately maybe except for a select few.

    NXT doc should feature of course HHH Corey Graves, Enzo & Cass, Rollins, The 4 Horsewomen, Neville, KO, Zayn, and others.

    The Attitude Era doc should feature Vince, JR, Lawler, Taker, SCSA, Bret Hart, HBK, HHH, Goldust, Vader, Foley, The Rock and whoever else especially the big names that were there during that time.

    • SCSA says:

      I’d also like to include guys like Ken Shamrock & Owen Hart.

      • Anan says:

        @Brad Attitude: I’m not against that but rather it not be included. To me ECW content should be on ECW sets, WCW content should be on WCW sets, same for WWE. Yes the invasion was on RAW but it was an ECW invasion. 1997 has more than enough WWE specific content to put on this 1997 set as it is, no need to add anything from another company’s invasion. The Brian Pillman incident for example.

        @SCSA: I’m sure both will be on the set. They were involved in one of the biggest matches of 97 that I’m expecting to be included because I am sure it will be – that big tag match from Canadian Stampede with Hart Foundation which included Owen Hart vs Austin, LOD, Goldust, Ken Shamrock.

        • Brad Attitude says:

          It would be silly not to include a few ECW matches as the invasion lasted for the first half of 1997 and pretty much set the tone for the rest of the year giving the product a more edgier and “attitude” type feel to it.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      I’d like to see a couple of ECW matches from their short lived invasion back in 1997.

  2. Craig says:

    I haven’t got a lot of faith with the survivor series dvd but I hoping the attitude era set will be awesome!

    • SCSA says:

      True! It all depends on the matches really! The matches from the 3rd Attitude Era set sucked big time, though I brought it thinking they’d be great! My mistake
      This time I’ll have to read the content again ‘a little carefully’ n try findin details of the matches online n see what is written about em before buying!

      • Anan says:

        What sucked exactly about it? Personally I enjoyed that they were previously unreleased matches. Calling the set The Attitude Era Vol.3 considering the content was misleading a bit but doesn’t mean it sucked.

  3. Brad Attitude says:

    I hope the Survivor Series dvd will feature the debut of Kurt Angle, Yokozuna, Undertaker and Sting as well as featuring matches like Bret Hart vs Diesel, Hulk Hogan vs Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H, Team Raw vs Team Smackdown (2005), Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin just to name a few.

    • Anan says:

      I like all of that and also hope they make the cut.

      Sting & Taker debuted as part of matches so those matches should be included in full. Hyped on TV as an high stakes all important match, I suspect the Winner Take All match from 2001 will make it.

      Taker vs Hogan….match quality wasn’t good bc due to his character Taker couldn’t display his full wrestling talents and Hogan wasn’t the greatest wrestler but bc he was mega over he really didn’t have to be. Won’t bother me at all if it gets included.

    • Anan says:

      PS. Apologies for double posting.

      A thought just came to me…..that’s why I wish this SSeries release was a True Story set with a doc so there could be a chapter on Debuts focusing on the debuts of the names u mentioned and others, talking about their debuts, impact they made since if any, the careers they went on to have, etc. Another chapter on a specific superstar’s success at the event like Taker who had great success rivaled only by his dominance at WM even after The Streak ended (he only lost 2x yet wrestled 25x at WM) however wins/losses are just one of many successes.

  4. Daniel Satala says:

    Why not release WrestleMania as a four-disc set? That way, NO match is left out and fans will be left happy. I was disappointed at not seeing the Battle Royal, Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin, and Neville vs Austin Aries matches. BIG LET DOWN.

    • Anan says:

      I agree. Either that or shorten the event time. Don’t have the set & didn’t see it yet but thinking there was probably some live music performance where the artist performs the WM “theme songs.” I love music, definitely a place for it but a wrestling event isn’t the place for a live music performance unless it’s part of a wrestler’s entrance. If there were musical performances, they could’ve cut those off the set and included the preshow matches and maybe some other extras alongside that.

      • David says:

        The musical performance with Flo-Rida and Pitbull was only about 6 minutes. All three pre-show matches clock in about 45 minutes or so (without entrances).

        Wouldn’t have made any difference. Only thing they could done is include the pre-show matches on the 2nd disc of the Blu-ray. Was going over and only chapter is Reigns/Taker which is about 45 minutes and the HOF is about 3hrs 30 minutes with the total disc running 4 hrs 30 minutes. Usually that is the length WWE go with on their BD releases while maintaining high quality. They could have pushed a little over 5 hours on the disc but no telling how HD quality would have ended up.

      • LP1 says:

        The music performance barely lasted 7 minutes. Removing that still wouldn’t have left any time for the pre-show matches.

  5. RabidHeat says:

    Unless Austin Aries was just a big fan of that Andre Battle Royal, or really dug what Corbin and Ambrose did. 🙂

  6. SCSA says:

    It should have been Attitude & Survivor Series both on DVD & Blu-Ray

  7. yeahitsme says:

    Good to hear Attitude and NXT are on blu-ray. Hopefully Kurt Angle and Unreleased Matches will be as well.

    • Anan says:

      As far as I know, at least as of now, those 2 are slated to be DVD releases. Nothing about BR for those sets. It’s ok though in a way bc The Unreleased Matches content will predate BR, HD, and even DVD eras and the Kurt Angle set will predate HD as his WWE career started in 99 and ended in 06 before WWE went HD in 08 with if I’m not mistaken their first event broadcast in HD being the 2008 Royal Rumble.

  8. whutwhut says:

    very disappointed about the Survivor Series release seemingly not coming on bluray.

  9. Macy says:

    The attitude cover is sweet

    • SCSA says:

      Is that the actual cover? Well I’m glad it’ll be released on Blu-Ray! Too bad it’s another 5months wait 🙁

  10. Brian says:

    When are we going to get the match list for the Kurt Angle dvd?

  11. LP1 says:

    I wonder why Austin Aries is upset? I mean he can just watch his pre-show match on the Network…

    Oh wait, that’s right, wrestlers don’t get residual checks from the Network, only DVD/BR releases. Now you know why these guys are upset. WrestleMania is the biggest home video release of the year and everyone looks forward to getting those checks.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      They should instead have deleted the complete Total Divas inspired Cena-Boy/Bella Bimbo vs. Mizzy and Maryse segment..especially the horrible fake and crappy “performed” proposal.

      • LP1 says:

        No need to delete anything, adding an extra disc would’ve solved the problem.

        • whutwhut says:

          doesn’t the UK release prove that an extra disc wouldn’t be needed, at least not for the bluray version?

          • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

            It is all a load of BS.. A blu-ray disc can easily have about 5-6 hours of content without lowering the quality in sound and picture.

        • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

          Segment never should have happend in the first place..but, its of course Cena and the “Reality”-TV era, so how could it be any different.

        • RICHARD W says:

          Totally agree as it wouldn’t have killed them to add an extra disc to really make the set complete and special, but that’s just outright laziness on their home video department.

          • LP1 says:

            Exactly. And they could have included the NXT TakeOver: Orlando show on the extra disc also. No good reason why they couldn’t do that.

            • IHateKickoffs says:

              Tell the retailers to order a 4 disc set ahead of time then

              • LP1 says:

                Its not up to the retailers. WWE can include as many discs as they want.

                • IHateKickoffs says:

                  That is incorrect sir. I work in retail, it’s up to the stores beforehand

                  • LP1 says:

                    It’s up to the retailers if they choose to carry it, it’s not up to them how many discs WWE includes. WWE can include 10 discs if they want, and the retailers then decide if they want to carry it or not. If they don’t then WWE can sell it somewhere else, like on their own website or Amazon. And honestly I haven’t seen many retail stores carrying WWE releases the way they did a few years ago anyway. Best Buy for example has almost no wrestling section anymore. But that’s more a sign of the times than it is a wrestling thing. The DVD/BR section in Best Buy has shrunk drastically over the last few years.

  12. Robert emons says:

    Preordered my copy of the Seth Rollins DVD this morning!