VIDEO: First Look at WWE Epic Journey of The Rock DVD, & Edge Previews

February 11, 2012 by Daniel Bee

In the video below Gerald Orr gives an exclusive first look at the packaging contents for WWE’s incoming 3-Disc DVD; The Epic Journey of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The official release date for the US is in just over a week’s time on February 21st. Get your copy on DVD or Blu-ray to your door with Amazon by clicking here.

Fans in the UK and Europe can pre-order it now for March, released first over here!

Thanks to Jeffrey Evans for alerting us that WWE has put up preview videos of the new “You Think You Know Me: Story of Edge” DVD and Blu-ray, which hits stores in April.

Among them is Edge talking about where his wrestler name came from, and Lita choosing the incarnation of Edge’s character that she liked the most. The preview videos can be viewed at using the links below.

The cover artwork for the new Edge DVD is due to be released very soon, with the content listing following on a little later.

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  1. John says:

    Lita does not age well unfortanely

  2. Gerald Orr says:

    go to to see my reviews. Thank you

  3. nightmare says:

    Wow Lita is still beautiful I wish she would come back to wrestling she was one of the best female wrestler ever .

  4. nightmare says:

    The Edge will be a day one buy for me just hope the matches are great and not the same thing that has been on the over release there are so many and amazing matches that Adam had I do hope some of the Brood is on there as well that Entrance is still one of the best ever .Where they raised from the fire .

  5. George Schire says:

    Cant Wait. This is going to be epic!

    The Authority

  6. NickP says:

    I agree with the last comment, but I really hope the rivalry dvd is good and not a let down like a CENA VS ROCK Greatest Rivalry set lol

  7. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Lita is so gorgeous.

    The Rock DVD, Edge, WCW Clash of the Champions, maybe another Rivalries DVD. 2012 is looking good for documentaries and matches never before released on DVD/blu-ray.

  8. Jeffrey Evans says:

    No problem Dan. I think this is gonna be a good watch. The documentarys are the best.

  9. SRB says:

    Where can I find reviews f what Gerald watches? I keep hearing “it’s in his blog.” I have no idea what that means. Can someone help? I’d like to see his/someone’s thoughts on the DVD.

  10. Daniel Bee says:

    Hey Jeffrey, thanks for tweeting me. Added the other two also. Liking the Robbie Brookside reference from Regal.

    @Morris. Updated the Lita link. Works now.

  11. Jeffrey Evans says:

    There are also 2 other previews of the edge DVD. One has William Regal talking about edge and the other has Christian talking about edge. Thanks Dan

  12. @TheMorrisMethod says:

    The Lita link doesn’t work. I tried to find the right link but couldn’t. Can’t wait for the DVD.

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