Video Week Day #3 – ‘That Match!’ (WWE Randy Savage Story DVD/Blu-Ray)

October 15, 2014 by Daniel Bee

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“Video Week” rolls on here at as we exclusively bring you a short preview clip of an upcoming WWE DVD/Blu-ray release every day until Friday!

Today’s video looks at the new “Macho Man: Randy Savage Story” documentary, featuring comments from Lanny Poffo, Gene Okerlund and an emotional Ricky Steamboat.

As of right now, WWE’s Randy Savage DVD/Blu-ray will release first to fans in the UK on November 17th. Expect to see it listed on within the next week or two.


Click here to see more in the full “Randy Savage Story” DVD/Blu-ray…

WWE Macho Man - The Randy Savage Story Blu-ray Cover

Release Dates for WWE “Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story” on DVD/Blu-ray…


UK/Europe: November 17th. Pre-order soon from

USA: November 18th. Pre-order now here on

Australia: December 3rd. Pre-order now via

The Night of Champions 2014 DVD has now been added here to

It is priced at only $9.99 there, while Amazon currently has it listed for $13.44.

The Night of Champions DVD officially releases next Tuesday. Before then, check out a first look at the finished artwork below, courtesy of WrestlingSuperStore.

WWE Night of Champions 2014 DVD - Brock Lesnar & John Cena

Another packaging error has been spotted on a WWE DVD!

The new “John Cena: Greatest Rivalries” set lists the John Cena vs. Batista Last Man Standing Match from Extreme Rules as taking place in 2005, when in fact it was 2010.

The mistake appears on both DVD and Blu-ray versions. Thanks to all of the WDN readers who sent word of the error – including ToyfareMark, TribeFan1988 and gemni888 on Twitter.

Match Error on WWE John Cena Greatest Rivalries DVD just released their latest “Timeline: The History of WWE” shoot. This one covers 1981 with special guest Rick Martel, available on DVD and on demand.

Plans for upcoming releases by Kayfabe Commentaries include Teddy Long’s “YouShoot” on November 4th, the first volume of Jim Cornette’s “Back to the Territories” series on November 25th, and “Timeline: The History of ECW – 1999” with RVD on January 8th.

“Timeline: The History of WWE – 2008” with Curt Hawkins is also reportedly in the works.

Timeline: The History of WWE Logo - Kayfabe Commentaries

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  1. Richard W says:

    Did they remove Jesse Ventura’s commentary from this match and anything else that has his voice on this DVD set? I wish they would stop doing that as it disrupts the flow of the broadcast. Yeah, I know they would have to pay him royalties and such if they use his voice and likeness but it makes the broadcast feel flat at times with the dead air and long pauses in between.

    • Themind says:

      Ventura will not be on this set… If you look at the match selection, it seems as if they purposely avoided him, as only the first match from Superstars (v Steamboat) originally had Ventura on commentary.

  2. SRB says:

    Completely timeless moment to see Steamboat get wrapped up in that segment. I love when these guys get choked up. I really do. Steamboat had classic feuds with Rude, Flair, Roberts, and the list goes on. To see him remember Savage and hold such a great memory so dear, makes me proud to be a wrestling fan.

  3. SCSA says:

    To be honest, Im only anxious to watch 2 matches on this set which are… Macho Man Vs Shawn Michaels – (HBK – my all time favourite) & Randy Savage Vs Ultimate Warrior from SummerSlam 1992❗️

  4. Velvita says:

    there is just a lot of typos on that dvd

  5. Charlie Brick says:

    Man, I have never been so excited for a DVD release! Macho, my hat’s off to you!

  6. King6555 says:

    See? You don’t need Youtube!

  7. attitude.era.4life says:

    genuine expression from the Dragon.. it is one of the few matches in history I think that you never get tired of having either objective or subjective discussions about, cos it was so outstanding and ahead of its time and truly a landmark for especially high fliers to come.

    Weird to see the Genius without the beard and the pink university graduate hat.. lol I say that, cos it is only recently I learned that Poffo was in fact the Genius.. you never get to old to learn something new.. gonna be great this set.. 🙂 and another splendid montage to advertise for an upcomming release.. best site in the cybe world.. 😉

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      man oh man.. I almost make as much errors in typing, as the WWE dvd development department.. LOL cybe = cyber

  8. C-Note says:

    Seeing Steamboat get emotional over that match, wow that got to me. Cannot wait for this DVD.

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