VIDEO: “WWEDVDNews TV” Ep. 4 – Undertaker Streak, Finishing Moves

June 4, 2012 by Daniel Bee

Time for another episode of WWEDVDNews TV!

Aaron talks all the latest goings on including edits in Best of Clash of the Champions, matches in Falls Count Anywhere, and developments with all other upcoming WWE DVDs.

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  1. FRS says:

    Goldberg was on a cotc? pretty sure he debuted a month after the final one (I keed I keed I know what you meant you were talking about the nitro/nwo era) anyhow nice job Aaron. Enjoying these episodes on youtube.

  2. Scsa says:

    I guess ur rite ;( but im sure that HBK’s cant be that kidified!

  3. Scsa says:

    All sounds kewl 🙂 Though, perhaps you can tell me where I can look for these titles as well as I live in the UK & i hav always looked at the ‘coming soon’ titles at ‘SILVERVISION’, though they dont have any new titles there 🙁 What site is it where I can find the other 3atches at you talked about?

    • Scsa says:

      Also, the ‘SUPERSTAR’ DVD’s, that have been mentioned recently including Michaels / Orton, etc.. – are these just 1 disc superstar disc in like 1 set? Or are they 3 disc sets for each superstar?

      • Daniel Bee says:

        Hey there. An unknown issue is going on with Silver Vision and they’re keeping quiet about future releases. So WM28, Clash, etc are not available and don’t look to be coming in the near future. So at present there isn’t a place to get Region 2 versions. Importing is an option but the regions will generally be different.

        The Superstar Collection titles are 1 disc DVDs and will be sold individually, not in a box set or such like.

        • scsa says:

          Hey, Thanks a lot for your reply 🙂 I mean I’m unhappy about this situation although I finally found somebody who can explain all this to me as I’ve also contacted Silvervision although they never bother sending me back a reply via e-mail 🙁

          As for the Superstar 1 disk DVD’s, again I’m happy to know now that they have one coming out for Shawn Michaels! I just hope that it’s on Blu-Ray and involves some of his greatest matches of all time!
          I also want to see the time he was Commissioner on RAW, joined the Corporation & later sweet chin’d music McMahon!

          • Daniel Bee says:

            They’re only on DVD and look to have just five matches a piece. Don’t expect wonders. These are for the kiddies.

          • UKWWEFAN says:

            If your looking for Shawn Michaels work as a Commissioner on RAW, joined the Corporation & later sweet chin’d music McMahon you gotta look at buying the best of raw volume 1 and 2 set either the original or the tagged classic because i remember they showed a few involving him as the commissioner!!

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