VIDEO: “WWEDVDNews TV” Episode 3 – Silver Vision Issues, WM28, ECW

May 16, 2012 by Daniel Bee

Our latest episode of WWEDVDNews TV is out!

Aaron talks the ongoing Silver Vision situation and all of the latest news surounding the WrestleMania 28, Clash of the Champions, and ECW Unreleased DVD releases.

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Goldberg’s spear has to be the coolest finishing move I’ve seen, just the electricity that would come from the impact of that move would send crowds crazy back in the WCW days, was always epic seeing Superstars get speared out of their shoes!

  2. billy con carne says:

    great episode, good work

  3. LP1 says:

    Dolph Ziggler should indeed be a main event heel, no question. But a “monster” heel? Umm… no. A monster heel is a term usually reserved for big guys like Brock, Kane, Vader, Bundy, Sid, etc.

  4. Dave says:

    If Silver Vision is indeed ending its partnership with WWE then tagged classics will likely be the first series to be OOP. I recall WWE fighting in court regarding Silver Vision releasing them unedited back in 2004-2005, so i’m sure WWE are happy about it. Sucks for the fans though, but atleast they released the In Your House events, and ppvs from 98-2000, which is what i collected. Also completed the remaining King of the Ring and Survivor Series sets that WWE has yet to release here in North America.

    Also was looking forward to upcoming tagged classics like Wrestlefest 91-95, Battle of the Superstars, and many other Coliseum video compilations from the early to mid 90s that have yet to be released.

    I’m probably going to get Year in Review sets, US Rampage 91/92, UK Rampage 92/93 and other sets i’m missing along with possibly Live in the UK sets for the collection.

    • RabidHeat says:

      Could you perhaps show us your source for the information about WWE fighting in the courts with Silver Vision over the release of the Tagged Classics? I’ve been a collector for some years and have never heard of this. Silver Vision are WWE’s official supplier, and therefore much of the profits from Tagged Classics would go back to WWE, so I do not see why WWE would object to Silver Vision selling them in the UK if they can. If they are going to be big sellers and make WWE money, why would the WWE object? I know they’re not available in the States, but that’s all to do with the WWF logo. I would have thought WWE would be happy to have the unedited versions available in at least one part of the world. I would just be interested to know where your information about WWE battling Silver Vision in the courts comes from. I have never heard anybody state that before, on this site or otherwise. Thanks.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Silver Vision certainly won a court ruling of some sort to kick off the Tagged Classics series (legal right to re-release their old back catalog), but they were not fighting with WWE. Same side, pal.

  5. tick317 says:

    He needs to stop looking like his reading what he’s saying. LoL cut a shoot promo, dont read, keep ur viewers engaged!!!

  6. DrFever says:

    THE BEST FINISH – is a Dusty finish! I said it!

  7. RabidHeat says:

    Looks like after all those years of amazing exclusives and lack of blurring, the US buyers can now stick it to us, lol. 🙁 Oh well, WWE aren’t going to stop distributing DVDs in the UK, they’ll just find somebody else (although it’s a shame as SilverVision provided great service and price). The only problem is that I think we will now enter an age of blurring in the UK as SilverVision were the only innocent third party that were allowed to release the unedited VHSes in DVD format. Once they’re gone, our releases will just follow the US pattern I guess, and all Tagged Classics will be deleted, I would imagine. Glad I got them all while they were available, and that they at least released all the Pay-Per-View events unblurred. 🙂

  8. Hamish says:

    Good episode, thanks for the update on Silver Vision. If they loose their WWE licence, do you think they will finally ship their items internationally before they sell out?

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