More Pics from Huge $10 WWE DVD Sale, Watch Jericho DVD Online

February 21, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Here are more photos taken by people who are finding the huge $10 WWE DVD sale near them.

There is at least 30 different WWE DVD titles included in the promotion, which is currently going on at selected Walmart stores in the USA.

The streaming service “Vudu” is advertised at the front of each DVD in the sale and this reportedly has the documentary features from Chris Jericho’s Breaking The Code DVD and the recent Hardy’s “Twist of Fate” release available to watch.


Judging by the photos in this article alone here are 32 WWE DVDs included in the sale:

Twist of Fate: Matt & Jeff Hardy Story
Ric Flair: Definitive Collection
The Rock: Most Electrifying Man
Triple H: King of Kings
Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak & Triumph
John Cena: My Life
Stone Cold Steve Austin: Legacy
Rey Mysterio: Biggest Little Man
Hulk Hogan: Unreleased Collector’s Series
Kane: Twisted & Disturbed Life
Batista: I Walk Alone
Eddie Guerrero: Viva La Raza
Greatest Superstars of WrestleMania
Allied Powers: Greatest Tag Teams
WrestleMania 19
WrestleMania 20
WrestleMania 22
WrestleMania 23
WrestleMania 24
WrestleMania 25
History of the WWE Championship
Legendary Moments
Smackdown 10th Anniversary
Raw 15th Anniversary
Best PPV Matches 2009-2010
Starrcade Essential Collection
Best of Intercontinental Championship
Satan’s Prison Elimination Chamber
Hell in a Cell Anthology
Ladder Match
Biggest Knuckleheads
Greatest Stars of the 80s

If you have pics of your own to share from the Walmart sale then just show us and we’ll feature them on this page!

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  1. Daniel Bee says:

    Probably still going, not been too long.

  2. Jacob says:

    Anyone know if these sales are still available?

  3. Bryan says:

    I love how somehow WM 21 is missing wtf lol

  4. Jacob says:

    Does anyone know which states these pics came from?

  5. Dave says:

    I checked 4 Walmarts and found no displays. I did see the AWA and Roddy Piper sets in the $5 bin.

  6. wiilliam says:

    i didnt think they had this deal in the states but just picked up starcade and eddie viva la rasa

  7. Jacob says:

    i wish we had this Canada…

  8. Rob L says:

    Damn I really want WM 19 for that price…. fuckkkkkk

  9. Sherri says:

    A good Royal Rumble, The Rock being back and now a really good Elimination Chamber… Looks like the WWE is back on track…

  10. Johnny W. says:

    What kind of free WWE download are they advertising on VUDU?