CONFIRMED: Was The Cover Artwork Just Revealed for WWE WrestleMania 34 on DVD & Blu-Ray?

February 26, 2018 by Daniel Bee

WWE WrestleMania 34 Logo, New Orleans 2018

Has the planned cover artwork for the WrestleMania 34 DVD already been revealed?

Yes and no.

Over the weekend the first official sighting of artwork for the release surfaced online – but this was not a “leak” as some are suggesting; this was an intentional upload to Best Buy’s website (link).

Reason being because on the road to WrestleMania 34 Best Buy have begun promoting a version that will be exclusive to them. has learned that Best Buy will be offering a WrestleMania 34 Blu-ray featuring the exclusive cover artwork you see below.

We can confirm that this artwork is legit and as of right now will appear on the store exclusive, however this will NOT be the main DVD and Blu-ray cover for this year’s WrestleMania as that will likely not finalize until the event concludes in April.

Note that the Blu-ray as a whole is not exclusive to Best Buy and will see a wide release in the United States, only the alternate artwork is. As things stand here are the three editions on the way:

  • WrestleMania 34 [DVD]
  • WrestleMania 34 [Blu-ray]
  • WrestleMania 34 [Blu-ray, Best Buy Exclusive Artwork]

Speaking of store exclusives, we have learned that another “alternate” version of the WM34 DVD is being prepped for a UK retail outlet with details still to be confirmed.

The past couple of years have also seen WrestleMania released in limited edition Steelbook Blu-ray packaging but unfortunately those editions were dropped in 2018.

Here’s the new artwork – once again the plan is to release this as a Best Buy exclusive:

WWE WrestleMania 34 Blu-ray Cover Artwork - Best Buy Exclusive


WWE heads to New Orleans for its biggest show of the year, WrestleMania! Epic rivalries come to a head as WWE Superstars compete to add their names to the list of WrestleMania legends.

Featuring Ronda Rousey, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, Undertaker and many more!

WrestleMania 34 takes place on Sunday, 8th April 2018

In our last update we revealed the cover artwork for WWE’s new “Twist of Fate: The Best of the Hardy Boyz” DVD:

REVEALED: Cover Art for WWE’s 2018 “HARDY BOYZ: Twist of Fate” DVD – Reversible With Two Designs!

It turns out the special alternate artwork featuring the close-up Matt and Jeff Hardy ‘split’ design will also be an exclusive to Best Buy, so with the addition of WrestleMania 34 the retailer will be offering not one but two WWE DVD artwork variants in the month of May.

As mentioned, fans in the UK will be treated to both versions of the Hardy Boyz artwork by way of a reversible sleeve. This will feature the ‘split’ design, shown again below, as the front cover.

WWE 'Twist of Fate: Best of The Hardy Boyz' DVD - Store Exclusive Cover Artwork

Get your copy of WWE “Twist of Fate – Best of The Hardy Boyz” DVD…

UK/Europe: April 30th. Pre-order a copy of the Hardy Boyz DVD now on

USA: May 1st. Pre-order the new Hardy Boyz DVD very soon here on

Australia: TBA. Look for your DVD pre-order announcement soon at

Last night’s Elimination Chamber PPV will be combined with next month’s Fastlane PPV for a “Double Feature: Elimination Chamber & Fastlane 2018” DVD on April 17th (May 7th in the UK).

Right now you can grab both events for only $13.02 by clicking here to

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 PPV Poster - Men & Women's Elimation Chamber Matches

As of today fans in the UK can grab “The Best of RAW & SmackDown Live 2017” on DVD; nearly 9 hours of the greatest matches and moments on RAW and SmackDown last year, all in one place!

Grab a copy of the packed 3-disc set for £21.99 here on

WWE 'The Best of RAW & SmackDown 2017' DVD - The Shield Reunite!

More indications that we won’t see seeing the “Shane McMahon’s Craziest Matches” DVD any time soon as HMV UK has switched the release date from June 11th, 2018 to January 1st, 2021!

It is our understanding that the site typically switches release dates to a distant time in this manner when the release status of said DVD is no longer known, and that appears to be the case here.

As soon as we hear what is replacing the Shane O’Mac DVD we’ll let you know.

WWE - Shane McMahon Attacked & Angry on SmackDown!

The latest WWE DVDs to hit stores this month are the “Ultimate Superstars Collection” and the “Essential WWE Collection” which bundle together a set of must-own documentaries from the past including the likes of “The True Story of WrestleMania”, “The History of WWE”, “McMahon”, and “Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls of Chris Jericho”.

The 4-disc DVD box sets can be found to buy in the usual places and also here on

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There’s loads of goodies to look out for ending in eBay auctions this week, including all this lot:

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$14.99WWF WrestleMania 18 DVD
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$19.99WWF Royal Rumble 2000 DVD
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  1. Krrish says:

    They make basically told us that the Undertaker will be at Wrestlemania so I guess that’s a spoiler alert

  2. andemoine winrow. says:

    Love the ‘BEST BUY’ blu-ray cover of ‘WRESTLEMANIA’ and the ‘HARDY BOYS’ cover. BOTH look great. Can’t wait for the original d.v.d and blu-ray cover of ‘WRESTLEMANIA’ even though it will not be revealed until a couple of weeks after the event.

  3. RabidHeat says:

    Isn’t this a little unwise from Best Buy’s perspective? What if one or more of these talents get injured before ‘Mania?

  4. Brandon Vendetta says:

    They mine as well just have Roman Reigns on the cover already holding up the universal title because everyone already knows he’s going to win it anyway.

  5. David says:

    Wow, who would have thought Jinder Mahal would be on the cover of Wrestlemania.

  6. whut says:

    the recent WrestleMania covers seem to be the best example of “the brand is (supposed to be) bigger than every worker”. I mean, remember when the Mania cover just featured the people that were actually main eventing?

  7. Thomas says:

    No more Limited Edition Steel Book Blu-Ray for any foreseeable future of WrestleMania events to come within the next few years, so will it be in a good Digipak Set from the last 14 years

  8. LP1 says:

    Why would they include Undertaker in the early synopsis when the angle with Cena hasn’t even been done on TV yet? WWE used to be really good with paying attention to little details like this back in the day.

    • RabidHeat says:

      Lol, that is an epic spoiler.

      • Anan says:

        That is IF the still officially not confirmed match ends up happening at WM34

        • LP1 says:

          Not the point. Taker just being mentioned at all is a spoiler. In storyline he’s supposed to be retired.

          • Anan says:

            You’re saying that like you know he’s not retired. Like he’s “only retired in storyline.” You don’t know that. Neither do I. Hell maybe he himself isn’t sure. Maybe he isn’t retired for real. Then again maybe he is. All I know for sure is as of now his WM status and Cena’s WM34 match are not officially confirmed by them or by WWE.

            • LP1 says:

              Actually I DO know that because he said so himself. Watch the Network documentary on Mania 33. After the match is over he says “It’s so surreal right now. After 30 years I’m very content with riding off into the sunset.”

              • Anan says:

                And then he stated “we’ll see what tomorrow brings” hinting a possible return at some point. The other thing is in recent years, after someone retired, they headline the following year’s HOF class. Edge retired in 2011, headlined the 2012 HOF. This year, Goldberg’s the headliner. Don’t you think it makes sense that if Taker really was retired he’d be going in this year as the headliner? He deserves to headline whatever year he goes in, no doubt about that. But he’s not even announced for this year yet and since Goldberg’s headlining I don’t think he’ll be in this year’s class. MAYBE just maybe that’s bc he himself maybe unsure about his future in the ring.

                Another thing is he prides himself on his performances. Yes it was bc he had a bad seriously needed to be replaced hip going into WM33 but even he knows it wasn’t his best & may wanna go out on a better performance level. If his body can handle it then he deserves the chance to. Only he knows for sure whether he can or not.

                • LP1 says:

                  That’s not always true about people retiring and immediately going in the HOF. Daniel Bryan retired over 2 years ago and still not in. It took 6 years for Austin to go in after he retired. Christian’s been retired for a few years, not in. I’m sure there’s plenty of others that didn’t go in the HOF right away either.

                  • Anan says:

                    No doubt about those valid points.

                    I’m speculating about Bryan didn’t get in yet bc he wants to wrestle. He’s still young enough to if cleared to wrestle. I firmly understand why WWE won’t – for health reasons. Austin’s induction in 09 made sense as that year, the HOF was in Texas. Perfect opportunity to induct a retired wrestler in their own hometown. See no other reason why they waited so long to induct him. Just my 2 cents.

        • Brandon Vendetta says:

          Yeah but that match is most likely going to happen. I’ve been hearing rumors about Taker vs Cena since last WrestleMania so since the rumors about Lesnar vs Reigns wound up being true I’m pretty sure that the match with Taker vs Cena will happen.

          • Anan says:

            Never said it wouldn’t. Just said it wasn’t confirmed. According to Cena though this could be all storyline/buildup stuff that he asked for a match w/Taker. Didn’t get it. Not happening. Impossible. He also told Miz last year that if he had the power every1 thinks he has Taker vs Cena instead of Taker vs Reigns would’ve happened at WM33.

            Now Rey’s reportedly finalizing a deal with WWE that’ll see him wrestle at WM34. His rumored opponent, John Cena. Again as of now, this is just a rumor/report.

    • Anan says:

      For marketing purposes, to sell the event & get as many viewers as possible bc knowledge is power & they know Cena’s a top company draw as is Taker. No one knows Taker’s WM status except maybe WWE. Same probably for Cena. Anyone outside WWE doesn’t know if Taker vs Cena will happen. Heavily rumored and may end up happening yes but who’s to say a swerve won’t happen and Cena ends up facing someone else instead? In terms of star power and all that, Taker and Cena are the biggest opponents left for each other and WM34 is probably the last chance they have to have the marquee match. In terms of quality though if Taker is wrestling again, rather see Taker vs AJ Styles instead.

      • RabidHeat says:

        I seriously don’t think ‘Taker could hang with Styles at this stage of his career. Working with Styles would really show ‘Taker’s age and highlight his weaknesses. Cena and ‘Taker would mesh better, I think. They could work an old-school match with less high-spots that would help ‘Taker look more credible. I just wouldn’t be able to believe that ‘Taker could beat Styles. I also think the characters and wrestling arsenal of Styles and Taker are just too different and it would come off awkward; I felt that way when ‘Taker wrestled Rey at Royal Rumble 2010 – it was weird; especially since they were both faces.

        • Anan says:

          So u rather see Hogan vs Flair? Yep. Hogan wants that match or so he recently said. If anyone needs to stop, he’s it. He wasn’t a great in ring wrestler. IMHO neither was Flair who I’ve remembered for his longevity. But unlike Taker who’s changed and evolved over the yrs Flair’s been the same robe wearin chop & Figure 4, “Wooo!!!” yellin guy for most of or his entire career. He wrestled wayyyyyyyyy beyond his prime and I’m hoping his health regaining doesn’t lead him back into an eventual in ring return. If Flair can wrestle well into whatever age he was in his last match, then Taker will be more than just fine. If age, injury, nothing more to do were an issue he wouldn’t have returned in 1999 bc by that year he did everything there was to do and injuries were catching up or caught up with him in 1999 as seen in his performances.

          As for Taker can’t hang with Styles, u keep thinking what u want but don’t be shocked if/when Taker proves you dead wrong bc he’s been proving people dead wrong pretty much his entire career. People said the gimmick wouldn’t last, he’s not a great worker, won’t last long, said “this WM will be his last” since idk how long, can’t hang with (insert name here) and since 1990, he’s proven all those flawed rumors to be untrue. Taker used to be 328lbs. He was smart enough to realize that he was getting older so to hang w/those younger than him he’d have to add new moves to his arsenal/change his style up a bit, lose some weight, etc and w/o hesitation he’s done it & it probably added some years to his already impressive run of dominance & destruction.

          Taker vs Rey weird bc both were faces? This I disagree with. First, except for a select few, there aren’t true faces and heels anymore. To the point where those in the business right now will even acknowledge that. Secondly, Taker vs Angle, SD 2003, NWO & SD 2006, praised. Taker vs HBK, WM25 has been praised as the greatest WM match since Steamboat vs Savage w/some saying it surpassed that IC title match. Their match from WM26 was praised also. The Taker vs Batista series from 2007 was praised too. As was the last 2 Taker vs HHH matches from WM. All these aforementioned matches were face vs face matches just as Taker vs Rey was.

          People claiming Taker should retire bc (insert reasons here) or should have retired at (insert specific point here) forget that they’re not his parents or guardians and that he has more than earned the right to do what he wants and knows the results of his decisions and actions. Aside from maybe the part time Cena, Taker’s the only true wrestler left while just about everyone else on the main roster 80-90% of the time relies on career ending high spots to substitute for the obvious fact that they lack proper in ring wrestling and psychology or for a pop from the crowd. Personally I’ll never believe he’s retired till he officially states it himself. And if he’s gonna do that, I believe his HOF speech, a WWE24 episode focused on him, a documentary set on him would be the perfect opportunities for a rare out of character way to announce that.

          I wanna touch a bit on WM33. Maybe leaving his gear in the ring wasn’t retirement, but was saying that gear is not gonna be used anymore. Don’t forget he’s had many entrance & in ring gear throughout his career.

          Rumor has it that Rey’s finalizing a deal with WWE that’ll lead to a WM34 match w/Cena. Whether that happens or not, hoping we will see Rey vs AJ Styles too.

          • LP1 says:

            Anan, Taker just had serious knee surgery after Mania 33 last year. He’s 53 years old. His classic Mania matches with Shawn Michaels were almost a decade ago. His last great Mania match was with Punk 5 years ago. He’s not going to all of a sudden be a miracle worker at this stage of his career. There’s a reason they did that retirement angle at the end of last year’s Mania and that’s because in his mind he was done. If you watch the documentary on the Network about Mania 33, he even says so himself. Coming back for a match with Cena will not be the 5-star classic that he’s had in the past. Can Taker still go out there and put on a respectable performance? Sure. But if you’re expecting The Undertaker from a decade ago to still show up, you’re going to be very disappointed.

            And you mentioned Ric Flair. Moving passed the ridiculous statement you made that he wasn’t a great wrestler, he retired as a full time wrestler at age 59. But Ric Flair is a once in a lifetime performer. He also wasn’t 6’9” and 300 lbs. That extra size doesn’t help as you get older in the wrestling business.

            • Anan says:

              When did it say I expected Taker from 10 years ago to show up? He’s a company loyalist! Do u really think a company man won’t come back if he can if called upon? If Vince calls him and Taker feels/believes he can put in a respectable performance he’ll be back. That’s what loyalists do. If you needed proof, WM33 is it. 52 years old, bad hip that’s in very seriously dire need of replacement, he worked and gave his very best. Was it his greatest performance? No. But I respect the man for his effort when he could’ve said “not working, getting hip replaced instead.” Bottom line is he’s not done till he officially says “I’m done, retired” or confirms it nonverbally. And if he is done so be it. He deserves to do what he wants as he’s more than earned the right to do whatever he desires.

              Fact is wrestlers aren’t known for staying retired. Flair retired in 2008, went to TNA & wrestled. HBK is 1 of few who didn’t return after definitively retiring in 2010, same w/Edge though he can’t but said he was ready to stop by then anyway. Stone Cold, same deal as Edge pretty much. Sting stated he’s retired during his HOF speech but later said he can still go and put off surgery in case the Taker match ended up happening & bc guys like Austin said if he didn’t feel anything wrong, don’t get surgery as the surgery would definitely mean he’s done. At this point, Taker/Sting only happening in video games.

              Look I’m not trying to argue. We obviously have different thoughts on this and that is perfectly fine w/me. I respect your opinion even though I don’t agree with it. Things can be respected w/o having to be agreed upon.

              • LP1 says:

                “When did it say I expected Taker from 10 years ago to show up?” Right here… “As for Taker can’t hang with Styles, u keep thinking what u want but don’t be shocked if/when Taker proves you dead wrong bc he’s been proving people dead wrong pretty much his entire career.”

                To be able to hang with today’s AJ Styles and work AJ’s kind of match, it would definitely have to be the Taker from a decade ago. Taker just going out there and having an OK match, like he has the last few years, is not gonna fly when he’s in there with someone the caliber of Styles. AJ would have to tonedown his style of match in order to work Taker’s style of match. Yes Taker proved people wrong when they said he couldn’t hang with HBK, but again, that was almost 10 years ago and several surgeries ago.

                That was my whole point. You’re the one that went on a tangent about him being allowed to retire whenever he wants, which I agree with it.

      • whut says:

        imo to a degree that Taker vs. Styles match (legendary deadman against young guy that can go) has been done already, in 2013 with his match with CM Punk.

        (of course that’s also hindsight speaking. but in retrospect this should have really been his swan song, since all of Taker’s Mania matches since then have been somewhat disappointing)

        • Anan says:

          Well in that logic, Taker vs Styles has been done many times throughout Taker’s career then bc he’s faced many up & comers. Taker vs Punk was imo the match of the night at wm29 but Punk is no AJ Styles. Nowhere near him imho. Especially not now. That’s not a knock on Punk. I’m basically saying he’s not the high flyer Styles has been known for being throughout his career. Taker’s hung with opponents younger than him countless times. Were they high flyers like Styles? No they were not. Punk, Kennedy, Orton, Cena (2003 and 2004), Angle, Bray Wyatt. Need I go on or has my point been clearly illustrated enough?

          Despite this formula being done so many times which they were btw bc they were successful enough to be done again, Taker vs AJ will be just as good to great, potentially even better than some if not all of the matches Taker’s had w/the above opponents.