Watch Intro to ‘Best of WWE at MSG’, Goldberg Not Involved With His DVD

August 2, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Madison Square Garden DVD

Watch the intro to “The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden” DVD and Blu-ray below, just revealed earlier today by

The MSG set hits stores first on August 27th, and you can pre-order it now by clicking here. It then follows on to UK/Europe just two weeks later on September 9th.

Goldberg WCW World Champion

As was long speculated here on the site, Goldberg is not involved with his upcoming WWE DVD and Blu-ray release entitled The Ultimate Collection.

Speaking with the “4th & Pain” radio show, Bill Goldberg himself stated, “It’s not a collaborative effort. It’s something they are putting out without me”. He went on to say that he still feels it’s a good thing to have a compilation of his best matches out there regardless.

Goldberg then brought up a few matches from WCW that he is most fond of and would like to see included. In fact those couple of matches he mentioned, such as with Diamond Dallas Page at Halloween Havoc in 1998 for the title, did make the cut.

WWE will release “Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection” on October 8th [pre-order].

The “Phenom Edition” of WWE 2K14 is now up for pre-order here on

One of the bonuses in the limited edition package is Disc 1 of “The Streak” DVD or Blu-ray, depending on whether you purchase the Playstation 3 or XBOX 360 version of the game.

Phenom Edition WWE2K14 Video Game

Below are two new video previews of ECW Unreleased Vol. 2, courtesy of The ECW Vol. 2 DVD and Blu-ray hit stores in North America and Australia this week. Fans in the UK and Europe can look out for it from August 12th.

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    Best of MSG I personally believe is going to be a lot better than people are making it out to be.
    Goldberg’s I am defintely looking forward to, just for the DDP match… yes!
    The Phenom Edition is defintely the one I will be getting, just because I can not believe The Rock got the cover… have no problem with the dude, but was shocked people wanted him on the cover… especially when he just got a special People Edition cover what 2 years ago?

  2. Peach says:

    MSG and Goldberg both look good

  3. Alan Shore says:

    It’s going to be hilarious if the Goldberg DVD outsells the Triple H set.

  4. Corey Rice says:

    Regardless how they can leave benoits wm 20 match is just wrong

  5. LP1 says:

    @King_2099, the guy says he can’t afford the game right now so you laugh at him and call him a sucker? Very classy. smh

  6. Ryan says:

    So it could be “The Self-Destruction of Bill Goldberg” after all. I wonder if Triple H is too busy to host it.

  7. Marcio says:

    Pre orderd my phenom editiom this morning

  8. Timothy Thorpe says:

    The Undertaker edition of WWE video game looks sweet! Wish I could afford that, but I can’t right now.

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