Watch Intro Video to WWE ‘True Giants’, More on ‘Best PPV Matches 2014’ DVD

November 27, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Presents True Giants DVD & Blu-Ray

WWE will release “True Giants” to fans in the UK this coming Monday. That will be followed up with a release to fans in the United States the following week.

Courtesy of, here’s a first look at the Blu-ray edition!

WWE True Giants Blu-ray - Photos

The 3 disc DVD/2 disc Blu-ray set will include a main feature of 15 mini-documentaries, in addition to matches from WWE, WCW, Mid-South, World Class and more in between.

Watch the intro video to “True Giants” below. Get your pre-order in with in time for the official DVD and Blu-ray release date of December 9th.

WWE True Giants Blu-ray - Photos

The full match list planned for the WWE “Best PPV Matches 2014” DVD came out yesterday. You may notice from the content listing that, interestingly, there are no host segments planned for the feature in between matches, nor video packages of any kind.

As a result, it packs in 21 matches over nearly 9 hours. Here’s the disc-by-disc runtimes:

Disc 1: 03:02:43
Disc 2: 02:59:57
Disc 3: 02:45:30

Fans in the UK & Europe can pre-order the DVD for January at

WWE Best PPV Matches 2014 DVD Cover Artwork

This week, Kayfabe Commentaries put out the first installment of Jim Cornette’s “Back to the Territories” DVD series. It covers Mid-South Wrestling with special guest “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and is available right now through

You can watch the first 5 minutes of the feature for FREE in this video clip:

Kayfabe Commentaries - Back to the Territories Jim Cornette DVD

Also this week, WWE released the Hell in a Cell 2014 pay-per-view on DVD. That’s in stock right now here on for the low price of only $10.19.

The individual runtimes of the 4 DVD extras and a few screenshots follow below.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 DVD - Menu

Mizdow TV with The Miz
(Hell in A Cell Kickoff) [7 minutes and 53 seconds]

Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas
(Hell in A Cell Kickoff) [5 minutes]

Goldust & Stardust Cannot Be Divided
(Home Video Exclusive) [1 minute and 6 seconds]

The Miz & Damien Sandow’s Vocal Training
(Home Video Exclusive) [1 minute and 22 seconds]

WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 DVD Extra -

WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 DVD Extra - The Miz & Mizdow

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. King7777 says:

    Youtube again?! Come on! Why haven’t you learned your lesson?

  2. attitude.era.4life says:

    I find it most strange that the Undertaker’s loosing the Streak isn’t on.. the defence of the Streak has always been one of the main concept matches to be included on this set.. while not very good, compared to the previous at least 7 Manias, not including it on a set like this, is another reason while I would not buy this, apart from it not being able to get on bluray.

    Well.. maybe, wwe has put the end of the Streak as an Eastern Egg.. lol

  3. SRB says:

    Nice total running time on the 2014 PPV set.

  4. attitude.era.4life says:

    excited for the HUGE profile release on Giants, but am still disappointet bout the abscence of The World’s largest Lovemachine..

    don’t know that charachter Haystack, so good to learn something new..

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