WCW Clash DVD Screens, New WM28 Exclusive, Rock Great Ones Overseas

April 26, 2012 by Daniel Bee

WWEDVDNews readers Matt and Salim sent word that the Rock “Great Ones” DVD, recently offered at Toys R Us stores in the United States, will be making it overseas.

It will be the bonus disc of a store exclusive WrestleMania 28 DVD, available at JB Hi-Fi outlets across Australia.

If you didn’t catch what’s on “The Rock: Great Ones“, it’s an hour of footage that for the most part was never released on DVD.

The Day of Survivor Series 1996
Kevin Kelly Interviews Rocky Maivia
November 17, 1996

Non-Title Match
The Rock vs. Triple H
Raw – May 25, 1998

The Rock vs. Kane
Raw – September 14, 1998

The Rock wins the Royal Rumble
Royal Rumble – January 23, 2000

The Highlight Reel
Raw – June 2, 2003

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Here are some exclusive screenshots of the menus in next month’s Best of WCW Clash of the Champions DVD [Buy yours on DVD or BD here].


Silver Vision UK have not yet given an update on the recent removal of WrestleMania 28, Clash of the Champions, and ECW Unreleased DVDs from their website. However, in response to customers on Facebook they have clarified it has nothing to do with any financial troubles in the company, nor is it related to their recent ‘region free’ Blu-ray offerings.

In the mean time check out their great new sales including Anthology volumes for £18.99 (and a Tagged Classics promotion on the way) over at Silvervision.co.uk!

Blurring news. Yes, blurring news. In the latest Are You Serious? episode on WWE’s YouTube account, the WWF block logo has been censored!

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  1. Supersonic says:

    Just order the stuff on amazon.co.uk

  2. Daniel says:

    I am fear for the dvd Wrestlemania 28 and the next ppv in dvds , because : there are 14 days that WM 28 is not in preorder list and Silver Vision is not the champ of communications .

  3. SRB says:

    What is a Blu-Ray? Is that the same as a cassette tape?

  4. Jon says:

    Saw the region free blu ray an was wondering what does that mean? I live in Ohio and have an LG 3d blu ray that I bought from Best buy, is mine region free? Can I buy any thing from silver vision like te tag classics? Just confused on region free. Thx

    • Dave says:

      Most blu-ray players are not region free out of the box. A hardware mod would need to be installed, some store brands like insignia and seiki have a sequence of numbers to press to unlock region free for blu-rays, but those players are absolute crap. Some could be region free for DVDs but not blu-rays.

      Just google your player and it’s possible there is a code to unlock region free playback for DVDs only. The blu-ray association doesn’t allow manufactures to have the ability to unlock region free for blu-rays, which could get their license to manufacture players revoked, so most you would find are installed by a 3rd party.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      @Jon The ‘region free’ reference in the article was about Silver Vision’s Blu-rays of WWE PPVs lately which from were playable worldwide. It started with SummerSlam 2011. Each were region free up until TLC 2011 which readers have reported will not play overseas.

  5. TBG says:

    “recent ‘region free’ Blu-ray offerings”

    Which ones? Does this mean that these Blu-rays will play in NTSC machines? If so, will they come with a PAL look?

    • Mark D says:

      Blu-Ray discs aren’t PAL or NTSC, the player applies the appropriate video format for your TV. The ‘recent ‘region free’ Blu-ray offerings” were just that ‘region free’.

      • TBG says:

        So how would they look on an NTSC TV? Would it look exactly as it did when it was broadcast live on PPV, or would there be a PAL look?

  6. Dave says:

    Looks like the Pandas complained again about the old block logo from their 1994 agreement.

    But on Classics on Demand, the block logo is not blurred at all. Survivor Series 88 is currently playing and they have the gold WWF logo on the bottom left corner.

  7. Nate says:

    They should release that Rcok DVD as a bonus for WM in the US.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Looks really good the wcw new dvd!

  9. Brandon says:

    Awesome screen shots – can’t wait to get this DVD. I’m not a fan of the block logo being blurred, this is not a good sign of things to come.

  10. scsa says:

    yeah but rite now there’s nothing under ‘coming soon’!!! where are all the titles? where are the titles wwe shud b making like new greatest rivlaries… something mentioned by ‘Good Old JR’! HBK has retired, y not announce a new DVD/BLU/RAY set on him as well as Triple H n the Deadman ‘The Undertaker’ ?

  11. RabidHeat says:

    I think the only thing SilverVision are “struggling” with at the moment is managing all the orders during the sales. They sent me ‘Rey Mysterio – The Life of a Masked Man’ instead of Royal Rumble 2011, but they still let me keep the Rey set and sent out the Rumble DVD and said it was due to “temp workers” that they’ve hired to cope with the sales. Brilliant for me though. 🙂 Now I have all three Rey DVDs and I didn’t have to pay for his latest one, lol.

  12. Bollea's Bud says:

    They were blurring the block logo and the words ‘world wrestling federation’ a few weeks back for the promotional videos for Smackdown’s “Blast from the past”… Peculiar.

  13. Legend_Killer says:

    I guess there are two possible reasons to explain the massive sale Silver Vision is organising at this moment: either they want to have some cash flowing in as long as they cannot take preorders or they are indeed struggling financially (despite them denying it).

    • Daniel Bee says:

      If pre-orders of your top selling DVD of the year are eliminated (temporary or not), and while the event is still new and fresh in people’s minds, then yeah that’s a financial blow. Sounds plausible they’d want to tackle that lost revenue with attractive sales.

  14. SRB says:

    Very cool menu shots. Thanks for those.

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