WCW Nitro DVD Host Confirmed, New Trailer, JR Talks 2 WWE DVDs

January 27, 2011 by Daniel Bee

DDP just confirmed that he will indeed be hosting WWE’s new DVD set Best of WCW Nitro, set for release on May 24th.

These are the messages about the DVD that he left on his Twitter account:

“IT’s Official! I will Host “The BEST OF NITRO”! This a Great thing for the WCW/NWO/WWE fans! Plus a Great way for DDP to return to the WWE!

I’m already getting hit with Questions! Ha! This “Best of Nitro” is a DVD box collection that will include the years 95/96, 97/98 & 99/2001″

Speaking of Twitter, Jim Ross has said on there he’s taking part in interview segments this week for WWE’s new DVD set on Ted DiBiase (“Million Dollar Man”). As we revealed on the site recently that one is planned for release in June.

In addition to that he “tweeted” he will be doing the same for a DVD documentary on Gorgeous George, which there is talk of releasing prior to a WWE produced movie on life of Gorgeous George. We’ll let you know as soon as we get more details on those.

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  1. Jeffrey Evans says:

    Will this set be just a 3 disc set or a real box collection with discs for each year?????

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see DDP hosting the dvd,it will be great!

  3. BRUCE1990 says:

    happy to hear DDP will host this great dvd cant wait!

  4. John31 says:

    Glad DDP is hosting it, Sounds like an Awesome DVD!

  5. Rob L says:

    Really looking forward to the best of Nitro DVD. DDP should do a decent job hosting the DVD. Would have liked to see Flair though.

  6. Calcifer says:

    All three dvds will be mine!!!

    I wonder how many discs the Nitro one will be. I can’t wait to see the match listing for DiBiase. With George, I’m mostly looking forward to the documentary, but bonus features would be cool. Maybe they can get some talk show footage and such.

  7. bryan says:

    March 24th or May 24th? March 24th is a Thursday, May 24th is a Tuesday typically the day for new DVD releases

  8. Steven says:

    Hope the Best of Nitro set has classic NWO moments like the time Kevin Nash and Syxx dressed up like the 4 Horsemen.

  9. Bowers says:

    This sounds like a very cool set pretty excited for the Best of nitro. I need to start collecting the Best of Raw while I’m at it

  10. Bill says:

    and that’s not a bad thing

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