WDN Is Back! Wrestling DVD News Becomes Wrestling DVD Network

July 8, 2015 by Daniel Bee

WrestlingDVDNews - Temporary Maintenance Page

Bet you’re sick of seeing the “temporary maintenance” screen, aren’t ya?

We are too, but we’re happy to say WDN is back online, and to officially announce that in WDN‘s 5th year we begin a new chapter as Wrestling DVD News becomes Wrestling DVD Network!

Be sure to join us at WrestlingDVDNetwork.com. The old link will redirect in the meantime.

WrestlingDVDNetwork - New Logo

What can you expect? The same high standard of wrestling DVD/Blu-ray news coverage you’ve come to expect from the existing WDN crew, as we also welcome aboard Tony Grollo, Jon Potter, Steve Coulson and Brock Allen to cover the biggest goings-on with the WWE Network.

From the off you’ll find two new site pages – WWE Network Schedule gives you a rundown of everything upcoming and automatically deciphers new-to-air content. WWE Network Updates tells you the latest new content available to watch now on the Network, as it’s added.

Take a look around. You’ll get the best experience with the re-branded WDN site on desktop and tablets right now, but bear with us as we aim to improve mobile in the coming days.

WrestlingDVDNetwork - WWE Network Schedule

We hope that sounds good – thanks as always for your continued support. 🙂

Sorry for the downtime. To make it up to you, we are GIVING AWAY this WrestleMania 31 DVD and Payback 2015 DVD to a WDN reader who leaves a comment of any kind below this article! Leave your comment today (Wednesday, July 8th) or tomorrow (Thursday, July 9th) to enter.

The giveaway is open worldwide and the winner will be chosen at random from all comments left. Use a real email address (not shown publicly) so we can contact you if you are the chosen one.

Win Prizes - WrestleMania 31 DVD

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  1. attitude.era.4life says:

    “…Slow down, boy! You are posting too fast…” – WHAT!?! -lol-

  2. Regal Is Underrated says:

    Does anybody else have a problem with the search bar? It doesnt seem to work

    • attitude.era.4life says:

      that’s a affirmative from here.. nothing happens wheh I for example type Royal Rumble, other than the site scrolls a bit down.

  3. Kevin says:

    great site by any name

  4. Justin says:

    Welcome back. Happy Birthday.

  5. Jason Hunter says:

    Your website is the best

  6. Kyle Nester says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! I just recently got married and have collected every Mania on DVD except 31 so this would make a nice wedding gift!

  7. Curtis Pollanen says:

    Welcome back!! Love the new look….slick….gorgeous….AWESOME!!!

  8. Alex says:

    Great to have you back. I enjoy the reviews, match listings, latest dvd news and exploring the exciting content on your website. I am glad to be a supporter and this website is awesome!

  9. Azza says:

    The site looks great!

  10. Aaron says:

    Keep up the great work guys.

  11. J says:

    pick me pick me!!

  12. Ben B. says:

    Welcome back, guys! Thank for all the work you do in giving us match listings and the latest WWE DVD news. Thank you guys!

  13. Morgan says:

    Great to see everyone back! Can’t wait to explore the new site!

  14. xanatos gambit says:

    Great to see you back, the wait was unbearable!

  15. Richard W says:

    Welcome back online and thanks for the great efforts you put in each and every day, in helping us to remember when new DVDs are coming into the pipeline and forefront.

  16. I really love this website. It’s wonderful

  17. Y2J FOFO 03 says:

    I like a lot this website, the reviews of all ppv are awesome, i hope they still do it.

  18. attitude.era.4life says:

    just found some reviews from 2010/2011 of DVD’s that I haven’t read yet, since I never got to discover them untill now..

    great re-packing of your site..was actually already easy to get a good overview before, but now, even “new” old goodies appear.. 🙂

  19. chris says:

    I love this site! Please keep up the Great work!

  20. Justin Sheppard says:

    Love the new name and design

  21. Daniel .M. says:

    “If you are the chosen one”. Just like Drew McIntyre once was, can I have the temporary distinction of being the”Chosen One”?

  22. Tom O'Hare says:


  23. neal shetty says:

    the website looks better than ever, great job guys, hope i win a mania 31

  24. Adam Wadforth says:

    Like the new look site. Keep up the good work you guys do

  25. Joseph Klunk says:

    Always check on here first for my WWE DVD info. Can’t do without this site. 😉

  26. John Marston says:

    Glad to hear you’re back!

  27. Roly says:

    Loving new site 🙂

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    Awesome. I check the site on a near daily basis.

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    the new layout is very cool.

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    Great to see you back as well!! 🙂 love the site, keep up the awesome work!

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    Good to see you back. Was getting a little concerned there.

  34. Malcolm says:

    I like the new look…

  35. Mario says:

    Good Luck with the new website and name.

  36. Edward says:

    Glad wdn is back!

  37. Randy says:

    Id love to win either of those dvds. Dont have either one yet. Great look on the new website guys.

  38. Dean Kelly says:

    WDN 4 life and if you ain’t down with that I’ve got two words for ya…………………………I’m sorry

  39. A Garcia says:

    This site has gone through more gimmick changes than X-Pac, but it’s still one of the best wrestling sites all around.

  40. Austin says:

    Whoo hoo! Love the new site!

  41. Mick says:

    The new site looks great!

  42. Eric says:

    The rebranding is very smart. It encompasses everything that you do

  43. Robin Persaud says:

    Excellent news, I look forward to the new site! 🙂

  44. Rocky245 says:

    Great news. The new site sounds great

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    Welcome back!

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    Lookin’ good

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    Welcome back guys

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    Looking forward to the WWE Network schedule previews. Congrats on the new site!

  50. Bob says:

    Love the site!

  51. Nikka says:

    Glad to see you guys are back

  52. Alex says:

    New site looks great, congrats!

  53. Jimmy coupland says:

    Glad to see you back the rebranded WDN looks aweso.e

  54. Manish says:

    Glad you are back, your doing an awesome job in dvd reviews and keeping me updated about all releases. Keep up the good work.

  55. Darren says:

    Finally… Wrestling DVD news HAS BECOME….. The Wrestling DVD network

  56. Marc Castellani says:

    Glad you’re back! Looking forward to seeing what awesome stuff you develop.

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    Welcome back.

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    Welcome back, keep up the good work, going from strength to strength

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    I love this Website! It’s my Go-To site for all wrestling DVD news. As an avid collector I thank you for this site, Here’s to many more years!

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    Go Broncos

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    Amazing, the best site for DVD news.
    Keep up the great work

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  66. Johnny W. says:

    Welcome back!! I was wondering what was going on… Congrats on the redesign!!

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    Great to see improved site. Keep up the good work !

  68. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Welcome back after a long while away.

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    Personally prefer the original site, just with the added material.

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    Can’t wait to see how happy I’ll be with the new look/layout.

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    Love the added WWE Network sections.

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    The new design is great. Awesome website! Have been a visitor for years and is a great community for wrestling fans and collectors. Keep it up guys and welcome back.

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    Being a visitor since 2010! Great looking new design! #WDVDN

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    Welcome back. Hope I win!

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    Love the Network Updates!!!

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    Happy birthday

  78. great job on the upgrade and how fast it was done I checkthis site many times a day for my accurate dvd/Blu-ray release new you guys are AWESOME thanks again !

  79. stestaman says:

    Great news, the new WDN generation begins.
    Congrats WDN Staff.

  80. Mike Hester says:

    Didn’t realize how much I count on you guys for news until the site was down! Congrats on the upgrade!

  81. Excellent new site! I’m glad you’re back. 😉

  82. Chris Guevara says:

    Glad to be apart of the WDN fanbase. Been a huge fan of the site for years and will be following it for many to come.

  83. kevin mullins says:

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    I’m very excited to be part of the next generation of WDN.

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    I like the re-design and new name. This is the only wrestling site I look at these days so glad it’s up and running again.

  87. Steve says:

    New site looks great.

  88. attitude.era.4life says:

    the maintenance picture…I thought the Landscape Channel from late 80’s/early 90’s had a revival on the Net.. -lol-

    Anyway..nice to see my favorite site back on track, now with “new blood rising” writing heads on board.. 😉

    Only thing I wished that was -not- changed is the colour in the comment sections..I liked the calm -bwo- blueish instead of this red-orange “burning in my eyes”.

    But other than that, nice to see you again, WDN. 🙂

    • Jon Potter says:

      The red is only shown if you go through the “Network” half of the site. If you go through the blue “DVD/Blu-Ray” section, it keeps the original colour. It’s just to differentiate the two “sides”.

  89. Justin says:

    Love the new look. Keep up the great work!

  90. LP1 says:

    Excellent new layout. Also glad you upped the coverage of the WWE Network. Although I can already see the Network-haters, and they know who they are, having something negative to say about it. Here’s to another 5 years and beyond.

    • Jon Potter says:

      I feel safe in saying that it’s fine that some won’t like the changes. As long as they’re showing their face to tell us that, then they’re still having a positive effect on the site. Also, constructive criticism is always welcomed!

      With that said, thus ends my first comment as a member of the WDN team! Happy to be here!

  91. Mark Markson says:

    Welcome back.

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    Congrats on 5 years guys.

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    Glad to see the site back up. Wrestlingdvdnetwork is the only place i go to check out the new releases and to get the full story on dvds. They give the infomation and let us fans decide what dvd is good or bad instead of believeing the companys that give us tidbits and say its there greatest release ever. Thanks wrestlingdvdnetwork

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