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February 5, 2016 by Daniel Bee

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Let’s begin right now with “Owen – Hart of Gold”.

We have FOUR copies to give away this weekend! All you have to do for a chance to win one is leave a comment below this article telling us your favorite Owen memory, match, or quote.

Share a comment with anything you liked about Owen and you could win his DVD for FREE!

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  1. Daniel Quintana says:

    My favorite Owen Hart match was Wrestlemania 10 against Bret

  2. “Owen 3:16 Says I Just Broke Your Neck!”

    Favourite match would have to be versus Bret @ Wrestlemania 10

  3. Curtis P says:

    My favourite memory is a toss up between the ’94 King of the Ring (which fell on my bday) & when I got to see him wrestle live. The first time I did he made a great entrance and when he climbed the ropes he did so right in front of my friends and I and he did a pose. I was able to snap a couple of photos and to this day I still treasure those shots.

  4. chris says:

    I will never forget when Owen beat Bret at WrestleMania 10, or when Owen won the 1994 King of the Ring. Owen was def one of the all time greats and deserves to be in the hall of fame!

  5. Jörg Austria says:

    My favorite Owen-Moment was when he made Interview-Sessions inside the Steelcage with The Anvil short before his Match at SummerSlam 94 against Bret

  6. Jessica says:

    Owen had so many great matches I cannot say one I like best though. But if you’d force me to say one I would go with the Cage Match of Bret against Owen at Summerslam 1994.

  7. Joe Kool says:

    my favorite moment is when he accidentally broke stonecold’s neck and let Steve pin Owen

  8. Mark Marriott says:

    My favourite Owen Hart memory is from Royal Rumble 1994, when Owen turned heel on Bret and it led to their classic WrestleMania X match and subsequent feud.

  9. Travis McNeill says:

    My favourite Owen Hart memory is when he kicked Bret’s leg out from under his… leg.

  10. Champz says:

    I have 2 favourite owen hart moments. 1st when he won the 1994 KOTF and proclaim himself as the best hart in the family- The King of harts. My 2nd favourite Owen Hart moment is he broke Austin’s neck even he lost the IC belt as summerslam. And he wore that T-shirt states I just broke your neck.

  11. Tom burhart says:

    Owen Hart at the slammys awards in 1996. Accepting the slammy for taking Shawn michaels out.

  12. Randy Edn says:

    I loved watching Owen Hart go against his brother. It was a great feaud and they pulled it off so well. To me Owen and Bret were the WWF. The Hart family was it. And when he won King of the Ring. He had so much Swag. YOu could tell.

  13. Dustin says:

    Owen Vs Austin

  14. Ron says:

    My favourite Owen match is when he beat his brother Bret at WrestleMania X, my favourite Owen memory is when he “won” his second slammy award the night before WrestleMania 13 and my favourite qoute is more of a speech he said on Monday Night RAW in late ’97 or early ’98 to Vince McMahon, “Now Bret, Neidhart and Bulldog did what they have to do and now its time for me to do what I have to do and thats remain right here in the World Wrestling Federation.”

  15. Michael says:

    My favourite Owen moment was when he fought the British Bulldog on Raw for the European championship (it took place in Germany). It was such a great match and remains one of my favourites to this day. I say “I’m not a nugget!” all the time still haha.

  16. Anonymous says:

    My favorite Owen moment was his return in late 97 when he attacked Shawn Michaels. It didn’t go anywhere cool or lead to a big match between the two, but it was an incredible return.

  17. Derek says:

    Favorite Owen memory was the 10 man tag match at Canadian Stampede when Owen pinned Austin. It was a great night for the Hart family and the start to his feud with Austin. Great stuff.

  18. When Owen Hart won the 1994 king of the ring tournament by defeating Tatanka and 1-2-3 kid and Razor Ramon

  19. Arlen says:

    Owen vs. Bret at WM10

  20. Benny says:

    Owen vs Bret @ WM 10. Told a great story and the best match to open a Wrestlemania in my opinion.

  21. bywater says:

    I have always thought he was better as a tag team wrestler then singles him and yokozuna as a team was good for each other

    The i am not a nugget thing was funny to me and him with the nation was good

  22. Blake says:

    Owen definitely arrived at WM 10 with his performance with Bret. I’ll always remember him for the insane Slammy stealing moments. Can still picture him coming down the aisle holding both slammys with that huge grin.

  23. stestaman says:

    My Favorite Owen Hart memory is the feud with STone Cold and the series of match with Bret

  24. Stephen shkuratoff says:

    Y favorite owen hart match was against bret hart at summerslam in the greatest cage match of all time

  25. Brett says:

    Either winning ’94 king of the ring or wearing the “Owen 3:16” shirt during feud with Austin.

  26. Lou says:

    Owen Hart vs 123 Kid KOTR 94 Tourney is probably the best 5 min match you will ever see!

  27. Peter says:

    Favourite Owen memory was his Dungeon match against Shamrock. Classic Owen smacking Ken with a dumbell to win the match and Jerry Lawler on commentary saying “owen just hit a dumbell with a dumbell!! Ha ha”

  28. Ashley says:

    When Owen won the king of the ring

  29. Chris says:

    My favourite Owen Memory will probably have to be his Wrestlemania X and Summerslam 1994 Matches against Bret Hart, or his King of the Ring win, and the Coronation after his Victory… All 3 amazing moments and memories 🙂

  30. Nathaniel says:

    Owen Hart Pile driving Stone Cold At SummerSlam & their feud

  31. chase merriman says:

    I named my oldest after Owen Hart and Triple H

  32. D says:

    My first memories concerning pro wrestling involved Owen Hart. I just started watching wrestling right before Wrestlemania X, and if I remember correctly, Owen had given a promo saying how cruel Bret was to him. At that time, I had no idea of who was a good guy and who was a bad guy, and so I had no idea that he was portraying a bad guy at the time. Consequently, after Owen gave his promo, I thought “what a horrible brother Bret is” while at the same time feeling sorry for Owen. Of course, it wasn’t long after that I learned otherwise…..so thanks Owen, you got me. 🙂

  33. mike ferrara says:

    owen hart vs bret hart at wrestlemaina 10. Owen was a great wrestler as well as a heel. owen won a lot of belts with wwe. i loved owen and miss him everyday

  34. KurtK26 says:

    I liked his WCW run (remember that?).

  35. Straightedge47 says:

    Owen Hart and Bret Hart vs. The Steiners

  36. Milan says:

    Now we have a real Award winner in the family !
    Slammy award winning king of harts Owen hart

  37. David Bell says:

    Enough is Enough and it’s time for a change.

  38. Robert Wells says:

    Owen 3:16 says I just broke your neck

  39. Brandon Stokes says:

    I remember his commentary at King of the Ring 1996. He’s cheering on Bulldog and talking how beautiful Diana is and all his siblings. He then says I do have an ugly brother, I think he’s adopted. You’ll never be better than me Bret. Wooo! He is truly missed.

  40. Kevin Tankersley says:

    Owen passed when I was still a young wrestling fan. One of the memories I have was when he showed back up as The Blue Blazer and trying to conceal his identity. We all knew it was Owen but it was so funny seeing him and Jeff Jarrett trying to cover it up.

  41. Adam Buxton says:

    My favorite Owen Hart moment was when he teamed up with Jeff Jarrett

  42. Lucas Tompkins says:

    I loved his tenacity and talent!

  43. Markoman says:

    Reuniting the Hart Foundation where Owen, Brian Pillman and bulldog would join the gang.

  44. Alan Skinner says:

    His Tag Team Title match with Bret vs. Champions The Quebecers, where his heel turn was solidified. In his interview following the match with Todd Pettengill, instead of saying how he kicked Bret’s leg out from underneath him, he instead said how he kicked Bret’s leg out from underneath his leg. That gaffe still cracks me up!

  45. A says:

    All of Owen Hart matches were great not one that was dull etc

  46. Vagelis says:

    His match against Bret @ WM 10 was a stunning momment! I totally loved it! Too bad he lost his life at that young age. His memory will live for ever!

  47. Eddie says:

    Owen had some great matches over his career, but in terms of intensity and quickness–one that always gets glossed over. His match versus 1-2-3 Kid at King of the Ring 1994. As soon as the match started when Owen ABSOLUTELY LEVELED Kid with a dropkick as he was coming into the ring, you knew it was gonna be a nice little match. What they pulled out in that match in under 10 minutes was truly something special.

    Owen Hart; he’ll still truly missed.

  48. Kyle Lee says:

    My most distinct memories were actually a match and the Raw is Owen Special. The match I enjoyed most with him was Owen vs Bret at Summerslam in a Steel Cage. The Raw is Owen Special was so amazing and I loved how they did it for awesome guys like Owen, Eddie, Dusty Rhodes, etc.

  49. Greg Casterioto says:

    My most distinct memory of Owen Hart doesn’t involve him, but rather his memory. The RAW is Owen special that aired the night after his unfortunate death was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful professional wrestler and, clearly, an even better man. The video testimonials were candid and heartfelt and there was no doubt how much of an impact he made on the people around him. Those of us who never had the good fortune to meet or know Owen were given a little glimpse behind the curtain of the man, friend, husband and father he was.

  50. Paul Ratcliffe says:

    My favourite Owen memory is the reformation of the Hart Foundation in 1997. Owen crying his eyes out and using his singlet to wipe the tears and hugging Bret, as Bret says, “look what they did to me and you”. This them lead to one of the WWFs best period ever with the whole US v Canada feud.

  51. Darryal Christie says:

    My favorite Owen Hart moment was the absolute blinder of a European championship match in March 1997 in Berlin vs the British bulldog. I thought I had seen everything in life until I seen thatmatch . In my opinion the best wwe raw match then now and forever.

  52. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    Owen versus Brett Wm 10 is a classic and one of my top ten favorites.

  53. Tyler Weaver says:

    Favorite Owen memory was that match between Bret Hart and Bob Backland at Summerslam 1994. The I Quit Towel Match. I remember my Dad renting the VHS and almost pulling out my hair whenever Owen couldn’t convince his dad but his mom took the towel and threw it in to stop the match and cost Bret the championship. The real Admiral Ackbar moment: It’s a Trap!

  54. Dennis hall says:

    I always love watched Owen hart wrestling. Owen was good has is brother bret.

  55. Tom says:

    Owen v bret at wrestlemania X

  56. Steve says:

    So hard to choose from, but it’s gotta be his cage match vs. Bret at Summerslam 94

  57. Khryx says:

    My favorite Owen Hart moment is actually my first memory of watching wrestling. He and Yokozuna were wrestling The Wild Samoans, towards the end of the match he did a diving/falling headbutt off the apron onto one of the Samoans. This moment took a boy who dreaded Monday Wrestling Night to the boy begging and sneaking up to stay up later to finish Raw or Nitro. Definately to date it is still my favorite moment in wrestling.

  58. Cody says:

    I love his cage match with Bret Hart

  59. mike hagen says:

    My fave owen moment is one has yet to happen owen needs to be inducted to to the wwe l hall of fame … hands down as wrestling fans we need to see this .. owe is one of few wrestless who has died in the ring … owen gave his life to a sport his family help make famous rest in piece owen

  60. Jerry Denton says:

    Favorite Owen moment is when I got to see him take on Shawn Michaels live. Oh I also love his catchphrase of “I am not a nugget. WOOOOOO!”

  61. Stuart Cooper says:

    My favorite Owen moment is his victory over his brother Bret Hart at Wrestlemania X! Not only was it an epic moment, but the match was pretty damn good! It ranks easily in my top 5 Mania moments in history. I wish he had gotten the better of his brother more in the future.

  62. Daniel says:

    Favourite owen match would be the European title tournament final against the British Bulldog……On a side note Owen’s facial expressions & actions when Shawn Michaels collapsed in the ring really helped to further sell what was happening and made it feel more real

  63. bossmanjr says:

    My favorite Owen quote is “Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change!”

  64. Yugenz says:

    His match against the British bulldog on raw

  65. j says:

    I enjoyed KOTR 94 when he won the tournament.

  66. Joseph Klunk says:

    I was in HS during the Attitude Era and me & most of my friends were big Owen fans. One of us introduced another friend to the Bret/Owen WM X match and afterwards he commented, “I think I just watched the perfect wrestling match”. Couldn’t have agreed more.

  67. Nick says:

    Owen vs Bret at wrestlemania was one of the first pre attitude era matches I saw

  68. Chris says:

    Owen vs. Davey Boy on RAW in Germany for the European title. Classic. (It’s on the Raw 20th Anniversary set.)

  69. Kenji says:

    My favourite Owen moment was when he self proclaimed himself “The King of Harts” on the King’s Court segment!

    Favourite Owen match was with Shawn Michaels at In Your House in a title eliminator match 🙂

  70. Ryan Iocco says:

    My favorite will always be Owen beating Bret to open mania. And of course the awesome interview after. IMO his defining moment.

  71. Chad Nevett says:

    Owen vs Bret at WrestleMania X is definitely my favourite Owen match.

  72. P.A. says:

    His singlet.

  73. Andrew Botsakos says:

    My favourite owen hart match is when he fought Triple H at Wrestlemania 14

  74. Cory Walker says:

    My favorite Owen match was him vs Bret at Summerslam 94.

  75. Brandon Stone says:

    Favorite moment is Owen’s match against his brother Bret at Wrestlemania 10. A wonderful moment in wrestling

  76. Yannick says:

    Favorite match against Bret Hart, of course. His rivalry with him was legendary. I also liked the angle with the Hart Foundation. Such a great stable. 🙂

  77. I enjoyed the Blu-Ray version of Owen: Hart Of Gold; it had a great documentary with stories that were not featured in the original cut, matches from Stampede Wrestling, WCW & WWE. BR exclusives included 2 WWE bonus matches & tributes from the “RAW Is Owen” episode in 1999. Overall great to learn about Owen Hart.

  78. Michael says:

    I enjoy the live MSG house show where Owen Hart won the Royal Rumble back in 1994

  79. Rich Abbott says:

    Well my favorite match was Owen Hart vs Bret Hart cage match from Summerslam. But my favorite memory is when Owen used a bag of popcorn as a weapon against Mick Foley lol

  80. Owen vs. Bret in the blue steel cage at Summer Slam 1994 in Chicago was a classic!

  81. Di Angelo Pacheco says:

    I love Owen Harts match with Bret Hart this is my best Owen Hart match.

  82. Andres G says:

    Wish I had a more original answer, but it has to be Mania X against Bret. My short attention span makes it difficult for me to be glued to longer matches, but that match definitely kept me interested all the way until the very end.

  83. Tyler says:

    My favorite Owen match was the one he had with Edge in 1998 at Breakdown 1998

  84. Jeff says:

    His wrestlemania match with Bret is one of my favorite matches of all time.

  85. Eric says:

    My favorite Owen matches were the ones when he tagged with Yokozuna. Their styles fit each other so well that they couldn’t be beat. Very underrated tag team.

  86. Robert emons says:

    My favorite match was with his brother bret Hart! Awesome match!

  87. Richard W says:

    The Summerslam 1994 match between he and his brother Bret Hart which was an instant classic and helped to open up the United Center in Chicago.

  88. Justin F says:

    “I’m going to kick the leg out of your leg!”

    The best Owen quote EVER!

  89. Alex says:

    I enjoyed the Bret Hart Vs Owen Hart match in a Steel Cage for the WWF title on August 1994 at Summerslam

  90. Jon says:

    Summer slam 1994, Owen hart and Bret hart in a steel cage, I was there.

  91. Brandon says:

    I love Owen’s match with Bret at WrestleMania X. Still one of the greatest matches ever!

  92. Domenic says:

    While I thought Owen could be annoying at times, he was always an amazing athlete to watch in the ring. My favorite moments was his match with Bret from WrestleMania X when he beat Bret cleanly.

  93. James Steinberg says:

    My favorite Owen Hart moment was at the 9.22.97 MSG Raw, when the Intercontinental Championship Tournament resulted in a Brian Pillman vs Owen Hart match. Pillman said he broke his arm having sex with Marlena, so he was forfeiting the match. While Pillman was speaking, Owen gingerly touched his arm, which was in a sling, and gave a gee-shucks look.

    Commissioner Slaughter came out and argued that it was a rouse, then threw a microphone at Pillman’s broken arm, which Pillman proceeded to catch.

    Slaughter said the match would go forward, or both Owen and Pillman would never again wrestle in the WWF. Owen protested the entire time, saying that he couldn’t fight a guy with a broken arm.

    When the match started, Owen and Pillman wrestled in extremely slow motion, performing the lightest snapmares and headlocks you’ve ever seen.

    After Owen won via DQ by Golddust, Owen dedicate the match “to his loving brother Bret.”

    Owen was a great wrestler, but he could also really do comedy well!


  94. Bob says:

    So many great memories of Owen Hart. Great matches like WM 10, IYH vs HBK, etc. But my favorite memory is Owen, clutching his Slammy Awards, jumping ahead of Davey Boy Smith during their entrances. Made me laugh every time.

  95. Paul Long says:

    My favorite memories of Owen was seeing him wrestle for WCW for a brief period in 1991 (I think). I just knew he was Bret’s little brother and this was my first time seeing him wrestle without the Blue Blazer gimmick. I was amazed at both his flying and technical skills and knew he’d be a huge star, IF he could ever step out of Bret’s shadow. I felt WCW could have been a place for him to do that, but even the announcers were saying he was only there for a limited time. Alas, WCW was famous for letting the wrong guys go. Just glad he went on to accomplish so much in WWE.

  96. Shaun says:

    Wow my favourite owen hart moment was his match with his brother bret a 5 star match

  97. Matt Doyle says:

    Favourite Owen … I remember seeing an old Owev vs Lyger match on a best of Japanese TV VHS back in the tape trading days. Shortly after, he turned up in an All-Star Wrestling program that my cousin gave to me.

  98. Justin says:

    Bret vs Owen at WrestleMania X. Not only is it one of my favorite matches but it proved Owen could work with anybody & showed he deserved a better spot on the card.

  99. Austinovic says:

    My favorite Owen memory was WrestleMania 11 when he introduced Yokozuna as his partner. It was my first PPV and i was shocked to see this enormous beast. And Owen playing a heel to the best , almost crying when he won the belt. Awesome man.

  100. Chris Guevara says:

    I have always been a fan of Owens work, i loved him on the mic, in the ring, and just as a person the stories that have been told about him he was just a genuinely good person. Of all the moments Owen has been generous enough to give to the fans, his match with Bret Hart at WM10 is the one that sticks out to me the most. The way the commentary and weeks leading into that match made it feel was huge. Brother vs Brother. Overall they had one of the best opening matches in WM history. I will always miss Owen and hope that all other wrestling fans appreciate his work as much as I do.

  101. Billy Enochs says:

    I loved Owen’s ring work, specifically his spinning heel kick as his opponent was coming off the ropes.

  102. Donald says:

    Owen vs Bret from WrestleMania X – definitely the best Mania opener, and when he faced Bret at SummerSlam in the same year, that was incredible too; both matches are in my Top 25 of All-Time! ~Owen Hart = Future Hall of Famer~

  103. jimmy coupland says:

    Watching owen hart hit mankind with a bag of popcorn at the scranton cyc and mankind sell it like a ton of bricks.

  104. Simon says:

    Favorite thing about Owen was seeing the guy with his Slammy Award trophy

  105. Jack'O HardCore says:

    My favorite Owen Hart match is Owen Hart vs Ken Shamrock Dungeon Match at Fully Loaded 1998

  106. Austin Campbell says:

    I loved it when Bret told the story at WrestleMania (4 or 5?, I forgot) when Owen called up to the hotel room to talk to his dad and told him he was Reg Park and then told Stu he could beat him up! Then Stu hangs up the phone and tells Bret “That bastard Owen got me again.”

  107. David Wills says:

    Favorite Owen memory was him screaming”I am not a nugget!” when associating with the Nation of Domination

  108. Joseph Napolitano says:

    My favorite Owen memory is the Wrestlemania 10 bout vs Bret Hart…i can watch that match anytime

  109. MachoMadness says:

    My favorite Owen Hart match is definitely his win at Wrestlemania X against his brother. Having an older brother myself, i can relate to Owen in this rivalry.

  110. Sat says:

    Favorite Owen Hart memory for me is the Canadian Stampede main event.

  111. Brian says:

    My favorite Owen wrestling memory is Owen kicking Bret’s leg out from under him after their tag match to turn heel. So subtle, yet effective.

    I also love his “WHOO” arm thrust in the air. My brother and I to this day greet each other with that WHOO even though we are MUCH older and married!!

    Finally, my favorite overall memory of Owen is his commitment to his family. He loved them and worked hard to make sure that they were taken care of. It is sad that he never got a chance to move into their dream home but I’m glad he thought enough of them to make sure he provided for their future.

    Owen was a great wrestler

  112. Sheri says:

    Favorite Owen memory Slammy awards before WrestleMania 13 and SummerSlam 1994 Bret vs Owen. I was there for both of them.

  113. Brad sweet says:

    I loved the lions den match with Ken shamrock. Nothing else quite like it at the time. I miss the nugget.

  114. Luis says:

    “Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change.”

  115. Martin Salas says:

    My favorite Owen Hart moment is his WrestleMania X victory against his brother Bret Hart. The greatest WrestleMania opening match of all time!

  116. Todd says:

    Favorite quotes…
    “Enough is enough. And it’s time for a change! Whooooooooo!”
    “I. Am not. A NUGGET!!!”

  117. John A. D'Amato says:

    Owen celebrating with the tag title belts after Yokuzuna did all the damage on the Smoking Gunns

  118. Jayke1981 says:

    Owen was one of the few wrestlers you loved as both a heel and a baby face. Also knowledge of his pranks makes you wish you knew him personally.

  119. Naven says:

    My favourite Owen memory is when he first debuted in wwf ( under his real name ) as part of the new foundation in late 1991 . I was only a kid at the time but already had hopes and dream of becoming a ” wwf superstar ” one day . having only been exposed to wwf at the time and their style I envisioned that when I finally made my mark in the wrestling world in years to come I was going to do a style no one had ever seen before . I had thought of moves in my head ( and with help from my wwf hasbro figure collection ) that included flips off the ropes , backflips and all kind of flashy maneuvers . I even had my name thought out and everything. I was going to be none other than ” the rocker rapper ” ( the epitome of a lame early 90’s gimmick ! ) . You can imagine the heartbreak 10 year old me suffered when one Saturday morning watching superstars on sky one I saw the debut of Owen hart . I was shocked and saddened when I saw him do such things as his patterned grab his opponents arm ,jump up to the top rope , sit down on it and flip over spot he used to do in his early career . I thought I had created that ! Haha . I was even more saddened when I heard vince, macho and piper on commentary refer to him as ” the rocket ” ( it sounded too much like ” rocker rapper ” to me , even though the rockers were still an actual team back then haha ) . I was disheartened and my gimmick was ” ruined ” because of him . I couldn’t stay mad with Owen for long though and eventually became a huge fan of his and I have very found memories of his matches with the hitman ,especially their wrestlemania 10 classic

  120. Derick says:

    Owen hart was the king of harts and he was a very nice person I saw him live at a wrestling match for wwe but at the time it was wwf and he was a heel but I always been a heel guy so I liked all the heels I had stuck my hand out to shake his hand and he shook my hand it was the best time he’s truly missed

  121. John Gotti says:

    Owen was a classic man and entertained every time he came to the ring. I personally enjoyed his official turn on the Bret at I believe the Royal Rumble. I knew it was going to lead to his breakout and I wasn’t dissapointed. Miss Owen to this day.

  122. John rega says:

    When Bret Hart won the title for his second time at WresrleMania 10 and at the end Owen, came out and was jealous after beating him earlier. What a great way to add to the story without having to say a word. Classic .

  123. Gaz Scragg says:

    Love his RR94 post match interview, hes going mental talking about Bret not tagging him and explains thats hes had enough so he attacked Bret, but get his words mixed and screams that he kicked bret’s leg out of his…….leg!!! Hahaha hilarious but standard owen hes just rolls with it!!

  124. Andrew Lacelle says:

    My favourite Owen memory is a match I saw at a house show in Saint John NB, it was Owen & Yokozuna vs Lex Luger & Shawn Michaels. Owen took 40 consecutive turnbuckle shots & Yoko was cracking up in the corner. Fun times.

  125. chris bennett says:

    Owen was one of my favorite wrestlers along with his brother bret! They had some great matches together!

  126. RWW2010 says:

    My favorite owen hart match was at wrestlemania x when he fought his brother bret.

  127. kevin mullins says:

    one of the best interviews was the one inside the cage about summerslam 94 match with bret

  128. Billy says:

    My favorite match would have to be Bret vs Owen at WrestleMania 10, a classic.

  129. Nathan says:

    My favorite Owen match is the tag team with Bret against the Steiner Brothers. Loved all four guys at the time and was thrilled it was on the Hart Family DVD.

  130. Chris says:

    My favorite Owen memory is of him parading around with his Slammy Awards, and when I got his Hasbro figure for my seventh birthday. Pretty much every match he had in 1994 is my favorite Owen match.

  131. brian says:

    rumble 94 “and thats why i kicked your leg out of your leg”

  132. Dale says:

    but one of the best matches ever was Bret vs Owen at WM 10

  133. Mike says:

    I loved when Owen and Davey Boy teamed. You could just see how much Owen would ham it up, and Davey boy always reacted in a priceless manner like when Owen jumped in front of him and camera and Davey Boy pushed him away. Both gone way, way to to soon. I also loved him teaming with Yokozuns.

  134. Dale says:

    it wasn’t his best moment, but I like when Owen said “and that’s why I kicked your leg outta your leg”

  135. Alfredo Arriaza says:

    The epic battle of the brothers hart, thanks for the chance 😉

  136. Andrew Till says:

    Has to be the cage match against Brett at Summerslam 94, classic meeting of the 2 brothers

  137. Eric says:

    My favorite quote is “Enough is enough and it’s time for a change!” My favorite match would be Bret vs Owen at Summer Slam or at WMX

  138. David Gatward says:

    At survivor series when owen throws in the towel

  139. Bobby Pitts says:

    It was may 1994 house show in San Jose he was wrestling Bret for the title. Came out wearing a maple leafs Jersey they just beat the sharks in the playoffs he got so much heat

  140. Robin Persaud says:

    Great minds think alike — Bret v Owen at WM!

  141. thomas cianci says:

    every time Owen Hart was on TV or on a PPV, you knew you were going to be entertained both by a great match & his infectious enthusiasm on the microphone. he has left his mark on the sport as well as in the hearts & minds of wrestling fans all over the world. so nice to see that he is being honored after all these years.

  142. Jefte arroyo says:

    Owen vs Bret steel cage match summerslam 1994

  143. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Wwe Kids magazine…What!?! And in the same environment we have Brock sending biatches to Supplex City while giving the middle finger to the Deadman…of course blurred, for what ever reason.. and Stephanie calling Brie (Um)B(r)ella a biatch leading up to their disaster session at Summerslam 2014.

    Riiiight… WWE is on the track…not!

  144. Brandon Kaiser says:

    Favorite Owen Hat moment is DEFINITELY Owen Hart vs Bret Hart at WrestleMania 10

  145. Steven says:

    My favorite Owen memory was Wrestlemania X, and his match with Bret. A star-making performance and the fuel that would take his character to the next level.

  146. Alex says:

    Owen bringing out Yokozuna to win the Tag Team Titles

  147. Eric says:

    Pretty much anytime he was teamed up with Neidhart.

  148. Patrick Johnson says:

    summer slam 1994

  149. Scott Rand says:

    My favorite Owen moment has to be when he and Bret reconciled and formed the Hart Family alliance with the Bulldog. Owen showed “real” emotion as he went from angry man to weeping little brother. A great moment and the start of a great faction.

  150. Trevor S says:

    I am a HUGE Owen Hart fan. I have followed his progress since the Blue Blazer days. So I am super stoked for this collection of his career. It has been highly anticipated.

  151. Matt says:

    My favorite Owen Hart memory was actually getting to see him wrestle in person. It was the Monday Night Raw after the In Your House: Final Four ppv event, and seeing how good he was in the ring will always stick out.

  152. Jimmy says:

    My favorite Owen Hart match is his match with bret from wrestlemania 10

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