Will WrestleMania 40 Release on DVD & Blu-Ray? New AEW DVDs Arrive Including First Superstar Set

April 14, 2024 by Daniel Bee

WWE - Cody Rhodes Entrance with Pyro at WrestleMania 40

All indications this year have been the cancellation of WWE Home Video has definitely stuck, with no turnaround on the company’s decision since.

This hard stop on WWE DVD releases is demonstrated in the US on this page of Amazon.com where there has been no activity since Survivor Series 2023, and in the UK on this page of Amazon.co.uk with no activity since Crown Jewel 2023.


Will WrestleMania 40 be on DVD?

No — the cancellation of WWE DVDs affects even the biggest of releases in the calendar year, WrestleMania, so unfortunately WrestleMania 40 will not see a DVD or Blu-ray.

The internal schedule we access for Warner Bros., who held the WWE Home Video license in the US, confirms there are no upcoming titles scheduled. The titles released to date have now all turned red in color, which happens there when a DVD/Blu-ray is no longer in production.

WWE DVDs Cancelled in Warner Brothers Internal Schedule

The contacts we’ve spoke to in the UK suggest there is “nowhere to go”, as Fremantle now concentrate only on their stock sell-off via WWEDVD.co.uk and with retail outlets like HMV.

WWE is no longer working with either distribution partner to make a WrestleMania 40 DVD possible. WWE could in theory choose to create their own one-off ‘Mania release instead, but as of right now there is no sign of that.

The move away from physical media also appeases their streaming partners like Peacock and soon, Netflix, which likely contributed to WWE’s decision in the first place, and now sticking to it.

Meanwhile, AEW’s physical media presence continues this month with a new AEW PPV Blu-ray, a new Ring of Honor PPV DVD, and the first-ever AEW Superstar release.

Over at ShopAEW.com, the AEW WrestleDream 2023 event is available to buy on Blu-ray and on the ROH side, Supercard of Honor 2023 is available to buy on DVD (a 2-disc set).

As you may have seen reported here, the company’s plan right now is to release the AEW PPV events on Blu-ray format only moving forward.

As an All Elite Crate exclusive, a new “Kenny Omega PPV Collection” DVD has just surfaced, featuring Kenny Omega matches from six different AEW PPV events.

The Kenny Omega DVD is a single-disc offering only available in AEW’s monthly subscription crate. However, several eBay sellers here have listed it to buy. Photos below courtesy of eBay seller “austitowsle-0”.

AEW Kenny Omega PPV Collection DVD - Photos, Front Cover
AEW Kenny Omega PPV Collection DVD - Photos, Back Cover

We have a up-to-date list of all AEW DVDs released to date: AEW DVD List.

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. DDT says:

    no sign of kenny omega dvd being sold on wrestlingstore uk. that is a shame. that is an amazing selection of matches

  2. BAS says:

    As much as I wish they would make an exception for WrestleMania, we can officially say it’s over with. Bummer to think about because I’ve always wanted either an updated WrestleMania anthology since the WWF archives have been able to be presented as is since 2012, or at least put the first 14 on disc unedited finally if not a new box set altogether. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though in this day and age, especially since it seems the pro sports leagues no longer make commemorative championship DVDs/Blu-rays of the winning team from that season. NBA hasn’t done one since 2019, 2021 seems to be the last one released by NHL, 2022 for MLB, and even NFL didn’t make a Super Bowl 58 champions video.

  3. D Sgruntled says:

    Man, f off with that “AEW Superstar” nonsense.

  4. DDT says:

    I wonder why ROH is on DVD and AEW on blu ray when they same company. ordered both of these and super-excited. Also TNA have Hard to KIll coming out on DVD featuring Jordynne Grace vs Naomi-Trinity Fatu. 2018 was the last year you could follow wrestling exclusively on DVD-Blu ray but with only AEW and TNA doing DVDs at least now you can buy them all.

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