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  1. djh1991 says:

    Yes I cannot wait to get this DVD, and finally after 10 years, the WWF Attitude Era scratch logo can now be shown on any future WWE DVD movies.

  2. Scott says:

    On the topic of classic footage being released on DVD, does anyone think WWE may release stuff on MOD DVD-R’s similar to Warner Brothers and That would reduce the costs of making discs but still make them available to diehard fans.

  3. JakeFrankie says:

    Since there will be no more blurring thank god, Will saying “WWF” be edited out too? Like when I watch old RAW’s on WWE on Demand, They will just edited out the F. Does anyone if saying WWF is not edited out anymore?

    • Dave says:

      No, they don’t have to edit out references to saying “WWF”. On Vintage Collection they have not muted the “F” and on videos. On the Alliance formation video, “WWF” was mentioned quite a few times and was not bleeped.

      They just can’t have wrestlers mention “WWF” on current programming – for example Bret Hart couldn’t come on RAW and say he was a former WWF champion. They’re allowed to keep “WWF” in archive footage.

      • JakeFrankie says:

        Thank you Dave!

      • Amanze mere says:

        That is a very good example of a wrestler Not being able to mention WWF IN THE CURRANT ERA THOUGH. I SEE WHY THAT SAY WWE no matter what. Even when the wrestlers talk about winning a belt back in the days when it was called WWF thay just cant say WWF. (NOTE IT WAS BETTER AS WWF IN MY OPINION)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Now they should start releasing old Coliseum Video exclusives like Invasion 1992 or Wrestlefest 1993. They should also re-release any complete PPVs that had blurs on them. Eventually, it would be great if every single WCW and WWF PPV was released on DVD. If packaging/art work and menus is a sticking point, cut costs there and make a generic one menu/cover fits all. It’s the shows that count, not the art work.

    • Dave says:

      Doubt they would ever re-release those…the closet we had to those was when they re-released some Coliseum video tapes on DVD in 2004-2005 such as Andre The Giant, History of WM 1-9, HBK boyhood dream and History of the IC title.

  5. FUCK says:

    this sucks all my DVD’s have it look like someone shit blurs everywhere! fuck you wwe!

  6. Nate says:

    WWE needs to re-release all WWF home videos like the UK’s tagged classics that would be golden…

  7. Paul says:

    Outstanding news. I also hope like others have said they eventually re-release a wrestlemania anthology set ob blu-ray now that they dont have to blur or mute the F in wwf. That gets very annoying even on the early on on promos with hulk saying wwf every other word and having it muted.

    • Paul says:

      **the early wrestlemanias on the promos** Anyways hopefully they release a new wrestlemania anthology after wrestlemania 30 on blu ray!

  8. Kevin Templeton says:

    Already on WWE Classics OnDemand the episode of Raw 11-02-98 had no blurs on the WWF logo. Thank God this has finally happened since I was buying alot of WWF era VHS and DVDs so I could watch old school stuff without the blur on there.

  9. tom says:

    the only time period worth owning on dvd is the original WWF block logo era. that and WCW.
    new generation and attitude era sucked.

  10. warresg says:

    blur-free means even the corner logo is unedited.

  11. Anonymous says:

    To answer the question you asked in the title of this article Daniel, yes i believe the “WWF Scratch logo” will appear in future DVD releases.
    Your Welcome.

  12. Tony Kegger says:

    This should have happened five years ago.

  13. beasly213 says:

    In regards to the re releasing the Wrestlemanias and other “Big 4” PPV’s I’d like it if they released them as individual events too. It’d be a nice option for those of us that have the original releases of WM15-18 and don’t want to buy the entire set.

  14. ChadWWE says:

    WOW, it took 10 years, but I am a lot happier WWE fan now. Thanks to WWE corporate for realizing it was worth whatever money they spent to make their fans happy.

  15. Mongoose Wizard says:

    YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! The best news of my whole day!

  16. wrestlingfan says:

    YES! YES! YES!

  17. Supersonic says:

    Now if only re-releases would be done on all the blurred sets from the last decade.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Good too hear

  19. D1393 says:

    The NWO dvd is being released on November 6th, and the content listing was released on September 18th, 49 days in advance. It’s now 41 days until the Attitude Era dvd comes out, and we still don’t have cover art work. What’s the hold up WWE?

  20. Derick says:


  21. micheal j rotch says:

    oh happy day

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please rerelease the WM anthology I can’t stand the blurring

    • Johnny says:

      If they do, too bad Benoit won’t be in it.

      • Dave says:

        I think its safe to assume that Benoit will be included in Anthology releases. Hasn’t stopped WWE from using him in the Elimination Chamber Anthology, and even the Best of Nitro has the complete 4 Horseman reformation with Benoit introduction.

        Also they could have straight up cancelled or delayed the Summerslam Anthology to remove Benoit, but they didn’t.

        The only way i feel WWE won’t use Benoit is if they don’t have to…like when they choose matches for compilation and documentary sets…they would just skip over Benoit matches.

        • Harry Faversham says:

          The Summerslam Anthology was delayed for quite some time while they decided what to do with the Benoit footage. That’s the reason that was reported for its delay anyway. Ultimately, they made the right decision I feel, which was to leave the matches in when its an event intended to be released in its entirety.

          I agree that the Anthologies should be re-done without the blurring. It wouldn’t have been so bad but at the time they came out they hadnt quite got the hang of the blurring I think and they were quite hard to watch compared to more recently blurred DVDs. I also think they took the music edits way too far on the Wrestlemania Anthologies, editting out nWo, Slick, Demolition, Big Boss Man and really fucked with the history on those DVDs which was a shame. They should do a 30 Wrestlemania Box Set with all the F’s in, but it would be bloody expensive I’m sure.

          • Marty says:

            I doubt they’ll re-do the Anthologies. Home video as a whole (not just for WWE, but for everything else) is on a downswing as far as popularity goes and the Anthologies themselves were expensive enough to produce and sell (with only a certain clientele interesting in purchasing them). I think the way they attempted to do Survivor Series, but never completed, should be taken as a sign that the largest sets you’ll get are the odd 4-disc DVD/3-disc BR ones. It’s too bad, but that’s where things are headed. Perhaps we’ll get unedited complete WMs on iTunes in the future. Apparently, the percentage of revenue that home video brings to WWE is about 6% and it’s falling. Sign of the times.

            • Dave says:

              I agree, the Anthologies were expensive…I picked each of them up on release day at Best Buy and i remember the WM was about $200 CDN, RR and SSlam were $150 each, and when i was getting those the Best Buy only had probably 2-3 sets of each. But they did sell out.

              But it does seem like the cost factor in these Anthologies. Hopefully we will see Blu-ray re-releases for them, but i doubt that too. It would have been great if they finished off the remaining Survivor Series volumes, but from the looks of it the first two probably didn’t sell enough units to warrant a release for the remaining.

              • Marty says:

                I think BR releases of the Anthologies *are* possible, depending on sales of their BRs as a whole. I have no idea what their highest selling BR release is, unfortunately. But BR is a niche product. That’s actually a benefit for it and its collectors, because DVD, which was the main choice, will eventually get swallowed as that main choice by digital downloading. When that happens, it won’t remain as a niche, because BR has too many benefits over it. That’s down the road quite a bit, though. (I think, in general, DVD sales are still about 3-to-1, maybe a little less, versus BR sales. That’s not for WWE, but for home video as a whole.) The fact that, for comps and the main PPVs, they consistently have both DVD and BR is a positive sign for their foreseeable BR future, but I don’t know if that immediate BR future would include big sets.

                • Harry Faversham says:

                  I am sure they will continue produce the Wrestlemania events over the years, but whilst the other events become less important I don’t think they will. For the most part I think you are right, but if there is an exception it’ll be Wrestlemania. WWE seems to want to put things out on blu ray now so I think a 30 BR set might happen, but who knows.

              • Vincenzzzzzo says:

                Even though the anthology sets didn’t sell well, I still think they should have at least finished the Survivor Series one. At the very least. They only had two or three volumes left, then ALL the PPV’s would have been completed (to an extent, anyway).

                If I had a choice, I would actually choose to have the rest of the Monday Night RAW seasons released over the Survivor Series. I loved the first RAW box set they did. I really wish they continued them. Every long running show on television has season box sets, except RAW. I’d also love to see SmackDown! released as season box sets too. Maybe one day…

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, you are incorrect kind sir. I believe Chris Benoit will appear if it is an anthology release.
        Your Welcome.


    Can any1 confirm if indeed in the brock lesnar documentary that the logos are blurred since its a re-release from 2003 or have they taken out the blurring and left it original like the matches on the set? im assuming that they still have to cover the scratch logo with the big block wwe logo at the bottom left screen since it is a wwe release or have they dont it just for that match since its the only wwf match and in the attitude era dvd it will have the scratch logo present at the bottom left screen!!

  24. Nate says:

    Time to re-release WM17 on DVD. I wondered why they didn’t last year to mark the event’s 10th anniversary. Maybe they saw this coming down the road.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe they didn’t release it on DVD to celebrate the 10 year anniversary because WHEN THE FUCK HAS A SINGLE PPV BEEN RE RELEASED TO CELEBRATE THE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY???!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I just wonder about the matches that get repeated on future sets whether the blurring with be removed. I not sure how easy it is to remove blurring from hundreds of hours of footage. Just wondering if the brock doc is blur free as it wasn’t during the trailer.

    • Marty says:

      I can’t remember who in the company said it (someone from production anyway), but there’s still the original master copies of all footage they have. They only took from the originals, made copies, and edited them (blurring logos, editing speeches if necessary, other censored stuff, etc.). For anything of that nature, there’s been at least two copies in their library — edited and unedited. There will be stuff they’ll still have to edit (I’m guessing they’ll still have to overwrite the bottom left-hand scratch logo, since the releases will still be WWE releases) but other than that, they still have the original masters to use, with the original logos that were filmed. In the case of the Brock doc, that was the original (blurring and all) so that’s the one they’re stuck using, with it being a re-release.


    i wrote not long back that they wud show the wwf content unblurred with the big wwe block logo covering the scratch logo at the bottom left screen, this what they did in the insurrextion 2002 dvd shud have kept at that wwe shud have done this time back imagine what the wrestlemania royal rumble and summerslam anthologies wud have looked like but better late than never :]

  27. Tommy D says:

    There is no way that Attitude Era Blu Ray is coming out next month. It was pulled from several retailers, then a “source” from WWE said it was coming out, but there is no cover art or match listing.

  28. Marco says:

    Yeah, but now they have those stupid sidebars.

  29. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I figured this would be the case… WWE Classics On Demand has a Monday Night RAW from June 1998 with no blurring and no audio edits this month. It was great watching it again like that. I believe that was the very first episode they showed on Classics un-edited. DVD’s will be more enjoyable to watch now, for sure.

    • JFR_WWfE79 says:

      The first episode of RAW is WAR on Classics On Demand to be blur and edit FREE is the 11-2-98 episode. From the 12-15-97 episode to the last episode of RAW is WAR in October 1998 was still blurred and edited.

  30. Chad says:

    It’s about F’n time

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