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September 13, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE Triple H Thy Kingdom Come DVD

We’re just 11 days away from the release of Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come!

Below is an early look at the Blu-ray edition, courtesy of WrestlingSuperStore. The Blu-ray looks to have a slipcover like the DVD version does (as seen in our earlier photos).

Click here to order your copy of “Thy Kingdom Come” from $19.99.

WWE Triple H Thy Kingdom Come Blu-ray

WWE are now selling “Thy Kingdom Come” T-Shirts individually and in packages with the DVD and Blu-ray. You can find those products here on If you’re thinking of ordering a package, remember code “DVDWWE5” for $5 off your order.

WWE Triple H Thy Kingdom Come T-Shirt

YouTube user SandersRobin24 has made a follow up video with his early copy of the Triple H DVD. In this one he talks in depth about the 2 hour documentary on the set.

Our giveaway for the Money in the Bank 2013 DVD ended yesterday. The active member of our forum chosen at random to win was Timothy Thorpe (@pmdmf) – congrats to him!


We’re giving away a copy of the original WWF Invasion DVD – still sealed! Depending on where you live, we have the prize in Region 1 (North America) or Region 2 (Europe) format. Below are instructions of how to enter in two simple steps. Entries close on September 30, 2013.

Win Rare WWF Invasion 2001 DVD

STEP 1: ‘Like‘ our Facebook page –

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– Worldwide entry is allowed and encouraged!
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– Entries close on September 30, 2013.

WWEShop Night of Champions Sale

Now and through the weekend WWEShop are running a Night of Champions sale. Various ‘champion themed’ merchandise is up for grabs in the sale Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off. Below is a list of DVDs and Blu-rays included. Click to go to the sale.

– Night of Champions 2009/2010/2011/2012
– Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton
– Randy Orton: Evolution of a Predator DVD/Blu-ray
– CM Punk: Best in the World DVD/Blu-ray

With these deals you can also use our new “DVD25” code for a further 25% off!

WDN readers Joe, William Slack and Adam St. Pierre sent word that the following 2 matches are not present in the Blu-ray exclusives of Legends of Mid-South Wrestling, even though they were listed in the official content reveal.

Mid-South Tag Team Championship Match
The Rock Nā€™ Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express
Mid-South Wrestling ā€¢ April 19 1984

UWF Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match
Sting vs. Terry Taylor
Universal Wrestling Federation ā€¢ June 13, 1987

We can confirm that this is the case for the US version, but the UK copy (shown in the photo below and released next Monday) does in fact contain these two matches.

WWE Legends of Mid-South Blu-ray Missing Matches

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  1. jonah says:

    Danie Bee hwo much is the Invasion 2001 dvd worth sealed?

  2. Shaun long says:

    Daniel Bee how much do you reckon for an original royal rumble 2001 region 2 (UK) with wwf logo

  3. Anthony says:

    Daniel Bee how rare is the Austin vs Mcmahon dvd from the Attitude collection ? because , I just got it for $6.99 at Fye with Wwf logo intact.

  4. Jamyn Blanton says:

    Congrats to the winner of the MITB giveaway. I just shared the post so I can’t wait to see who wins the Invasion giveaway.

  5. Harry Faversham says:

    The store exclusive DVD matches for the Best of Nitro 2 were added to the blu ray exclusives section on the UK blu ray even though it didn’t say anything about it on the match list inside. I was quite vexed about the fact that I was missing out on the Hitman vs. Sting brawl and was a very happy youngster (29) when I actually saw it on the menu. HENCE, I believe it is a possibility that these two extra matches were intended for a store exclusive version of Mid South in the U.S. or elsewhere. What do others think? I actually went back to check the Attitude era store exclusive matches weren’t added in the blu ray exclusives for the UK, but I don’t think they were. I know the Clash of the Champions had 2 versions in the UK and the blu ray didn’t include the DVD matches which meant missing out on Hollywood Hogan vs. Ric Flair in favour of some Ravishing Rick Rude matches.To be honest I think everybody should get everything. To stitch up the Australians over some Mid South Wrestling matches could be construed as racist. Be a star I say, and release the Best of Davey Boy Smith to the entire world! HF

    • NitroWCWBlu-ray says:

      the Exclusive DVD Extras on the Blu-ray which disc is the extras on thanks cause i cant find them?

      • Harry Faversham says:

        Well on the UK version that I have its on the second disc under ‘Special Features’ listed above the blu ray exclusives. Its only 2 matches; Mysterio & Regal vs. Eddie Guerrero & Malenko and Bret Hart vs. Sting. I don’t think they are included on the blu ray elsewhere.

  6. Joe King says:

    I hope the Australian versions has the two bluray matches. If anyone knows, let me know !!!!!!!

  7. chris says:

    Is there a store-exclusive DVD version of “Legends of Mid-South”? Maybe that’s why those 2 matches are missing from the US Blu-ray.

  8. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I can’t wait to pick up the Triple H Blu-ray. One of the most anticipated releases this year, by far. I hope it definitely does have the slip cover. It will slide in perfectly next to nWo The Revolution and Brock Lesnar special edition Blu-ray…

    I hope more DVD/Blu-ray releases follow the concept that Legends of Mid-South does. I like the overall structure of that DVD. 2013 has been a great year for WWE DVD’s. Can’t wait to hear the rumors for next years releases!

  9. shaun blackford says:

    no wonder US fans get envious of the uk dvd market.

  10. Dan Mader says:

    I was upset as a DVD collector that I was missing the Sting match but now I guess that isn’t the case lol

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