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September 15, 2014 by Mark D

WWE DVD Giveaway

Our first giveaway is well underway so why don’t we start a second one?

Today you have the opportunity to win a copy of: “United We Slam: The Best of Great American Bash” DVD. This DVD set is packed with great matches from WCW’s Great American Bash events – so you can relive Sting vs. Flair, DDP vs. Macho Man and Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash (… well that one not so much, ha).

Check out Joe’s review of Best of Great American Bash from a few weeks ago by clicking here.

Win WWE Best of Great American Bash DVD

How to enter…

Win a copy of United We Slam: The Best of Great American Bash DVD via our Comments

To enter all you need to do is name the hidden competitor in this famous Great American Bash Match…

Sting vs. Ric Flair - Great American Bash '90

Remember you MUST comment with a valid email address otherwise we will be unable to contact you should you win.
Entries close on September 21st, 2014



WWE SummerSlam 2014 Released on DVD / Blu-Ray

In case you have forgotten, tomorrow will see WWE SummerSlam 2014 released in the United States on DVD and Blu-Ray! Take your opportunity to relive Brock Lesnar’s sixteen German suplexes to John Cena and the turn of the diabolical Nikki Bella.

The DVD will include backstage promos and the kick-off match between RVD and Cesaro, while the Blu-Ray will be packed with extras from RAW in the build to the biggest event of the summer. Check out the full list of DVD and Blu-ray extras by clicking here.


Pre-order your copy of WWE SummerSlam 2014 on DVD or Blu-ray…


USA: September 16th. Pre-order now here on

Australia: October 1st. Pre-order now from

UK/Europe: October 27th. Pre-order now from

In case you missed it, the latest DVD documentaries made available to stream on WWE Network are: Hart & Soul: The Hart Family Anthology and Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century, both are available in the “Beyond the Ring” section.

The Hart & Soul documentary is available for the first time in widescreen and High Definition as it was originally released in 2010 on DVD in full screen format. However the WWE Network version of the documentary is around 9 minutes shorter than the DVD with scenes of Owen with his children from the Canadian Stampede PPV removed as well as some of the profiles on members of the Hart Family.

Both Hart & Soul and Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century have also been added to our list of Documentaries and Features available on the WWE Network, view the full list here.

WWE Network - DVDs Streaming Now

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New WWE DVDs on

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  1. David Schlichtig says:


  2. Jett says:

    Oh I mean Sting lol

  3. Jett says:

    Dig Bicks Daddy

  4. Matt says:

    A young STING before the black and white

  5. Rob says:

    It’s the Stinger!!!

  6. DeAndre says:

    S T I N G

  7. Chris Johnson says:


  8. Tom O'Hare says:


  9. ashley says:


  10. Cesar Albino says:


  11. Cody Drennen says:


  12. Mongoose Wizard says:

    That would be a man called Sting! 🙂

  13. Fauzan Hassan says:

    That would be Sting.

  14. Mr Z says:

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say that’s the man called Sting.

  15. Cecil C says:

    My favorite wrestler Sting

  16. Bruce Miller says:


  17. Michael Minor says:

    The match from the picture is Sting vs. Ric Flair

  18. Jason Watson says:


  19. Lucas Tompkins says:

    Looks like Surfer Sting!

  20. Matt Roberts says:


  21. Barry Kramer says:



  23. Craig M. says:

    The hidden competitor is Sting.

  24. Eric Clark says:


  25. Michael Buzzard says:


  26. Brenden Stannard says:


  27. Jason says:

    The man called Sting!!!

  28. Jeremie says:

    I am pretty sure that the hidden face is the one of the pre-order of WWE 2k15:Sting

  29. number1jf says:

    The hidden competitor is “Surfer” Sting.

  30. Toni says:

    It’s Sting

  31. Steven says:

    “The Icon” Sting

  32. Me says:

    It’s Sting.

  33. Gene says:

    It’s Sting

  34. Anders D says:

    It’s Sting

  35. VICK says:

    Best Buy has Summerslam for way cheaper than Amazon. I wonder why Amazon has the price listed so high for both the DVD and Blu Ray.

  36. William McMasters says:

    The Icon Sting ..

  37. Brian says:


    Beat Ric Flair in 16:06 with a small package at the Baltimore Arena.

  38. Mike says:

    It’s Sting!

  39. MorrisMethod says:

    It’s Sting

  40. Andrew Botsakos says:

    Its sting

  41. martin smith says:


  42. Andres G. says:

    Is that Sting?? I think that’s Sting…

  43. RK Morton says:

    It is the man called Sting.

  44. quintin says:

    From the rafters…. Sting!

  45. Jörg Austria says:


  46. josh says:

    It is sting..

  47. John Looney says:

    Its Sting…Baltimore Maryland and the Dudes with Attitudes reigned supreme in holding back the Horsemen…

  48. Joseph Klunk says:

    Sting! Yea, that’s the ticket!

  49. Trey says:

    It’s Sting!!!

  50. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    The hidden person is sting! If you notice the great american bash dvd and the picture LOOK very closely sting has the same face paint…. You’re welcome!

  51. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    The hidden person is STING!

  52. Donald says:

    *Sting: “It’s Showtime!” It’s the Stinger!

  53. Mario says:

    The Man They Call Sting

  54. Carson says:

    Who is Sting

  55. Carlos says:

    Sting!! My least favorite wcw superstar

  56. Gage Quimby says:

    A man called Sting!

  57. Jeff Duff says:


  58. Brandon says:

    Sting, of course!

  59. TOM GOGLIA says:

    the hidden competitor is Sting

  60. Damon sewell says:


  61. Joe Compton says:


  62. Marcus Dodd says:

    The man called Sting

  63. David Bell says:


  64. Dillon Curren says:


  65. derek thomas says:


  66. Kris Martin says:


  67. Percy Hearst says:


  68. Will says:

    The “icon” sting

  69. Ramon Rodriguez says:


  70. Mike says:

    the man called “Sting”!

  71. James says:

    If I can be serious for a moment, the correct answer is Sting! You’re Welcome!

  72. Mason says:

    The “Icon” Sting

  73. Very Low Ki says:

    One half of the great Blade Runners tag team: Sting.

  74. Anthony Nagle says:

    It’s DA STINGER!

  75. Fabio Schmidt says:


  76. attitude.era.4life says:

    a little suggestion to you, WDN guys:

    seperating the contests.. at least the ones, where you need to comment in here, from the other subjects, that are possible being discussed.

    The other possible discussions that may occure are “drowning” in answers.

    Respect for the give aways contests.. no doubt about that.. 🙂

  77. Darren Bongiovanni says:


  78. Jose Valle says:


  79. Harry Rice says:


  80. Richard Becerra says:


  81. Robert Schonau says:


  82. Jerico kunsman says:

    Really? Really? It’s sting.

  83. Helen Smith says:


  84. John Marston says:


  85. Mikel Macmillen says:


  86. Simon Lawery says:


  87. luke favell says:

    its the icon sting

  88. attitude.era.4life says:

    yet another reason NOT to loose the dvd- and bluray collection and start membership of the 9.99 low-fat, low-fi network:

    what in the hell has happen in the 4 years since the dvd release of Hart anthology, that makes them cut off 9 minutes of the doc..?

    I understand the cutting of scenes from Over the Edge 1999…

    but.. commentaries from members of Hart family.. and Owen celebrating a huge victory with his family in Canada…on a Hart family anthology set!? I don’t see any reasons for making cutting there..

    • Mark D says:

      Martha Hart’s recent lawsuit?

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        yeah.. guess you hit the sledgehammer on the head of the nail there, Mark..

        still.. going back to the presentation of the Network, I believe Stephanie McMahon said something like:

        “…programs presented -Uncut- and -In full-.”

        Now.. I will not make any efforts, going into any legally aspects of the Martha vs the Wwe situation.. I admit, I do not have skills to see through legally terms..

        what I do know though, is.. that wrestling least a huge majority of them..wants to see Owen what he was.. an excellent performer in the ring..

        Vince used to have balls..and would never lay down with out a fight for what he believed was in interest for the fans..and therefor REAL best for business..

        not anymore, as it seems.. pitty..

        but.. as I have said the last couple of years:

        at least we still have the complete -THEN- in the -Then, Now, Forever-

        and the -THEN- on dvd and Bluray.. especially the Silvervision Tagged Classics releaes.. will for me be the main drive of -Forever- wwe.

        • Mark D says:

          I feel you are somewhat incorrect in your assessment. The vast majority of the networks content is uncut – including promotional spots on TV shows – more uncut than any DVD has been.

          Additionally “uncut and unedited” in my estimation refers to the “WWF” logo as they unable to promote the fact that WWF’s are now intact.

          Finally I would take a slightly altered Network version over a poor quality Tagged Classic.

          • attitude.era.4life says:

            well.. I’ve been labelled severalt times as having socalled incorrect opinions, but I see it more as having different views on something we in here love for whatever reason: wrestling. 🙂

            • Mark D says:

              I’m not saying you are incorrect, I’m saying maybe you took a statement a little too literally. There are always going to be edits required, I.e. it’s sometimes not financially viable to get music rights again, but on the whole the Network footage is largely uncut – we didn’t get a Spiro Slam of the Week on the RAW 20 DVD.

              • attitude.era.4life says:

                fair enough..

                whether I agree or disagree with views, I still find this site “…The Best in the Internet-world”.. keep up your excellent passionate admirable work. 🙂

              • Kenny says:

                I don’t agree that Stephanie’s statement was taken “too” literal. When you say something is going to be “uncut”, you are setting expectations. If it’s not going to be uncut in certain ways, but not in others, then explain in what ways you’re talking about so you don’t create disappointment.

                The WWF edits are still present in a lot of shows. So, what exactly were we to take from her statement? Nothing has been consistent with it at all?

                Are we to take it as referring to Benoit? Commentary is still edited off here and there from his stuff; so that doesn’t seem to be it.

                Content is still (inconsistently) cut and edited for whatever reason; and even if you were to take it as referring to past logos and company names, even that hasn’t been applied consistently.

                So when we look at her claim of programming being “uncut and unedited”, what exactly was she talking about? Because I’m not seeing it.

  89. Simon says:


  90. cmvag says:

    sting EASY!

  91. Steven Jackson says:

    The mystery man is … STING! =)

  92. Ben says:

    It’s the Stinger!

  93. TheManInBlu says:

    It’s Sting of course 🙂

  94. Ol' Steggy says:


  95. BlackHeartGenius says:

    Old school surfer Sting

  96. Jack says:

    It’s surfer sting!

  97. straightedge47 says:


  98. Kevin Jeffrey says:


  99. Jamie says:

    Its STING!!!!

  100. Dylan says:

    Cm Punk…..just kidding Sting

  101. chris clarke says:


  102. Tranceplant says:

    It’s Sting.

  103. Shane Richardson says:


  104. TPP says:

    The man they call Sting.

  105. Philip Glover says:

    It is Sting

  106. Carl Haffenden says:


  107. Jeremiah Cone-Wyant says:

    The Man, The Icon, Sting!

  108. Jimmy says:

    It’s a man called sting da na na an man called sting

  109. Ricky Martinez says:


  110. Javier Murillo says:


  111. Nick Hillman says:


  112. Charles Porter says:


  113. Billy Fletcher says:


  114. Matt LiLoia says:

    The Icon, The Man They Call….STING

  115. Ed Pogue says:


  116. Matthew Roach says:


  117. Scott says:

    The man called Sting!

  118. Y2J fofo 03 says:


  119. Leo Celino says:


  120. Gareth Akehurst says:


  121. Ryan O'Farrell says:


  122. Ben Badger says:

    Judging from the slight blue paint on his face and blonde hair, I’m guessing it’s Sting.

  123. johnathon says:

    it’s sting

  124. jérémy Agator says:

    It’s Sting

  125. Anthony D'Alfonso says:


  126. Dillon Word says:

    That’s Sting from GAB 1990. Great match

  127. Chris Baker says:


  128. Jordan B says:

    The Man they call Sting!!!

  129. Markus says:

    This is Sting !

  130. james steinberg says:

    That would be the man…they call…Sting

  131. Steeve says:

    The answer is Sting.

  132. Andrew Lacelle says:


  133. Justin F says:

    It’s the Stinger.

  134. NickP says:

    I am guessing either Lodi, Kwee wee, or Dan Spivey.

  135. SRB says:

    Looks like Jon Heidenreich… No wait, I see some face paint and it’s versus Flair… Sting? Yes… Sting. Final answer!

  136. TedFox says:

    Thanks for the competitions. As said before, the answer is Sting.

  137. Matt says:

    I believe that’s Sting!!

  138. Alan Shore says:

    Hmmmm, I don’t think it’s CM Punk… I’ll guess Sting.

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