Win Rare WWE DVD Tonight, War Games Released Tomorrow, Ollie’s Sale

June 25, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE War Games DVD & Blu-ray

WWE will release “War Games: WCW’s Most Notorious Matches” tomorrow to the United States. Amazon have recently reduced the prices they are offering it for.

The DVD can be purchased for $19.99 and that’s found at this link.

The Blu-ray edition is now $22.99 and that’s found at this link.

You have another chance to win a rare WWE DVD tonight during Raw!

After some trawling through this messy collection…

WWE WWF DVD Collection

…a brand new, factory sealed, long out-of-print WWF TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs DVD from the Attitude Collection has been selected as the prize.

WWF TLC Attitude Collection DVD

That’s up for grabs TONIGHT while you’re watching Monday Night Raw. For your chance at winning the DVD all you’ve got to do is follow us on Twitter (@WDNcom) and tweet using the hashtag #RAWTLC at any point during the show.

When Raw goes off the air a winner will chosen at random! Entry is open worldwide.

As we’ve been mentioning on the site, a WWE DVD sale is under-way at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet stores across the United States. It’s being promoted as a “$400,000 buyout of vintage WWE DVDs”. Thanks to Jon for the images below.

WWE DVD Sale Ollie's Bargain

Just some of the deals in the sale that we’ve heard about include:

2005 PPV Rewind Box set

Blood Bath, Hogan Unreleased, Triple H King of Kings, Ladder Match, Wrestlemania 22.

Legendary Moments, Hall of Fame 2004, Summerslam 2007.

Viva Las Divas, LOW Junkyard Dog/Jerry Lawler, LOW Sgt. Slaughter/Ric Flair.

WWE DVD Sale Ollie's Bargain

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    Anybody found a 2005 PPV Box Set in the last week or so at their Ollie’s???

  2. jonah says:

    What is your username on youtube?

  3. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Went to my local Ollie’s, they had nothing worth the drive there much less worth buying…bunch of 2.99 junk. Guess you gotta be there the very first day.

  4. alan says:

    Is that chumlee the guy from the wyatt family

  5. Timothy Thorpe says:

    $30 for the 2005 rewind box set? And me with no Ollie’s to go to…. 🙁

  6. Corey Rice says:

    I saw the rewind at my Ollie’s tonight ill be back to buy the set

  7. Brian Kraemer says:

    I don’t have twitter!

    Guess another giveaway I don’t win….

    ….any confirmation on the alleged WWE hair product?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Last giveaway was using email subscription just for the record. 🙂 I try to vary it.

      There’s no WWE hair product in my pic, ha. Dunno what SRB is looking at. There’s a WrestleMania X-Seven cup in there if that’s it.

      • Brian Kraemer says:

        It is cup.. white cup by summerslam anthology..

        I will win a giveaway one day… i deserve it … 🙁

  8. SRB says:

    Tell me I did not just see that! Is that WWE hair gel on that shelf???

  9. Shane C. MOntgomery says:

    I can’t find the 2005 PPV Rewind set at my Ollies but I did find two sets at my local FYE for $49.99.