Win 6 TNA Wrestling DVDs, ‘Macho Man’ Box Set Update, Attitude Era Pricing

September 29, 2014 by Daniel Bee

TNA Bound for Glory 2013 DVD

Courtesy of, we’re giving away 6 TNA Wrestling DVDs!

Pack #1: Slammiversary XI, One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown, One Night Only: 10 Reunion

Pack #2: Bound For Glory 2013, One Night Only: Joker’s Wild, Lockdown 2013

Win 6 TNA Wrestling DVDs

All you’ve got to do is sign up to our free e-mail subscription list within the next 2 weeks (before Monday, October 13th). If you already have, then you’re already entered!

Two winners will be chosen at random to win the prize packs. The giveaway is open worldwide but please be aware that the prizes are UK TNA DVDs in Region 2 PAL format.



The planned cover artwork for the “Collector’s Edition” Randy Savage Story DVD box set has now been added to the product listing here on

The current pre-order price for the box set is $107.10. It releases on November 18th.

WWE Macho Man The Randy Savage Story DVD - Collector's Edition Box Set

As mentioned, the content of the box set will be the new “Macho Man: Randy Savage Story” DVD, the 2009 “Macho Madness” DVD, exclusive T-Shirt, bandana and sunglasses.

WWE Macho Man The Randy Savage Story DVD - Collector's Edition Box Set

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Battleground 2014 is released on DVD and Blu-ray today to fans in the UK and Europe.

Thanks to Dan Young for the first look photo below. You can grab a copy of your own right now from for £12.99 on DVD or £13.99 on Blu-ray.

WWE Battleground 2014 DVD

Today only here at, selected WWE Blu-ray discs are Buy 2, Get 1 Free!

WWE Blu-ray Sale - 3 for 2

Good news for anyone who pre-ordered “The Attitude Era Vol. 2” from Amazon recently when the Blu-ray price was only $8.98 and DVD price only $8.99. As of right now the two product listings are still active on the site and any orders for them are being honored.

WWE Attitude Era Volume 2 DVD - Amazon Low Pricing

Get it on Amazon
Get it on Amazon

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  1. morris bennett says:

    I preordered the blu ray and thru all the price changes it came down to $6.96, I didn’t cancel it and glad I didn’t. I checked a week back and the product is back on the right page and priced at only $696, so pumped for November 4th!!!!!

  2. Tony Kegger says:

    How will they know what shirt size I want?

  3. cmvag says:

    Great giveaway! 😀 TNA FTW!!!

  4. chuck sitzes says:

    love this site bought some awesome dvds and looking for more

  5. Scott says:

    My only concern with the Savage boxset from Best Buy is when I click the link to “My Orders” is takes me to the regular DVD. Thankfully the original email I got with my pre-order lists it as the “special edition”.

    • David says:

      Best Buy are notorious for canceling pre-orders, especially price errors if the difference is large. I had first hand experience with this many times with price errors on their site. I don’t usually bother anymore because they end up canceling them anyways.

      Last month i pre-ordered WWE 2k15 Hulkamania Edition online from Best buy since it was the same price as the regular edition (an error on their part). Just couple weeks ago i received an email from them saying they are canceling my order due to the price error and gave me $20 e-certificate for the inconvenience.

      Its a huge difference since the Macho Man Collectors Edition is going for about $100 and thats about a $85 difference. If it goes through then you’re lucky. Keep your fingers crossed since anything can happen between now and Nov. 17.

  6. MrHesse says:

    So far Best Buy is still honoring my Savage box set for $12.99.

  7. SRB says:

    Is that Amazon UK only? The Attitude Volume 2 price is like $35 on America Amazon. I’m confused.

  8. attitude.era.4life says:

    DAMN! for having such great offer from Freemantle, just one day short of account being filled again. 🙁

    Could’nt you make them extend it to a Blu-Meanie Tuesday, huh, Wdn guys!? 😉

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