GIVEAWAY: Win WrestleMania 17 DVD, 40 WWE DVDs On Sale This Weekend

June 1, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWF WrestleMania 17 X-Seven DVD

Let’s kick off June with a brand new giveaway…

It’s quite possibly our biggest ever as we’re giving away a copy of the original, highly sought after (and pretty valuable) WWF WrestleMania X-Seven DVD!

WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD Giveaway

The lucky winner of the giveaway will get the version suited to their country of residence – as we have Region 1 (United States & Canada), Region 2 (UK & Europe), and Region 4 (Australia) format DVDs up for grabs, as pictured above.

WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD Menu


There’s 3 simple steps to enter the WrestleMania 17 giveaway:
1) Sign up for free Email Notifications by entering your email address in the box below and following the easy steps. It’s clean and powered by Google.


2) Check your email inbox at the address you specified for a verification email and click the link in there to confirm. Only verified email addresses will be counted for the giveaway.

3) Enjoy your free email digests of our latest news and the chance to win WrestleMania 17 – you will contacted at the same email address if you are the lucky winner!



– Entries close on Saturday June 15th, 2013.
– If you previously subscribed you are already entered.
– Only real and verified email addresses are eligible.
– Winner to be selected at random.
– Strictly one entry per person (we will be checking).
– Worldwide entry is allowed and encouraged!

WWEShop Father's Day Sale

Heads up, have over 40 WWE DVDs and Blu-rays on sale (today and tomorrow only) in their Father’s Day promotion.

The Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals also end after tomorrow so jump on them while you can!

$4.99 Deals
Legacy of the AWA

$5.99 Deals
John Morrison Rock Star
Elimination Chamber 2011

$7.99 Deals
Elimination Chamber 2013
CM Punk: Best In The World
Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan

$8.99 Deals
True Story of WrestleMania

$9.99 Deals
Royal Rumble 2013
Raw 100 Moments
Falls Count Anywhere
50 Greatest Finishing Moves
nWo The Revolution
Superstar Collection: Zack Ryder
Greatest Cage Matches
The Attitude Era DVD
Bret Hart Best There Is…
Rock vs. Cena Once in a Lifetime


$11.99 Deals
Undertaker The Streak
CM Punk: Best in the World (Blu-ray)
Undertaker’s Deadliest Matches
Over the Limit 2011
Capitol Punishment 2011
The John Cena Experience
Best PPV Matches 2009-2010
Hell in a Cell 2011

$12.99 Deals
Royal Rumble 2013 (Blu-ray)
Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 2
True Story of WrestleMania (Blu-ray)
Royal Rumble 2010
Elimination Chamber 2010

$14.99 Deals
Rock vs. Cena Once in a Lifetime (Blu-ray)
The Attitude Era (Blu-ray)
Falls Count Anywhere (Blu-ray)
Extreme Rules 2011 (Blu-ray)
Hell in a Cell Anthology
Over the Limit 2011 (Blu-ray)
Elimination Chamber 2011 (Blu-ray)

$15.99 Deals
Fatal Four Way 2012

$16.99 Deals
Best of WCW Nitro Vol. 2 (Blu-ray)

$17.37 (?!) Deals
Night of Champions 2009

$19.99 Deals
Royal Rumble 2012 (Blu-ray)

$29.99 Deals
Rumble Anthology Volume 1
Rumble Anthology Volume 2
Rumble Anthology Volume 4

Click here to go to Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals at WWEShop
(use code “WWEAFFDVD” at checkout to redeem).

Click here to go to the Father’s Day sale at WWEShop.


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  1. Jeremiah Cone-Wyant says:

    Good luck to all the entrance.

  2. AD Degreez says:

    Great comp great to see oop up for grabs. Only just last week picked up a gem found royal rumble 2000 in perfect condition at a pawn shop for only $5!!!

  3. Nathan Weber says:

    I really hope I win. I never seen the whole ppv just Austin vs. Rock. I keep hearing it’s the best Wrestlemania ppv ever! I can’t wait, I really hope I win!

  4. thejmp187 says:

    Fingers crossed I win the region 1!!!!

  5. Josh Baker says:

    Fingers crossed I win the Australian one!!!

  6. PunkMyHero says:

    Great Contest! HOPE to win!

  7. Mongoose Wizard says:

    Okay it says I’m in! got my fingers crossed for this one been aiming for this classic for quite some time ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Daniel says:

    Great contest. Hope to win, but either way, a great contest for everyone. Good luck folks.

  9. Hot Rod says:

    I’m in!

  10. PizKhalifa says:

    I have never won a contest on here. Maybr that could change…

  11. John Peterson says:

    Hopefully you guys do this for other future OOP WWF DVDS.Especially for the rarer ones like Vengeance 02,Wrestlemania 16,and Judgment Day 02 even though I have it

  12. WWEFAN13 says:

    Mind telling us how you pick a winner please? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Like the article suggests, a random draw from all of the verified email addresses subscribed in 2 weeks time.

  13. Jordan says:

    pray to God I get this… this is all I need to complete my OOP attitude era wrestlemania collection (14-18)

  14. Clover_of_clubs says:

    Whoa what a prize! If I win this I wont have to watch my blurred WM 17 dvd from the WM Anthology anymore! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Antone says:

    YAY I entered hope I win 2

  16. MASON says:

    YAY I entered hope i win

  17. Brian Kraemer says:

    I’m registered! I don’t want to go 0-4 on giveaways

  18. John Peterson says:

    Hope I win a region 1 version since I live in America.Praying to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. dxrock says:

    already done fingers crossed

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