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  1. ethenhedrick11 says:

    i love the wwe attitude era i NEED this DVD

  2. danielrevan says:

    I didn’t win. How do I unregister?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Just deleted you as requested. If you want to enter future giveaways where you have to register you’ll have to do so again.

      Staying registered doesn’t mean you will get email updates or anything like that, it’s just a user account for your comment and such.

  3. robattude says:

    this is a bunch of bull crap and a conspiracy against me. I should have won

  4. Sarah G says:

    i currently have some auctions up and running on ebay with some rare stuff such as wwe vengeance 2002 dvd oop and very rare

  5. Drepac says:

    I loved the Attitude era becuase it was so relatable to everyone. I mean look at Stone Cold and Vince McMahon Everyone wanted to kick their bosses ass and everyone had boss that was always doing stuff to make them angry. Dx Was always memorable entertainment From their parodies, to the WCW Invasion, to even just playing Strip poker in the ring I mean who has ever done that. You had the Rock Layin the Smack down, and you cant Forget Crash holly Hardcore Champion 24/7 Some the best and funniest matches known to man. Everyone was the hardcore champion!! The Attitude era truly had something for everyone thateeveryone could relate in some form or fashion. It was something that can never be duplicated and it was a great time for all wrestling fans.

  6. jrscart0331 says:

    I loved the attitude era because the phrase “Anything can happen, in the World Wrestling Federation” was actually true! You never knew who Austin was going to stun, the Rock was going to lay the smack down on, or who would be running from the Brothers of Destruction! Not to mention Foley, DX, APA, Jericho… The roster was stacked, the stories were epic, and everyone was having a great time!

  7. gonnzox says:

    My reason to love wrestling once again

  8. Daniel Bee says:

    Winner randomly selected was username “DFidler87”.

    Congrats, you’ve been emailed!

    • DFidler87 says:

      I gotta admit I was completely shocked when I received the e-mail yesterday morning. This is the first time I’ve ever won anything in any contest I’ve entered. I sent an reply back via e-mail, Daniel. Thanks again.

  9. f5combo says:

    Stone Cold, Rock, DX, Undertaker, Kane, VInce Mcmahon, Triple H, Divas, Tag Teams, Hardcore and Extreme matches. Why I Love The WWE Attitude Era ..

  10. B.T. Huffman says:

    One word: ATTITUDE!!!

  11. nightmare says:

    So who won this amazing prize

  12. Isaac says:

    The Attitude Era was awesome because it brought popularity back to wrestling and the fueds were some of the most memorable in history

  13. Jake T says:

    Stone Cold!

  14. babj311 says:

    Hope Im not too late.

  15. LegendofStu says:

    I loved the attitude era because most of the “characters” were based off some type of real personality trait in that particular wrestler. We got to see off the cuff wrestling moments that seemed taboo at the time. Everything wasn’t scripted to death and because of the competition with WCW, WWF was forced to be innovative.

  16. Pee-Wee says:

    in to win probably 2 late

  17. areyouready says:

    The reason i loved the attitude era was because you just didnt know what to expect to happen from week to week and that made you tune in the next week. It was a wild rollercoaster watching the attitude era,

  18. friedrebel says:

    looks great hope i win one

  19. NewHellraiser says:

    I love the Attitude Era because it was simply the best time to be watching the WWE. I had discovered the WWE on my own, no friend telling me about it or older sibling or other family member, and the first stuff I have seen were the Attitude Era stuff. You had a large roster with new talent and veterans alike doing their best to make the show the best that it can with some of the best wrestling and pormos ever.

    You had Austin vs Vince simply the best storyline fued ever told as it was one of the easiest to believe in. You had The Rock who even back then had an attitude of a Hollywood Star in a world of wrestling, character wise at least, he belived he was better than everyone and he made sure to prove it when ever he could.

    You had The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Vader, Shawn Michaels, veterans from the older days who were now battling newer talent. They were having awesome battles with guys like Ken Shamrock, Mankind, Triple H, Big Show who were just getting the attention that they deserved.

    You had the awesome Light Heavyweight division with great talent such as TAKA Michinoku, Essa Rios, Brian Christopher, and X-Pac. These light heavyweights put on great shows ehen ever they wrestled and showed the world that they could fly.

    The Tag Team Division was at it’s absolute best during these years. The Accolytes, New Age Outlaws, Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack, LOD 2000, Kai-En-Tai, The Hardyz, Edge & Christian, The Dudley Boys, Albert & Droz, The Headbangers, Mideon and Viscera. a lot of great tag teams. A rich division that allowed for a constant battle for the Tag Titles. A battle that would lead to the first ever Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Tag Team gold at WrestleMania 2000 in a match that stole the show.

    Steve Blackman made the Hardcore Championship mean something during this time. The matches he would have with guys like Bossman, Shane McMahon, The Mean Street Posse, Crash Holly, Hardcore Holly etc… these were guys that made Hardcore Fighting entertaining as well as athletic competions. They may not have always been a classic but you remembered them.

    You had the debut of characters like Kane. A monster heel that has been able to stand the test of time and survive as a monster in the wrestling business. You had the debut of The Dudleys, Y2J Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Beniot, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, The Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, William Regal, Tajiri, and so many more.

    It was simply an exciting time to be a fan of the WWE because there was ALWAYS something happening and ALWAYS something to talk about until the next weeks RAW is WAR. While most people were waiting for the weekend I would always be waiting for Monday Night to roll around so I could watch the best show on Earth. The World Wrestling Federation’s Monday Night Prime Time show RAW is WAR.

  20. liverpool1892 says:

    I loved the attitude because it made the WWE feel more realistic and more edgy and compelling which made you want to watch it every week.

  21. briancruz says:

    I loved the “Attitude” Era because it ended the “Occupation” Era. No more race car drivers, trash men, clowns, etc.

  22. Matrarch says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because it was the first time I was actually driven to watch wrestling from week to week. Edgy stories and some pretty good wrestling, too. Winning combination

  23. Big-Ell says:

    The best thing about the Attitude Era by far was that you never knew what was going to happen. My favorite memories for some reason consist of Crash Holly defending the Hardcore Title 24/7 throughout the whole show. Ahhh….good times.

  24. megalinkv2 says:

    As bad as it sounds I grew up with the attitude era, watching anything from the late 90s always brings back fond memories for me. Something about that edginess, and the way the crowds were always red hot is always fun to watch.

  25. Mike says:

    Would love this!!

  26. Rick_V says:

    I didn’t watch during the Attitude Era, but I’ve watched content on Youtube and done my homework. I now truly see why it’s considered the greatest period in pro-wrestling history. I’d love to watch great content I have yet to view on HD quality!

  27. rockphantom says:

    The Attitude Era was the brightest spot of the dismal decade known as the 1990s. The Monday Night War between WWF and WCW kept me going during those dark times! I’d LOVE to relive this magical era one more time with the Attitude Era Blu-Ray!

  28. Stine_Renee says:

    Attitude Era was bad a**!! Austin’s beer truck v Angle’s milk truck!!! Austin almost getting shot!! Stinsky punting a baby!! Omg… Amazing!!

  29. Adam says:

    Loved watching the Attitude Era growing up and it would be great to re-live it!

  30. Brandon says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because of great stars like Stone Cold, The Rock, and Mankind!

  31. Micmaz34 says:

    I would love the Attirude Era blu because I haven’t seen it yet, I’m a region a….please pick me!

  32. Disc says:

    You love the Attitude Era so much that you haven’t even got this set yet? What a joke

  33. danielrevan says:

    The Attitude Era was awesome because WWE gave the fans what they wanted. Unlike the PG Era, which has been characterized by force-feeding fan favorites and insulting the intelligence of the fans.

  34. Disc says:

    You all claim to collect all WWE DVD/Blu-ray’s but yet there is 150 and counting of you that must not own this release yet!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      This isn’t the place for negativity. How do you know that everybody who commented here claim they collect every release? You don’t. It’d also be naive to think everybody commenting definitely does not already own it. I’m sure many would try for a free prize for just leaving a comment even if they own it already. Can’t really blame ’em.

  35. theWWENate says:

    The Attitude Era… I mean… How can you even sum it up? Daring. Different. Amazing. It was the greatest time in WWE. Innovative storylines, blood, twists & turns, fun characters, & a Divas Division that mattered. It was an awesome time to say the least.

  36. Daveyboysmithmark says:

    I loved the “WWF” attitude era because it was simply that damn good. It was a time when even so called jobbers were held in high regard with the fans everybody was a star in their own ways…….whats not to love about that?

  37. hbkhhh says:

    I love all wwe!!! The attitude era defined a uniqueness!!! DX WAS BORN!!!!

  38. ahmed megahed says:

    Loved it because it showed us the era that revolutionized wrestling forever without that era there would be no wwe today!

  39. ShockMaster says:

    I grew up on The Attitude Era. From DX to The Nation, Bret hating America to Austin 3:16. So many amazing moments that I will forever treasure. Id love to win this to show it to my girlfriends son. He is a new fan who has asked me about the attitude era. Would love to show it to him because I know we would both love it.

  40. kori davis says:

    I honestly loved the attitude era! It was mostly about the wrestling and they didn’t care what they did! Especially stone cold. And the divas weren’t all about the looks, they were about wrestling even wrestling the guys..

  41. SgtPepper619 says:

    Though the era happend when i was too young to watch. I’ve seen lots of moments from this period of time and I got to say , it kicks the pg era ass. From the birth of dx to mankind winning his first championship, the attitude era was a roller coaster ride that gave the finger to the brakes. This I way I’m proud to be a wrestling fan.

  42. Dorian Addison says:

    I loved the attitude era!!!! The attitude era brought a unique style wrestling. Its unpredictable ability make it fun and made fans feel they were involve with the product and not just spectators. It created new superstars and Jim Ross make feel every emotional in the ring.

  43. melomesh says:

    This was the ERA of WWF/WWE that got me hooked! Every story line was outrageous & Stone Cold was my world! I want to share, what I believe to be the best ERA, with my son & let him experience legends in one dvd. Attitude or nothing!!!

  44. Shant826 says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because it was time where there was NO LIMITS. It screamed into our living rooms every week and gave a show every week with WrestleMania quality. And honestly for me Austin and the Rock gave me so much strength to stand up for myself and be who I want to be. So to those guys and to the Attitude Era here’s to ya cheers!!!!

  45. aftergone says:

    I loved the attitude era due to the fact there was something for everyone. Didn’t like Stone Cold, The Rock, HHH etc? Then there were the tag teams tearing it up or guys like Jericho, Angle and Benoit putting on great I.C. title matches.
    You also knew you were watching future main eventers being created all around.

  46. hackett98 says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because the crowds were hot, the wrestling was different and the characters were exciting.

  47. Phenomenalfofo03 says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because with this era i fall in love with the wrestling. I remember every weekend saw with my brother Raw and Smackdown in the 2000 and the 2001 (in weekend’s because i live in Costa Rica). Since the matches between Austin and The Rock, The Hardys, E & C, Angle, Benoit and Jericho i loved the attitude era. I still watch wrestling and for me if doesn’t matter is the quality is not so good because i still loved since the fist time i saw the WWE.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  48. Sw12005 says:

    The Attitude era was amazing, It really Reflected society, I Loved Characters like Dude Love, The Big Boss Man & The Brood.I was in Jr. high School at that time. Everyone I know loved WWF, even my teachers, Every time i watch any footage, or talk about the attitude era, I’m instantly reminded of the good times and great memories in my life. Who needs a time machine, when I can watch this Blu-Ray.

  49. Dylan Villa says:

    I want to win guys. Pick me!

  50. Jordan B says:

    Awesome concept guys…. keep up the good work

  51. Jayke1981 says:

    The Attitude is defined for me the day Stone Cold won King of The Ring. All the talent started getting edgier. and then certain talent left. and when when HE left, it was like grumpy grandad has shuffled off this mortal coil, its now time to have to fun. We had storylines that we loved (Austin/McMahon, Corporate Ministry/ Helmsley-McMahon Era) we had stories that had the WTF factor (Mark Henry/Mae Young, Katie Vick, ) We had The Monday Night Wars, and then we had the rise of new talent and more importantly new innovations, (Hell In A Cell, TLC). The was more TV time than ever before (Birth of SmackDown, Sunday Night Heat, Velocity) Merchandise was getter bigger and better, catchphrases, Jerry Lawler and his quest to see ‘Puppies’ WWE evolved from a family friendly product to an edgier Mature teen product as the family friendly kids grew up. The 80s only had a handful of major stars…the 90s had buckets, many of whom are still in the business. When it comes to eras, Rock. ‘N’ Wrestling, Attitude, WWE(PG) Attitude will always stand out as THE BEST era in the WWE’s history…BAR NONE!

  52. shadowcyke says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because WCW forced WWE to create the most entertaining product they possibly could.

  53. bossmanjr says:

    I loved the Attitude era because of Big Bossman, he was such a great heel that made it exciting to see what he would do next during the Attitude era!

  54. rockthemullet says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because it felt more real than any other era. We all obviously know wrestling is scripted and that basically everything that happened was planned, but something about watching at that time felt like anything could happen. We never knew what to expect and the roster was big enough that wrestlers weren’t overexposed. For better or for worse, it changed the business forever.

  55. ChadWWE says:

    I’d love to have the bluray, already picked up the DVD exclusive at Best Buy. The area was great because it ushered in my favorite area. There were a lot of TV to enjoy without being overloaded by as much as we are today. Thanks for the opportunity.

  56. davidX says:

    In a lot of ways, the WWE “grew up” into the attitude era just as I “grew up” into the first stages of manhood. It was a nice transition, going from the more PG moments, to something more mature.

    Additionally, the attitude era was really the only era I can think of when everyone seemed to be a fan. Gone were the days of “closet” wrestling fans. Instead, you could go to school, and know there’d be a ton of people ready to talk about what happened during the last episode of RAW.

    Additionally, there were several top angles going on during that time, The Austin Vs McMahon feud, DX Vs Nation feud, the Mankind-McMahon angle, and the McMahon-Helmsly regime, to name a few. In many of those angles are major moments as well including Mankind winning the world title, DX “invading” WCW, and even Vince McMahon buying out WCW (which many felt along with Wrestlemania 17 was the end of the attitude era).

    I think fondly of these angles, moments, as well as the matches involved with them, and look forward to seeing them again.

  57. TakerFan2013 says:

    This is by far my favorite era in WWE and i loved the storylines that made it so historic…Austin vs Rock, Mankind vs Rock, Undertaker vs Kane…Ministry vs Corporation…to go back and relive these historic memories is awesome

  58. Clover says:

    The Reason why I love the attitude era is because It made me a wrestling fan. Another reason why I adore the attitude era is because it helped The Rock, Stone Colde Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Undertaker, Al Snow, Hardcore Holly, Test, Crash Holly and so many other personalities become household names.

  59. DXBooking says:

    The Attitude Era had heart and soul behind their product. You could tell they were really trying to make the whole show count, not just the segments with the main event scene.

  60. flight22 says:

    The attitude era had some of the best talent that the world will ever see. They were real and edgy. They gave the viewer a taste of realism with all their escapades and shoots.

  61. mohr365 says:

    One word… PUPPIES!!!!!

  62. Methos20 says:

    I loved the Attitude Era for two reasons really: Firstly it was when I started watching wrestling so it will always stay with me as a special time of wrestling and secondly, my late nan use to be a huge Stone Cold fan and she introduced me to wrestling during the attitude era so whenever I watch old footage especially that of Stone Cold I think of her.

  63. rip378 says:

    While Hart and HBK have always been my faves, there was so much about the 1993-1997 era that was unwatchable. The attitude era made all those years of being a fan pay off with great excitement and drama every week and ppv. Mondays became can’t miss, appointment television that appealed to new fans and people who swore to never watch. The passion, creativity and drive to take down WCW was a joy to behold.

  64. BuzzTNA says:

    The Attitude Era was a great time to be a wrestling fan because every week regardless which promotion you were watching there was a special atmosphere in the arena and buzz around the business was at a level we may never see again.

    The WWF in the late 90’s had everything, which connected with not only wrestling fans but the general public and they all ages of celebrities wanting to be apart of the company.

    The roster was full of talent many of whom who came from other promotions but once they got to the WWF because the product was at such a high standard they raised their games and connected which the audience at that time. Every division had something you could get your teeth into, and it was being called by arguably the greatest commentary team of all team which had a chemistry together which was something that will never be replicated.

    Off screen they had everything too, wherever it was the marketing department who designed some of the coolest products every in wrestling, or it was Jim Johnson who created some of the most iconic entrance themes of all time.

    Great times! Oh and The Godfather use to come out with some magnificent hoes every week….

  65. John Domyan says:

    The Attitude Era was the greatest era in sports entertainment, hands down. The Monday Night Wars were the best!

  66. Daviddt2 says:

    Grew up watching wrestling during the attitude era, was without a doubt the best time to be a wrestling fan because you had the two major promotions going head-to-head in the ratings battle. Never knew what was going to happen and it made major stars! I always remember watching and then the next day at school talking to my friends about what happened the night before! My favorite moments during attitude era would have to be Austin vs McMahon and the DX invade WCW. You really don’t get this kind of stuff like this in wrestling anymore. But it’s still great to watch. I’m glad I’m a fan of this!!

  67. michaelm25 says:

    I love the wwf Attitude era because I have been their ever sience the Era began

  68. stinga says:

    gripping tv! they would set main events at the start of raw and then the next 2 hours would be build up for the main event.

  69. tcplatypus says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because I never had any idea what would happen on any given night, but I always knew I would be blown away at least once. The anticipation for Monday nights was great.

    Big money, big money, no whammies…

  70. DawnX says:

    I love the attitude era because you never knew what to expect from Stone Cold and beer baths to The Undertaker hanging Big Bossman from a Hell In A Cell.. every time you watched you were guaranteed to enjoy what you saw.
    Like a lot of people I grew up watching the Attitude Era and with this bluray it’ll be great to go back and visit some of those moments again.

  71. terminator says:

    I love the Attitude Era because of the great action and promos.

  72. reyrey says:

    Like many of you guys here,I grew up watching Attitude Era. Catch phrases of guys like Rocky, Dx and Austin were classic. Their rivaliries were like nothing before or since. Those of us you were kids then have a hard time watching PG era. We simply can’t get on board with Johny Cenaminator as the face of the company :)) Thats why this Blu Ray will bring guys like us so much fun. Those days are gone , but thanks to this set we can relieve moments that, brought us so much fun those days.

    Thx in advance to anyone who cared to read my post.

  73. philrock90 says:

    The Attitude Era is one of the most defining eras in sports entertainment it had the best selection of superstars/divas at the time it had exciting and crazy storys and feuds we had stone cold the rock, triple h, edge and christian, the hardy boyz, we had the best tag teams at the time best wwf champs also let’s not forget the most memorable feud between WCW/ECW & WWF which can never be topped also i started watching from late 1997 onwards so i started watching during the perfect time and ever since i’ve never looked back this Blu Ray set also seems to cover everything even the most random moments during the attitude era personally i felt that 2001 captures the best moments in the attitude era all ppvs were on top form also Raw/Smackdown were always exciting the audience were always on fire superstars getting huge pops and we had some of the most memorable matches ever also we saw the rise of one of my personal fave superstars which is Chris Jericho we also had Stone Cold turn his back on WWF one of the biggest twists ever and of course how can we get the outrageous yet hilarious DX always entertaining weekly awesome era in my opinion which can never be replaced and never be repeated it will always be a stand out era to anyone who has watched it

  74. Phil says:

    I loved the attitude era because there were no limits. You never knew what you would see next. You did not know how far they would push the envelope. From DX to Stone Cold to the Godfather and his hoes there was nothing like the atttude era.

  75. Ratt says:

    The Attitude era was great, as the WWF finally grew up from the cartoon eras prior to it. And that’s the bottom line, cos Stone Cold said so…

  76. John says:

    Now you see, you give away a DVD, you get a few replies, you give away a blu-ray, you get many replies so stop giving away DVDs!

  77. David-Sinn says:

    The Attitude era is the definition of most of our childhood if you grew up in the late 90’s. My old man watched the horsemen growing up i watched DX. My buddy and i would try to re-enact the austin/rock promo from Wrestlemania 17, we’d have coke cans pretending it was a beer and during the song My Way when the song goes slow “Just one…” we do the stare off, he’d hit one can, id hit the other, then BAM! Chorus kicks off again, were goin at it, his parents are getting pissed. Lol good times.

  78. NorthBayfan001 says:

    The Attitude era changed pro wrestling even more that the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling era imo.

    Nothing in wrestling can ever compare to Austin winning the WWF title.

  79. Jeff says:

    Stars were born and memories solidified during this time. WWF had to bring it because WCW was just as good at the time. 5 solid hours of wrestling every Monday night. My agenda for Mondays: Get out of work, go to the store, get a bunch of junk food, go home, burn down:), smoke 2 cigarettes, walk in the door just as the Nitro replay was starting on TNT, watch RAW IS WAR that I taped from earlier afterwards. That was before wife, kids, and responsibility in general. I dont think it will ever get as good as that again. Thank God for the Attitude Era!!

  80. scott says:


  81. punkette says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because that was when I first starting watching WWE (or WWF as it was then), and it was great, I was hooked! People at school mocked me for it but once I convinced them to watch some of my Raw videos (VHS!!), they were hooked too!

  82. hump3716 says:

    it pushed the envelope and made the wwf “cool”, gone were the days of looking away in embarrassment at doink the clown made his way to the ring we suddenly had stone cold, the rock, mick foley, dx characters we could relate to and of course plenty of T and a , the odd swear word, beer baths, hardcore matches and catchphrases galore.. long live the attitude era !

  83. scott says:


  84. Suleman Khan says:

    The attitude era was great as there was no limit or restrictions to the things they did. The insults weren’t PG (e.g. fruity pebbles) and the fights weren’t stale. Even the weekly Raw matches were as interesting, and sometimes even more, as the PPV fights which doesn’t happen now. Plus you had stars like stone cold, the rock, hhh, etc.

  85. TMG85 says:

    I loved the Attitude era because it was a time when the WWE was changing, I was around 12/13 when it started so it was the then WWF growing up with me which made it kinda cool. No other era had more stars going for the top prize, there wasn’t one or two major stars selling out the shows you had at least 10 or more fighting to be the top guy which made the product better! No other era will make stars like Stone Cold, Rock, Triple H & others at once ever again, it was the coolest & best time to be a wrestling fan!

  86. steve_916 says:

    The Attitude Era was awesome because all the characters had a storyline.

  87. 123ollie123 says:

    Simple – the attitude era was awesome because it had ATTITUDE and STONE COLD STONE COLD STONE SOLD!!

  88. goc says:

    I loved the attitude era because it had the rise of the biggest superstars in the wwe. And it also helped with winning the monday night war against wcw, and putting them out of business.

  89. Hot Rod says:

    The reason I loved the Attitude Era the most is simply because it was the Era that I grew up with, those days were the best days of my life where going to school everyday was fun because all my friends wanted to talk about the exciting things that happened on Raw the next before. It was also a time where I could actually look at the date and actually be damn glad that it’s Monday! The Attitude Era is the greatest era of all time.

  90. orlo365 says:

    it was a hell of a lot of fun to watch fast enjoyable

  91. sat54 says:

    I loved the attitude era because it wasn’t PG and it was in your face

  92. nightmare says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because it was something different and way ahead of it’s time .It was like watching a action movie and soap Opera in one .I mean they had some of the most amazing things ever done .Like The Brood nobody could ever top that entrance even today .The WWE stars had alot more fun and it showed in the product .

    It made Star Like Stone Cold and The Rock and Vince and DX and the Undertaker without that era these Stars would not have become some of the greatest wrestler ever today

    i really wish it was back

  93. finalrev says:

    The stars of the Attitude Era was the best thing about it. Regardless of the actual content, there has not been another era with the same level of charismatic stars, past or present.

  94. Stoopid Head says:

    The Attitude Era shows what WWE can do when real competition exists. WCW was at its’ peak and came very close to completely overthrowing McMahon. WWE had to be their best to compete and the Attitude Era reflects that.

  95. Aero1515 says:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin is why I loved the Attitude Era. I always loved wrestling at some level or another, but Austin is the guy who really brought me back into the fold.

  96. The awesomeness of the attitude era can be summed up with two words….Stone Cold!

  97. TDForm says:

    The Attitude Era was as outrageous as it was creative. The unpredictability made you tune in week to week, never knowing what will happen next. It blurred the lines of reality and was a welcome change from the cookie cutter ways of the 80s. Growing up as a big wrestling fan, it was nice to see them finally grow up with me.

  98. Sasha says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because of the writing, and talent. Simply put it was the most well written period in WWE history, and everyone was given something to do, everyone had a story, or a feud or something going on so there was always something to offer. That’s another thing, diversity. No matter who you were as a person, their was so many gimmicks that were unique from everything else, their was something for everyone. The talent at this time was also stellar for the most part, and even if they weren’t, the writing, booking and characters were usually good enough that you could still have the least talented person be so entertaining to watch. I miss those days all the time, I’m even typing this as I’m watching Rock Bottom 1998 for the first time in 7 or so years (last time was VHS). Nothing will come close to that period of time (I generally consider it to be Oct/Nov 97 – WrestleMania 17/April 01) and everyone who lived through it, grew up with it will forever cherish that time as they know how truly special it was.

  99. Jason_Q says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because every week on Raw something awesomely insane would happen. Whether it was Stone Cold dressing up like a doctor so he could beat up Vince, to Val Venis having a vignette with Jenna Jameson. WWE’s Attitude Era brought me back into wrestling and made me a life long fan!

  100. RWW2010 says:

    The attitude era was awesome because it was a great time for wrestling. My favorite ppv from the attitude era is summerslam 2000. The divas were the best back then.

  101. shezlak says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because it was unpredictable, you never knew what was going to happen next, or how far things would be pushed! This is the era that current wrestling fans will tell stories about to their children!

  102. JamesS77 says:

    The unpredictability of the Attitude era was what made it so great…literally ANYTHING could happen on the show, and the wrestling was top notch!

  103. grittynotpretty says:

    The attitude era was my favourite era in wrestling. Once I started watching in 1999 I knew this would be something that would be a huge part of my life, and 14 years later : it still is. I will be attending my 4th wrestlemania this year & winning this would make my week.

  104. stestaman says:

    great wrestler and storyline in this era

  105. mikesarican13 says:

    I used to watch it with my uncle all the time and bonded over it. It was less predictable than now,blus more violence. Oh you didn’t know your ass better call somebody!!!!!!

  106. megamailman says:

    I started watching wrestling in 2007, and I always loved watching the footage from the Attitude era. The first wwe dvd I got was the legacy of stone cold Steve Austin, and his matches are what got me to love the attitude era.

  107. HodgsonTNARoX says:

    The attitude era was amazing. That’s when I started watching and then’s when my dad did as well. We watched together. IT was AWESOME!

  108. theundertaker82 says:

    I have been watching WWE/F since 87. I was never popular growing up, like many can relate to. With the heights professional wrestling reached during the Attitude Era it finally game me the opportunity to share one of my favorite passions with others. There were more fans, better product, and a lot more excitement. If it goes to me, I got two words for ya, “Thank You”.

  109. mattific says:

    Wrestling finally had its place in culture, a rebellious, groundbreaking, dangerous place…

  110. WWEChamp1021 says:


  111. parktrojan98 says:

    Austin Vs. Rock…enough said

  112. LocuraMortal says:

    Who wouldn’t love evolution of a business which was stuck in the 80’s. It was about time something was done…

  113. MickEiA says:

    The attitude era was great because there was a lot of competition between wrestling promotions so each had to push the boundaries to get the edge which allowed wrestling as a whole improve. WWE had to find new talent which they did with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin which would go on to be two of WWE’s best of all time.

  114. odor31 says:

    This is me leaving an official comment so I can try to win the Attitude Era DVD. Oh hellllllll yeah! 70 people commented? My chances are higher than Jack Swagger!

  115. thewwefan101 says:

    i am a new wrestling fan and wanna know more about the attitude era

  116. RazorwireRyan says:

    Great giveaway. I loved the Attitude Era, mainly because it’s when I first started watching, it’s that era that hooked me in. I don’t know if I would’ve been grabbed as much with wrestling today as I was back in the 90s. It was a sign of the times also, everything was getting edgier, it just fit in with everything else that was going on in music, television and the rest of it.

    It’s been analysed endlessly so I won’t bother trying to dissect it but one thing you can say that the Attitude Era had, was that everyone on the show had a purpose. Something that’s definitely lacking today. All the mid carders were getting huge pops because they were getting the attention, airtime and purpose that gave the audience a bigger reason to invest in their characters. You’ll also never see that group of talent again. Stone Cold, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Triple H, The Rock? Forget about it. THAT was once in a lifetime.

  117. rydiddy says:

    I love this site and these giveaways are great. Hopefully I might be the lucky winner one day.

    • rydiddy says:

      Forgot to put why I loved the attitude era, I loved it because I was 13 in 98 and as a wrestling fan we were the only people that loved that it was monday. It was the longest day at school but I couldnt wait for raw to come on it was just so exciting and they left you hangin on your seat every raw

  118. keatswell says:

    I loved the wwf attitude era because it made wrestling fun and relevant at a time everyone was talking about the wwf product

  119. hitman2782 says:

    i loved the Attitude Era because it got me back in to wrestling having watched it from wresltemania one up till number 8 i lost intest ,,but once i flicked on tv and saw stone cold ,dx and the others i was hooked again

  120. stevie-punk says:

    Simply put, i loved the attitude era since it brings back memories of when i was a kid, no more than 8 or 9, watching steve austin, undertaker and the rock battle it out week in week out. Takes me back to going around my friends house and being a child believing what we saw was real. All these years later i have got back into wrestling and love it more than ever, but that child inside of me still wants to remember what it was like back when i was younger.

  121. Antone says:

    Even though the attitude era had terrible matches until early 2000,this era has some of the greatest promos and segments off all time. The stuff that happened during the attitude era will remain an important part of wrestling history.

  122. JDM2119 says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because the WWF/E was backed against the wall with the pressure from Nitro and the NWO and they responded, they found new young talent, great storylines and got back on top, the Attitude Era showed that not only was wrestling as strong as it had every been but that it could reach heights not seen before.

  123. patreeeek says:

    The Attitude Era was an incredible time to be a pro wrestling fan. The WWF was pushing new stars to the top after almost everyone jumped ship to WCW. These new stars made the WWF product worth watching. It was entertaining to see guys like Steve Austin, The Rock, and Triple H rise and become champs. This era was super unpredictable. It seemed with every pay-per-view you’d never know what the outcome would be. I have some of the fondest memories of my childhood watching during this time and this blu-ray would not only be a great addition to my wrestling DVD collection, but a great addition to my life!

  124. NFWAKerr says:

    My favorite Match of the Attitude Era: Mankind vs. Undertaker, HELL IN A CELL, 1998 King of the Ring ( I was there)

    My favorite Superstar of the Attitude Era: Stone Cold Steve Austin

    My favorite Segment of the Attitude Era: Tyson and Austin! “You’re out here callin’ yourself ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet.’ Right now, you’ve got your little beady eyes locked on the eyes of THEE. WORLD’S. TOUGHEST. SONOFABITCH! Do I think you can beat my ass? HELL NO. Do I think I can beat your ass? WHY HELLLLLL YEAAAAAH!”

  125. stratoblackmore says:

    I loved the WWF Attitude era because it was unpredictable, with storylines that blew our minds away. Also there was a lot of talent , Stone Cold, Triple H, Undertaker, Kane, The Rock, Mankind, Jericho, Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Kurt Angle, Edge, Christian, Hardy Boyz, Dudleys wooow that was a great roster. I think that this era will never, and I mean eeeeeveeeeer will be back again. I would love to had this awesome piece of history.

    Greetings from Santiago Chile

  126. Markus says:

    I loved the Attidude Era because WWE changed their direction to a better way and developed new stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, DX, The Rock and many fresh and new wrestlers like Edge or Christian. This time in WWE history was a time with great matches and feuds like the whole Tag Team Division with the TLC Matches and everything and rivaleries between stars like Austin and Rock or Undertaker and Kane. It was a very good time for a wrestling fan.
    Brilliant ratings, great storylines, good wrestling – I love it.

  127. Johnny-B.-Badd says:

    I think overall when you boil it down, the Attitude Era comes down to one thing….well, attitude. But more specifically, character. Unlike today, where we have so many fillers and “developmental” talent, back then, everyone had a character. Every member on the roster mattered and played their own part. Sure there were jobbers, but character alone made up for any lack of wrestling skill, and those on the undercard were just as entertaining and exciting to watch than the main eventers, if not more so. I mean come on, we had a pimp, a porn star, a stable of freaks, the hardcore division, and even old ladies being put through tables. It didn’t matter whether you were a fan or not – every Tuesday morning you knew what had happened on Raw the night before. You argued over what was more entertaining or shocking, whether it was Austin’s latest attack on Mr. McMahon and the Corporation or Mankind’s latest boiler room stunt that should have left him permanently disabled. Nothing was boring, there was much less filler like there is today, and the roster was just so vibrant and diverse. And while we all may sit here and long for the nostalgia of the past while scratching our heads and falling asleep on today’s product, if not for the attitude era, the WWE we know today may not have even continued to exist. Like most people on here, I grew up in this era, with these characters, and I thank this important time for allowing pro wrestling itself, WWE or not, to be such a large part of my life today.

  128. 124413 says:

    I loved the attitude era because it proved that when WWE was down it was not beaten. WCW was on top and the attitude era rose to prominence and showed who was truly the #1 wrestling promotion in the world. Vince is a genius!

  129. MattDDK says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because it was so different. It was risky and on the edge, which was not what wrestling fans were used to. It provided for great entertainment and still does today. It provided amazing competition for WCW during the Monday night wars as well.

  130. mokarmus says:

    New register here. Attitude Era will always be a time, to me, when the whole show was entertaining. It wasn’t just about two or three top guys. And the story content kept you watching each week

  131. SamCFC96 says:

    For me the Attitude Era was a time where all wrestling fans could rejoice and just talk about what they love and that is professional wrestling.
    It was a time where many of the greatest wrestlers of all time were at their peak such as The Rock,Triple H, The Undertaker and the mighty STONE COLD!. It was also important in the development of younger stars such as Edge and Christian who have went on to have brilliant careers, these are just a few reasons why I loved the Attitude Era and it will go down as the time where Wrestling was at it’s finest with matches and rivalries that will never be forgotten.

  132. BJSFE says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because they pushed everything to the limit. They made their storylines funny and interesting but at the same time serious and emotionel.

  133. Mikey T says:

    The Attitude Era was awesome cause it pushed wrestling to the limits and it’s something that’ll never be seen again in this politically correct and PG environment.

  134. marauderartemis says:

    The attitude era was a great mix of characters, wrestling, storylines, and suspense all wrapped in one amazing package! The variety of the time allowed everyone who watched to enjoy something.

  135. TheChamp617 says:

    I loved the attitude era because of the feeling that anything could happen.

  136. the123kidman says:

    I loved the attitude era because it is what I grew up watching.

  137. RhysA95 says:

    I loved the attitude era because it changed the landscape of pro wrestling and paved the way for great wrestlers. 🙂

  138. johnnykool327 says:

    I loved the attitude era because of the Hart brothers. Bret and Owen were, in my opinion, the best of that time. In ring and out.

  139. Kurt says:

    I love the Attitude Era because of the competition between the WWF and WCW. Both sides were trying to outdo the other, and we the fans were the winners.

  140. Matt says:

    This was probably my personal favorite dvd set wwe has released that doesn’t have any wwf blurs or logo edits…and to include key moments like the stone cold-undertaker rivalry, mankind vs the rock, it was by far my favorite set…all i’m praying for now is a volume 2!!!!!

  141. neverAcquiesce says:

    I loved the Attitude Era because it made me believe TAKA Michinoku could actually beat Triple H for the WWF Championship. Making every character believable and important was the key feature of the Attitude Era.

  142. TheVinnyM says:

    I love that everyone had a solid character, and the backstage interactions made a lot more sense.

  143. toysintheattic says:

    I think the main reason I loved the Attitude Era was because every wrestler had their own character and personality. There were no run-of-the-mill generic “superstars”. From Austin, Rock, Foley and DX all the way to Crash Holly, Kaientai and Gillberg – everyone was unique! It certainly was an incredible time to be a fan. An era that will never be forgotten.

  144. Hbkid718 says:

    The Attitude Era was awesome because Vince didn’t care about offending anyone or any group. He pushed the envelope so far. It was cool to be a wrestling fan then.

  145. indyfan says:

    The Attitude Era ruled because it was the best time in pro wrestling history!!! It had action , great comedy, great drama .Loved it!!

  146. wwefan4ever says:

    what i love about the attiude era the most was the storylines they were always intersesting and keep you wondering what was goin to happen also all the over the top wrestlers were awesome plain and simple just better booking all the way around

  147. DonutHolschtein says:

    My favorite part of the attitude era? Brian F’n Pillman!! Not to mention Shawn Michaels and Triple H cracking me up with their wild antics, Bret Hart playing heel in the US and face in Canada, amazingly played!

  148. SMJernigan says:

    Anything involving The HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels makes any attitude fantastic!!!

  149. robattude says:

    the release of this blu-ray and having a chance of winning this release, have forced me to unleash my ROBATTUDE.

    also the attitude era may or may not have influenced me to power bomb a classmate onto a filing cabinet in auto class

  150. TamSamuel says:

    One word – Austin!

  151. crazyrocko says:

    My favorite part about the Attitude Era was the over the top characters. You had pimps, porn stars, grown men telling people to fellate them while karate chopping their private parts, a Satanic cult, a vampire, gold encrusted perverts. And then there was Stone Cold and The Rock. Nothing needs to be said there.

  152. LaCourse88 says:

    Simple.. The attitude era takes me back to my childhood. For me it was and will always be the best era in WWE history.

  153. daveambrose says:

    I was born 5 days before mankind got thrown off the cell. I didn’t start watching wwe untill 2003. I discoverd the attitude era but didn’t really understand it untill a couple years ago. What I liked about the attitude era is that it saved the wwe from perhaps ending. If it wasn’t for the attitude era we wouldn’t be watching right now

  154. brodus_clay says:

    One word… DX

  155. johnservice says:

    I first got into wrestling during the Attitude era (early 1999). Some of my favourite WWE matches of all time were during the Attitude era, and I remember being blown away as a kid by matches like Mankind/Rock at Royal Rumble 99 and then Austin/Rock at WrestleMania. If it wasn’t for the Attitiude era I doubt I would ever have become a wrestling fan.

  156. brandonsears says:

    I loved the Attitude Era for the simple reason that it really felt like must-see TV. I also didn’t have regular access to the internet so I wasn’t aware of any rumors about guys jumping ship from company to company. When Jericho showed up on RAW, I had no idea he had even signed or was planning to move to the WWF.

  157. Ryan says:

    When asked about the fingerpoke of doom, being able to say “nope, that was the other company.”

  158. jeanca316 says:

    The attitude era was the best of all generations in both characters and fight in battles, besides the factions that emerged at that time were the best. Also it was a great champion who won almost all their fiefdoms and that was the rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. Oh Hell Yeah …..

  159. nocomments87 says:

    The Attitude Era truly had something for everyone. The longtime fans had a great roster of wrestlers to watch in action every week. New fans had great storylines and segments to enjoy. Not to mention, everyone on the roster served a purpose. No one was left behind. That’s where WCW fell short, and ECW just couldn’t keep up, despite being the originators in a way…

  160. TamSamuel says:

    One word – Austin.

  161. DrawingFTW says:

    I liked the Attitude Era because of the simple fact that so many things were happening. You could watch for the matches, or you could watch for the storylines. It was just so good for so many different people and I doubt that WWE today is going to be able to reach where it reached before.

  162. zoasis9 says:

    I LOVED the Attitude Era for the innovation of each event from Survivor Series 1997 to Wrestlemania XV. The Montreal screw job showed us to not trust anybody, a saying Stone Cold taught us each Monday night as he rose hell on the boss. Unforgiven showed us to not play with fire if our name was Kane. King of the Ring proved that legends can be made or destroyed with a fall from grace. Deadly Games then showed that a people’s champ is always first and foremost, a corporate champ. INNOVATIVE is how I remember the lovely Attitude Era!

  163. robwwefan92 says:

    Im a big fan of tag team wrestling and thats something the additude era had plenty of

  164. BLeClair12 says:

    I first got into wrestling at the height of the Attitude era (late 1998). I was blown away by the over the top personalities, the constant pushing of the proverbial envelope, and the way everything seemed to be so larger than life. It was a fantastic time to be a wrestling fan, and I’m forever grateful I stumbled upon it at the time that I did.

  165. kurtrussell says:

    Mick Foley getting thrown off the hell in a cell by The Undertaker reignited my love for wrestling. I’d stopped watching it for many years but when I saw that I just couldn’t believe how much it had changed. Been hooked ever since.

  166. coderip12 says:

    The Attitude Era to me, is what defines who I am today and my love for wrestling. Once the ratings war began between WCW and WWE, the Era of Attitude began. This opened up the doors for superstars to be themselves and let the WWE Universe know who they are and how they operate. The Attitude Era pushed so many limits with its edgy storylines and promiscuous divas, that it made me want to tune in every week to see what kind of havoc Steve Austin was reeking on Mr. McMahon, or see who DX would make fun of next. DX was a big part of the Attitude Era to me. You had a stable that was basically a super group. You’ve got Chyna, one of the most intimidating women in the history of sports entertainment. Theres the New Age Outlaws who helped revolutionize the tag team division with their unique sense of chemistry and charisma. You had X-Pac, the guy who could hold his own whether it be mid carding or for a championship. And of course, HHH. The main eventer who that held the stable together. He was hardcore in the ring, yet hilarious in humor. What guy would rebel against the McMahon family and then marry into it? It was genius. The Attitude Era made RAW the Monday Night Football of Sports Entertainment. It was the “big game of the week.” It influenced me so much that I am now training to become an independent wrestler.

  167. LSutton89 says:

    Loved the ATTITUDE ERA!!!!!!! From top to bottom, it was a great time, especially during the Monday Night wars. One word, Exciting!!

  168. DFidler87 says:

    The Attitude Era had a little bit of something for everybody. With Steve Austin kicking ass and drinking beer, the divas proving sex sells, as well as classic matches like the first TLC match at SummerSlam 2000. I personally loved the Attitude Era for the pure excitement it provided.

  169. JAWichnovitz says:

    There were so many great aspects of the Attitude Era; however, for me the greatest was the evolution of The Undertaker. The most interesting things, for me, was what Undertaker did as the “Lord of Darkness” in the Ministry.

    The Attitude Era helped Undertaker propel himself to the legendary status he has today.

  170. thrillxseeker says:

    I should win because … well, I didn’t get to experience the attitude era, but as i’ve got into wrestling watching clips on YouTube, i loved it and hated how i missed it as a child. Since that time ive always wanted to somehow relive it, so i bought the best of RAW DVDs which sadly were Kind of short or highlights only, containing more than attitude. So, I would really love to own this collection to finally be able to correctly relive what ive missed and i would so love you for it. 🙂

  171. epogue6 says:

    I Loved the Attitude era for a lot of reasons, but to narrow it down to just One reason, and that would be Change. Finally The WWE/F choose to treat us (The Viewers) as Adults, and not as children (like they did in the 80’s) plus No Hogan.

  172. Redkid76 says:

    The Attitude Era was a time in sports entertainment history that will never be duplicated. So many great moments and matches. I miss the Attitude Era dearly.

  173. mike buzzard says:

    My favorite part of the attiude era was everyone had a relevan storyline. Whether you were the mean street posse or austin, everyone had a storyline that meant something.

  174. FigureFive says:

    I loved the attitude era because of Pete Gas, he’s in my fave five

  175. PizKhalifa says:

    The Attitude Era featured some of the greatest WWE Superstars (such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock & D-Generation X)

  176. B.T. Huffman says:

    One word: SPEAR!
    My idol Edge used it, it was the atraction at WrestleMania x-Seven, the legendary spear against Jeff from the top
    The Tag Team Division was the best of this era, Dudleyz, Hardyz, Edge and Christian, Brothers of Destruction, DX, APA …
    The greatest superstars of WWE/F were in this era, Austin, Taker, Rock …
    Legends like Mike Tyson were on RAW …
    and Attitude IS etreme!

  177. Markus-Eisenkolb says:

    I`m a huge Attitude Fan, Fan since the 90s. I would love to bring this DVD to germany 🙂

  178. kyle willard says:

    I loved the attitude era, because WWE pulled out all the stops and made an alternative product that was able to beat out the rabid WCW. The Attitude Era was gold. Just brilliance. So many great stars Mankind,Taker, Jericho, Austin, Rock, Dudleyz, Hardys, E & C, Outlaws, Triple H. The list goes on and on.

  179. Vlad says:

    I love the attitude era because it was a hell lot more better than today’s product. It had people that i love watching and made me love the sport even more.

  180. Nathan-G says:

    There wasn’t anything much better than the Attitude Era in the former WWF. Amazing to watch it all unfold before your eyes every week.

  181. Nate-B says:

    I loved the WWF Attitude Era because it was during the peek of the Monday Night Wars, where anything and everything were on the table and no shots were left in the chamber. Austin-McMahon, The Rock, Mankind, Kane, Undertaker… it was just phenomenal to be a wrestling fan at that time.

  182. moynahan24 says:

    The era was the antithesis of the wrestling world I grew up watching. It was the perfect mix of talented veteran performers along with young stars. What made it work best was its fresh approach to every aspect of the industry.

  183. MorrisMethod says:

    Would love to win this. Thanks for always having such cool contests.

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