CHRISTMAS WITH ATTITUDE: Win Rare WWF/WWE Attitude Era DVDs in The WDN Christmas Giveaway!

December 11, 2017 by Daniel Bee

WDN Christmas Giveaway - Christmas With Attitude!

The WDN Christmas Giveway is back… with ATTITUDE!! 🎅👊

Happy holidays to the readers of In the run up to the big day our festive giveaway this year is one of the biggest we’ve ever done and it includes some valuable prizes!

Here’s a unique chance to win a selection of Attitude Era-themed DVDs including loads of rare master copy WWF DVDs (the granddaddy of them all, WrestleMania X-Seven among them), multiple titles from the UK exclusive Tagged Classics series, and a set of collectible postcards from the era.

The star prize is a copy of the brand new “1997: Dawn of the Attitude” Blu-ray which was recently cancelled and never made it to stores or collections in the United States.

We have 12 Attitude Era goodies up for grabs, split up into 4 prize packs as follows…


WWE - Attitude Era DVD & Blu-ray Prize Pack, Christmas Giveaway



WrestleMania 17
WrestleMania 18 (Sealed)

Christmas WWE DVD Giveaway - WrestleMania 17 & 18



King of the Ring 2001
Survivor Series 2001
Triple H: That Damn Good

Christmas WWE DVD Giveaway - Win Rare Attitude Era DVDs!



Best of RAW Vol. 1 & 2
Backlash 2002
Hollywood Hulk Hogan: Hulk Still Rules

Christmas WWE DVD Giveaway - Win Rare WWF Attitude Era DVDs!



COMMENTS: Simply comment below this “WDN Christmas Giveaway” post.

Please tell us your favorite event, match, moment or memory of the WWF Attitude Era.

Let’s say that the Attitude Era ran from 1997 through 2002 for the sake of this giveaway (okay, the end was more likely 2001 but there are a few 2002 DVD prizes included here).

Be sure to use your real email address when leaving us a comment – not displayed publicly – that’s so we can contact you if you are selected as a lucky winner.



Tagged Classics: Unforgiven 1998 & Over The Edge 1998
Tagged Classics: King of the Ring 1999 & King of the Ring 2000
1997: Dawn of the Attitude Blu-ray (Region B Exclusive, Sealed)
Divas Postcard from the Caribbean – Postcard Set (Sealed)

Christmas WWE DVD Giveaway - Win Attitude Era Blu-ray & Tagged Classics


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  1. Phillip Ragusa says:

    pack 1-3 all ways, i need it please

  2. davidakhoa says:

    Royal Rumble 1999: Stone Cold Steve Austin hijacking an ambulance, Chyna becomes the first woman to enter the rumble, Rock vs Mankind, McMahon’s bounty… Awwww yeeaaahhh!

  3. Steffan Pila says:

    My favorite Attitude Era Moment was Steve Austin vs The Undertaker for the WWE Championship at Judgement Day 2001. The Undertaker was the Babyface in the match while Steve Austin was the Heel and received the most boos from the crowd. Steve Austin won the WWE Champion with the help of Triple H and his boss, Mr. McMahon. Thank you.

  4. Jose says:

    Favorite has to be TLC 2 Wrestlemania X-Seven

  5. Allen Jones says:

    undertaker vs shawn michaels bad blood 1997 kane deubt during the match…

  6. Brandon says:

    Favorite Match: HBK & Austin vs Owen Hart and Bulldog on Raw in 97 for the tag titles. My favorite moment is the end of Canadian Stampede with a united Hart family. In light of the tragedies afterword it was a beautiful moment.

  7. Corey Chance says:

    Undertaker coming back as a bicker confronting Vince McMahon and co the following night after Judgement Day 2000 comes to mind… Vince totally gets what’s coming to him. The cops turn on him out of principle, finds out Undertaker’s contract has been renewed without his knowledge, and gets told by Taker “I get paid a lot of zeros to kick your-” before getting laid out in the ring. Vince’s frustration is priceless!

  8. Kate Davies says:

    The Undertaker Vs. Mankind – Hell In A Cell Match

  9. Cameron says:

    The Canadian Stampede main event of Stone cold,lod,goldust,shamrock vs the hart foundation

    The atmosphere was just amazing and the match itself is still truly spectacular. It was a clear battle between the influx of the attitude era vs the old generation.

  10. Rhiannon Hodge says:

    Hardy vs Edge & Christian Vs The Dudley Boys the first Table, Ladders and Chairs, oh my

  11. Liam J says:

    my fav match was the hardys vs the dudleys vs edge and christian in the first TLC match at ss 2000 because it made me fall in love with wrestling

  12. Jessica Powell says:

    Wrestlemania 15 – it was the first one I remember watching so it’s full of prime nostalgia!

  13. Ben says:

    Over the Edge 98 main event- Dude Love vs Austin. Epically good. The announcing was fantastic as well. JR losing it every time McMahon and the Stooges tried screwing Austin was priceless.

  14. Andrew Lacelle says:

    My favourite match of the attitude era was Austin vs Bret @ WM 13. Favourite event was Canadian Stampede and favourite memory was the Hart Foundation angle, especially when Raw was coming from Canada.

  15. Jacob Hodgson says:

    My favorite Attitude Era moment was the Invasion angle of 2001. I know it wasn’t the most well received angle. But for 7 year-old me it was my first taste of the WWF and I will always love it!

  16. Miguel says:

    Everything about WrestleMania 14! The matches, atmosphere, storylines!!!

  17. Luke Logan says:

    My favorite event/moment/match of rhe attitude era without a doubt would be the entire WRESTLEMANIA 17 Event. From the chaotic opening triple threat for the hard-core title (kane vs.big showvs.Raven.) to the TLC 2 , Angle vs Benoit was a classic. The UNDERTAKER VS HHH match is one of my favorites of all time! And how could anyone EVER forget when The Texas Rattlesnake sold his sole to the devil himself, vince mcmahon! Top to bottom this event was everything the attitude was. It was the end of one era and the start of the next.Being a Texan i am very fond of this event. My father died of cancer and his dream was for us to view a wwe event live , he passed before we could do so but in his last days this dvd brought him a lot of happiness.

  18. Mike says:

    The Rock & Lita vs. Triple H & Trish Stratus in the main event of Monday Night Raw.

  19. Brandon says:

    tlc 2

  20. Ryan Jones says:

    My favourite Attitude Era memory is the Stone Cold Beer Bash, favourite match, DREAMS DO COME TRUE – Foley vs Rock Jan. 4th 1999 RAW with TLC 1 & 2 close behind.

  21. Jeff Lepchenske says:

    The Kurt Angle/Shane McMahon street fight at King Of The Ring 2001 was pure insanity and probably my favorite Kurt Angle match that does not also include Chris Benoit

  22. Jalen Freed says:

    My favorite attitude era match was The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania X-7 (which was my favorite WWF PPV ever) & it was a great memorable match with a shocking finish.

  23. Antti Kottonen says:

    My favourite matches from the Attitude Era were the Hardcore matches. Especially Steve Blackmans matches & the Hardcore titles 24/7 rules.

  24. Antonio Perez says:

    The Rock vs Stone Cold was the best Match ever

  25. Luke Warburton says:

    My favorite moment was the dx speech about what they can and cannot say

  26. Mark Marriott says:

    Favourite moment or memory of the Attitude Era was the Hell in a Cell match between Cactus Jack and Triple H at No Way Out 2000. The match that solidified me as a wrestling fan. JR’s commentary at the end was genuinely emotional. I still love that match to this day.

  27. Richard Larson says:

    My favorite match from the attitude era i would say triple h vs cactus jack fron both royal rumble 2000 and no way out 2000 such brutal encounters ill always remember when i was a kid…the best ppv of the attitude era has to be wrestlemania x seven or survivor series 2001

  28. Travis Portman says:

    Favorite moment was when Stone Cold Soaked the Corporation with beer. So many great moments but that was the one that stood out for me.

  29. Nick says:

    Undertaker vs Mankind – Hell in a Cell – King of the Ring – June ‘98

    Have a Nice Day!

  30. Kenneth says:

    Vince McMahon winning the WWE Championship is my favourite Attitude Era moment

  31. Matt Doyle says:

    Such a hard one to choose. I usually go back to the obvious matches like HIAC2, Austin vs Rock and so on, but also havea fondness for the Al Snow vs Road Dogg Hardcore Title Match on RAW and Rhyno vs Raven at Backlash 2001. As to events, Royal Rumble 2000 is one that I always seem to enjoy.

  32. Andrew Apuzzo says:

    My favorite is Mr. McMahon introduces the special enforcer for the wwf championship match at WM14 on Raw is War

  33. Teddy says:

    Wrestlemania 17 rock vs austin

  34. Patrice says:

    The match that made me a fan of the wwf/wwe was the six man hell in a cell match from Armageddon 2000. It may not be the greatest hell in a cell match of all time but it is my favourite because of the nostalgia and being the first match that got me hooked on wwe!

  35. Tyler Charbonneau says:

    My favourite attitude era match was the Cactus Jack vs Triple H match at Royal Rumble 2000. Just an awesome street fight that in my opinion has never been topped since.

  36. Patrick McNamara says:

    My favorite moment is King of The Ring 1998,The First blood WWE championship match between Stonecold Steve Austin and Kane. It signified an interesting shift in WWE. A shocking new WWE champion. Although short lived was absolutely riveting to me as a wrestling fan. And yes Kane is one of my favorites and this moment really put him on the map as a better top tier WWE superstar. My favorite moment has to be from Raw in 1999;when Vince McMahon had just won the WWE championship on the previous week’s edition of Smackdown!and came out to forfeit the title and the speech he gave for his reasons in doing so and Austin coming out to adress him following that.

  37. Alex Murray says:

    My Favorite match of the attitude era is stone cold vs the undertaker in a buried alive match from rock bottom 1998 ppv.Favorite moment is when Vince McMahon revealed himself to be the higher power when he took off the ministry robe to show his face and say “it was me Austin,it was me all along Austin”!!

  38. David Sharp says:

    My favorite Attitude Era moment was Mick Foley winning the WWF Championship in Worcester, MA because I was there to see it in person.

  39. Charlie says:

    Favourite attitude era moment was Sable showing off her “bikini” in a bikini contest against Jacqueline @ Fully Loaded 1998.

  40. Jean Berquin says:

    my favorite moment was on raw when undertaker had the black wedding and nearly married Stephanie which the undertaker was at his best in all of 1999.

  41. Shehzad Lakhani says:

    My favorite moment was WM13, Austin vs Hart, Stone Cold with blood running down his face while in the sharpshooter

  42. Bobby Pitts says:

    I was at the episode of Raw in 2001 when Triple H tore his quad in San Jose. Had no idea til I watched it again that he hurt himself. It was an unforgettable match and moment that is still talked about today and thrilled I was there. Triple H is still my favorite. Love to win Wrestlemania X-7

  43. Billie says:

    Anything with Val Venis espaically the “I choppy choppy your pee pee” with Kai En Tai

  44. SRB says:

    Because we are saying the Attitude Era” ran from 1997 through 2002,” I have to go with Vince’s promo saying he was going to bring back the NWO. I was 19 at the time and remember seeing this odd promo on tv and stood up staring at the screen. I was hooked. Vince went on and on about how he was going to kill his creation. When he turned around in the chair and said the NWO would be at No Way Out, I screamed and screamed. Was Hogan really coming back? And Razor? And Diesel? I was unsure if it was just going to be random people in the NWO like Virgil and Big Bubba Rogers. Nope. Vince brought back the originals, and Hogan coming back to the WWE was huge. I haven’t felt that strongly about a promo since that one aired. You just don’t see stuff like that anymore.

  45. Anan says:

    I don’t really need to win these because I already have the originally released DVDs and I also have The Network so please do not enter me in the prizes giveaways contest. I’m only answering the question because I witnessed the Attitude Era. Thanks!

    Event – either WM14 or WM17
    Match – either Taker vs Bret Hart SSlam 97 or Taker vs HBK or Taker vs Mankind KOTR 98
    Moment – anything Undertaker 1998
    Memory – anything Undertaker 1998

  46. Tovoris Moore says:

    Favorite match of the Attitude Era Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestlemania 17

  47. Steffan Pila says:

    My favorite Attitude Era Moment was at Wrestlemania 17 in 2001 where Stone Cold defeated the Rock for the WWE Champion and turned heel in a dramatic and cold fashion. So Steve Austin turning heel was the best moment for me as far as Wrestlemania 17 is concerned. Thank you!!!

  48. Wullner says:

    my favorite match from that timeframe took place at my favorite ppv. it’s the 10 man tag match from the “Canadian Stampede” In Your House.

  49. Al Muldoon says:

    Bret vs austin wm 13

  50. Matin says:

    My favorite event was No Way Out 2001.

  51. Derick says:

    Steve Blackman vs Shane McMahon Summer Slam 2000 for the Hardcore Championship is my favorite match, at the very least the one that comes to my mind first.

  52. Stephen offredi says:

    Without a second thought seeing hogan vs rock at Wrestlemania x8 live. The atmosphere was intense, I thought me and my friend were going to get beaten up for booing hogan. We looked at each other and realized we should probably cheer hogan.

  53. Olek says:

    For me, the first Hell in a Cell match; To me, a perfect match. I was a huge Undertaker fan at the time and that match, I still remember the commentary, the flow of the match, and it was the first match I even showed to my fiance when she decided to give watching wrestling a try.

    • Anan says:

      As far as I’m concerned any Taker vs HBK Taker vs Bret Hart or Bret vs HBK matches were classics regardless of the match endings or the health/physical well-being of the talents at the time they had their respective matches. 2010, Taker wasn’t in the best physical condition of his career, probably his life but still had one of if not the best match of the night at WM26 vs HBK because both men carried their fair share of the load during the build up to and the match itself.

  54. Nelson says:

    probably Mania 17 is my favorite event of the attitude era.

  55. Mki says:

    My favourite is the I Quit match The Rock vs Mankind

  56. Rdf_1987 says:

    My favourite moment from the attitude era was when shawn michaels rejoined DX only for them to then hand him over to the corporation in the parking lot. Coming back from commercial and shawns face was covered in blood from being put through the front windscreen

  57. Jose Roman says:

    The Attitude Era was my life i taped Raw and Smackdown Religiously lol…..always needed a VHS because of it

  58. Chaddie says:

    Favourite event – wrestlemania 17 – strong card with some great matches and massive twist in the main event.
    Match – Rock vs Mankind (Royal rumble 99) I quit match – Got to love the old school chair shots to the head.
    All in all the whole attitude era was fantastic – the heavyweight division was stacked with great wrestlers and it seemed like a real achievement to actually win the big one. I miss these days!

  59. Mike bates says:

    Deadly game survivor series 98 Shane screwing Austin and the rise of the rock got me back in to wrestling after a 4 year break

  60. Brian says:

    My Favorite event was Royal Rumble 1998

  61. Thorsten says:

    My favorite attitude era match was Mick Foley (Mankind) vs Undertaker in the Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring 1998

  62. Liam Montgomery says:

    Favourite memory:

    Wrestlemania X7 Austin vs Rock.

    The build up was great, I didn’t have the internet back then nor was I familiar with insider terminology so everything was a surprise to me.

    I watched it live and I was on the edge of my seat to be honest. I recall Austin striking The Rock with the chair over and over again. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and then something happened that I didn’t see coming… Austin and Vince shook hands.

    JR on commentary sold it like he was born to call that match.

    To me Wrestlemania X7 is the best Wrestlemania I’ve ever seen. The matches , the stories, everything. Back then they even did the highlight reel of the event with Limp Bizkit’ my way as the theme which would show off all the spots and best moments from the ppv.

  63. Celeste says:

    My favorite match of the attitude era was Triple H vs Cactus Jack – streetfight at Royal Rumble 2000.

  64. Ethan Howells says:

    My favourite match was at Armageddon 2000 The hell in a cell match between Kurt Angle, Rikishi, The Rock, The Undertakers, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin

  65. Grant Shanks says:

    *WDN Christmas Giveaway*
    My favourite moment is when Vince gets caught flipping the bird to Undertaker and Kane. They both then proceed to beat the crud out of him and break his ankle!

  66. Jeremy Peacock says:

    My favorite memory of the Attitude era is the battle between the Hart Foundation and basically America. It was such a great time to be a fan and odd being an American while rooting for my favorites in the Hart Foundation. I miss those days of pro wrestling.

  67. Simon Strong says:

    While the whole 1997 was my favourite year in wrestling I’ve got to pick In Your House Canadian Stampede, 4 very different matches all good to great and my favourite moment was the crowd during the ten man tag team main event

  68. Lee Burkinshaw says:

    What a great set of prizes would be great to watch some classic Wrestling Merry Christmas

  69. Scott Criscuolo says:

    Wrestlemania X-7 was the Wrestlemania III of the Attitude Era, top to bottom.

  70. Rich Abbott says:

    My favorite event was probably Wrestlemania X-7 since I still think its the best Wrestlemania.

    My favorite match of the era was probably Cactus Jack vs Triple H Street Fight at Royal Rumble 2000 or Stone Cold vs Dude Love Over the Edge 98.

    My favorite moment or memory/moment is Stone Cold kidnapping Vince McMahon

  71. Cory Walker says:

    My favorite part of the attitude era was that guys on the main, mid, and lower card all had personality, strong gimmicks, and storylines that people cared about. They all got promo time and the cards were always exciting from top to bottom. Nowadays, only the main few guys are made special. Everyone else is a complete jobber with no hope. Hell even the main guys these days are jobbers except Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns currently.

  72. Jeff Connelly says:

    My favorite event from the Attitude era has to be Wrestlemania X7. I dont think there has ever been a show as good ever since.

  73. Kenny says:

    I’m already signed up for the newsletter, but…

    Favorite match: I’d go with Austin vs. Bret at Mania 13, but if that doesn’t count as “Attitude Era”, then the Austin vs. Hunter 2/3 falls match at No Way Out 2001.

    Favorite Event: That’s tough. I’d have to go with either In Your House: Canadian Stampede or WrestleMania XIV.

    Favorite moment or memory: The Canada vs. U.S. feud. If that doesn’t count as “Attitude Era”, then I remember Foley cut a promo on Raw a week or two after Mania XIV lambasting the fans for chanting for Austin after DX had left he and the Funker laying the day after Mania XIV. It was one of those hidden gems or deep cuts that always stuck with me.

  74. Michael says:

    One of my favorite parts of the attitude era was the growth of mankind character into having “The Three Faces of Foley” with Dude Love and Cactus Jack in addition to Mankind.

  75. Will says:

    My favorite would be the undertaker/mankind hell in a call match. Classic!!

  76. Bob says:

    It’s near the end of the Era but my favorite moment was Ric Flair’s return to WWE on Raw the night after Survivor Series 2001.

  77. Samantha says:

    Chyna defeats Jeff Jarrett in a Good Housekeeping Match for The Intercontinental Championship is my favourite Attitude Era moment.

    First WWF/E match I ever saw to becoming a fan 🙂

  78. Sergio Rodriguez says:

    stone cold coming out to help mankind win the wwf title from the rock is the biggest pop during the attitude era. also the standing ovations hulk Hogan got in his 2002 return were so memorable and emotional.

  79. CMWE says:

    My favorite memory would have to be the DX press conference where HBK and HHH are constantly bleeped. That has to be one of the funniest segments I’ve ever seen.

  80. Anders Dahl says:

    The Hardcore Championship is my favorite memory

  81. Alex Doriot says:

    Making winning the WWF Title from The Rock with a little assist from Stone Cold. The pop when the glass breaks and Austin comes to save Mankind is still one of the biggest I’ve ever heard.

  82. Merrill Cornelison says:

    My favorite to this day was DX making fun of the Corporation. I’ve watched it on the network and still laugh to this day.

  83. Jacob T says:

    When I was 7 years old in the year 2000, my dad bought me a VHS from Wherehouse Music that was in the clearance section that would make me a wrestling fan for life… It was Austin vs McMahon. A 60 minute documentary on the biggest wwe rivalry of all time. I absolutely loved the production and narration on that doc to this day. I am glad that it was my introduction to the world of wrestling.

  84. Josh Jones says:

    My favorite attitude moment is the night after judgment day 98.when Austin kidnapped McMahon and just messed with him all night long,and at the end pretended like he was going to end him completely only to find out McMahon was being held by a toy gun and proceeded to wet himself

  85. Thomas says:

    My favorite moment from attitude era the rock vs stone cold Steve Austin @ WM 17 for wwe championship epic moment when Vince McMahon come down to ring & stone cold turn heel one of my favorite matches

  86. josh says:

    My favorite moment from the attitude era is when Vince McMahon unveiled himself as the higher power.. It’s me Austin, it’s me..

  87. Daniel Satala says:

    I think my favorite event was No Way Out (2001) where “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Triple H fought for nearly an hour in the “3 Stages of Hell” Match in Las Vegas, NV. Not to be outdone, The Rock and Kurt Angle fought for the WWF Championship and had the controversial ending. It’s too bad the then-WWF didn’t get this PPV on DVD. I would’ve have loved to have this in my collection!

  88. Jeremy Peeples says:

    I would go with Jericho’s win on Raw for the WWF Title that was overturned. It felt like the beginning of a new youth movement – and one that was stunted as a result of the match being overturned.

  89. Richard W says:

    Favorite moment has to be what I truly believe was the beginning of the Attitude era…the WM 13 match between Austin and Bret Hart in 1997 in Rosemont, IL that helped to solidify a new direction for the then WWF, now WWE, that then brought in Dx and other factions into the fold.

  90. Kevin says:

    My favorite moment would be the infamous Undertaker and Mankind hell in a cell match.

  91. Martin Duggan says:

    My favourite attitude era moments were anytime Marlena, Terri Runnels, Jacqueline, Luna Vachon or Ivory where on WWE TV, ALWAYS Entertained by these ladies

  92. Matty-D says:

    Favorite moment has to be Bret destroying the set and punching Vince after the Montreal Screwjob or DX invading WCW.
    Favorite match if we go through 2002 would be Manking vs The Rock in the empty arena match.

  93. Mal9762 says:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin beating the holy hell out of Booker T in a supermarket on Smackdown. Hilarious stuff.

  94. Austin Campbell says:

    Bret Hart shoving Vince McMahon on Raw right before Wrestlemania and cutting the profanity laced promo that went something like: “Frustrated isn’t God Da**** word for it, this is bullsh**!”

  95. Michael says:

    Believe it or not, I’d have to say the end of WrestleMania 2000, with Triple H retaining. At the time, it was a given that the babyface challenger would win the title from the heel champion, so when Hunter retained, those boos weren’t just glorious, they were a real sign that wrestling in general was moving in a new direction.

  96. Don Andrew Phillips says:

    Is when The Undertaker And Kane first togther on raw is war in 1998

  97. Kirill says:

    The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan WM X8

  98. Kyle says:

    The Undertaker/Stone Cold match from 1998.

  99. Scott says:

    Since I attended the event live I’ll say WM in Philadelphia. The moment would be when triple H turned on X pac during his match with Shane McMahon . And for match it would have to be the main event of that evening Stone Cold defeating the rock.

  100. Gareth Nelson says:

    Undertaker vs kane WM 14
    & wwe hardcore battle royal at WM 16

  101. J. J. says:

    Survivor Series 98 Tournement

  102. debi says:

    my favorite is the tag classic

  103. Eric Banton says:

    An underrated moment was when Stone Cold stunnered Chyna at No Way Out of Texas in 1998. The pop is incredible!

  104. Kenchampz says:

    My favourite moment is the Rock vs Triple H at judgment Day when the undertaker make his return.

  105. Andrew Botsakos says:

    My favorite attitude era moments were commissioner foley. As a kid he was my favorite

  106. Chad says:

    My favourite Attitude Era momemnt would probably be when the Rock returned to the WWF in 2001 and gave Vince & Shane a Rock Bottom Each. Choosing the WWF over the Alliance.

  107. James says:

    My favourite memory from the Attitude Era would have to be the Deadly Games tournament from the 1998 Survivor Series. It was the the video that I rented the most as a kid from my local rental store and was a PPV written perfectly from start to finish.

  108. Sean says:

    my favorite moment from the attitude era would have to be Triple H returning to raw at MSG in 2001 & The edge spear mid air at wrestleMania 17

  109. Tyrone says:

    My favorite match is Rock vs HHH backlash 2000, Rock is favorite wrestler ever so it was huge moment for me . my favorite Ppv is Royal Rumble 2000

  110. Eric says:

    My favorite moment was the Undertaker throwing Mankind from the top of the cell at King of the Ring.

  111. Terrance Alexander says:

    One of my favorite moments of the attitude era… was when vince mcmahon was revealed as the high power!

  112. Mike says:

    Bret Hart v Stone Cold Steve Austin from Wretlemania 13

  113. Ryan W says:

    favorite event royal rumble 2001
    favorite match stone cold vs the rock at wrestlemania X7
    favorite memory the invasion

  114. paul says:

    The rivalry between stone cold steve austin and the rock were legendary. Two pioneers of the attitude era.

  115. Billy says:

    Probably The Rock vs. Hollywood Hogan from Wrestlemania X8

  116. Donnie Langston says:

    My Favorite Match In The Attitude Era Is Stone Cols Steve Austin vs. The Rock At WrestleMania X-Seven

  117. Joseph L Owens says:

    My favorite event has to be Fully Loaded 2000. It surpassed SummerSlam from that year in almost every way. From the Rikishi dive off the steel cage, to the excellent “Triple Main Event”, it wasn’t just the best event of the Attitude Era, but one of the greatest WWE pay per views of all time.

  118. Steven says:

    Favorite Event: Wrestlemania X-7
    Favorite Match: Royal Rumble 2001
    Favorite Memory: The Rock on Monday Night Raw

  119. Logan says:

    My favorite attitude era moment was when Stone cold Steve austin won the WWF title at Wrestlemania 14

  120. Ursula K says:

    Stone cold Austin was the key figure in the attitude era as he basically saved wwf/wwe from extinction as stated by Vince Mcmahon.

  121. Michael Harle says:

    Hhh/austin v Jericho/benoit was the best of its time. Leading to the fantastic hhh comeback in msg

  122. justin f says:

    My favorite memory definitely has to be the purchase of WCW by Vince McMahon. The end of the Atittude Era came to a screeching halt.

  123. Michael says:

    my favourite moment from the attitude era has to be when Y2J debuted and interrupted the rock. It still gives me chills watching it to this day.

  124. Justin Justice says:

    My favorite moments from the era, was the Hart Foundation faction re-forming. I have always admired the Harts and Bret’s real hatred of: McMahon, HBK,HHH & DX in general. The 1997 Montreal moment(s) was my most memorable, because it felt so real and raw. Brian Pillman, was a brilliant edition to the re-formation of pro-wrestling’s greatest faction: The Hart Foundation. God bless and a prosperous New Year!

  125. Dustin says:

    My favorite attitude era moment was The Undertaker hanging Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania
    Full on Lord of Darkness mode

  126. Nick loughins says:

    My favourite attitude era moment would have to be stone cold Steve Austin showing up to raw in a beer truck and spraying the corporation with beer.

  127. Nick loughins says:

    My favourite attitude era moment, would have to be stone cold Steve Austin coming out with a beer truck and spraying the corporation with beer.

  128. Patrick says:

    Stone cold vs undertaker 1999 over the edge

  129. Paul k says:

    Stone cold Steve Austin and the feud with Vince Mcmahon was the foundation of the attitude era.

  130. YolandaM says:

    when the legendary undertaker abducts Stephanie McMahon and forces her into unholy wedlock,culminating into her being sacrificed on a giant cross.Brilliant!

  131. Dillon Curren says:

    My favorite match was The Rock vs Stone Cold at X-7

  132. Derek S. says:

    My favorite memory of the attitude era was the hard fought empty arena match between Mick Foley and The Rock during Halftime Heat back in ’99. So much fun to watch! Good luck everybody!

  133. Timothy J Thorpe says:

    My favorite moment is one that is hardly talked about at all: The ending to the March 17, 1998 edition of Raw where Sable almost fell victim to Kane, only to have Undertaker save the day.

  134. Morgan Borders says:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin with the beer truck is one of my most favorite moments! Vince swimming was priceless!

  135. Liam says:

    TLC at Wrestlmania X-7. Admittedly I was younger during the attitude era, but that was what I always remembered from it.

  136. Kevin Smith says:

    The Stone Cold vs Mr. McMahon saga. So many entertaining moments.

  137. Shane says:

    7/14/97 Dude Love & Stone Cold vs Owen Hart & The British Bulldog. Great build up that culminated in a great TV match.

  138. Don Willhite Jr says:

    RAW,09-28-98,Zamboni 3:16 when Austin comes out driving a Zamboni to attack McMahon by diving over a fleet of Detroit cops. I was there that night and my god the audio on the broadcast does not translate as to just how deafeningly loud that crowd was when that hgappened.

  139. Eric Schwartz says:

    My favorite attitude era moment is Mankind beats Rock for wwf championship on raw

  140. Dorian Addison says:

    My favorite attitude era moment is the black wedding of The Undertaker and and Stephanie McMahon

  141. Brandon Vendetta says:

    My favorite moment was the debut of Mr socko. Still makes me laugh

  142. Fabe says:

    My favorite moment of the Attitude Era was Mankinds first World Title win against The Rock. The Pop as Austins Music hits is just insane, as is the pop after the successful 3-Count (no, not the Boyband)

  143. Matt says:

    My favorite Attitude Era moment was Stone Cold pouring cement in Mr. McMahon’s Corvette.

  144. KurtK26 says:

    The reveal at the end of the Deadly Games Survivor Series tournament.

  145. Thomas Brunette says:

    Edge vs Kurt Angle King of the Ring 2001

  146. Jordan Dumas says:

    My best ever WWF memory is the debut of Y2J Chris Jericho. My best WWF moment is the return of Jerry Lawler in 2001. And finally my best WWF Event is Raw Is War 🙂

  147. Sean Teegardin says:

    The Screwjob sticks out the most to me because my dad passed away at the same time frame that it went down and its long lasting effects both personally and in the wrestling world as a whole.

  148. David Bell says:

    My fav moments was the orginal run of taker and kane there rivilary,teamwork and drama

  149. Steffan Pila says:

    Steffan Pila

    My favorite moment was the Fatal Four Way match at Wrestlemania 2000 between Triple H, The Rock, Big Show, and Mick Foley with Every McMahon in it’s corner. That match was an absolute “Attitude” Era Classic. Thank you!!!

  150. Zak Fender says:

    So many moments to name that were great in the Attitude Era but I have to pick WM X8 specifically Rock Vs. Hogan because I was there live at the Skydome and the crowd was intense the whole match which was very entertaining and I cannot believe I saw that live in person. My favorite wrestling moment I’ve seen live besides seeing Shane’s return on RAW last year in Detroit.

  151. Mike says:

    It’s gotta be Austin with the beer truck because it allowed for the awesome callback with Angle and Milkomania

  152. Kendrick Penniston says:

    My favorite moment has to be the match between Triple H and Cactus Jack at No Way Out. The match is a classic, and is brutal and has one of the most memorable spots of all time. Plus, it has the emotional moment of Mick Foley’s retirement.

  153. Paul says:

    My favourite Attitude Era moment was Cactus Jack making his WWF debut in that TitanTron video with Mankind and Dude Love. Couldn’t believe we were actually seeing Cactus Jack in the WWF!

  154. Steve Tell says:

    As much as it gets said, my favorite memory when I think back to that period of time was on 3/22/99, when Steve Austin drove a beer truck to the ring and sprayed down The Rock and the McMahons live on Raw. Back then, it seemed like if you missed an episode of Raw, you could miss a lot, a feeling I don’t get with the current product. A fun time to be a wrestling fan, for sure.

  155. Nick M says:

    I’d have to say a highlight for me was before the invasion angle came to a close and the Rock and Stone Cold were in the ring together and kept snatching the mic from one another and eventually dueting was gold

  156. Logan LaBlanc says:

    My favorite Attitude Era moment is when Edge cashed in His money in the bank on John cena

  157. nick meye says:

    My favorite moment was when stone cold blew up the D-X bus

  158. Justin says:

    The Austin beer truck incident on RAW. Talk about tappin’ a sort of keg.

  159. Palmer says:

    My favourite attitude era moment was the surprise debut of The Radicalz.

  160. Kevin says:

    Favorite Attitude Era show has to be Canadian Stampede. Favorite Attitude Era moment is Steve Austin attacking Mr. McMahon in the hospital.

  161. Eric Chism says:

    My single favorite is impossible to chose. However, for the sake of this contest I should win, it’s the 3/22/99 Raw. The last Raw before WM 15. Austin drives the beer truck into the arena and then gives the most epic promo ever. “…check right into the Smackdown hotel. Roll right in to room 316, and burn that son of a bitch to the ground!” And then comes the beer bath.

  162. Joanne lavery says:

    My favourite moment from the attitude era was when Kane debuted and tore the door off the cell to get to undertaker

  163. David Hehman says:

    Moment? Y2J debut. Match? Canadian Stampede main event. PPV? Fully Loaded 2000.

  164. Paul Andolina says:

    My favorite attitude moment is the D-X cookout

  165. Rick Jaimes says:

    My favorite moment was when Kane debut , it was so damn cool when i watched it as a kid, still is heh.

  166. Dylan Wilcox says:

    My favourite attitude era moment has to be when Kane debuted costing the Undertaker his Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels.

  167. Michael Mcconkey says:

    Hogan vs The Rock from WM 18

  168. Marvin says:

    My favorite attitude era moment was Austin vs Mike Tyson

  169. Gaz Scragg says:

    Hey guys, excellent job as always! My fave attitude era momemt has to be the montreal screwjob, this for me was the first time WWE/F blurred the lines and it felt ok to be a wrestling fan as it gained huge credibility with such a swerve that even non wrestling fans were aware of! Theres probably better suited moments but it just sticks woth me, i knew exatcley where i was when it went down amd remember the shock and feeling i had!

    Have an awesome xmas WDN!

  170. Daniel Casiano says:

    The I Quit Match at The Royal Rumble 1999 between The Rock and Mankind.

  171. Andrew says:

    #WDN Christmas Giveaway has to be the battles between the hardyz and the Dudleys

  172. Leo Celino says:

    My fave attitude era moment was when mankind tore his white shirt to reveal his cactus jack tshirt & confronted hhh!

  173. Ryan Marrinez says:

    The debut of LESNAR in March 2002. It changed everything

  174. Leonard says:

    Austin stuns McMahon

  175. Mike Ransier says:

    Hell in a Cell – Mankind vs Undertaker at KOTR ’98, one of the best matches ever!

  176. Matthew Stegmueller says:

    My favorite moment of the Attitude Era was the second TLC matvh from WrestleMania X-7. That whole show was really great.

  177. Matthew Stegmueller says:

    My favorite moment of the Attitude Era was the second TLC match from WrestleMania X-7. That whole show was really great.

  178. Tony Nagle says:

    August 24th 1998 episode of RAW. Bonus points if you watch it with the Highway to Hell video in it. Personifies what makes the Era so great, and how it could never be duplicated.

  179. David Perrin says:

    My Favorite Match is the Royal Rumble in 2000

  180. Tommy Smith says:

    Favorite moment has to be Halftime Heat during the Super Bowl. I remember anxiously waiting for that match and it delivered!

  181. Matt Snyder says:

    My favorite moment of the attitude era would have to be the Mankind-Undertaker Hell in a Cell match from King of the Ring 1998. As an 11 year old I sat in awe and watched Mick Foley be thrown from the top of the Cell and through the table. I’ll never forget the sound of him crashing through that table.

  182. Christopher Zimmerman says:

    I would have to rank Shawn’s return at Summer Slam as my favorite moment. It was a great match with so much emotion and drama that is lacking from the current product. You really felt Shawn’s struggle to overcome Hunter’s onslaught.

  183. Anthony P. says:

    My favorite moment of the Attitude Era will always be Mankind winning the WWF Championship in January of 1999. The underdog that no one believed in overcoming the odds. The pop that Austin got when his music hit is the greatest pop in WWE history. I think the roof actually blew off the place. Just an incredible moment.


  184. Shane C Montgomery says:

    Too many to choose from. 98 King of the Rings PPV, Mankind vs Taker HIAC match.

  185. nick says:

    the whole year 2001 to untill after wm18 why was fav dream matches at each ppv thought would never see cant just pic one if I had too wm x8 hogan vs rock in Toronto my home town hogan has my fav wrestler cant go wrong then

  186. Joshua Townsend says:

    I would love to have all of these in my Collection because I have been a fan for along time and loved the Attitude Era. I just wish the WWE today could be more like the Attitude Era.

  187. Michael says:

    It may not be my favorite, but one that definitely sticks out as I was there live. I remember being at RAW as a kid with my parents and younger brother during the February 2nd, 1998 RAW is WAR. As a kid, I couldn’t believe I got to see all my favorites from DX to The New Age Outlaws to Owen Hart and Stone Cold. The show had many memorable segments such as the NAO pushing Funk & Foley off the stage in Dumpsters, DX’s Censored Speech, and more. It was incredible to go to and I hope to win any of the DVD sets above so I can relive similar moments that made up the Attitude Era.

  188. Tony P says:

    I was at WrestleMania X8 and the Rock vs. Hogan moment was amazing! That is my favorite

  189. MJN says:

    My favorite Attitude Era moment was the rise of the Rock and joining the Corporation at Survivor Series 1998

  190. NICK says:


  191. thomas cianci says:

    Mick Foley at hell in a cell 1998 is the most remembered highlight/iconic moment of the attitude era. he went above & beyond to entertain the fans & create a moment that will live forever in the hearts & minds of wrestling fans forever. God Bless him. 🙂

  192. Kevin Kohtala says:

    I liked the stone cold and Vince McMahon feud.

  193. Adam C says:

    Mankind winning the WWF championship for the first time in 1999

  194. Michael McCormack says:

    Bret Hart getting into a tussle at RAW July 21, 1997 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s WAR!!!! I was there live and it was a crazy moment in time!

  195. James allen says:

    Favorite memory is the rock this is your life segment with mankind

  196. Alfredo Arriaza says:

    one of the Best Matchs for me:
    Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho – Ladder Match

  197. James allen says:

    Favorite memory was Rock this is your life segment with mankind

  198. Dustin D. Johns says:

    My entry for the contest would have to be DX In Your House. That event sticks out vividly in my mind. We just passed the 20th Anniversary. Stone Cold stunning D-Lo!

  199. Christian says:

    Definitely Mankind vs Undertaker KOR 98 because of well… u know..

  200. Joseph De Feo says:

    My favorite “Attitude Era” moment was when The Rock became the ‘Corporate Champion’ at Survivor Series 1998!

  201. stestaman says:

    My Attitude Era favourite moment it’s when Mr. McMahon help Steve Austin at WM X7 against The Rock

  202. Matthew Gregson says:

    My boys the Mean Street Posse and their hardcore championship quest by a miiiiiiiiile.

  203. SAB says:

    My fave match/moment is the excellent 10-man Canadian Stampede match. As a Brit I never stopped supporting Bret and the Hart Foundation. So much talent in one match. Just a few months later Pillman sadly died and Bret got screwed!

  204. RKMo says:

    One moment that stands out to me was when Undertaker was in the midst of his MOD run, and he attempted to attach someone to his crucifix symbol over the Raw entrance stage and set them ablaze. I can’t recall who it was specifically, but that image of the symbol bursting into flames left its mark. It was so dark and ominous. I loved it!

  205. Chris Migliaccio says:

    My favorite Attitude Era event was Backlash 2000.

  206. Couvelard says:

    My favorite évent is WrestleMania X7

  207. Jarrod C. says:

    Favorite Event: Wrestlemania X7
    Favorite Match: Triple H vs. Cactus Jack Royal Rumble 2000 (Street Fight for the WWE Championship
    Favorite Memory: “This Is Your Life” segment with The Rock & Mankind

  208. Wesley says:

    When Stone Cold And Triple H were the tag Champs

  209. ShockingOne says:

    For me, match/moment goes to TLC II at X7!