Win 3 WWE DVDs Every Saturday – Week #3 – 2010 WWE PPVs!

March 12, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Here at WWEDVDNews we’re giving you the chance to win different WWE DVDs every week, for 5 weeks!

Our last DVD giveaway for Breaking The Code just finished up and today we picked 3 random winners who have been notified, so congrats if that was you.

Now for the next opportunity to win….


This week, 3 copies of WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010 DVD are up for grabs! One of the best PPV events of 2010, headlined by Cena/Orton/Edge/Sheamus and a fantastic Jericho/Bourne bout.

Two simple steps to enter:

1) Register on WWEDVDNews (click here) with a valid e-mail address.

2) Login to your account, then leave a comment below this article telling us when and why you first started collecting WWE DVDs!
Next Sat, March 19th three people who are registered (valid email to contact you) and have left a comment on this page will be chosen at random to win the DVDs. Entry can be from any country.

Good luck to everybody who enters, and if you don’t win, don’t despair!

The DVD is out now.

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  1. spaurmetal says:

    I started collecting when I got the 1994 Royal Rumble for my birthday. From then on I had to have every Royal Rumble dvd then it went to every Survivor Series, Hell In The Cell til finally if theres a ppv with matches that look to make up a killer show I will preorder it.

  2. shirishbbk says:

    i have to just say i want it i take it and i am gona win it and if you are not get down with that we have two words for yaa from DX THANK YOU

  3. Davide1 says:

    I only recently started to collect the WWE DVD.
    I have begun to collect WWE DVD’s 5 years ago but i bought only the ppv that I liked,like Royal Rumble 2005, Unforgiven 05 and New Year’s Revolution 06.
    I started collecting WWE DVD’s seriously from a year or so ,unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to buy a lot of DVD’s together and i concentrate mainly on PPV’s and i don’t have a lot of Three DVD’s Set.

  4. silverman2012 says:

    i started in 2010 around April probably somewhere right after wrestlemania 26 or before me being a big fan of wwe for the past 16 years iv been a big fan of shawn Michaels and just before wrestlemania they had release my journey dvd so i said to myself me being shawn michaels fan i thought i must buy it i was not really into dvds at the time because didnt think really much of them then when i got shawn michaels my journey in the mail i was surprised because the artwork was great on that dvd they had the little slip where it gives you all the matches etc i put the dvd in and watch him telling his story about his wrestling past till heading to now and watching some of his matches again most of them i had already watched but it was great watching them again so ever sinse then iv been hooked i went back to wwe and ordered a couple more i ordered the history of the wwe championship and the history of the world title witch by the way had some great matches so all in all shawn Michaels my journey is the reason i started collecting lol now you cant stop me from buying them when i see a sale or when i watch a ppv on tv and i love it ill get the dvd still working on getting all wrestlemanias i have even gone as collecting wwf dvds the classic ones its like i said dvds are now my cocane and is my dealer.

  5. zephyr773 says:

    I started collecting wwe dvds in 2008. I started with the No Way Out 2008 PPV/T-Shirt combo from wwe shop then i pre-ordered WrestleMania 24 also from wwe shop. I started seriously collecting later in the year when I bought the last half of the 2008 ppvs and the Edge DVD. As the new year came around I made a New Years Resolution that I would buy every single 2009 PPV DVD and I did. I did the same with 2010 and will continue buying every PPV on DVD monthly in 2011 as I ordered the BLuray/DVD combo pack with the T-Shirt from wweshop. I am now expanding to all kinds of wwe dvds as I purchased the John Cena Experience, Shawn Michaels My Journey, Raw Best of 2009 and 2010, Best of Smackdown 2009 – 2010, and also bought TNA DVDs starting with BOund For Glory 2009. My epic 50th was the best dvd in the history of wrestling dvd Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls of Jericho!!!! I have a wrestling fan all my life, but got out of it because my cousin provided me with the wrestling channel but after losing contact with him for awhile i also lost contact with wrestling, but found it again in 2006 when I was 12 and now as im turning 17 in July of this year I am 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000% committed to WWE and WWE DVDs. While I have a copy of the Fatal 4 Way DVD, as such a huge fan of wwe and collecting DVDs I would love to have another.

  6. Joshy101 says:

    I started collecting Dvd’s When i saw my first wwe match 2006 new years revolution my friends were big fans so i watched i thought i would get bored until i saw the beating edge gave Ric Flair and later that night he would cash the money in the bank briefcase on then wwe champion John cena he i didnt watch royal rumble 2006 because i mainly was watching raw and then the raw after royal rumble edge lost the wwe title i bought the 2006 dvd of royal rumble and i mainly saw ppv’s untill i heard edge was going to have another title shot with RVD and John Cena Edge was added in this match because he litteraly gave rvd the title and edge became the new wwe champion by using the belt as a weapon after he lost teh title to cena again “sigh” I stopped watching and just bought dvd’s but then i got interested in cena after winning the tag title with shawn michaels while still holding the wwe championship he would do the same winning tag title with people he hates like Otunga and batista. But a few months later edge beat kennedy for the money in the bank and cashed on the dead man himself undertaker.I didnt really buy dvds in 2007 but then i got mostly 2008 dvds not so great wwe year and every dvd for 2009 🙂 anbd 2010 😕 where michaels retires and nexus debut 🙂 And now wwe is getiing better in 2011 making happy to be a wwe fan so i would say edge and john cena would be the reason why i started collecting a ppv without any of them is boring thats why i didnt buy any 2007 dvd’s. That really All Bye :”?

  7. AniiMaL17 says:

    I first started collecting WWE DvDs because when i was at my friends house at about 12 he had the original Smackdown Vs Raw and his dad bought him Unforgiven 2005 i stoped at his house and we watched it and i was amazed at the Carlito Vs Ric Fair Match thats the only one we saw before we fell asleep so in the morning i asked him if i could lend it to see the rest and i did i went stright to the cena vs Angle Match and i loved it i then watched it from start to finish about 2 more times i then told my dad i liked it and i went to hmv and bought the Royal Rumble 2006 and No Way Out 2006 (i was a big kurt angle fan when i started) i then collected the rest of 2006 and continued in Mid 2009 i stoped watching becuse i felt the product wasnt real wresteling anymore and foucused on the drama more the only thing i hung on to in 2008 was the Jerico/Michaels Riviry (Which i thought was Brillient) i got back into it around summerslam 2010 and havent had any dvds since Backlash 2009 mainly becuse i thought shawn Michaels had left and i was a really big fan of his work. I would like to start collecting WWE DvDs Again and i love the concept of the Fatal 3 Way Bout am also a big Sheamus Fan Because i am british

  8. nonameneeded21 says:

    My first wwe DVD was I believe either the Mick Foley dvd or Wrestlemania 19. I beleive I got this around 2004 regardless. I started collecting dvds because I like to watch wwe footage and own a part of history the main dvds I go for are compilation dvds.

  9. bossmanjr says:

    I started collecting WWE videos in the ’80s and
    I’ve continued to collect the DVD releases. My first
    WWE DVDs were the Rock Bottom ’98 ppv and Royal Rumble 2000.
    I’d love to add Fatal Four Way ’10 to my collection!

  10. steviebreech says:

    WOW! Yeah you would give away a DVD where Swagger loses his title without being pinned

  11. AJD47 says:

    I got my first dvd which was history of wrestlemania 1-9 about 3 years back! Then i bought the hostory of intercontenal championship like two years ago from there on ive been buying and updating my dvd collection where now i up to like 40! i go all out on craigslist and even ordered some from ebay! I also own many recorded tapes of prowrestling and vhs magazines! im a huge fan!

  12. McCannMan says:

    I started with the mainstream WWF in 1999 with survivor series,
    I can remember it being in my local Super Valu shop and stunned as I just stared at it and then ran to mum to get her to buy it for me.
    Since that day I have been building my collection with more than the WWE.
    I started collecting TNA dvds in 2006 with Lockdown and futher moved onto to start collecting ROH dvds in 2006 aswell with “ManUp”
    In the year 2009 I bought my first and only CZW dvd cage of death 6 and in 2010 I bought The best of PWG vol1 and chikara “reality is relative”

  13. MisterMeddle says:

    I was collecting WWF Home Videos and Coliseum videos in the late 90’s/early 00’s however my very first WWE DVD’s were WrestleMania X8 and Hulk Still Rules. Both were purchased for my birthday back in December 2002. I bought a number of WWE DVD’s however when I got got robbed my entire collection was gone and I had to start from bottom to top. I re-purchased every DVD was was stolen and my collection is now 5x larger. The most recent WWE DVD I purchased was SummerSlam 2001 a few months ago.

  14. RhysehT says:

    The first WWE DVD I ever bought was Armageddon 2003. This was after WrestleMania XX, I was just under 12, and you have to understand, I *worshipped* Goldberg. So, in the shop, I happened upon the WWE DVD section, for the first time ever. My mind was blown. I looked through every single one, and found Armageddon, with a Goldberg World Heavyweight Championship Match on. This was the DVD that I HAD to have.

    I went home, watched it, and Goldberg lost.

  15. cmvag says:

    My 1st was WM 25!!!

  16. been a long time WWF/WWE fan, been collecting DVD’s for a while, mostly the documentary DVD’s and all of the WrestleMania DVD/Blu Ray issues. 5 years ago had to use eBay to buy Wrestlemania XV, Wrestlemania 2000, WM X-7 and WM XIX (taken from a Box Set)

  17. tnawwejosh says:

    I have been a fan of WWF/E for almost 12 years now but didn’t get my first DVD till 2007 which was Armageddon 2006 for my birthday since then i have over a 100 WWE DVD’s.

  18. KurtK26 says:

    Around 2000. The first one I bought was Wrestlemania 16, at Best Buy. After that it was no more VHS, all DVDs.

  19. Mike buzzard says:

    I started collecting the Wrestlemania dvds starting with WMXX. I then decided to expand to all DVDs

  20. Brian Steltz says:

    I started collecting dvds as soon as the WM box set was released and have over 200 dvds bc i love wwe and everything about it

  21. luke carey says:

    I started collecting after i got the best of smackdown 10 anniversery

  22. DanielBryan_SnapOrTap says:

    I Started collecting DVDs when I first brought the Y2J DVD Last december, I ‘ve brought over 40 DVDs since

  23. DanielBryan_SnapOrTap says:

    I’ve been a Wrestling fan my enitre life, and I wanted to start doing a DVD collection for the simple fact that I have those PPV/Documentaries for life, I Don’t have the Fatal 4 way PPV and it would be a huge help to my collection if I won, Thanx guys.

  24. AustinFrenzy says:

    ive been watching wwf/e my whole life, my first WWE DVD was wrestlemania 19 in 2003, and i still have that exact copy to this day! i started to collect them because of what they personally mean to me.

  25. The Ratt says:

    I first started collecting WWF ppv’s on VHS tapes starting with WrestleMania 7 in the early 90’s. I then moved onto dvds when they became popular starting with WrestleMania 15 when it came out. I’m now trying to collect as many PPV’s as possible

  26. MatthewGormley says:

    Although my first DVD was Royal Rumble 2006, I only started collecting them last year.

  27. steven says:

    i love the wwe divas

  28. Liam Canning says:

    after a 8 year hiatus from wrestling i randomly saw smackdown on sky one day in 2009. it brought back memories of my childhood and i forgot how entertaining it was, my first dvd followed, wrestlemania 17 and my collection has continued to grow since, i just cant get enough of it

  29. DXMember425 says:

    i started collecting WWE DVDS in 2009 and the reason why i started collecting dvds is because i love WWE and cant live without.

  30. MickEiA says:

    I started collecting WWE DVD’s at the start of 2009 with Edge:Decade of Decadence and since then I have been building it up and it is starting to look like a credible collection

  31. BoneZ says:

    I started collecting DVDs along time ago, began by collecting VHS tapes and trading and then when dvds became popular i collected them. Ive got just about every dvd ever made by wwe, but fatal 4way is one i dont have!

  32. dm05 says:

    I first started collecting WWE DVDs with judgment day 2001 (HHH/Kane, Austin/ Taker) when I first purchased a DVD player. I started collecting wwe DVDs to continue on from my VHS collection… I have pretty much every Ppv from then back to 1999 on VHS. Iv collected mostly all DVD documentaries and I’m beginning to start on filling the holes on the Ppv events I have not purchased yet.

  33. Skyler Jones says:

    I started collecting WWE DVDs in 2009. I always said when I was a kid that one day I would own all WWE DVDs. So, when I finally started making good money I started collecting.

  34. sellout says:

    First DVD was From The Vault: Shawn Michaels back in 2003. Been a lifelong HBK fan so this was a must own for me. Been hooked on WWE DVDs ever since.

  35. Jake says:

    I started collecting seriously in the middle of last year, before that I just bought the occasional DVD every now and then. The first DVD I got given was Summerslam 2003, and the first one I bought was The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior.

  36. Steve V says:

    I started my WWE DVD collection in January 2005 when I bought Rob Van Dam One of a Kind and The Rise & Fall of ECW as my first WWE DVDs. I collect WWE DVDs for the simple fact that I love wrestling.

  37. Stubblehall says:

    My first dvd was John Cena Word Life.

  38. Jericho100 says:

    Started watching in 05, Started collection in 08, first dvd was the Rock 3 disc.

  39. Shaughnessy92 says:

    I Started Watching Wrestling 10-11 Years ago and i was in town one day and seen a few of dvds which i thought were really good. . so i bought 2 of them they where 2002 No Mercy with Brock Lesner And Undertaker In Hell in the cell and Unforgiven 2002 with Triple H Vs RVD And Lesner vs undertaker. From that day ive collected alot of documentarys and ppvs. . ive now 60 or more dvds and im still collecting and love doing it. .

  40. JoeloDXtreme says:

    I started my WWE DVD collection around the year 2000 with the Royal Rumble 2000 dvd. I remember watching this PPV live at home, and from that moment I knew I had to own that DVD. Cactus Jack vs. HHH’s Street Fight was epic. After watching the DVD I just appreciated the WWE DVD quality. I think it’s excellent! So now I am a collector. And everytime I have the opportunity to meet a WWE Superstar I always like them to sign my DVD’s, better yet, my WrestleMania DVD’s.

  41. I started my collection with Royal Rumble 2007 & No Way out 2007 in late 2007, Not exactly the greatest of titles to start a collection but those were the 2 DVD’s that started the passion that I now have for collecting Wrestling DVD’s!

  42. nickcageismyhero says:

    I got back into WWE around 05 and i started out by buying best of sets to play catch up and have been hooked ever since!

  43. stestaman says:

    The first DVDs that I bought was NYR & RR 2005 in a shop in my town, then I discovered the site of silvervision and from there started the real collection

  44. jameson says:

    my first was unforgiven 2002. i watched it over and over,loved it! i started collecting tapes and dvds soon after for the thrill of having a piece of history every time. I have tonnes of them om shelve now 🙂

  45. straightedge47 says:

    Along time ago I bought The Mick Foley 2 disk set, and it made me want to buy more, so I could watch all the great matches id seen whenever I wanted and hopefully see alot of new ones too

  46. MikeBon229 says:

    I started collecting DVDs about 11 years ago. My first DVD was Royal Rumble 2000. Ever since then its been my major hobby of mine. I was actually at this Fatal 4Way ppv in Long Island. I was actually spotted on camera when R-Truth was making his entrance. He actually held up the microphone to me and I actually gave the crowd a “Whats up!” I am spotted where a Titleist golf hat!

  47. Bryan says:

    WM 19 got me back into wrestling after a 4 year hiatus before that I had a box full of over 150 VHS tapes most of which I gave to my friend. I love old school (88-97) events so I always buy the anthologies (WM, Royal Rumble SummerSlam, and SS) day 1. I also collect some superstar DVDs although I’m still hoping for a Rick Rude, British Bulldog, and Bam Bam Bigelow set (I know good luck w that one lol)

  48. jscar517 says:

    My first WWE DVD was Royal Rumble 2002. However, I didn’t start my collection until “The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection” was released. It was that set that hooked me. Having all those old school matches and promos in one set was amazing. As of today, i’ve got shelves upon shelves of WWE DVD’s.

  49. iamachampion says:

    i started collecting wwe dvds 4 years ago. my first dvd was matt/jeff hardy twist of fate dvd. when i watched that, i loved the documentary and their wonderful matches. so i thought ‘why not get more?’so i got more dvds and ppvs

  50. Daniel says:

    I started collecting WWE DVD’s 4 years ago. Back then, my favorite wrestler was Rey Mysterio. So my first DVD was Rey Mysterio: Biggest Little Man DVD. After that, I was interested in superstars’ biographies. So, I bought more WWE dvd’s plus pay per views! 🙂

  51. Leoxwx says:

    I started like 4 years ago, I have almost all of 2007 and 2008 PPV Dvds… and some of other years too.. I collect them because I just simply LOVE wrestling!

  52. pease says:

    i first started collecting in 2009 when my friend was at my house and put on raw. so i started getting some dvds to see how my favourite superstars started and look at some of the great moments of wrestling

  53. evilashv02 says:

    I honestly started collecting wrestling dvd’s when they started producing the biographys which I thought were great. Once I saw Shaun Blackfords collection it really inspired me to complete my wrestling collection and get every WWE dvd I could get my hands on. Now im getting 5 or 6 wwe dvds a week! So even if I don’t win, thanks Shaun for inspiring me!!!!

  54. caseywwefan1987 says:

    I started collecting wwe dvds about 4-5 years ago. The very first wwe dvd that I bought was the firsfr DX DVD with X-Pac and then a couple of years later I finally got the entire 2008 ppv dvds. I have been a fan of the wwe since the 1990s and have been a fan of dx and hbk ever since.

  55. JeFF OweN says:

    I’m starting to collect WWE DVDs right now if I win this one… cuz I’d been here in US for only 7 months…… I will collecting WWE items in the future 🙂 my first WWE DVD is The John Cena Experience….

  56. caseywwefan1987 says:

    I started collecting wwe dvds about 4-5 years ago. The very first wwe dvd that I bought was the firsfr DX DVD with X-Pac and then a couple of years later I finally got the entire 2008 ppv dvds. I have been a fan of the wwe since the 1990s

  57. Rob L says:

    I’ve always been a huge WWE fan dating back to 95′ or 96′ but I didn’t start collecting DVD’s until 2009. Right now I have about 110 DVD’s in my collection.

  58. wrestling god says:

    i started collecting wrestling dvds about 5 years ago and i love collecting them because it’s cool to have the history on dvd.

  59. Rocko says:

    My first WWE dvd was Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker. I got it simply because I was a huge Undertaker fan. I then won the entire 2005 PPV Boxset in some pre-Wrestlemania contest. A few more years went by without me getting any others. It wasn’t until Viva La Raza that I started getting more and more. From there I’ve mainly purchased those focusing on particular wrestlers and titles. Last summer I finally got the Wrestlemania Anthology.

    I mainly buy the dvds to relive the good old days. I grew up watching the WWF, it’s ingrained in me. I love being able to watch the best of Flair, Austin, Taker, Rock, Michaels and others whenever I feel like it.

  60. Brandon says:

    In 2002, my family finally got a DVD player, so I started buying WWE DVDs instead of VHS. My first one was the bonus DVD that came in the WrestleMania hardcover book, but the first DVD I actually bought was Hulk Still Rules, the first to really have a lot of good old school bonus material.

  61. StoneColdRKO512 says:

    i started collecting because i love wrestling so much and so when i get old i can watch them with my kids and one day hand them down to them and keep the collection growing forever

  62. 09Shan says:

    It was so I can relive great moments in wrestling history.

  63. BLeClair12 says:

    I used to collect all WWE Pay-Per-Views. When I was huge into the product, it was a way of looking back at some of my favorite matches. It was like having my own personal history book of WWE. I’ve fallen out of touch with buying current Pay-Per-Views, but I still occasionally add some to my collection. I’ve got every PPV released on DVD from 1998 – 2006, and several more scattered after that.

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