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May 28, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Here at WWEDVDNews we’re giving you the chance to win WWE DVDs titles every week!

Our last DVD giveaway for Highest Flyers just finished up and today we picked the winners who have been notified via Twitter. Congrats if that was you, the prizes will be sent soon.

So, you want another opportunity to win? Okay….


WWE Tagged Classics DVD

This week, 3 copies of WWF Rebellion 2001 & Insurrextion 2002 (Tagged Classics) packs are up for grabs! These are Region 2 encoded DVDs from the UK but we’re opening up the giveaway to anybody worldwide. Don’t blame us if you need to buy a new DVD player though 😉
Two simple steps to enter:

1) Register on WWEDVDNews (click here) with a valid e-mail address.

2) Login to your account, then leave a comment below this article telling us which WWE PPV held in the United Kingdom you liked the most!

Your choices:
One Night Only 1997,
Capital Carnage 1998,
No Mercy UK 1999,
Rebellion 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2002,
Insurrextion 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003.
Next Sat, June 4th three people who are registered (valid email to contact you) and have left a comment on this page will be chosen at random to win the DVDs. Entry can be from any country.

Good luck to everybody who enters, and if you don’t win, don’t despair!

The DVD is out now.

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  1. ash016 says:

    My favourite UK PPV would have to be WWE Insurrextion 2002 as I think the card was immaculate!!

  2. turner716 says:

    capital carnage 98.stone cold nuff said

  3. REBellion 2001 cant stress it enough!!!!!!!!!

  4. JoeloDXtreme says:

    To me, Capital Carnage 1998 has been the best one. How can everyone forget the Fatal 4 Way between Austin, ‘Taker, Kane and Mankind, right? Although No Mercy 1999 was pretty decent too!

  5. Hervine says:

    Insurrextion 2003 because Steve Austin drank

    1 PINT
    2 PINTS
    3 PINTS
    4 PINTS
    5 PINTS
    6 PINTS
    7 PINTS
    8 PINTS
    9 PINTS
    10 PINTS
    11 PINTS
    12 PINTS
    14 PINTS
    15 PINTS
    16 PINTS
    17 PINTS
    18 PINTS
    19 PINTS
    20 PINTS!!

    20 British pints lived to tell the tale, live on PPV!
    Also Kevin Nash vs Triple H was a pretty sweet main event, one of their best televised matches in their feud!

  6. wolfpack_2k says:

    One Night Only 1997. I was in attendance and the atmosphere when Michaels defeated Bulldog was amazing. Some of the other matches were slightly suspect but the main event was great.

  7. jeffhardy4290 says:

    rebellion 2001 was the best ppv i saw of 2001 besides the summerslam and wrestlemania of that year rebellion was the number 1 paper view

  8. rebellion 2001 Austin vs. Rock, last time during the attitude era!

  9. JoJo_1984 says:

    it has to be Rebellion 2001. Three great matches Edge Vs Christian in a Steel Cage match
    the other Chris Jericho Vs Kurt Angle
    Stone Cold Vs The Rock where Angle interfered in the match
    this was in the middle of the attitude era

  10. rebellion 2001 was he best UK event ever, perfect display of the Attitude Era at its best!

  11. Brian Hay says:

    WWF One Night Only was the greatest UK PPV ever cause of Shawn Michaels vs Bulldog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 1trainer1 says:

    No Mercy 1999, I was only 9 yrs old and was watching with mr grandad and it was brilliant

  13. cardmaker says:

    No Mercy UK 1999

  14. graceandowen says:

    My Fave has to be One Night only 1997, I still have this on video as I taped it whilst watching I was 13 and I remember being furious that HBK beat bulldog!

  15. littleboo21 says:

    One Night Only 1997

  16. Adam Rodriguez says:

    My favourite is No Mercy UK 1999

  17. kumariobros95 says:

    rebellion 2001 best of the attitude era

  18. WrightyHBK says:

    One Night Only because of the anticipation for the match between HNK and Davey Boy Smith, Michaels had a ton of heats and Davey Boy dedicated the match to his dying sister who was at ringside, michaels unexpectedly won and the crowd went mad, so in terms of drama, I would have to say One Night Only or as I would like to call it Montreal #2

  19. fzzzbucks says:

    Rebellion 2001. Solid card for the event (Regal vs Tajiri, Edge vs Christian, Angle vs Jericho).

  20. wwetna100 says:

    Out of the ppvs ive seen (Rebellion 02, Insurrextion 02, 03) I would have to say Insurrextion 2002 due to how good Eddie Guerrero and RVD’s match was and how fun SCSA vs Big Show was to watch with the crowd joining in with everything Austin did, also i thought Taker vs HHH was decent

  21. Kieran_Polland says:

    Rebellion 2000 was the best PPV to me based mainly on nostalgia. I had just became a wrestling fan and the idea that all the WWF superstars were close to me really excited me. The main event is tremendous as you had four of the top WWF superstars going at it with the WWF title on the line.

  22. nonameneeded21 says:

    I think one night only was the best uk ppv but that to me was cause mainly I enjoyed the hbk and davey boy match

  23. Shant826 says:

    Rebellion 2001 is a very rare PPV, with the best rivals Austin, Rock< Angle and Jericho, these guys were the headliners and all of them delivered at Rebellion with 2 great unforgettable matches. Insurextion 2002, again rare PPV, with great matches featuring the top guys in the business, a great PPV.

  24. Sam13 says:

    One Night Only 1997 as it was a historical night!

  25. Matt Roach says:

    One Night Only 1997! it was a great night of action (the last 3 matches were amazing), and the crowd was unbelievable, but it was also the first wwe event that i attended live so kind of holds a special place in my heart!!!

  26. Steven says:

    One Night Only had one of Shawn Michaels best matches lol and the start of DX beginning the Attitude Era. Shawn said this is for you my sweetheart Diana talking about Bulldog’s wife.

  27. Duckman888 says:

    One Night Only 1997, the crowd was hot you had Bret vs Undertaker and Shawn vs Davey Boy, great matches.

  28. matto97 says:

    rebellion 2001 because its a great ppv

  29. penLOLbury says:

    In my opinion it was by far Rebellion 2001, this was my first event i went to and my only one in the UK(live in Australia now) Just look at the card and it makes you want to watch it. you have a solid undercard and midcard highlighted by Edge Vs Christian in the old school blue cage as well a good quick bout between scotty 2 hotty and Gregory Helms. Then the main events… I have always wanted to watch the Rock vs Austin live and this was my only chance, they did not disappoint and put on a 20 minute classic. The other main event was even better as we saw Chris Jericho put on a classic against Kurt Angle in a match just full of Technical wrestling. i got all my pounds worth in this night and is a show I will never forget

  30. LaCourse88 says:

    One Night Only 97′

  31. Derek says:

    One Night Only 1997!!!

  32. Arlene says:

    Rebellion 1999

  33. jay_jay820 says:

    Rebellion 2001

  34. kumariobros95 says:

    Rebellion 2001…. best card for an UK PPV!!!!!!

  35. Eduardo says:

    Capital Carnage 1998,

  36. smackdvraw says:

    One Night Only 1997 because its the first WWE International pay-per-view event

  37. KurtK26 says:

    One Night Stand, for the great moment in DX history of Shawn Michaels winning the European title!

  38. Stoopid Head says:

    Tie between One Night Only & Capital Carnage

  39. agtdark2023 says:

    Capital Carnage 1998. Ahhh, the good old days!!

  40. Kuivis says:

    Insurrextion 2003

  41. followjairo12 says:

    mine is one night only because u had that great match with hbk and hometown boy british buldog and the crowd was great for the whole event

  42. The Ratt says:

    One Night Only 1997. Two great main event matches with Taker/Bret an Shawn/Bulldog. The crowd was hot all night even for the lesser matches, and I was luck enough to be there as well 🙂

  43. HodgsonTNARoX says:

    Rebellion 2001

  44. Verb says:

    Capital Carnage 1998

  45. says:

    One Night Only 1997

  46. aesop57 says:

    No Mercy UK 1999

  47. brex says:

    Rebellion 2001

  48. Yentob says:

    Rebellion 2001

  49. Danzig says:

    Rebellion 2001

  50. RatedRChamp says:

    One Night Only.
    Because it had 2 awesome matches (Hart/Taker & Bulldog/HBK) , a great undercard (Vader/Owen & HHH/Dude love especially) & most importantly , a very hot crowd who nearly rioted after the main event.
    Just freakin’ great.

  51. Jake says:

    Probably Rebellion ’99. Good stuff.

  52. Darren says:

    Capital Carnage 1998, when Vinnie Jones appeared.

  53. Liam777 says:

    One night only 1997. Easy.

  54. YoJustin says:

    Rebellion ‘O1 was the best one. Good matches and great fun.

  55. MickEiA says:

    One Night Only 1997 Shawn Michaels with DX and Rick Rude in Shawn’s corner was a great match with The British Bulldog

  56. MrPXW11556 says:

    I liked Rebellion 2001 because of the Stone Cold vs. The Rock, Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle, Edge vs. Christian cage match, & the Scotty 2 Hotty vs. The Hurricane. I always thought that WWF UK events always put out bad PPV’s till this one. This is my reason why I think this the best WWE PPV in the UK

  57. afcchamp88 says:

    One Night Only no doubt.

  58. My favorite PPV was One Night Only 1997

  59. tylortylor says:

    Rebellion 1999 was a great ppv. The Main Event blew me away.

  60. william says:

    I would enter if it was any other tagged classics but didnt like these shows and if wanted to highspots have em

  61. treerat23 says:

    Capital Carnage 1998,

  62. tnawwejosh says:

    Rebellion 2001 for me mainly because i went there!!! but also it was a good event too Edge Vs Christian, Jericho Vs Angle and Rock Vs Austin all three are huge matches to start off with and the event ended up being good all round (Austin and Rock had a sing off too which was not seen on TV was funny stuff)

  63. oldschool says:

    One Night Only, DX gains more power and gets major heat

  64. Kevin Poole says:

    No Mercy UK 1999 was my fave uk ppv of all time

  65. goc says:

    no mercy 99 because of the main event. it was the only pay per view that i saw that was in the uk.

  66. ecwfan3052 says:

    One Night Only 1997

  67. spongewore69 says:

    Capital Carnage because of xpac getting a title shot with the great one!

  68. wrestlefanatic77 says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve only seen Rebellion 1999 but I can say that PPV wasn’t half bad. The match card was solid, and there really wasn’t any bad matches. Triple H vs The Rock in the steel cage was pretty entertaining, and I’ll never forget the memorable segment where British Bulldog threw a trash can into Stephanie, causing her to get “amnesia”. Overall, a 8/10 I would give the entire show.

  69. chrismccarthy says:

    the best dvd is the paperview wwe insurextion 2001

  70. stestaman says:

    my favourite is One Night Only 1997

  71. SAMCFCWWE says:

    One night only 1997 because that night showed how passionate the fans are over here in the U.K and the maint event was just amazing.

  72. Guiguioh says:

    One night Only 1997 will always be the best IMO because of the Bulldog versus Shawn main event.

  73. One Night only 1997 Plainly because of the amazing HBK vs Bulldog match. The crowd were hot throughout and was a fun PPV to watch. Loved it

  74. jameson2011 says:

    one night only 1997 was great because it was the first uk ppv in a long time and featured some of the era’s best stars like shawn michaels and the undertaker!

  75. Sasha says:

    My favourite is probably No Mercy 1999, sure it’s not the best of the UK PPV’s, a lot of the matches weren’t exactly great but this time in WWF is my favourite era in wrestling history because of the Corporate Ministry. The Undertaker is my favourite wrestler ever and this era of his is by my favourite, he was so dark and evil and the Ministry/Corporate Ministry storyline was so well done (up until the Higher Power reveal). So that’s why No Mercy 99 is my favourite because it was at a time in the WWF that I loved and it was also at a time when I had only just discovered wrestling not that long before this so everything was new and exciting. Rebellion 99 also is a fave

  76. wakigatame says:

    One Night Only was a great event, probably slightly beats out Capital Carnage. I loved Bret vs. Undertaker.

  77. bosshoglarry87 says:

    I always liked Capital Carnage from 1998. I grew up on the Attitude Era so it has always been a favorite!

  78. Youngy54 says:

    Always had a soft spot for Rebellion ’01, hence me entering this. 😛 Any time the UK can get The Rock vs. Stone Cold as a main event is a good night, and this was no exception. Great match, as we always came to expect whenever these two stepped into the ring with each other. Jericho vs. Angle was solid as expected, and I loved the opening cage match with Edge and Christian. Made even better by the fact that they used to vintage blue (albeit painted black) steel cage! They need to bust that cage out more often in my opinion. Anyway yeah, Rebellion 2001 always springs to mind when I think of my favourite UK PPV’s. My only regret is that I couldn’t secure a ticket. 🙁 Thank the lord for Tagged Classics… though I’m still stuck with the VHS for now, haha. Thanks for this opportunity, good luck to all!

  79. straightedge47 says:

    One night Only, It had the amazing Bret Hart/Undertaker match(even though the finish was bad) and the Shawn Michaels/ Bulldog match that was awesome too

  80. Tiffany Killeen says:

    One Night Only in 1997 was the best ever! I cant put into work haw great that night was! Ok, yes I can, Shawn Micheals!!!

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