Win 3 WWE DVDs Every Saturday – Week #5 – Our Biggest Fan?

March 26, 2011 by Daniel Bee

We’re at it again, giving you the chance to Win WWE DVDs Every Saturday! This is week 5 of 5, but we may be extending it with even more prizes.

We just picked the winners of last week’s DVD giveaway who have been e-mailed, congrats to them. All the prizes so far will be sent out when this week’s giveaway ends.

Now for the next opportunity to win….


We’re giving away 3 copies of WWE Money in the Bank 2010 DVD!
How to enter:

This week’s giveaway is all about finding the Biggest WWEDVDNews Fans and it’s up to you how you get involved! We want you to show us why YOU are the biggest fan of this website. You can use any means necessary to do this – comments, photos, videos; anything. Be as creative and unique as you want, we’ll be picking the 3 best entries to win a DVD each.

To share stuff with us, here are some links that may be useful. (Facebook) (Twitter) (E-mail) (Comments) (YouTube)

Next Saturday, April 2nd the three best entries willl be chosen to win the MITB DVDs. Remember, it’s all about demonstrating you are a huge WWEDVDNews fan!

Good luck to everybody who enters, and if you don’t win, don’t despair!

The DVD is out now.

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  1. jamie millar says:

    i’m a huge fan of this site i purchased eddie guerreros dvd today and have been gripped throughout.. i wouldnt have considered purchasing the dvd if it wasnt for this site. same with th chris jericho dvd. both great watches! i’m a huge fan of wwe and the dvds show great memories and i would love the chance to add money in the bank to my collection!

  2. petit says:

    and i was to wrestle mania 24

  3. petit says:

    This is the best site ever ! You post pictures of new dvd , you post new’s all day , i’m the biggest fan because i see all day the page , and i like really the wrestling , I watch all day and i bought many dvd , i’ve many figures , magazine … I’m the biggest fan 🙂

  4. StoneColdRKO512 says:

    im a fan because i love wrestling and this is the site that always has update for dvd and when they are relased i wouldnt live without this site it keeps me up to date on resent dvds relase and ones soon to come its one of my favorite sites.

  5. Joshy101 says:

    Sorrry that was my comment i for got to sighn in i will write it again……………Im a fan of this website because this where i find pictures and screen shots and dates to upcomming and my favorite dvd’s. Before i buy a dvd i see if you have done a review on it to know if he its a good dvd. and thanks for showing me the preview for the dx dvd its looks preety cool and i wan tto buy and i hope yu guys make a review on it. I only be a fan since January when one my friends showed me your twitter and you website is great. You guys must own every dvd I give you guys two thumbs up.

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