Giveaway: Win WWE “Shawn Michaels VS. Bret Hart” on DVD & Blu-ray

October 18, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Time for the latest WWEDVDNews giveaway! This is a caption contest, in which you could win the very latest WWE DVD release Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels VS. Bret Hart.

There will be one winner, who can choose either format (DVD or Blu-ray), the region (North America or Europe), and receive their prize from, or!

So let’s kick it off right now…

“Shawn VS. Bret” Caption Contest

– To enter this giveaway come up with a caption for the screenshot above. It can be funny, serious, interesting – anything you like – but the one we like best will win!

– The contest is open WORLDWIDE and runs for 2 weeks, ending on November 1st, 2011.

To be eligible you should be following WWEDVDNews on either Twitter or Facebook.

(Follow us at

“Like” WWEDVDNews on Facebook –> .  

Where do I send my caption?

— Send us your caption using the e-mail contact form below. ONE per person. Good luck!

– The URL of your Twitter or Facebook account must be added to the ‘Website’ box in the contact form (to check your eligibility). For example,
– The ‘Subject’ box on the form should read CAPTION.
– Your actual caption should be placed in the ‘Message’ box.
– Use a real email address so we can contact you should you be the winner.
– To prevent spam there is a simple sum to solve at the end of the form.

Security Code:
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  1. Daniel Bee says:

    Should have the winner announced by the end of the week. I’ll be reading through all the captions in the coming days.

  2. Jordan says:

    when will we find out who won?

  3. @Williamwwe says:

    @Daniel Bee- ILL probably wont bye the dvd, thats why I entered the contest. I would have liked more ” AUSTIN vs ROCK” dvd but im not mad with this one. (just to know) do you know the run time for the RAW and SMACKDOWN! dvd?

  4. Mark D says:

    Will we get to see the entries once the giveaway is over?

  5. SRB says:

    haha good one guys 🙂

  6. TheChamp0617 says:

    @Mark D
    He only has ten fingers 😛

  7. Mark D says:

    @SRB He’s only holding up 10 fingers!

  8. mike buzzard says:

    Hey man I realized I forgot my twitter as well, I’m sorry hope I can still be entered

  9. SRB says:

    Mark, dont forget the VHS releases… lol
    WWF Shawn Michaels Hits Coliseum Video 1996 VHS
    Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak Express Tour 1997 VHS
    Im sure I’m missing some lol

  10. neverAcquiesce says:

    [sarcasm]What if I answered the problem wrong?[/sarcasm]

  11. Mark D says:

    Hey… I’m the example, thats my Twitter! 🙂

    Coz I’m the example I’m gonna break the rules, here’s my entry:

    SHAWN MICHAELS: From the Vault… D-Generation X… Boyhood Dream… New & Improved… Best of WWE: New & Improved DX… Heartbreak & Triumph… My Journey… One Last Stand… Hits From The Heartbreak Kid/Heartbreak Express Tour… and… Greatest Rivalries makes 10!

  12. SRB says:

    There were too many my friend. I had a good idea for a caption and just wanted to get it down and submitted. I chose the “funny” route 🙂

  13. SRB says:

    Ya forgot my FB account too.

  14. Daniel Bee says:

    If I like a quote best and it happens to be from a Tylor, I’ll get in touch.

  15. Tylor says:

    I forgot to add my twitter account. Is there anyway I can still win?

  16. meghan says:

    why math problems im not good at math

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