Win WWE SummerSlam ’92 30th Anniversary DVD & Blu-Ray, Schedule of Titles for Remainder of 2022

August 29, 2022 by Daniel Bee

The anticipated SummerSlam 1992 – 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray and DVD officially releases TODAY!

This kicks off an exciting week for fans in the UK, as this Saturday WWE will host the Clash at the Castle event in Cardiff, the first stadium show in the UK since SummerSlam ’92.


Win the SummerSlam 1992 – 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray & DVD is giving away multiple copies of the Blu-ray and the DVD to our readers. In the comments of this page we want to hear from you — who do you predict will walk out of Clash at the Castle as Universal Champion, will it be Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre?

The winners will be selected at random after Clash from those who predicted correctly.

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Let’s check out photos of today’s new release: SummerSlam 1992 – 30th Anniversary Edition, including a look at that unique orange-coloured DVD case!

WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary Blu-ray - Photos, Front Cover
WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary Blu-ray - Photos, Back Cover
WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary Blu-ray - British Bulldog & Bret Hart Photo Artwork


Thirty years ago, WWE brought the biggest party of the summer to the UK! Now, thirty years later, relive the epic classic event, remastered for the first time on DVD!

Bret “Hit Man” Hart defends the Intercontinental Championship against the British Bulldog. Shawn Michaels faces Rick Martel, Legion of Doom battle Money Inc. in tag team action. Ultimate Warrior challenges “Macho Man” Randy Savage for the WWE Championship. The Natural Disasters defend the WWE Tag Team Championship and more.

Extras List for WWE SummerSlam 1992 Blu-ray – Dark Matches, Countdown Show & Superstars Eps!

Pre-release Review: WWE “SummerSlam 1992 – 30th Anniversary Edition” Blu-ray

WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary DVD - Orange Case Exclusive, Front Cover
WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary DVD - Orange Case Exclusive, Inside Packaging

SummerSlam 1992 – 30th Anniversary Edition is available in the UK from today. has both the Blu-ray and the DVD in stock now and priced only £9.99 each.

Get it on Amazon UK:

WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary Blu-ray & DVD - Available Now!

With SummerSlam ’92 now in stores, here’s the schedule of WWE DVD and Blu-ray releases in the UK for the remainder of 2022. There’s a couple of new dates revealed here for the PLEs coming later in the year – Extreme Rules and Crown Jewel.

And of course, the planned titles for fans in the United States will no doubt be similar, but without the Blu-ray editions and the non-PLE releases of “Austin 3:16 – Best of Stone Cold Steve Austin” and “Undertaker – The Complete WrestleMania Collection”.

  • SummerSlam 2022 (DVD/Blu-ray) – September 19th
  • Austin 3:16 – Best of Stone Cold Steve Austin (DVD) – October 3rd
  • Clash at the Castle 2022 (DVD/Blu-ray) – October 24th
  • Undertaker – The Complete WrestleMania Collection (DVD) – November 14th
  • Extreme Rules 2022 (DVD) – November 28th
  • Crown Jewel 2022 (DVD) – December 26th

WWE Home Video 2022 Logo

Heads up, fans in the US get the SummerSlam 2022 DVD TOMORROW!

SummerSlam is once again a 2-disc DVD set this year and it will feature 1 hour and 30 minutes of extras, made up of RAW and SmackDown matches and moments leading into the event.

Lock in your pre-order with

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  1. Robert Emons says:

    Is the undertaker collection a US release? And what about survivor series what’s the release date on that DVD?

    • Matthew G. Miller says:

      I’m assuming 2022 Survivor Series dvd will probably be released on dvd in January first wwe release of 2023 is my guess. That’s when the 2021 Survivor series was released this past January.

  2. Joseph Owens says:

    Does anyone know what is up with AEW DVDs right now? They are no longer on their shop site.

  3. Joseph Owens says:

    Does anyone know what is up with AEW DVDs right now? They have been off the site for a week and anytime I have reached out to them, they have indicated they are all out of stock and they do not know when/if they will return.

  4. Andrew F says:

    Drew McIntyre

  5. Mark says:

    Roman Reigns

  6. Triman Ahluwalia says:

    I think drew will win

  7. Triman Ahluwalia says:

    Roman will win

  8. Triman Ahluwalia says:

    I think Drew McIntyre will win

  9. Peter Bielik says:

    Yes! This is finally happening. Buying it for sure.

    As for Clash – I think Drew is winning. If for no other reason than that Roman has been champ long enough and you don’t end the first proper, huge European PPV/PLE and a stadium show to boot, with the homeboy losing. And even with Drew’s gimmick as the warrior with a sword? And it’s called “Clash at the Castle”?

    Nah, this is Drew’s moment he didn’t get to have at WM 36 because of COVID, it has to be.

  10. max says:

    I think it sucks that wwe is not releasing the documentary/best of dvds in the u.s. There only making them available for u.k fans. The undertaker box set, best of Austin and summerslam 92 30th anniversary is not available for u.s fans, it just fing sucks! I have an entire list of best of/documentary dvds/blurays that I would like to see get made but I know there not ever going to because wwe only makes videos what they think people want to see, not what the universe wants to see. They don’t listen to the wwe universe they don’t listen to the audience. wwe sucks

  11. RabidHeat says:

    With this being the first UK stadium show in 30 years, Drew HAS to win. He also still needs that title run in front of actual crowds.

    Whether he drops the belt to Theory or Cody in the meantime and Roman gets it back from them at some point to defend against The Rock at ‘Mania I don’t know, but IMO Roman/Rock doesn’t need a title attached, so I would keep the belt on Drew, have Cody win the Rumble and go to Mania to challenge Drew. I have a feeling the crowd may turn on Cody eventually like Cena, so Cody even be going a little heel by then.

    I just dunno where Theory fits into at all.

  12. Scott says:

    I think Roman will retain, but I’d love to see Drew take the title off him.

  13. Dan T says:

    I think Drew will get this win this time. Should be an awesome match.

  14. Nick says:

    Drew McIntyre will win the match, but I do think Roman will stay champion.

  15. Patrick says:

    Drew Mcintyre

  16. Richard W says:

    Thinking Roamn Reigns retains the titles at the PPV as they probably won’t get them off of him until at least Royal Rumble 2023 at the earliest.

  17. Mike says:

    Drewwwwwww for the win

  18. Kane Stewart says:

    I hope drew kicks Roman’s ass, it’s time for him to be dethroned

  19. Alan D says:

    Roman Reigns

  20. Tom D says:

    Drew will pick up the win.

  21. Travis Portman says:

    Roman Reigns will win

  22. Todd Forrest says:

    No way drew isn’t winning

  23. Chris says:

    Roman will see his record setting reign end at Clash at the Castle by Drew McIntyre!

  24. Brayden says:

    Drew McIntyre

  25. Wesley says:

    Drew McIntyre

  26. BAS says:

    Drew will finally get his big moment in front of a live stadium audience.

  27. whut says:

    Drew McIntyre.

    (but I also assume he will lose it back to Reigns on tv either the same week or one week after that)

  28. Andy Garland says:

    i hope all summerslams are done like wrestlemania was on single dvds

  29. Jonathan M says:

    Going with Mcintyre

  30. Andy Garland says:

    even if theory tries to cash in it wont be sucessful.

  31. Andy Garland says:

    i hope drew wins but the usos will help roman win.

  32. Shane Montgomery says:

    Hope it’s Drew but I don’t see them taking the belt from Roman anytime soon. So Roman Reigns will leave champion.

  33. David Gill says:

    Roman Reigns going to be walking away with the title…

  34. Paul Harris says:

    I Think Drew’s gonna win, as I feel his time is now especially been in the UK as well.


  35. Andy Garland says:

    i am a big summerslam fan i have 2003-2021

  36. MemoHD says:

    This looks amazing!

    I’m a huge collector of PPV Version VHS/DVDs

  37. Paul says:

    Bizarrely, I think it’s still too early to take the titles off Roman – he’ll be leaving as champion

  38. Amy miller says:

    Drew McIntyre will win, whether he wants to or not!

  39. Gregory says:

    Thank you

  40. Gregory says:

    Thank you for Doing it 🙂

  41. Chris says:

    I think romen will walk out with both titles after the bloodline interfere

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