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December 15, 2013 by Daniel Bee

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WWE TLC is tonight so let’s celebrate by kicking off a new giveaway!

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Simply leave a comment below this article with your prediction for the main event “Champion of Champions” TLC match between John Cena and Randy Orton.

Please note that predictions are just for fun and discussion – the winner of the giveaway will be chosen completely at random.

Make sure to use your real email address so we have a means of contacting you should you be our selected winner. Your email address will not be displayed with comments.


· Entries close immediately following TLC PPV.
· Strictly one entry per person (this will be checked).
· Only real email addresses are eligible.
· Single winner of Blu-ray (Region B) and DVD (Region 1).
· Worldwide entry is allowed.

As mentioned previously, Renee Young is the host of Best PPV Matches 2013. revealed this first look screenshot of one of Renee’s host segments.

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Renee Young Hosting WWE PPV Matches DVD

The next WWE DVD set to release is Survivor Series 2013 on December 24th. The Amazon product page here is now publicly visible, with the DVD’s cover art now uploaded.

The last PPV event to hit stores, Hell in a Cell 2013, was priced around the $9.99/$10.99 mark and followed a trend of lower than usual PPV DVD prices before it.

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Get commenting for your chance at the TLC DVD/Blu-ray, and enjoy the PPV!

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  1. Cecil Clark says:

    I believe the belts will be switched from one brand to the other

  2. Daniel Bee says:

    WINNER (chosen at random as per the rules)…

    Justin B.

    You have been emailed to claim your prize.

  3. Drew clancy says:


  4. Cesar Albino says:

    They both will grab each other’s belts.

  5. Jeff Klinsky says:

    cena wins wwe championship, orton wins world championship

  6. Sawcesome says:

    Gotta go with Cena.

  7. Joshua Mayes says:

    Orton wins

  8. John broody says:

    Randy Orton is winning it!

  9. mike catizone says:

    Cena Wins

  10. David says:

    I think that both Orton And Cena wil grab one belt each and it won’t be a champion of champions. (not yet

  11. Paul Meanwell says:

    Cena wins and turns heel!

  12. Jon says:

    Cena wins after The Authority teases helping Orton then doesn’t.

  13. Marcio says:

    Cena and Orton will both grab a strap and it will be another half ass WWE PPV

  14. Bobby Grewal says:

    I say Cena wins, I want Orton to win, but I think Cena will be the unified champion by the end of tonight.

  15. MorrisMethod says:

    Randy Orton will win.

  16. Probably Orton with some shenannigans.

  17. Tommy B says:

    John Cena wins. I’m actually not expecting a screwjob, just a straight up ending. But expect some interesting developments leading up to the Royal Rumble.

  18. Jason B says:

    Cena will win via screwjob by The Authority.

  19. Brian says:

    John Cena wins. That’s my prediction.

  20. Colton Wilson says:

    I think John Cena will become the undisputed champion.

  21. Tim says:

    I think Cena will win the main event and become undisputed champion.

  22. jamyn1998 says:

    I think Cena will win.

  23. rcoot93 says:

    Think Orton will grab one (world title) and cena other (wwe) at same time

  24. Jorge Martinez says:

    I believe tonights winner will either be Chris Jericho or Triple H. I don’t think this feud is over.

  25. Alan Donahue says:

    Randy Orton’s gunna win it after The Authority provides some assistance.

  26. Nathan owings says:

    No clear winner! Both Orton and Cena grab belts at the same time

  27. Junior Rice says:

    I Think that Randy Orton will come out victorious because I HATE John Cena (i loved him in 03-04) and because Orton will face Cena i think that will happen again

  28. Arkam says:

    Evryone thinks Randy Orton will win the match but, I know John Cena will win and take both titles home.

  29. ahsf70 says:

    Neither Cena or Orton will win tonight. It will be some type of screw job

  30. Vince Martinez says:

    I believe John Cena will walk away as both the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship

  31. Ryan Procter says:

    I want Orton to win tonight but my prediction is John Cena, unfortunately.

  32. Brandon and Katya Lehman says:

    Pretty sure that neither Cena nor Orton will get the belt, it will be a screwjob by the authority.

  33. George millan says:

    Randy orton will take home all the gold cena had the last laugh on raw now it’s time for the viper to strike

  34. number1jf says:

    Triple H Becomes Unified WWE Champion After Orton Incidentally Bumps Into Stephanie, Orton Runs Into The Ring & Pedigrees Orton, Cena Climbs The Ladder & HHH Pushes Him Off (Just As Last Year’s TLC PPV), HHH Sets Back Up The Ladder, Grabs The Belts & Signals For The Ref To Ring The Bell, As He Becomes Champion & Turns Heel On Stephanie/Vince, Who Seek Out Punk’s Assistance To Take Down The Over-Powered Villainous COO Of The WWE.

  35. Dustin Hadley says:

    The match ends when Cena grabs his World Title while Orton grabs the WWE title. HHH comes out orders a triple threat rematch for the unified titles, Batista returns and wins. Probably won’t happen. I pray to God that doesn’t happen.

  36. Abraham M. says:

    Sheamus Wins.

  37. Grant Linstrom says:

    Orton all the way! Wooooooo!

  38. Keith Young says:

    I can’t help but say john cena cause they been behind him strong for 10+ years

  39. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    Switching WHC and WWE champs. So cena is WWE CHAMP AND ORTON WILL BE WHC

    • David says:

      I don’t think this will happen considering they are billing it as ONE champion so therefore only one belt will emerge. However, I do think that there will be controversy in the match

  40. Chad says:

    Cena has a better chance of winning than Orton and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him win with the help of The Authority.

  41. David says:

    This is a tough prediction for once in a long time. Part of me thinks Cena will end up winning and the other part of me thinks Orton will win. After some thought processing, if the WWE is smart they will have Cena win furthering the storyline (ie: Cena standing with The Authority last Monday and Triple H saying they know where their faith lies on SmackDown). That would be my prediction that The Authority somehow ends up screwing Orton out of the win and Cena becoming The Authority’s Champion (ie: The Corporate Champion).. hope I win the blu-ray for my new blu-ray player

  42. Brian Matwa says:

    Both belts will be “held” by HHH?!

  43. Gene says:

    I hope it’s Orton but it’s more likely that it will be Cena. Cena sucks…

  44. Orton hits an RKO from the top of the ladder through a table. Both men down for a while until they both desperately start climbing. Orton gets there one second quicker and takes down the titles

  45. Kathryn says:

    Randy Orton will become the Champion of Champions!!

  46. David P says:

    John Cena as I think he will be champ going into wrestlemania

  47. zac says:

    I think that Cena and Orton will switch belts.

  48. Kevin says:

    I think John Cena wins tonight, seeing as Orton has not been over as a heel with the crowd.

  49. Patricia says:

    Go John Cena!

  50. Tom says:

    I think somehow Triple H becomes the undisputed champion…which would be awful except that I think CM Punk would wrestle for the belt at WM30.

  51. Rob LaCourse says:

    Cena baby

  52. Matthew says:

    I hope it’s Cena. Bet it’s Orton, but I hope.

  53. Keith says:

    Swerve ending with both men trading belts.

  54. Linda Springer says:

    John Cena FTW

  55. Johan says:

    John Cena will probably win

  56. Donald says:

    I’m gonna say Randy Orton grabs the WWE Title, and then when Orton tries gaining control of the other/World Title, the Authority helps Cena get the World Title by ‘screwing’ Orton out of it, then he’ll have something to complain about on Raw the next night saying he deserved both titles. Hopefully Cena goes back to Smackdown, good for ratings.. that “B” show needs it.. Word Life needs to return. Triple H voice: “That is what’s best for business.”

  57. David says:

    Triple h wins the titles as a swerve, turning on Orton, with the reveal being that this was the plan all along. Triple h will then beat Orton at the Royal Rumble, then Cena at Elimination Chamber, then lose it to the 2014 Royal Rumble winner at Wrestlemania 30. Though it may seem bad to have the title not be defended at house shows for three months, it isn’t the first time as something similar happened this past year between the combination of the end of CM Punk’s reign due to his injury, and The Rock’s reign due to his other obligations.

  58. Anthony says:

    I think Randy Orton will win

  59. CenaSucksVince's¢0¢k says:

    The outcome of the unification match will most likely be a win for Cena. He’s Vince’s MVP, butt buddy, and the so called face of the WWE. If “creative” only new what was really “best for business”, Orton would be out, and Daniel Bryan would (AND SHOULD) be The Unified Champion. If not Bryan, then CM Punk should have at least been given a shot. But let’s be honest, does any of our opinions really matter to the WWE??? Nope!!

  60. JORDSTAR says:

    i think john cena will win.

  61. Vlad says:

    Cena will grab WWE Title and Orton the WHC Title!HHH comes and pedigree both…

  62. Dashing Dick says:

    I say no unified titles, big return to end match. Batista, or something, I dunno.

  63. Kyle says:

    I believe Randy Orton will win tonight to submit his legacy as one of the greats.

  64. Brett Harper says:

    Cena grabs wwe title. Orton grabs world title. Still no unified champion. Just opposite title holders.

  65. Matt says:

    HHH will get the two championships himself, bring Sheamus in. It can go a lot of ways but either way Cena or Randy won’t walk out as champion

  66. hbkid718 says:

    Cena wins

  67. Victor M says:

    Cena wins with help from authority

  68. Amanda says:

    I think that Cena and Orton will knock each other off of the ladder (both trying to get the belts) a masked man comes running in through the crowd and grabs the belts then fades to black

    It would be revealed during the final segment of Raw that the masked man was/is Chris Jericho

  69. Pacman Addison says:

    Cena joining the authority or authority screw orton is best for business.

  70. Haydn Fox says:

    John Cena will win!

  71. Billy says:

    gut feeling says that Orton will win.

  72. Brian says:

    Gonna go with cena

  73. Mike McG says:

    Cena. What else is new?

  74. Justin H says:

    It will be a no contest, and Triple H will become the Unified WWE Champion.

  75. ERICK says:

    I think John Cena will win. 🙂

  76. Matthew says:

    What I predict will happen at wwe TLC tonight is John Cena will walk away with both championships buthe joins the authority or unless Randy wins by help or interference. I guarantee one of those will happen

  77. David says:

    I predict Cena will win & turn heel, finally.

  78. TJKubrick says:

    Triple H will come out and take the belts for himself. The ultimate act of an egomaniac.

  79. Shehzad Lakhani says:

    Jericho returns, climbs the ladder and reclaims his Undisputed Title!

  80. David Schlichtig says:

    I expect Reigns to get involved & Spear Cena through a table, allowing Orton to win.

    Or, it would be amazing if the lights go out, Jericho appears, grabs both titles, and becomes the true Undisputed Champion, the way it should have been all along.

  81. Timothy Thorpe says:

    Cena wins but turns heel in the process.

  82. B Weed says:

    I hate Cena but I hope he wins because Orton being champion is not what’s “best for business”.

  83. Nathaniel Coward says:

    Cena Is Gonna Win Because He Is The Face Of The WWE.

  84. Kelton Kupka says:

    I think cena is gonna win tonight because Vince could never pass on making cena the top superstar again

  85. sebastian Diaz says:

    Orton gonna win this TLC, The Authority is going to Screw to Cena, remember this words people !

  86. DeAndre says:

    “Champion of Champions” TLC match between John Cena and Randy Orton will end in a No Contest. The Authority will definitely get involved in this match. A Screwjob Run-in finish.

  87. Simon Lawery says:

    My moneys on orton

  88. Prefer to have neither one of them as champ,but I can stand CENA more than ORTON…and that’s all I have to say about that!

  89. @InsideTheCodeX says:

    Orton is leaving Huston The First Ever Unifed Champion.

  90. Luis Arroniz says:

    I predict a posiible Dusty finish with either Orton or Triple H ending up as the unified champion.

  91. Martin says:

    I believe that Randy Orton will leave tonight as Unified Champion.

  92. chad zahradnik says:

    I predict no unification with a screwjob ending

  93. Shaun Smith says:

    It will probably be Orton

  94. Daniel says:

    John CENA for sure!! WOOOW!

  95. Tommy Smith says:

    Wade barrett comes out due to his history with both at this ppv and no one wins

  96. christopher says:


  97. christopher says:


  98. christopher says:


  99. Samuel Gill says:

    No Conclusive Finish but if i have to say one it would have to be John Cena

  100. Harpreet says:

    John Cena

  101. Chris J says:

    Orton. I’m predicting Orton, but I’m hoping for Cena.

  102. Triman Ahluwalia says:

    Randy Orton

  103. Jason Thornton says:

    Randy Orton!

  104. nick meye says:

    Chris Jericho comes back and wins the title, leaving cena and orton in shock

  105. Cody Hagen says:

    Winner Of The Champion VS Champion John Cena Will Win The WWE And world Heavyweight Championship Becoming The Undisputed Champion YES YES YES Chant

  106. Stoopid Head says:

    Assuming that there will be only one champion between Cena and Orton once the match is over, I think it’ll be Randy Orton. This will start Cena’s Road to WrestleMania to become the C of C. My honest prediction is that either there will still be two champions or Triple H or Jericho will end up being the C of C.

  107. Andrew Bates says:

    Orton wins the undisputed title. They’re not done with him as a heel.

  108. Thijs says:

    I think that John Cena and Randy Orton will both win a belt, because they are 2 important wrestlers for the WWE and they want to make them both look strong!

  109. Callum says:

    I think John Cena will be win as usual.

  110. KurtK26 says:

    Each man will grab a belt, no unified champion.

  111. Jordan B says:

    I think there is going to be some kind of finish that still leaves two champions. Maybe both grab the belts at the same time.

  112. Mark says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the titles are actually swapped, with Orton getting the WHC and Cena getting the WWE Title

  113. Daniel says:

    John Cena is the face of WWE, so thats my pick!

  114. Joshua Montell says:

    I think Randy Orton will win the Unification Tlc match tonight.

  115. Alex says:

    It’s gonna be Randy Orton tonight. I think the storyline on Monday was all a swerve and the Authority will help him to the win.

  116. Anthony says:

    I think Vince or Shane will return tonight to help John Cena win the match .

  117. Brandon says:

    I think there will be some non-finish that will leave both guys as separate champions.

  118. Toni says:

    I hope Cena wins tonight. I am not a big fan of him, but the promo he did on Monday convinced me that he will be better undisputed champion than Orton.

  119. Franck says:

    Randy Orton is gonna win

  120. Mike says:

    Randy Orton will leave tlc the champion of champions.

  121. Ailina Bennett says:

    randy orton will win tonight

  122. Scott says:

    Cena wins. No doubt.

  123. Mark Marriott says:

    John Cena & Randy Orton are fighting for the belts on top of the ladder, when the lights go out, and Chris Jericho makes his return, claiming himself to be the only Undisputed Champion of the world!

  124. Jay Norton says:

    Triple H comes in and he pedigrees John Cena. Then, when Orton’s about to grab the titles, Daniel Bryan runs in, pulls him down from the ladder and hits him with the running knee. Then Triple H climbs the ladder and grabs the titles. We see Triple H walk up the ramp with the titles while Daniel Bryan looks on confused. The last thing we see is Triple H smiling with both titles in his hands.

  125. JDA says:

    You can’t see me!!! Cena wins as always!!

  126. Wesley Stover says:

    John Cena will be Victorious

  127. Juan says:

    After they fight each other at the top both titles fall then they knock each other out then Punk and bryan come out taking the titles being crowned the WWE & Heavyweight champions.

  128. ryan says:

    im thinking cena if not then this keeps going to wrestlemania

  129. Zach Fraley says:

    I’m thinking Orton and Cena are atop the ladder exchanging blows and both reach for the belts only for Cena to grab the WWE and Orton the WHC and fall at the same time then a camera shot of a baffled Triple H

    That’s my story and sticking to it…

  130. Justin B says:

    I see Orton walking out with both titles tonight!

  131. Zack H says:

    I totally see John Venal winning

  132. Kevin J says:

    I can see Randy Orton winning tonight.

  133. Rhys Carter says:

    CENA WINS!!!!!!!

  134. Diogo says:

    Cena wins as always

  135. Alan Shore says:

    I couldn’t give a monkey’s who wins, but Renee Young is a damn fine looking woman.

  136. RWW2010 says:

    john cena wiil win the tlc match.

  137. dodger says:

    john cena will win

  138. WWEFan2013 says:

    3 words


  139. kim says:

    randy orton will win

  140. Damien says:

    John cena will win

  141. Ken says:

    I say Triple H steals titles to name himself Champ.

  142. Tommy D says:

    I thinking Cena is going to win so that it makes him the first “Unified Champion” ever.

  143. Michael says:

    I think they both will be on the ladder and Cena will pull down the WHC title meanwhile Orton will pull Down the WWE title… No Champion of Champions

  144. Marcus says:

    Gotta be Orton.

  145. al says:

    Orton wins with some interference

  146. James Hitson says:

    I say screw job. Both titles end up being held up and a big unification match at Wrestlemania XXX.

  147. Bailey says:

    My prediction cena, he has to be the new “undisputed” champion

  148. I can’t get the image of Triple H standing atop the ladder grabbing the belts out of my head, so I’ll say him!

  149. Bradley says:

    I’d hope Orton takes home the titles, but it’ll probably something screwy. Cena walks out WWE champion and Orton is your new World Champ. The whole unification thing will just be for buy rates.

  150. Dylan says:

    Cena will pull down the WWE title and Randy will pull down the WHC

  151. Tom says:

    Randy Orton wins and John Cena is chasing the title until Wrestlemania where he wins the title.

  152. Liam says:

    Gonna be something strange. I say Randy Orton wins, HHH has no faith in him and wins the title after. HHH leaves with titles

  153. Jake E says:

    I think John Cena will win after HHH screws Randy Orton but I do want Randy Orton to win.

    I would like the Blu-Ray one because I need a region B/2.

  154. Gary Toner says:

    I see Randy Orton walking away with both titles. I think that the chaotic conclusion to Raw left us wondering if all were to turn against Orton and I think it’s just the tease we needed before TLC. Ultimately, The Authority have to believe it’s Best for Business to keep the gold and add the World Heavyweight Gold to Ortons waist!

  155. Jason Smith says:

    Cena wins with unexpected help of Triple H (as a thank you for helping out Stephanie on Monday). Cena does not appear to be in on it, but The Authority tries to recruit him to be the “face of the company”. Will Cena join the Authority? We’ll have to tune in on Monday to find out!

  156. Thomas says:

    Cena win

  157. Chris says:

    screwjob ending with Triple H getting the titles

  158. Steven says:

    My prediction for the main event is randy orton winning both titles and then fued with cena and the authority.

  159. josh says:

    John cena will win.

  160. wdshain says:

    I think randy Orton will win tonight

  161. Ahmed says:


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