Winners of Giveaway Spectacular, Batista & WrestleMania 30 Blu-Ray Updates

April 23, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WDN 4th Anniversary Giveaway Spectacular turned 4 years old this month — thank you for all the support!

Today we’re pleased to announce the winners of our giveaway spectacular in which four great WWE DVDs were up for grabs. If you’re listed here you will be contacted shortly.


Prize #1 (Twitter):

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Danny Miller

Prize #4 (Comments):
“Jeremie” 4th Anniversary Giveaway

The Blu-ray cover artwork for “Batista: The Animal Unleashed” has now come through, further confirming the title’s go-ahead on that format.

The Batista DVD and Blu-ray hits stores on June 10th (click to pre-order), then follows on to UK/Europe on June 23rd, and finally to Australia on July 2nd.

WWE Batista The Animal Unleashed Blu-ray Cover

Available now via is “Timeline – The History of WWE: 1984“, as told by Roddy Piper, both on DVD and streaming on demand.

If you haven’t already, you can watch the controversial trailer for this release below.

In the photo below you will notice two versions of the DVD with differing cover artwork. The standard one is pictured on the left, while on the right is the “Signature Edition” of the DVD which is limited edition with only 50 copies produced.

Roddy Piper - Timeline History of WWE 1984 DVD

As of now there is still no word on further Blu-ray exclusive content for WrestleMania 30. The only two exclusives announced so far (in addition to the DVD extras) are the following:

All That’s Left is The Game
Bruno Sammartino Unveils His Statue

WWE WrestleMania 30 Blu-ray Cover

Australian fans pre-ordering the WrestleMania 30 DVD or Blu-ray from can enter themselves into a “Golden Ticket” competition for WWE tickets, a Superstar meet & greet, a WWE DVD/merchandise pack and more! Full details on the massive prize below.

***PRE-ORDER COMPETITION*** Order WrestleMania 30 on DVD or Blu-ray before 13/5/2014 and email your name, address and phone number to with subject Golden Ticket – to enter the draw. The Golden Ticket Major Prize includes: 2 Diamond Tickets to WWE LIVE at Sydney Allphones Arena on Friday 8 August, 2014; Economy Flights for 2 people from the winners nearest capital city, 1 Nights Hotel Accommodation in Sydney (3 stars or higher), Airport Transfers, VIP Meet & Greet with a WWE Superstar and a WWE DVD and Merchandise Pack valued at $250.

As mentioned, the “Edge: You Think You Know Me?” DVD/Blu-ray documentary was recently advertised to air on the WWE Network beginning last Saturday. However, that did not happen and it is now being advertised for this Saturday instead.

WWE Edge You Think You Know Me? DVD & Blu-ray

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Bandit says:

    I hope they add more extras to the Blu-Ray – those press conferences that were shown on those Wrestlemania 30 Fallout shows would be neat extras. The Shield three-part interview that was shown on the Wrestlemania Today shows is another.

  2. David says:

    Looks like Canadians will be getting an exclusive Wrestlemania 30 with Dog tags – similar to the FYE exclusive the last few years, which i believe were only on DVD. HMV will be carrying it for the Blu-ray and DVD.

  3. Justin F says:

    Wrestlemania comes out in 1 month and only 2 extras for the blu-ray? What is this, 2006?

  4. Lawrence says:

    Apologies if this has been posted, but is there any information on the actual WrestleMania 30 DVD packaging? Last year, it was simply a standard three-disc DVD set and that was OK but slightly disappointing.
    In past years, WWE has used a decorative metal container with the DVD set inside (WM 23 & 24), a box (WM 25 and, I believe WM26) and a cardboard sleeve (WM 27 & 28).
    It seems WWE is getting progressively cheaper in its packaging but I was hoping they are going to put out something special for the WM 30 DVD release.

  5. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I hope WrestleMania 30 Blu-ray comes in a slip cover, or at the very least packaged like WM29 was. I wish all WWE Blu-rays came with a slip cover, actually.

    • David says:

      I liked the shiny embossed slipcovers that they had for 27 and 28, hope they go with that. Not really a fan of the digipack style like WM29 since they tend to get damaged easily especially around the sides and corners.

  6. Domenic says:

    I am back with the next Fantasy Concept. It is called…..

    Undertaker’s Unreleased Collectors Series Vol. 2.

    I know that you guys may not like it, but I just want to be creative just like all of you guys! Now, let me say this, Mark D. is THE REAL PERSON to do the Fantasy Concepts. I love this website because the Admins do a great job with all of their coverage of the news for DVDS and Blu-Rays! Do I want to become an Admin? Eventually. Do I want to keep creating Fantasy Concepts? Yes I do!

    • Domenic says:

      I will keep doing Fantasy Concepts for mine and the people’s pleasure!

      • Daniel Bee says:

        Your concepts are off topic in the site comments (unless the article is a Fantasy Concept). Post them in the forum.

      • Domenic says:

        I put a lot of research in these. I cannot give away my creative process because that is what a person who does Fantasy Concepts does. I always give credit and feedback to people who make their own Fantasy Concepts, including Mark D. I would also like to see people give feedback to my Fantasy Concepts because those can help me improve what I need to make better in my next set. So the feedback I get from this upcoming set, I will use for my next set afterwards, which will be “Undertaker’s Unreleased Collectors Series Vol. 3”! Thank you for reading this and this website is awesome!!!

  7. Steven says:

    Dang I didn’t win the HBK Blu-ray. Maybe next time.

  8. Mr Hesse says:

    Signature Edition already gone.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Don’t know, still an add to cart button for it on their website.

      • David says:

        Yeah, looks like the Signature Edition is gone. When i added to cart and tried to checkout it said “sorry item is out of stock”. They just haven’t updated on the website yet.

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