WrestleMania 30 Trailer Released, Win £300 of New WWE DVDs, Austin 4-Pack

May 4, 2014 by Daniel Bee

We’re just over 1 week away from WWE releasing WrestleMania 30 on DVD and Blu-ray!

The WrestleMania 30 DVD has a total runtime of over 8.5 hours. That includes extras such as the Hall of Fame 2014 induction ceremony, the pre-show match and selected segments from WWE Network airings in the lead up to the event.

It hits stores across the United States on May 13th. Be sure to pre-order your copy in time for then here on Amazon.com.

WWE WrestleMania 30 XXX Logo

Australia gets it on May 13th, the same day as the United States, through WWEDVD.com.au. The UK and Europe get it slightly later on June 9th, through WWEDVD.co.uk.

Below to watch is the first official trailer for the DVD and Blu-ray.

    Get it on Amazon
Get it on Amazon

FANS IN UK/EUROPE: If you have an account with WWEDVD.co.uk you could win over £300’s worth of WWE DVDs by predicting tonight’s Extreme Rules PPV!

Those with the most correct predictions will be entered into a draw to win the huge prize of EVERY WWE DVD for the rest of the year! The winner can choose between DVD or Blu-ray format and will receive all new titles released by FremantleMedia until December.

Make your predictions using the form below or access it directly here.

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Logo

On the subject of Extreme Rules, a reminder that using promo code “EXTREME” before the end of tonight here at WWEShop.com gives you 20% off orders $50+, 25% off orders $70+, or 30% off orders $100+. Enjoy the PPV everybody!

Kayfabe Commentaries Guest Booker Series

Kayfabe Commentaries will release “Guest Booker with Bruce Prichard” on May 13th. One topic the new DVD promises to delve into is discussion of the Montreal Screwjob from a backstage perspective. A first synopsis is out, as shown below.

Guest Booker returns with Bruce Prichard. This time we head back to Montreal and examine the inner workings of the Bret Hart screwjob from the office perspective. Learn about the intricacies of the negotiations with Bret, and hear firsthand from someone who was with Vince the entire time, following the screwjob.

And for the first time, hear about the ongoing talks that were happening right up until midnight the prior night between Vince and another talent that would have made the Bret/Shawn conflict almost irrelevant.

For the patented booking exercise, watch Bruce unscrew Bret and formulate WWE’s “best-case-scenario” for that time. Great stuff for the fan of the creative side of the business.

Recently released on DVD and Blu-ray was a Steve Austin 4-pack of past movies including The Stranger, Hunt to Kill, The Package and Maximum Conviction.

Coming on May 20th is a steelbook Blu-ray edition of that pack which right now has the special price of only $16.18 here on Amazon.com. That’s noteworthy because it’s priced less than the standard DVD ($16.98) and the standard Blu-ray ($26.99) versions.

Steve Austin Movie 4-Pack Steelbook Blu-ray

New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Thomas Goodearl says:

    I gave my predictions for Exteme Rules for the contest and all my predictions came true!!! Waiting now to see if I won but I’m betting I’m not the only one that correctly predicted them all.

  2. ekkoes4life says:

    loved Austin in The Condemmed and The Expendables 1.. I think he peaked with those 2 movies.. the others are nothing but ordinary action mid-card or low-card films.. but..admit that I put those of Austin’s way over the likes of The Marine series or TNA’s disaster project with Kurt Angle..I dare not even pronounce the title of that garbage..google it, as Renee Young would say. 🙂

  3. isrs4life says:

    Ahh how could they not put recoil in that austin 4 pack over the stranger
    havnt seen hunt to kill, the package and maximum conviction
    man Steve Austin really hard trying to do his own movie line.
    I dont think wwe has promoted any of the movies well recoil I had
    liked best I wouldnt pay 20 bucks for it which is out now someday i’ll
    see it at giant tiger for 6.99 has anyone seen those movies by the way?
    I know recoil was my fav austin film I rented it one time along with inside out.

  4. ekkoes4life says:

    a price winning contest of huge proportion.. would be cool to win the likes of Factions, Heyman, maybe an upcoming ECW vol. 3 set and so much more.

    Fingers crossed..like all the other thousands attended…and millions and millions of this contests fans.. 🙂

    • ekkoes4life says:

      well.. with only 2 rights I’m out of the race for sure.. lol
      Was a weak show.. only 2 real extreme moments was the extremely annoying candy stuff sponsor segment.. and Cena’s extremely “Buy this Product” outfit…which in both cases did not fit in to the concept that Extreme is suppose to be..

      Sure, Rollins dive was good, but seen thousands time better excecuted in the past, e.g. Jeff Hardy, ECW, etc.

      The finish of the boring main event had a slightly touch of extreme, but again..set in motion and executed more excitable in the past..

      Only cool thing imo is the Wyat angle.. the cage match was not that great, but had a slightly unpredictable ending.. I can only be afraid the Wyat story will be drowning in safe, secure, sponsor- and investor pleasing Cena-classic turn.

      More embarrising than the “Extreme” Rules ppv was the preview of Legends House..are there actually viewers on the Network for that show!?!

      • ekkoes4life says:

        woops.. forgot, since this is forum mainly bout DVD/Bluray:

        not getting this adding to the collection.. unlike Royal Rumble, which had the awesome Bryan-Wyat match and a historical Rumble for numbers of reason, this like the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania had nothing WoW feel to it..(I assume Undertakers loss will be covered countless times on future releases, so will be able to get that piece of history one day).

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