More WrestleMania Re-Releases Coming? Today’s WWE DVDs, New Blu-ray

March 12, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWE WrestleMania DVD Re-Releases

The new WrestleMania 1-15 DVDs are officially released today. They are shipping out from Amazon and a number of the titles are already down to limited quantities – [Get yours].

A new article confirms the new WrestleMania DVDs to be Walmart exclusives. Since they are available online on various retail sites, we would assume this refers only to in-store purchasing.

It appears as though some more WrestleMania events are to be re-released this month. New listings for WrestleMania 23 here and WrestleMania 25 here have gone up on Amazon. The release date for both is March 26th and the pre-order price is $10.47. We mentioned these two additional re-releases here on the site once previously after we noticed them on other schedules, so it does appear they are going ahead. There is currently no indication that other events will also be released along with them.

The new Undertaker “Dead or Alive” Double Feature DVD is officially released today. As reported, it features re-releases of Undertaker’s Deadliest Matches and He Buries Them Alive, making this a 4 disc set. Pics thanks to @JoeyWWEFan!

Get your copy at

WWE Undertaker Dead or Alive Double Feature DVD

WWE Undertaker Dead or Alive Double Feature DVD

A few WWEDVDNews readers got in touch to tell us they have found copies of the 2007 “Ultimate Fan Edition” John Cena: My Life DVD boxset at FYE stores for $19.99. This is noteworthy because the Ultimate Fan series was originally exclusive to Best Buy.

WWE John Cena Ultimate Fan Edition DVD Boxset

Here’s a look at the WWE TLC 2012 Blu-ray, which is exclusive to UK/Europe. It’s to be released by FremantleMedia on March 25th, available to pre-order now at

This week Survivor Series 2012 was released to the UK on DVD and Blu-ray formats.

WWE TLC 2012 Blu-ray UK
WWE TLC 2012 Blu-ray UK

On the TNA DVD front, the Turning Point 2012 DVD is now available and shipping to fans in the United Kingdom and Europe over at

TNA Turning Point 2012 DVD

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Brian says:

    So before I bother about getting excited does anyone know if Benoit is excluded for certain? I’m only missing 16 and 17 for my WM collection

  2. THOMAS says:

    Finally I have seen the artwork for the TLC 2012 DVD, still the same as 2009 TLC event

  3. Why? says:


  4. Why? says:

    Why would anyone bother with a re release of WM 23 and 25? When the didgipaks of these are already on sale. Infact Silvervision have them for just £6.99 each but be quick if you’re in Europe

  5. Simon says:

    Hope that the outstanding WMs also get re-releases. Kinda liking the concept.

  6. Truth says:

    I see they’re releasing Wrestlemania 23 again. Amazon is selling the 3 disc set for $16.60. I’m also curious to see if they edit Chris Benoit out

  7. the man says:

    I know why WWE only did 1-15. It’s because Benoit isn’t on them.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Benoit is on WM23 (now listed for pre-order) unless they took him out.

    • LP1 says:

      That would be all fine and good if they didn’t include Benoit in the opening “Don’t Try This At Home” promos before the re-releases of Manias 1-14. That’s laziness and incompetence at its finest. I joked yesterday about the Bushwhackers being reponsible for these re-releases, but now I wonder…

  8. ALK says:

    Soooo, why just WM23 and 25? Seems a random duo to only be released after 1-15…

  9. Matt L. says:

    I’m gonna safely assume the TLC Blu-Ray is not region free, correct? 🙁

  10. Josh says:

    Dear lord, that TNA DVD cover is ridiculous. Is that a wrestling DVD or a season set of SONS OF ANARCHY?

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