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April 27, 2011 by Daniel Bee

We sat down for an exclusive interview with “Serious Parody”, a company planning to release a brand new wrestling video game this year. Check out the interview below and find out how WWEDVDNews will be involved!

Can you tell our readers a little about what you guys are up to?

Absolutely, we are in the process of making a wrestling management sim to be released later on this summer.

Why a wrestling management game?

Quite simply because we want to play wrestling management games and we think there’s a lot of die hard wrestling fans who would love for something like this to come along.

Two of the last three WWE games were aimed more at the arcade type gamer and while I love the WWE games, I often feel like the die hard wrestling fan inside me gets a little over looked. Sure we spend countless hours with a high quality wrestling sim every year in Smackdown vs Raw and I even thought WWE Allstars was fun for a few nights but I’m often wondering, where’s the WWE Management game? I mean, we have football management games, basketball management games, army management games and even hospital management games but there aren’t too many wrestling management games out there.

I totally get where you are coming from. I used to love playing GM Mode in the Smackdown games but that’s not there anymore. Is Wrestling Manager going to be anything like that?

There’s definitely going to be going some similarities. For example, you build a roster, put on shows, develop rivalries and try to gain fans but I think we take it just a little bit deeper than they did.

You start out managing a very poor indy promotion putting on shows for tiny amounts of people. Then as you raise money and awareness of your brand, you get to recruit better talent and move into bigger arena’s. Then once you have built a fan base, you get to start selling merchandise such as DVD’s and if you work hard enough to put on great shows, a tv network might pick you up and then it’s all about the ratings!

So can we be in the game?

Yeah, sure! In fact we have a perfect role for you. Part of the game requires players to knock out DVD’s as merchandise. We could have so you’re the guy reviewing the DVD’s and if you like the DVD, then that DVD will sell better or the fans will like it more. But if you hate the DVD then it will hurt your game. That feature is already in, so there’s no reason we can’t use you as the critic!

Sounds great! Whens it out? Are you developing it in house or have you brought in a team?

It’s a collaboration between ourselves and a great team of experienced guys called Red Radiant Media. It’s not a name many will have heard of just yet but some of the guys involved in this project have worked on huge franchises like Championship Manager, GTA and Crackdown. These are very experienced guys, who are serious work horses and we feel they will do a great job with our designs.

One last thing before you go. Why SERIOUS PARODY?

I’m glad you asked that, we’ve had a couple of comments about the name. What’s a Serious Parody? Are these guys serious? Here’s the deal for those that actually give a damn lol.

I think FIFA has edged in front lately but for a long period of time, Pro Evolution Soccer was considered the best football game in the world by critics and fans alike. Pro Evo is what we call a SERIOUS PARODY of FIFA.

It didn’t get popular because they had the biggest license in the world; it got popular because they were SERIOUS about making great football games. So while FIFA had Ryan Giggs playing at Manchester United, Pro Evo PARODIED that and had Bryan Riggs playing at Manchester Re. The fans didn’t care because they were playing the best football games around. Our goal is to eventually be considered the Pro Evo of wrestling games.

So does that mean you have a wrestling sim coming out down the line?

We do and we’d love to come and talk to you about that later in the year but for now it’s all about Wrestling Manager.

Excellent, well thanks for coming in.

There you have it guys, not one but two wrestling games exclusively revealed!

One to be talked about at a later date and another due out Summer 2011. Check out WrestlingManagement.com for more information and the guys from Serious Parody have agreed to take some questions if you fill out the form on their website.

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