WWE “The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves In History” DVD Cover Revealed

May 25, 2012 by Daniel Bee

Cover art for The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves In WWE History has been released over here on Amazon.

This countdown style feature is set for release on August 21st to the United States, and is confirmed to be incoming as 3-Disc DVD and 2-Disc Blu-ray productions.

Shawn Michaels’ “Sweet Chin Music” is prominently featured on the artwork, shown below. The other finishers on there are Triple H’s “Pedigree”, Undertaker’s “Tombstone”, Rey Mysterio’s “619”, and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “Stunner”.

The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History presents the most amazing, devastating and bone crunching signature moves in this countdown-style production guaranteed to stir up controversy and banter among the WWE Universe.

From Sweet Chin Music to the Rock Bottom, Attitude Adjustment and everything in between, these are the moves guaranteed to bring the masses to their feet and to leave the unfortunate recipient lying on the mat for the inevitable three count.

Which moves made the cut, and what is the greatest finishing move in the history of WWE. This 3-Disc DVD is great for the opinionated WWE history buffs who love to debate which Superstar’s moves are the greatest.

You can pre-order WWE 50 Greatest Finishing Moves for $20.95 by clicking here.

Updated artwork for WWE Superstar Collection: John Cena has also been revealed, which features a more recent shot of Cena in his green attire. This and the Zack Ryder DVD are the first two titles in the new budget series, with both released on July 10th.

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  1. Captain America says:

    Yeslock should be number 1 or the spinning wizard.

  2. Anonymous says:

    #1 better be Saskatchewan Nerve Hold

  3. Anonymous says:

    YEs! Lock Should BE on THE Cover

  4. I'mGAY says:

    Ok so like the cover uh huh and aside from the finishers listed on the cover, other great finishers NEED to include the following: razors edge, clothesline from hell,jacknife powerbomb,gts,jake roberts ddt,banzai drop and sid and vaders’ powerbombs. No questions asked

  5. Will NJ says:

    Ron Simmons/Farooq’s Dominator was the s**t! Loved Curt Hennig too, but agree the Perfect-Plex wasn’t a strong finish. When all is said and written though, the DDT will be #1. The move revolutionized the business. Just look at how many people either flat out stole it (and didn’t/couldn’t even execute it correctly), or created their own variation of the move. There has to be at least a few dozen variations of the DDT. Here’s to Jake “The Snake”!

  6. Philip says:

    Hmm. Not keen. It looks to me like HBK is gearing up for a gigantic fart on all the other finishing moves.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Matt L. says:

    ……why is the “619” on there and not the “Rock Bottom” instead? I understand every other finisher that’s on the cover but why the 619? Oh well. Just a minor complaint. Great cover, nonetheless.

  9. NickP says:

    Perry Saturn’s three handled credenza, or Ox Baker’s Heart Punch should be number 1.. and nice to see Gumby is on a WWE cover… Oh wait thats Green Cena.. my mistake

  10. Jon says:

    Bonzai drop is number 1, no one ever got up from that and eliminated Hogan from WWF!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    The cover could’ve been better. The blur effect’s pretty unnecessary and Shawn’s expression looks really strange.

  12. Supersonic says:

    The Crippler Crossface should be #1 – after all, it did REALLY finish someone.

  13. Charlie1185 says:

    I’m actually looking forward to the list itself. Cool finishers are one of the best parts of wrestling for me so a list of the best sounds good. Like everyone else though, it will suck if they include repeat matches that are already available. Mainly b/c with this release they could justify almost ANY match. Therefore, we should see all unrealeased matches. I think we all know that won’t be the case, however.

  14. Harry Faversham says:

    The fact that there’s no one taking the kick from Shawn Michaels makes this cover look bloody stupid. Should have had him kicking the big 50. My picks would be the perfect plex, 5 star frog splash, tombstone, stunner and sharpshooter. And the Van-Terminator on special occasions.

    On a serious note, finishing moves try to be too flashy these days and of course they try to be different, but so many times chaps like John Morrison do these crazy moves where you arent even sure who did the move to who. There are weak finishers like the go to sleep and code breaker that really dont look good. If it doesn’t look realistic then there’s no point in it.

    • SRB says:

      I like your points Harry and I agree. Well said. HBK should be doing something more on the cover than just looking like he’s practicing on the air. And I can agree with the perfect plex vote as well as the others. Gotta love the Rude Awakening too. When that neck snapped I knew it was over. Great point too about current finishers. I loved Morrison, the problem with his move, RVD’s and Bourne’s are that they hurt the person doing them as well. So Morisson does the move then lays in the ring with hurt abs, how effective is that? And while I do enjoy the Code Breaker sometimes Jericho just lacks intensity when he does it. Sometimes it looks like the finisher wouldn’t even hurt Hornswoggle. It’s a finisher that has potential, but is confusing overall. great points you made.

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem with Starship Pain isn’t the impact (the high risk, high reward thing is pretty standard with most top rope moves), it’s the lack of impact. 9/10 times Morrison completely misses his opponent or catches them with a random arm.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        SRB, I almost said rude awakening too and macho elbow drop, but didnt want to list too many. I think your right, but if it hurts the other guy more in a 5 star frog splash type way then I think thats not so bad because thats a huge impact from above. I like Morrison but he was the first guy that popped into my head. RVD I always thought was spectacular and innovative. His moves were high impact. If it just looks messy or weak I’m against it. I do appreciate the efforts to be innovative though. Just a finish should like THE END, not some wishy washy thing that happens to look pretty.

        Also these Benoit comments always annoy me. I can’t believe people can be that selfish to think their wrestling DVD footage is more important than the principles behind its absence i.e. sanctity of life, respect for the deceased, not endorsing murder, common fucking decency etc etc etc.

    • Simon says:

      I loved Mr. Perfect, but always thought the Perfect Plex was a really weak finisher. I just couldn’t buy a suplex as a move that would be painful enough to see off an opponent.

  15. Simon says:

    I think the stunner will be number one, not just for the move itself, but for its historical impact.

    • SRB says:

      I never even thought of the Stunner as the possible #1. great point. Either way my votes are in for HBK, Austin, Undertaker. Any of the 3 are your #1.

  16. SRB says:

    Remember the days when HBK first did the superkick and only made it to guys pecs and stomachs? He surely has mastered his own move overtime and nails it everytime I see it, right on the chin. He is the only guy who has had a finisher for what seems like forever and has made it perfect over the years. I cannot think of another finisher that got better as time went on and more crisp and more professional looking. Great cover, so expect HBK to be #1, just like he was on the top 50 superstars DVD

  17. mommy says:

    could be great if they choose the right matches

    they could open the vault on the likes of ecw/wcw plus the iron man match from judgement day 2000

    they can choose from almost any match they want for this, will they pack it full of repeats or put the likes of jericho/hhh fully loaded onit

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hate the dvd concept, but that’s a pretty sweet cover.

  19. Mark D says:

    I don’t completely hate the 50 Finishers cover. Is HBK front and center a omen of number 1, or are they trying to mess with us…?

    On the other hand I DO completely hate those Superstar Collection covers.

    • Joe Israel says:

      I think I read this from another commenter too, which makes me think most of the site is in agreement Sweet Chin Music, Stunner, Tombstone are the Top 3. And I could honestly see any of those 3 being the top pick, which adds some nice excitement to the disc. Personally, I’d go with the Stunner, I think that’s a great looking finisher.

    • james says:

      The thing with Sweet Chin music is that it’s anonymous, thy can get away with showing just Shawn. Tombstone or Stunner they would need to show another guy on the cover (taking away the spotlight) since you can’t show just Steve or Taker doing the move. My guess is they wanted to spotlight one guys move and Chin Music worked perfectly for that.

  20. RabidHeat says:

    Seriously? That’s the Finishing Moves cover? Or are you jokin’? I’ve just checked the date and it isn’t April 1st, but SURELY that cannot be the actual cover they’re going with.

  21. east_side_rip_rida says:

    not a bad looking cover, cant wait for this and the falls count anyware to be release, there are some nice dvds coming out in the months ahead

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