WWE Attitude Era DVD To Have Store Exclusive, Photos Of Latest

August 24, 2012 by Daniel Bee

The currently titled WWE: The Attitude Era DVD on the way for late 2012 will have a Best Buy exclusive version, according to a new listing on their website.

That will be joining the standard DVD release and the Blu-ray edition, to make three ways of owning it on Home Video. All are released to the US on November 20th, and you can pre-order a copy of the exclusive by clicking here.

This week a Best Buy exclusive version of the WWE 50 Greatest Finishing Moves DVD was released. Extra content is found on Disc 3 – “honourable mentions” to moves that didn’t make the list. Pics of it below, with thanks to Scott D.

WWE 50 Greatest Finishing Moves DVD - Best Buy Exclusive

WWE 50 Greatest Finishing Moves DVD - Best Buy Exclusive WWE 50 Greatest Finishing Moves DVD - Best Buy Exclusive

Want one? Get the Best Buy exclusive version right here for just $16.99.

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  1. Kenny says:

    So wait, if I want to buy the better quality, more expensive blu ray version, I do not get the best buy exclusives? They are not on the blu ray? That’s really annoying.

  2. SRB says:

    I’m wondering how 3 different versions of the same DVD even occurs in the frst place. Obviously WWE has to approve this type of 3 version release but I’m wondering why they do so at all. They must have some business deal set up with Best Buy as obviously having special content gives them an advantage to having people buy it from them. While I can understand having business deals going on with select stores as they used to before FYE become mostly nonexistant, they certainly do make it hard on people to figure things out.

  3. insanetombstone96 says:

    Oh sorry DB, lol. My bad, I thought I was still banned. T

  4. Lemo says:

    Wait !!! If i buy dvd’s i can get of the borders !!! Please tell me how ?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you go to display settings and set your DVD player to “4:3 Pan and Scan,” then the DVD player is programmed as if it is connected to a 4:3 ratio TV (even if you have a Widescreen TV) and it only shows the content within the borders. There are two 4:3 ratio options, so be sure to select “Pan and Scan” and NOT “Letterbox.”

      It is a little annoying but at least we have options for those of us who find the borders distracting (at least when watching rasslin’).

  5. Anonymous says:

    The attitude era gets a blu-ray release (as does Clash and King Of The Ring), but the current PPVs that are actually shot in high definition do not. Could someone please explain the logic to me?

    (1) I prefer the standard releases for the old stuff so I can watch it full screen without the borders (blu-ray does not allow for this). Obviously, I could just buy the standard editions but then they throw in the extras on the blu-ray even though there is enough room on the standards to also carry the additional content.

    (2) The current PPVs are actually taped in HD so it seems silly to not release those on blu-ray. If the fans are not buying blu-rays, then I understand. But then why would the company release the old stuff on blu-ray? I don’t get it.

    • Dave says:

      I assume the main reason is sales…a set like WCW Best of Clash, ECW Unreleased, Undertaker: Streak, etc would sell much better on Blu-ray than the ppvs. I think ppvs (minus WM, RR) hardly sell well on DVD as is, so having them on Blu-ray likely won’t even sell at all.

      A ppv like Over the Limit or No Way Out on Blu-ray would probably sell nothing compared to Falls Count Anywhere, WCW Clash, Attitude Era on Blu-ray.

      WWE did plan to release all ppvs in 2011 on Blu-ray format but after sales of Extreme Rules and Over the Limit, they scrapped them. At least this year they’re releasing the big 4 so thats a good start.

      WWE didn’t start to release every ppv on DVD til 2002 – long after DVD became the dominant format. I guess WWE will wait it out with Blu-ray and just continue compilation sets, documentaries, and the big 4 events.

      The UK fans seem to have adapted well to Blu-ray compared to North America which is why Silver Vision is releasing all 2012 events on Blu-ray format.

  6. Steven says:

    Is Best Buy or FYE doing a special edition for the nWo DVD guys?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I’m guessing not since the Attitude Era one has an exclusive, but doesn’t look like the nWo DVD has even popped up on Bestbuy.com yet.

      • Steven says:

        Thanks Daniel, I was just wondering on Amazon.com it’s listed for ore-order the nWo one but they need an special edition one.

  7. nightmare says:

    I know this is off the topic but look at Jaws Digibook blu ray each store only got 3 copies and what happen they ended up on ebay for crazy amount of money .Now a week later Best Buy again gets a few more copies and BAM the price go down on the ones that were on ebay .

    So what I am trying to say is that Best Buy seem to be know for doing this lately and the reason why is because there stock is not doing good and sales are way way down .We are all still in a financially crises here because of many facts .The drought out west and no jobs anyway .

    If you notice Best Buy is the only one who seems to be doing the what I call a gimmick sales so they can bring people in .

    I’ll you all on in other Best Buy secret all the employee that work there get everything in the store at cost .

    So what I am trying to say is don’t buy these if you think you’re going to get rich your not buy them because you want them and will watch and enjoy them and because you support the WWE .I may not like all there products but I do from time to time buy there release when it something I want .

  8. insanetombstone96 says:

    damn daniel bee
    ur a b****! f*** u!

  9. Rip says:

    Wow, exclusive content courtesy of Best Buy. I’m surprised Best Buy is still around, especially in my area. Come on, where can you pretend to work and get a paycheck, and still claim you carry WWE product. Customer assistance in the DVD section, hello??? Anybody work here? Hello???

    • SRB says:

      I remember the nightmare like it was yesterday. When I used to live in Los Angeles every time a WWE DVD came out I’d have to remind the people to put it in the shelves. The stuff was never ready. Every single week the “employees” there would have to go to the back and get it and of course I always had to wait while they checked on the computer to see if it was available. My favorite, “It says we have 8, but I dont know where they are.” This is exactly why people started shopping online.

      As far as 3 different versions of 1 DVD, FYE used to do that (WCW Nitro, Stratus, WM) but I am not into it at all. I dont own 3 of the same of anything and dont see the point. Times are difficult and money is scarce these days. To even think people want to toss their money in the air to get 3 of the same thing is an insult. I will buy the blu-ray and call it a day. The problem is that WWE acts like the stuff is readily available and it’s not. Online is the new way to buy and if people feel like spending $70 for 3 versions that’s their call. I’ll take the blu-ray. I’m just gonna have to live without Kidman’s Shooting Star Press.

      • Mr Z says:

        I agree. Remember when that Mysterio DVD came out with 5 different colored covers? There was a message board at the time where people were posting pics to prove (and brag) that they bought all five, plus one extra to actually watch. Must be nice to have the kind of money to buy five or six 3 disc sets with the exact same content. Crazy.

        • LP1 says:

          Yeah the multiple covers thing was a joke. I only bought the Best Buy exclusive of the Rey DVD. The one that came in a box like the Cena and Shawn DVDs.

      • pmdmf says:

        I agree. It’s blu ray all the way for me. It would take something special to buy an exclusive dvd version.

  10. nightmare says:

    I may get it but it depends on what the matches are and what’s on it I am not a collector anymore so I only buy the ones I am going to keep and watch

  11. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Whatever the exclusive content will be on the Attitude Era set, it will be hard to pass up getting both the Blu-ray and DVD for me. It was REAL hard for me to say no to getting the Clash of the Champions DVD exclusive with the Flair/Hogan match, but I opted to just get the Blu-ray. I wish WWE would just distribute all Blu-ray releases already and forget about DVD.

    • G. Schire says:

      I feel the opposite. Get rid of the Blu-Ray.It hasn’t taken off like they hoped and is just a waste of extra money. DVD quality is just fine.

      • Dave says:

        Just like how DVD hadn’t taken off and VHS quality is “just fine”….look how that turned out. People like you use to bash DVD and praise VHS, just like people bashing Blu-ray and praising DVD.

        Times change, technology changes…move on with the times….Blu-ray has taken off with big blockbuster movies…its a matter of time before DVD players become obsolete. Blu-ray players are cheap these days, so price shouldn’t even be an issue.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          Dave, I agree.

          G. Schire, I used to be content with DVD and never paid much attention to Blu-ray. Then Greatest Rivalries Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels came out and I just couldn’t live with the DVD version not including the Montreal Screwjob match. I thought that match played a HUGE part in their rivalry and thats when I became a “born again blu-rayer”. I went out and purchased a blu-ray player, very cheap, and I haven’t looked back since. Blu-ray or no way for me. Picture quality is so crisp, so beautiful, I can’t imagine not having one. I’ve actually enjoyed watching television much more, believe it or not.

      • Anonymous says:

        I Agree. Dvds Are The Best Because There’s More Than Ten Years Worth Of WWF/WWE Dvds That You Can’t Find On Blu-Rays. God Bless WWE Dvds.

        • Harry Faversham says:

          The change from VHS to DVD and the change from DVD to blu ray is not a fair comparison. The jump in technology from VHS was far greater than for blu ray. The advantages of DVD over VHS are many, but with blu ray its just better quality really and more space. Now, I will always get the blu ray because I want the best version I can get usually. But the gulf in technology isnt the same between the two. And I don’t actually remember personally hearing of anyone who was against the change from VHS to DVD. It was obviously superior. But not everything lasts and takes off as much as you think it will with technology because it changes so quickly now. Laser discs and minidiscs were a step in the right direction at the time but they didnt stick around. I hope blu ray is here to stay, but DVD’s wont be obsolete for many years if at all in my opinion because a lot of older television isnt suitable for blu ray. And to be honest putting footage that wasnt shot in HD on blu ray doesnt make much sense. I know its upscaled, but do you really think upscaling is worth a change in format? Its slightly better yes, but it ruins the presentation of the 4:3 footage in other ways (unless we all just need to buy better tellys). But possibly eventually everything will be put onto blu ray, but for a lot of older things the only reason is for them to sell you the same things you bought before, repackaged.Now with the HD footage its a different story and as Vin Man says the crispness of the picture is seriously nice to look at for your viweing pleasure.

  12. Scsa says:

    They cud hav given more info on the Attitude Era DVD/BLU-RAY! Yet all they tell us is that there’ll be an exclusive version in the US! Does this include an exclusive version for the UK?! Also, how about a little pictures n some more info on it 🙁

  13. Anonymous says:

    Blu Ray overrated
    Normal dvd’s deserve the same amount of content as they do in my opinion

    • LP1 says:

      Normal DVD’s would have the same amount of content if they could HOLD the same amount of content as a Blu-ray. A high definition picture plus more room on the disc for bonus content. Yup, definitely overrated.

    • Dave says:

      People that say Blu-ray is overrated likely don’t even own an HD tv and Blu-ray player.

      DVD is ancient now, its not like your DVDs stop working, they play on Blu-ray players too and in some cases actually make the picture slightly better.

      All WWE content is upconverted to 1080i, and take up more room, which is why extras have diminished on ppv DVDs since switching to HD. Back then ppvs were 480i/p and take up less room which is why there were tons of extras.

      Maybe people should move on with the times…in my case if i have no choice, i would pick the DVD such as ppvs for examples. But once WWE offers sets on Blu-ray, that would be my choice.

      • jasongoldsmith says:

        i prefer blu-ray as well but i do buy both copies as i did with the releases on vhs and dvd but the picture and the extras on blu-ray are worth the extra $5 if you buy just one copy.

  14. Mr Z says:

    So there’s three versions. Now it’s just a matter of waiting till we find out all the content so I can decide which is best and buy that one. I can’t bring myself to buy two of the same video because there might be a one match difference.

    • LP1 says:

      It’s really only 2 versions to choose from. The Blu-ray and the Best Buy DVD. If you’re gonna buy it on DVD then there’s no reason to buy the regular version. For the same price you might as well get the Best Buy one.

      As for why the Blu-ray version doesn’t include the Best Buy extra, I have no idea. WWE is shooting themselves in the foot by doing this to their releases. All this does is accomplish 2 things: 1)it confuses the casual WWE home video buyer and 2)it pisses off the hardcore collectors who have to buy 2 versions of the same release.

      • SRB says:

        “As for why the Blu-ray version doesn’t include the Best Buy extra, I have no idea. WWE is shooting themselves in the foot by doing this to their releases. All this does is accomplish 2 things: 1)it confuses the casual WWE home video buyer and 2)it pisses off the hardcore collectors who have to buy 2 versions of the same release.”

        You speak the truth LP1. Good points.

  15. Steven says:

    I will get the Best Buy edition one because it will probably have more extras or other special stuff.

  16. joshua dodd says:

    will the best buy exclusive content also be on the blu-ray?

    • Mark D says:

      I’d doubt it as there hasn’t been exclusive Blu-rays for Clash of Champions or 50 Finishers; even SilverVision’s BR releases in UK & Europe don’t have them and they only produce the ‘exclusive’ version of the DVD.

      • attitudefan says:

        hey Mark, kinda off topic but I was just wondering if u were gonna do your famous custom inserts for 50 finishing moves dvd and bluray. I don’t have twitter so can’t request it that way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nobody does that inserts like u do

      • joshua dodd says:

        good point, thanks, one can only hope though someday wwe pulls their head out of their butt because money is scarce and most people can only afford the DVD or Blu-Ray, not both

  17. Dave says:

    WWE should just focus on exclusives for the Blu-rays, and forget the DVDs – just leave them as is. I think if thats if they focus on Blu-rays, maybe stubborn wrestling fans will finally put move away from their ancient DVD players and move on to Blu-ray.

    Movie studios always do this, they release a bare bones DVD and load up the Blu-ray with special features, exclusives and some store exclusive content. WWE should really follow that suit.

    • t says:

      That’s true and people usually buy only 1 version so why messin around with special DVD versions or combinations of DVD and BD?