Mark’s Fantasy Concept #1 – WWE Attitude: Uncut and Uncensored DVD

January 25, 2012 by Daniel Bee

WDN Fantasy Concept

Mark on our team has designed a concept cover for a future release he hopes happens –

WWE Attitude: Uncut and Uncensored.

In our recent year-end poll an Attitude Era themed release was voted on as a 2012 DVD you’d most like to see, behind only a War Games Anthology. Josh came up with the name “The Attitude Era – Uncut And Uncensored”.

So if we were choosing specifics for this release, we’d have it rated TV-MA and comprised of 4 discs, with 12 hours of footage.

WWE WWF Attitude Era DVD

Back when WWE had released Raw: The Beginning Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD, still planning to continue the series once annually, they expressed concern to us over how they would handle the sets once they reached the ‘Attitude’ years. The impression given when we spoke with them was that in the current PG environment, WWE would not want to be associated with a single release that has this focus of ‘risqué’, adult centered or violent content.

It remains to be seen whether or not they will go ahead with a “Best of The Attitude Era” type DVD, and if they would need to tone down themes even if they did. However, given how popular such a release would be, we feel it’s inevitable. Mark’s bold prediction is by Christmas 2012!

Follow Mark on Twitter: @_MarkD_. He’s looking for suggestions on future concepts.

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    Love that it actually happened, and as much as people complained about it… did they really expect it to be an Outstanding Best-Seller dvd? We are way past the Attitude Era and it ain’t coming back, but they did give it their best shot without causing a bunch of over-obsessed, over-protective parents to cause an uproar!

  2. Chutiya says:

    Maa ka bhosada.

  3. HHHfan1999 says:

    Great concept man. And although they do need to release the rest of the Raw Seasons, and if they release them through like 2002? That would be the whole Attitude Era, then continue after that. Then release Smackdown! Seasons, because Smackdown! was actually “technically” a part of the Attitude ERA! But this would still be a good “Best of” dvd to buy!

  4. NWO 4 Life says:

    Top 30 come on now top 10 at least for HBK, I think you hated HBK in 96-97 and that’s why he’s not higher.

  5. T-Doc says:

    Dear all, who is this dude on facebook that does all custom sets and stuff who Jason Murgatroyd mentioned? I could not find him. Thanks in advance.

  6. NWO 4 Life says:

    I can respect that but he never had a less than five star match and forget about the drug problems he had, he was still one of the greatest of all time. I give you my Top 10: 1. HBK 2. Macho Man 3. Rock 4. Stone Cold 5. Kevin Nash 6. Hogan 7. Undertaker 8. Chris Jericho 9. Jeff Hardy and 10. AJ Styles.

  7. Brett Mix says:

    Favourites, maybe he’s in my top 30. But as far as GOAT he’s definitely in my top 5.

  8. NWO 4 Life says:

    Not a hater Brett but in my favorite wrestlers Shawn Michaels is number 1, in your favorites where do you rank HBK?

  9. NWO 4 Life says:

    I grew up during this era and it was a great time to be a wrestling fan with Stone Cold, DX, Jericho, NWO, Rock and others.

  10. Brett Mix says:

    Hey even Brett Mix liked Steve Austin and Randy Savage more then Bret Hart, that’s a fact. And Austin was king of the Attitude Era so I’ll sleep ok. 😉

  11. Greg6 says:

    Even Brett Mix was a fan of the Attitude Era even though the Attitude Era ran his hero Bret Hart out of town to WCW.

  12. vincenzzzzzo says:

    Thinking about it more, WWE should just finish releasing the rest of the Best of RAW seasons. I just watched the very FIRST episode of RAW is WAR on WWE Classics and, man, that was great. WWE NEEDS to release the rest of RAW during 1996,1997,1998.

  13. NWO4Life says:

    If WWE will release this DVD, it will be a top seller in the history of DVD’s because most fans loved the Attitude Era more than any other Era in wrestling.

  14. Harry Farrow says:

    Attitude Collection box set listed on ebay for £100 with 1 bid and 3 days to go. Jeez I remember getting this from a Littlewoods catalogue back in 2002 for about £55.

  15. Paul says:

    No DX on the cover? Fail.

  16. Thomas says:

    I suppose I won’t be able to get the Attitude dvd set at all

  17. Harry Farrow says:

    Those 12 dvds that were part of the attitude collection. Just various WWF Home Video releases that were put on dvd and sold as a set.

    Not my picture but I have that box set.

    I don’t know if I would like an ATTITUDE dvd set release, only because of the blurring involved, would spoil a great idea for a dvd.

  18. Anonymous says:

    greatest stars of the 90’s.monday night war dvd, they dont need this, just release the In Your House Anthology, and the continue wit the best of RAW…but they should make 97- 4 disc each year, considering RAW went 2 hours in 97… 1 disc= covers 3 months of RAW 3x 4=12

  19. Vincenzzzzzo says:


    LOL, I agree. Austin and the beer truck have made too many releases already, it’s scary. And the zamboni incident too.

  20. Siege says:

    It would be better if they continue the Raw seasons sets and eventually get to 97 98 and 99 and put the stuff on there.

    I don’t need ANOTHER DAMN COPY of Austin with the beer truck.

  21. Simon says:

    Does the world really need this? The Austin / McMahon feud has been documented on about 50 other DVDs, and let’s face it, not much from the Attitude undercard (aside from DX and the NOD) is particularly worth seeing again. Can somebody come up with a plausible content listing that doesn’t include a stack of material already available elsewhere?

  22. nate says:

    that would be awesome

  23. NWO4Life says:

    When did they release this Attitude collection there pal, Greateat Superatar’s of the 90’s had a Attitude era stuff on that set.

  24. nightmare says:

    I wish they would release the Attitude also heck I am still waiting for them to release all the ECW shows as well .This PG crap just sucks and the rating are proven that each and ever week .

  25. Harry Farrow says:

    They have already done this. The Attitude collection 😉

  26. NWO4Life says:

    I sort of agree with Captain America22 and Captain America was a great movie by the way, but not only did they help out with the Attitude Era, but other superstars also helped too. They both were major over with the fans in late 97-till Shawn left DX for his back injury, I never did like the face DX, always loved the heel DX of late 97 but the face DX of 2009 against JeriShow I liked.

  27. Anonymous RAW GM! says:

    Add me on MSN mate. and we can discuss 🙂

  28. Captain America22 says:

    DX and Stone Cold the two biggest reasons for the Attitude Era, I don’t care what Brett or HarveyF saids. Suck It.

  29. MadMike says:

    Wow! Awesome cover! Great job because this really captures that Attitude Era feel to it…I’m impressed!

  30. captain planet says:

    Great cover! If they don’t do this at some point, Vince must not like money as much as people say he does. This thing is practically a guaranteed top seller of all-time. Can you imagine if they got all the people (A list superstars, B list, C list, and so on) to do a sitdown interview, and if they included all sorts of backstage material and unseen footage from that time? That’s money, plain and simple.

  31. NWO4Life says:

    DX, Stone Cold, Rock, Undertaker, Sable, Edge Christain, The Hardyz, and other great moments from them.

  32. attitudefan says:

    Hey Mark, I was wondering if u could make custom inserts for Ladder Match 2 and Bret/HBK Greatest Rivalries for blu ray. Would be really helpful if u could. Thanx

  33. ratedrpoed says:

    people who have all the raws/smackdowns etc. are easy to find u just have to look for them.
    i know lots of people who have stuff & i even have the discs my self but know nothing about editing or anything like that.

  34. Jason Murgatroyd says:

    @Anonymous RAW GM! I reckon I could make this happen, with a little help, i’ve got all the seasons of Raw and Smackdown on DVD, just wouldn’t know how to edit certain segments out to put them onto a different set but if anyone knows how I could do it i’d be more than happy to have a go at making the DVD set

  35. Anonymous RAW GM! says:

    I think with the right input and with the season sets of RAW / SmackDown on torrent sites we could all invest and help out and make it a reality?

  36. Jason Murgatroyd says:

    @jason – there’s a dude on facebook that does all custom sets and stuff you should give him a shout an see if he’s done any like that

  37. Jordan B says:

    Holy crap I won’t this dvd now! LOL

  38. jason says:

    And lastly I really want a 95 96 wwe raw set. I’d love for them to include that mini rumble they had from raw where ahmed johnson won and faarooq debuted. That was awesome. As for other dvd sets I want are another bret hart and 3 disc wise…how about a “unknown gem” themed one…like less known matches that were incredible.

  39. jason says:

    Attitude set would be sweet but I’d love them to inclide less notable thinhgs from that era like mosh quitting his character lol not real but whatyever and goldust burnong his outfit and facts and also very notable things too but a good match selection I think appropriate would be to let the fans select the matches like from the starrcade set.

  40. Jason Murgatroyd says:

    wicked idea guys, you do a lot of custom sets?

  41. jason says:

    Ok I have to agree with vince iyh anthology would be incredible although I have MOST iyh on coliseum vhs…I need only mind games and a few from 1998. I have all the rare clamshell iyh (4,5, and 12) oh I don’t have cold day in hell either anyway I have most but that would be sweet. I think a

  42. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    @Mark D

    yes… do an In Your House Anthology case.

  43. Harry Farrow says:

    Fantastic idea. Keep these coming!

  44. Ed says:

    that is a badd ass cover dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. scsa says:

    Very COOL! Though it would have to be on BLU-RAY ALSO!

  46. Mark D says:

    Doing this cover actually inspired me to go back and watch Raw during the ‘Attitude era’. I started the night after WrestleMania 14 and I have just watched the Raw where is was Vince vs. Austin (I believe the night where Raw won the ratings battle against Nitro for the first time in eighty plus weeks). Anyway all of the episodes I’ve watched are rated TV-PG and are awesome.

    Vince McMahon and the “creative” team really need to go back and watch a few of these episodes. They feel completely different to the current product. Watching it feels like anything can happen at anytime (and I’ve seen them before!), the commentators don’t tell you how much the wrestlers and matches suck and the show travels along at such a rapid pace. It is SO different from what is on WWE TV currently and about 1000 times better. Plus there is no John Cena with the worlds worst acting!

    Anyways hope you liked the cover – any ideas for the next? Tweet me your suggestions @_MarkD_

    Thanks 🙂

  47. Vincenzzzzzo says:


    Yep, your right. If its on TV , WWE can rate it whatever they like i.e TV-G, TVPG, etc. If it pertains to a consumers home video library, it should be a mixture, TV-PG, TV-MA, TV-14, etc.

    I think sales would rise in that case. It would be smart business. If a parent thinks an TV-MA rating is too whatever for their kids, then they shouldn’t buy it.

  48. Tristan says:

    Very cool artwork and idea. Would love to see this.

  49. T says:

    Craving this, if comprehensive and uncensored – MUST BUY!

  50. SRB says:

    Thanks Vincenzzzzzo. On a similiar note, if you watch the Rise and Fall of ECW (which I hope most of us have) Vince explains that he called Paul Heyman and told him that to be successful he needs to change his product to not just appeal to one type of audience. with a PG rating isn’t WWE appealing only to children? There’s only so long that a kid can wear an orange Cena shirt in school and not get beaten up. I know that if all movies that ever came out were PG I’d hardly ever watch any of them. We as people sometimes want to see blood and hear curse words. That’s life. With a PG rating the only thing I can go see is Journey 2 starring the Rock. Wow, sounds EPIC to me

  51. neverAcquiesce says:

    I’m so excited to be going to the Rumble this Sunday. Front row for four main events. Should be an excellent time.

    Gotta keep in mind they really stressed the “for the first time EVERY WWE Superstar is eligible to enter the Royal Rumble” line, and then flashed clips of both Punk and Danielson. Who knows what that’s gonna lead to.

    I agree with Vince-n-lots of z’s-o in that I’d love a Pre-Attitude set even more.

  52. tnawwejosh says:

    Man this looks so awesome i wish it was true we need this DVD to happen because not only would it be awesome it would be a HUGE! seller. One of the biggest complaints of the 15th anniversary set was the 2nd disc was full of bleeps and blurs (Middle finger blurs i mean. We know that there is nothing WWE can do about WWF blurs or censors)

    Make it happen WWE.

  53. Vincenzzzzzo says:


    I totally agree.

  54. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Will this be available in blu-ray as well? LOL. Seriously though, great cover. Good work.

    There is SO much material from the Attitude Era thats not on DVD, its actually kinda sad. I actually like the Pre-Attitude Era more than anything else though – around 1996-1998.

    And I’m still pissed they never finished releasing Best of RAW: the Beginning Seasons 3 & 4 and so on.

  55. Brandon says:

    Oh man, I love this series! Keep it up!

    I think this DVD is essential. I’d pick it up pretty damn quickly!

  56. SRB says:

    VERY VERY VERY cool. I like the concept idea. I really don’t see why WWE has to go with the PG rating for everything they do. Like movies, PG doesn’t fly 100% of the time. Some movies are for one audience and other movies are for another. To aim WWE entirely at kids completely ignores people my age who have been watching for 20+ years. WWE should have no problem releasing sets like the Attitude Era with a proper rating. TV is one thing but home video collections with a 15+ or 18+ rating should be just fine.

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