Full Match Listing for WWE The Best of King of the Ring DVD & Blu-ray

November 4, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Just unveiled by Silver Vision here’s what will be included in WWE: The Best of King of the Ring on DVD and Blu-ray.

It’s released on December 13th to the USA (get yours) and follows to the UK in January.

Hosted by King Booker!

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Disc 1

The Noble Scroll

King of the Ring Finals Match
Bret ‘Hit Man’ Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
King of the Ring 13th June, 1993

Kings and Champions

WWE Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna
King of the Ring 13th June, 1993

King of the Ring Finals Match
Owen Hart vs. Razor Ramon
King of the Ring 19th June, 1994

A True King

Kiss My Foot Match
Bret ‘Hit Man’ Hart vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler
King of the Ring 25th June, 1995

Intercontinental Championship Match
Goldust vs. Ahmed Johnson
King of the Ring 23rd June, 1996

New Breed of Royalty

King of the Ring Finals Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
King of the Ring 23rd June, 1996

Disc 2

Mark of Distinction

WWE Championship Match
Shawn Michaels vs. British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
King of the Ring 23rd June, 1996

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels
King of the Ring 8th June, 1997

Blue Blood

King of the Ring Finals Match
Triple H vs. Mankind
King of the Ring 8th June, 1997

King of the Ring Finals Match
Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock
King of the Ring 28th June, 1998

A Night in Hell

Hell in a Cell Match
Undertaker vs. Mankind
King of the Ring 28th June, 1998

Disc 3

Electrifying Champion

WWE Championship Match
Undertaker vs. The Rock
King of the Ring 27th June, 1999

6 Man Tag Match for the WWE Championship
Triple H, Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon vs. The Rock, Undertaker & Kane
King of the Ring 25th June, 2000

King of the Ring Finals Match
Rikishi vs. Kurt Angle
King of the Ring 25th June, 2000

King Kurt

Light Heavyweight Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac
King of the Ring 24th June, 2001

King of the Ring Finals Match
Edge vs. Kurt Angle
King of the Ring 24th June, 2001

Street Fight

Street Fight
Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle
King of the Ring 24th June, 2001

King of the Ring Finals Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Brock Lesnar
King of the Ring 23rd June, 2002

Hulk Hogan vs. Kurt Angle
King of the Ring 23rd June, 2002

King of the Ring Finals Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Booker T
Judgment Day 21st May, 2006

All Hail King Booker!

King of the Ring Finals Match
CM Punk vs. William Regal
Monday Night Raw 21st April, 2008

King of the Ring Finals Match
John Morrison vs. Sheamus
Monday Night Raw 29th November, 2010

Majestic Memories

Blu-ray Exclusives

King of the Ring Semi-Finals Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Wildman Marc Mero
King of the Ring 23rd June, 1996

WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. Undertaker
King of the Ring 23rd June, 2002

King of the Ring Opening Round Match
Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton
SmackDown 14th April, 2006

King of the Ring Semi-Finals Match
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
Monday Night Raw 21st April, 2008

King of the Ring Quarter-Finals Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan
Monday Night Raw 29th November, 2010

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  1. Damian says:

    The best of king of the ring without Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect!! Really? One of the greatest pure Wrestling matches in WWE history and its not on the DvD. Mmmmmm.

  2. mika says:

    Stone Cold vs Vince (King of the ring 1999) should be on there.

  3. eric hayes says:

    so no mention of billy gunn being king of the ring? not getting it then

  4. Kevin Fisher says:

    I think Disc 2 will be the best, because of the classic Shawn Michaels matches and the Hell in the Cell match Undertaker against Mick Foley. They should’ve added the X-Pac vs Owen Hart match to the set like Steven said, Brett would’ve liked that.

  5. Dan E says:

    I had to Wiki King of the Ring, I completely forgot Ken Shamrock won it once. I’m intending to buy it. As stated, some (actually looks like quite a few) matches have been on other releases, but I’m looking forward to the ones that haven’t.

  6. Steven says:

    A forgotten classic from King of the Ring 1998 that should be included on this set is Owen Hart vs X-Pac, Brett Mix probably gave this match 4 stars or higher.

  7. Logan Jones says:

    They should’ve put the chyna vs Road Dogg match from King of the Ring 1999 on the set.

  8. Bill says:

    I might get this for 2 reasons, 1. Has 2 great Shawn Michaels matches on the set and 2. The Jeff Hardy vs X-PAC match was good and better than everyone excepted.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The WWF King of the Ring had some great matches in the pre-PPV era that should have been included as well. Magnificent Muraco and Harley Race both won house shows in the New England area (the old Foxboro Stadium and the Providence Civic Center) for the KOTR title. I’m sure plenty of footage from those shows exist, and would have been great to see.

  10. Mark D says:

    OMG! Just thought… where is Patterson vs Brisco from KOTR 2000. Now that was a classic ‘wrestling’ match :p

  11. Anonymous says:

    These matches looks great! + Great cover

  12. rtdfdafj says:

    Unless they meant to title this set ‘The Best of Double Dipping: Stealing the WWE Universe’s Money’, in which case they did an outstanding job.

  13. rtdfdafj says:

    Oh and all these anti-smark trolls can kiss my ass.

    I’m thrilled you all love huffing Vince and Hunter’s farts so much but some of us would like to imagine that a “Best of” anything would be, in fact, the best of.

  14. rtdfdafj says:

    Holy cow! This listing is double dip city! 50% of this stuff has been offered before. They double dipped the fucking Yoko/Hogan match for god sake! It’s bad enough that made it to one DVD set, but TWO?!?

    This is pure, unadulterated GARBAGE! WWE has been in the shitter for over a decade now BUT I always used to be able to count on the DVD sets for my wrestling fix. Now I can’t even do that!

    This is an honest question, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY?!?

  15. Marty says:

    Brett Mix: “I’ll say it again, people have a right to complain when the title of the DVD reads BEST OF and two of the best KOTR matches in history are left off. Bret-Perfect, Bret-Diesel, however I like the listing and would buy the set if I didn’t own all of the events anyhow.”

    For whatever reason, the only tourney matches selected were Finals matches. Heck, there are 11 Finals matches total, for the 10 winners on the cover, plus Owen. That seemed to be the formula for the DVD: Choose the finals matches for all the winners not named Mabel and Billy Gunn, and pick what they thought were the best non-tourney matches.

  16. Mabel says:

    @LP1: that’s a fair point. but why should i be happy if i’m planning on spending money in the first place on a certain dvd only for it to turn out to be full of match repeats? you do realise not only should i be happy to save money, but a good reason to be p*ssed off as well considering i would have certain expectations for it.

  17. Brett Mix says:

    Yeah but the match was trash. Seriously, how coud they put that there over Y2J-RVD, Diesel-Bret and Bret-Curt is beyond me.

  18. Jeremy says:

    Am I the only one who in 1996 was pumped for the Ahmed vs. Goldust match. I was young back then but I thought Ahmed was a big deal until well right after this match happened an he got hurt.

  19. Brett Mix says:

    I’ll say it again, people have a right to complain when the title of the DVD reads BEST OF and two of the best KOTR matches in history are left off. Bret-Perfect, Bret-Diesel, however I like the listing and would buy the set if I didn’t own all of the events anyhow.

  20. Harry Faversham says:

    I find it a bit odd that people are counting the number of repeats for a series of pay per views available on tagged classics. They are all bloody repeats if you care enough to own a multi region DVD player. If you don’t care that much then, in the words of Mean Gene Okerlund, fuck it.

  21. LP1 says:

    Some of you people are misinformed. I have no idea where the “44% drop” in home video rumor came from. It’s absolutely not true. Here’s a direct quote from WWE’s 3rd quarter press release the other day:

    “Home Video net revenues were $8.3 million as compared to $7.2 million in the prior year quarter, a 15% increase driven by an adjustment to our allowance for returns and an increase in revenue per unit, partially offset by a 17% reduction in shipments to 686,000 units. The reduction in our allowance for returns reflected better than expected sell-through rates for titles released in prior quarters. Average prices increased 4% to $13.18 due to the timing of promotional activity and a reduction in manufacturer’s discounts.”

    So WWE’s home videos are up 15% year over year. So let’s stop with the ridiculous 44% drop. It was probably some goober who just threw out that number and everyone just assumed it was true without fact checking. If people are going to complain about something, at least do your homework first.

  22. Bryan says:

    Funny thing is they tried starting a series that would have little repeats when they released Best of Raw Seasons 1 and 2, then they said the sales sucked too much so they threw in the towel on Seasons 3 and 4. Go figure.

  23. Bryan says:

    If WWE really cared about losing money they’d stop with these horse shit WWE Studios movies, seriously how much money do they lose on every one of those films?

  24. indyfan says:

    well they may buy it or they may not but numbers indicate they aren’t buying the dvds. 44% down since last year. They are probably just downloading the dvds sets because paying 30.00 for a dvd set that you own the half of is just foolish. Maybe it’s just WWE is releasing to many dvds. Its WWE loss in the end. They will have to smarten up.

  25. LP1 says:

    @Mabel, clearly you weren’t able to comprehend what I wrote. I was talking about the people who specifically say they won’t buy a certain DVD if most of the matches on the DVD include matches they already own on other DVD’s.

    Let’s do some 3rd grade math here. If a DVD has, say, 25 matches on it and out of those 25 matches you have 15 of them on other DVD sets, then that means the DVD in question will have 10 matches that you don’t own on DVD yet. At that point you have a decision to make. Do you not buy the DVD because it has mostly matches on it that you already own? Or do you buy the DVD because the 10 matches that you don’t have are appealing enough for you to buy?

    If the answer is “Yes you’ll buy it”, then that means WWE did a good enough of job with the match listing to sell it to you because you’re still going to buy it regardless of whether there’s 15 repeated matches.

    If the answer is “No you won’t buy it”, then the 10 matches that you don’t already own aren’t worth it to you. So be happy then because that means that’s money you’ll save by not buying it. Wait til the next DVD is released. And like I said earlier, if you’re someone who buys every single WWE DVD regardless of what the content is then repeated matches don’t matter at all.

    Now if what I wrote still doesn’t make sense to you, then logic isn’t one of your strong points.

  26. Bryan says:

    Ummm yeah indyfan people buy Best of PPV Matches, people like me who don’t wanna own 12 or 13 yearly DVDs and have to sift through all the crap matches now a days to get to the good stuff. Ill be buying the Best of PPV 2011 so I can finally watch Punk vs Cena from MITB in HD.

  27. indyfan says:

    and i already listed the repeats there are 9 repeats. But that actually isn’t that bad. lately you are lucky to get 50% un released matches.

  28. indyfan says:

    People actually buy Best PPV matches of 20__? I only buy the special sets on wrestlers and stuff like Ladder matches or KOTR. Repeats suck. People who actually defend it (as fans) are fools. And the guy who brought up TNA? They have been around for less than a decade. WWE has been around for decades( as in multiple) They have way more footage to put on the dvd. And Yes i would be more inclined to buy it with Billy Gun vs X Pac and other rare matches. I buy dvds for matches not to look pretty on my shelf. And remember 44% down!!!!! I guess fans are now downloading the dvds sets. And if they are good.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sorry also there’s Morrison/Sheamus on best of raw
    So 4 repeats

  30. Anonymous says:

    The only blu ray repeats are HIAC 98 Kiss My Foot and Shane/Angle Street Fight matches should be starting over now that there on blu ray

  31. Dave says:

    Seriously would adding matches like LOD/Sid vs.Hart Foundation, Billy Gunn vs. X-Pac, Mabel vs. Savio Vega, Goldust vs. Crush, Trish vs. Molly, Hardys vs Brood make the set any better?!? and for you people to actually buy?!?…if anything there would be more complaints.

    I feel only two matches really don’t belong (Ahmad Johnson vs. Goldust and Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler)…other than those it looks like a pretty solid set. HHH/Taker is probably there just for name value, people who don’t know will see that they have faced each other at KOTR for the WWE title, even if it was bad or not.

    If anything, I’m sure people complaining will buy it eventually, just because buy would anything with the WWE name.

    You want to talk about repeats, what about TNA DVDs? the wrestler compilations they come out with have 95% of ppv matches that already been released…they have the weekly ppvs, FSN, and Spike footage, but they hardly include those.

  32. Mabel says:

    @Jamie: you don’t have to listen/read our opinions if you dont want to, but some people know a good match from a bad match and will speak out if need be.

    @Anonymous: i don’t care for the best ppv/best brand matches of the year so those sets don’t concern me.

    @LP1: i admit i’m a picker and chooser of certain dvds but your comment on that subject made no sense whatsoever. i’ve got the history of the wwe championship dvd which has the first ironman match, u think i’m not gonna buy the bret hart vs. shawn michaels dvd just because it has the ironman match too just so i can save money?!? … it all depends on wat content the dvd is about i’ll pick up, not just the fact if its just repeated matches or not. whatever happened to just clipping repeated matches by showing the highlights??

  33. LP1 says:

    Here’s the bottom line on “repeat matches” being used on WWE DVD’s. And this should really end the arguing. If you’re a diehard collector that buys every single WWE DVD no matter what, then it really doesn’t matter what’s on the DVD because you’re going to buy it anyway. Repeats or no repeats. On the other hand, if you’re someone who picks and chooses which DVD’s they buy, then you should be happy when a DVD is released with repeat matches that you already own because you’ll save money by not buying that DVD. End of story.

  34. LP1 says:

    You know what’s going to be really funny? When the Best PPV Matches Of 2011 DVD is released, people on here will say “All of those matches have been released on other DVD’s this past year already! Not 1 new match on there! This DVD sucks! The least they could’ve done was stop being lazy and put some 2011 PPV matches on that set that haven’t been released on DVD yet.” lol

  35. Anonymous says:

    You know what’s going to be really funny? When the Best PPV Matches Of 2011 DVD is released, people on here will say “All of those matches have been released on other DVD’s this past year already! Not 1 new match on there! This DVD sucks! The least they could’ve done was stop being lazy and put some 2011 PPV matches on that set that haven’t been released on DVD yet.” lol

  36. Jamie says:

    Complaing and bitching about dvd’s is just as bad as complaining about the product LET IT GO

  37. Brett Mix says:

    How can you guys NOT know were being sarcastic talking about Savio Vega and Skinner? Also the fact that a KOTR 95 match was even thrown on a BESST OF KOTR DVD is a slap in the face to everyone who bought it. Go read my review in the review section of KOTR 95 if you haven’t seen it. The worst show of all time. Worse then D2D 06. Also they could of put Owen vs 123 Kid which is arguably the best three and a half minute match ever and Austin-Mero on it. (I know that’s on the blu-ray but it’s excellent)

  38. SRB says:

    Harry, are you for real? Skinner? hahaha

  39. Black Guy says:

    i hate repeats, there’s way too much here. there’s no need for it. i’d rather have the important repeats here in clippings therefore make way for matches that have yet to be available on dvd. however there are sum good stuff here but not enough for me to purchase it. the match listing looks like it was lazily thrown together.

  40. Brad Attitude says:

    i wouldn’t exactly say Mabel vs. Savio Vega was a great match. anybody with half a brain will realise the stupidity of having that match thrown on this set.

  41. Harry Faversham says:

    Me too. I always felt that if Savio kept his head down he could have been the next Skinner. I’m also pretty gutted that they left off the I.R.S. vs. Mabel clash. You talk about iconic moments. When Mabel fell off the ropes. Man! That was a ‘moment’. Hopefully the long awaited Skinner Anthology will come out next year. It should have his matches against Bret Hart, Tatanka, Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior and of course his epic encounter against Owen Hart from Wresltemania VIII!

  42. Brett Mix says:

    Ugh, I wanted all five Savio Vega 1995 matches

  43. Anonymous says:

    no x-pac vs billy gunn from 99, does’nt matter can’t wait for this bad boy.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Very happy to see Owen on it but I wish they included the match against 1-2-3 Kid but glad to see Owen remembered as the King of Harts!

  45. indyfan says:

    To all the fans who defend repeats(especially when most of the dvds released consist of almost half repeats) Its really simple to understand. Why would anyone buy anything that they already own. and the numbers show that most smart people won’t. I used to buy every WWE dvd(none PPV). Buying a dvd set that has tons of repeats makes me feel like a sucker. I don’t understand how fans buy these repeat filled dvds and don’t feel the same.

    Now i use that money to buy indy dvds that aren’t filled with repeats. Its WWE choice.. their dvd sales are in the dumps. Its their own fault. And simply judging by the comments here(as a sample population) from avid WWE dvd buyers, Fans aren’t that happy. Hmm a correlation? or are we simply gonna say oh its the economy!! Like the economy wasn’t bad last year or the year before. It always comes down to mor ebang for your buck. Its hard to justify buying a dvd that you own half teh material on other sets.

    But you are right just don’t buy it. And i guess that is what is happening right now being 44% down. Keep up the good work WWE…

  46. Nate says:

    If no footage of the tournament for the 80’s exists, then the WWE should have just decided to scrap this project altogether…IT’S ALL OR NOTHING BABY..

    BTW: For those who don’t recognize sarcasm, the above is written in that tone 😉

  47. SRB says:

    As the consumer, the fan and the people who keep WWE in business ANYONE on this site, creator or internet-user has the right to their opinion. If we all stopped buying DVDs, clothes and tickets WWE would shut down so they should care about our opinions, even if they are different. Some people see the set as great where others feel WWE messed up. In the world of opinion people will always disagree and we all do this every time cover art or content is released. Mark my words, it will all happen again very shortly when the cover and listing is released for the best PPV matches of 2011…

  48. Harry Faversham says:

    Complaining about repeats seems a little silly to me, as I live in England. None of the matches are ‘rare’. You can get them all on tagged classics and without the irritating bars at the side. So really they are all repeats, depending on what DVDs you have.

    Personally I would be pissed off if a ‘best of’ is just the ones that haven’t been released before. Once they are released they aren’t rare anyway and your left with a sub-standard compilation. Thats a bad idea. You would be much better off releasing them as an anthology in that case. But for a ‘best of’ you need to have repeats. If Mankind vs. Undertaker wasnt on there it would be a joke. Its insulting to have a ‘best of’ DVD set where you get to the most memorable momnets and then are asked to get another DVD to watch them.

    No offence to the other collectors who feel differently but they are only comilations. There will always be something missing. They are obviously trying to strike a balance. I’ve always felt that it would be better if wwe just let history speak for itself and released ppv’s in their entirety.

  49. george says:

    When i see such a hit and miss list for the “best of” it kinda makes me wish we could get the full anthology sets.

  50. TripleN says:

    Where is Bret and Diesel from 94???????????????????

  51. Nothing says:

    this should be titled “The Best and Worst of the King of the Ring” as its evidenced there’s some great matches and some that flat out sucked.

  52. Mabel says:

    @LP1: if you want to continue buying wwe dvds thats fine, nobody is stopping you but i will not have my intelligence be insulted. if wwe are going to releasing a “Best of” for any dvds, they should learn from other mistakes from previous dvd sets and make the extra effort for their dvd sets no matter what topic or product its based on by going deep into their vault and give us the very best matches.

    as for this dvd set, having numerous match repeats or matches featuring talents nobody cared or cares about to this day is just lackluster on their productions part. a kiss my foot match, austin 3:16, taker/foley just to name a few are stuff ppl can pick up on other dvd sets. i would have selected rare KOTR matches that were good yet forgotten to be added on this set. let me give you an example below:

    bret hart vs. diesel (wwf championship) – kotr 94
    owen hart vs. 123 kid – quarter finals, kotr 94
    owen hart, jim neidhart, british bulldog vs. legion of doom & sycho sid – kotr 96
    hardy boyz vs the brood (tag team championship) – kotr 99
    trish stratus vs. molly holly (women’s championship) – kotr 02

    having some of the above matches over some of the less significiant or repetitive matches on this set could have made up for it, but its another fail by the WWE who gave us a crappy match listing that was half assed.

  53. Brett Mix says:

    Fans of Blu Ray should be happy with Mero-Austin from 96. It’s a real gem I rate four stars. They had underrated chemistry, both former WCW talents in the mid to early 90’s. If you think about it, this might of been the match that sparked the Austin 3:16 juggernaut. Austin had to get stitches after the match and we all know that an effect a man’s adrenaline. So when he came back with a busted mouth he was really rattledd and mad, and he took his ATTITUDE out on Jake.

  54. Dave says:

    @ LP1

    I agree…it’s been said many times that WWE don’t have 85-91 tournaments taped…and only footage that exists are fancams. But yet people still complain.

    Just have to live with that nobody is ever going to be satisfied with a DVD set…even if the set looks amazing, people will find something to complain about for the sake of complaining.

    I’m buying the Blu-ray regardless because i want to support WWE, people don’t want to buy it, good for them…good luck trying to find the perfect DVD/Blu-ray…there will always be some inclusions.

  55. LP1 says:

    After reading the responses here from most of you, let me just say I’m glad none of you guys work for WWE and get to choose what matches make a DVD set. Good lord.

    Also, for those of you upset that there’s no matches on the set from the 1985-1991 tournaments, that’s because… TAPES OF THOSE SHOWS DO NOT EXIST! How many times does that have to be said?

  56. Bryan says:

    Brets entire KotR 93 run should be on the Blu Ray extras his match against Razor is solid too not as good as the 93 Rumble match but pretty good

  57. Anonymous says:

    I like that it has almost all the finals from the PPVs. The exclusions of Mabel and Billy Gunn are also a plus.

  58. Brett Mix says:

    How could Hennig-Bret KOTR 93 not make the DVD when its the best match in the history of the event? Sure they put it on Bret’s first set, but they forgot to put it on Perfect’s set and now this? Bad. Also no RVD-Y2J and no Diesel-Bret 94 are the biggest other two gone. Ahmed-Goldust, Snake vs Austin and Bret-Lawler are a joke. Other then that if you don’t own the KOTR’s it’s solid.

  59. scott says:

    this is crap i wanted matches from 1985 to 91, most of this matches are on other dvds what a waste of time

  60. Mabel says:

    i saw just the match listing and i’m disappointed. there’s only about 11 matches here that i’d like to see that i haven’t seen before but its not good enough reason for me to purchase it. some matches have no significant being here as it looks like they were randomly added and there’s way too many repeats, although some I can understand for historical reasons but the fact is there’s too many repeats!!!

    not buying this!

  61. Anonymous says:

    No matches from 1985-1991. I’ll pass on this.

  62. Brad Attitude says:

    WWE blew it with the match listing. I could care less of the stuff that happened between 2008-2010 and some matches just have no business being on the set. I thought this was meant to be a Best of King of the Ring. WTF is the 6 Man Tag Team Match & Triple H vs. Undertaker (from 2002) doing here when they downright sucked?? … Not buying this BS!

  63. Anonymous says:

    The handicap ladder match was just released on DVD blu ray ladder match 2 in october

  64. ratedrpoed says:

    how many dvds have austin vs jake & taker vs mankind been on now.
    this repeating the same matches all the time on dvds is really annoying.

  65. AIC says:

    Not buying this anyway but Ahmed/Goldust and Kiss My Foot have no business been on this. Should have def included Kid/Owen if there’s no ban on Owen footage. Even if it was just as a Blu-Ray exlusive. I mean the match is like 4 mins long! Plus HHH/Taker ’02 sucks. No way they should have included that even if it’s Blu Ray only.

  66. indyfan says:


  67. indyfan says:

    I would of loved Venis vs Eddie or Angle vs Jericho instead of the main event for KOTR 2000. I will end up buying it because i want the Street fight on dvd. There was no way i was getting the MOG dvd

  68. DTA says:

    I’m wondering about the numbers of matches on the 3 Discs. Disc 1 has 6, Disc 2 only 5 and Disc 3 has 11 (!) Matches?? I only hope that they are on there in their entirety.

  69. Jamie says:

    Looks like a good set

  70. CW says:

    Do we really need Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac and Ahmed Johnson vs. Goldust? If you’re gonna have a King of the Ring DVD set, you should probably include all of the Finals matches…Mabel and Billy Gunn being excluded obviously.

    Also, in the description it lists: “the Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Mankind, Stone Cold’s memorable battle with Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon for control of the WWE, Austin’s debut of his revolutionary “Austin 3:16” catchphrase, the first-ever match between Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle, as well as matches for the WWE Championship.” All of those matches are included except the Austin vs. Shane/Vince Handicap Ladder Match from ’99…why would you mention it but not include it?

  71. SRB says:

    Agreed. Paul, i said the same exact thing in an earlier post. Although both matches are great and i see the reasoning they were indeed just released. On Austin’s upcoming release we are also getting his KOTR win against Roberts, which is on this set. How many times can I watch the same match?

  72. Paul Cavanagh says:

    Both the Shane O’ Mac v Kurt Angle Street Fight and Taker v Mankind Hell in a Cell matches have just been released on the OMG set… about 2 month ago!

    There was no reason to have them on this seat really, neither of them were part of a KOTR tournament so they could’ve left them off this release.

  73. Jerry says:

    Also, any set with 5 Kurt Angle matches is a winner.

  74. Marty says:

    Their sales of home video aren’t bad, all things considered. As they mentioned, they actually went up last quarter in spite of fewer units being shipped. Also, this is simply from the naked eye rather than actual numbers, but where I live (Ottawa, Canada), you can barely find Shawn vs. Bret in stores. The Ladder Match 2 set is selling surprisingly strongly too. If there’s anything that’s affecting their video sales, it’s probably things like the movies. Also, Blu-ray just hasn’t really caught on. Didn’t work for the PPV releases, and I do wonder how well it’s doing for the compilation releases. As I mentioned, the Ladder Match 2 is selling well, but, also surprisingly, it’s tougher (in my region, anyway) to find the DVD version as opposed to the Blu-ray.

  75. Jerry says:

    RVD vs. Y2J would have made the set if I was in charge, but other than that it looks good. A couple of curve balls thrown in there (X-Pac vs. Hardy, 6 man WWF title match) but I dig it. Also, two matches with “biker” Undertaker! I know some people shit on that time period for Taker but I thought he was having great matches and it was good to see something different, IIRC the HHH match from 2002 is pretty damn good.

  76. Anonymous says:

    To correct my last statement. The 1993 tournament would, in my opinion, be considered a great PPV, because outside of the Great Sasuke from his 1994 J-Cup performance, Bret’s is the 2nd greatest one night series of performances, I have seen. But ONE KOTR, doesnt make up for years of mediocre KOTR, mixed in w/ a VERY few decent ones (94/01).

  77. Anonymous says:

    Looks good!

  78. SRB says:

    @Simon. Very good points made. If a band releases the same songs you will stop buying the album. I like it. Agreed.

  79. Simon says:

    I’m not too bothered about the RVD/Y2J omission. Great match, but already on RVD’s DVD.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Not BAD actually, pretty decent selection of matches. Could have used – as others here have suggested – all of Bret’s matches for the 1993 tournament, Bret Hart vs. Diesel (KOTR 1994), Owen vs. 1-2-3 Kidd (KOTR 1994) & Jericho vs. R.V.D (KOTR 2002). I think, that this is a excellent reason as to why an KOTR anthology set would have been unsuccessful, we basically get – almost – every great match from the KOTR tournament & they still have to fill the set w/ mediocre stuff. I was a fan of the concept itself, but it just never produced a GREAT PPV. But, having Art Donovan’s evening on commentary in full is certainly an intriguing thought. Looks to be about a 7.5/10.

  81. StevenJackson says:

    I was really looking forward to this release but I have to say I’m not as excited now as I was when I heard about this set. I think they should have done the release like the Essential Starrcade with a countdown of the top matches (bar the repeats of course). I think they really could have done a lot better. What I really can’t understand either is why the 3rd DVD has so many matches on it. Sure match length constitutes to how many matches are on a DVD but it is quite a significant difference. The DVD isn’t terrible but it could have been so much better.

  82. indyfan says:

    Hey! were my comments deleted?

  83. Simon says:

    @WWESuperFan: Completely disagree. If a band continually released a CD with the same songs on it, sooner or later, people are going to stop buying it. That’s exactly what’s happening for many of the WWE DVD releases.

    Your argument works the other way too. Collectors of DVDs will buy them regardless of the content – but the casual fan isn’t a collector, and thus would be deterred by matches they already own en masse.

  84. indyfan says:

    haha that guy blaming the economy. The economy was down in 2010 aswell. Yet their sales were 44% higher than this year. Plus their digital media sales went up .1 of a million dollars. Its straight up lack of interest in their product that is hurting their sales plus lackluster dvds plagued with repeats. They do base their sales on a world wide market.

    I’m not saying the economy has nothing to do with it but 44%. come on. The economy has been bad in the US alone for years now.

  85. indyfan says:

    Overall im actually happy with it. I think it has some good matches and the blu ray version has a few more gems. THis set looks good. There are quite a bit of repeats

    Bret vs Jerry Lawler(kiss my foot) from Lawlers LOW roundtables dvd
    Jake vs Stev Austin
    Taker vs Mankind
    Taker vs the Rock (takers dvd)
    Steve Austin vs HBK( Austins dvd)
    HBK vs Bulldog( HBks 2nd dvd)
    Shane vs Angle(OMG dvd)
    HHH vs Mankind(HHH dvd)
    hogan vs yokozuna(Greatest wrestlers of the 90’s)

    That’s all i could find right now. 9 repeats!!!!! Its not as bad as Jerichos dvd(4-5 rare matches on his dvd) or the new Steve Austins comming up

  86. WWESuperFan#1 says:

    Sale being down 44% is not attributed to repeat matches. Its the economy, DVD sales across every entertainment division are down.
    And it’s a bad business strategy for WWE to just try to target the few fans that do collect ever DVD.
    I know it pisses us all off, but when you are trying to sell 100,000 copies of a DVD you have to try to draw outside buyers in and not giving them the “Best of” something would be wrong

  87. Simon says:

    @Steven: I always thought the Michaels/Austin rematch could’ve taken place at WMXX. Four months before at Survivor Series 2003, it was Michaels’ loss that cost Austin his General Manager job. I think they should’ve had Michaels turn heel and do it intentionally, as retribution for Austin ending his career. Austin could’ve then returned as an active participant and eliminated Michaels from the Royal Rumble 2004 match, thus setting up the rematch at the Garden.

    Plus, Triple H vs. Chris Benoit as a singles match would’ve worked out just fine too.

  88. Steven says:

    That Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels match was where they were the Tag Team Champs against each other. A good match I remember to set up their classic WM14 match too bad they never had a rematch after WrestleMania 14, because I believe if Shawn didn’t get hurt he would’ve won the title back from Austin and DX would be flying high with HBK, Triple H, Chyna, X-Pac, and The New Age Outlaws.

  89. Simon says:

    The last sentence should read, “maybe they’ll make…”

  90. Simon says:

    @WWESuperFan: Maybe then, instead of the WWE Home Video department opting to produce titles that have multiple repeats, they should re-think their strategy and come up with some different ideas.

    I fully agree with you – any ‘Best Of’ set such as this has to feature the pivotal matches in order to stay true to the title, regardless of whether or not they have been featured before.

    The problem is, people like myself, and many others who own a large percentage of these bouts already, are far from enthused and probably won’t make the purchase. Now that WWE has revealed its DVD sales are down 44% year-on-year, they’ll make more of an effort to release footage that hasn’t been on countless other sets already.

  91. WWESuperFan#1 says:

    It would be a “Best of” without some repeats!
    We just have to learn to deal with it people. It’s not going to stop!
    How can you have a “Best of of King of the Ring” without having 2 of the Best matches from the PPV?! That wouldn’t be a “Best of” then, would it?

  92. Steve says:

    Not bad but we don’t need Undertaker vs. Mankind or Austin vs. Jake….stop with the re-peats!!!!! Guess what WWE those who buy dvd’s buy more then one!!!!

  93. Harry Faversham says:

    Yes, Marty. Maybe the footage doesn’t exist because I’ve never seen any clips of those tournaments. I also tohought, looking back at the trailer it was strange that they inlcuded clips of King Harley Race, King Duggan and Macho King. I think that battle for the crown and right to be called ‘king’ is a separate thing from the King of The Ring tournament. And obvioulsy it didnt make the DVD.

    I think Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect should have been on this too actually. I think it was the best match from all of the pay per views, so probably should have been included.

  94. Marty says:

    Good selections overall. Liked how they have the final matches for all the memorable Kings. Good “best of” matches as well. Amused at them including two big Hogan losses in there. 🙂 I kept hoping for some 80s tourney footage, but I’m now reserved to believing that footage just doesn’t exist. Like Harry, I’m underwhelmed with the Blu-ray extras, especially including that dreadful HHH-Undertaker match (the worst one I think those two have ever had). Good line-up overall, though.

  95. Jeremy says:

    Good lineup, was never really worried about the content. My only issue is that releases seem to get shorter on the DVD end. Also hope that in between matches we see some of the coronation segments for each year.

  96. Harry Faversham says:

    I’m happy with this list. Would have liked to have seen Bret vs. Razor (93) and Diesel (94), Austin vs. Kane (98) and RVD vs. Jericho (2002), but thats being very particular. It looks pretty good. The DVD line up is fine, but I will say the blu ray extras don’t add anything for me, so more likely to get the DVD. Great to see Owen, Yoko & Bulldog remembered. And to a lesser extent Ahmed Johnson, Ken Shamrock and Goldust.

  97. Simon says:

    If it weren’t for the blurring and the 4:3 issues, I’d probably invest. As it stands, I’ll pass. Next.

  98. SRB says:

    Ok… Not bad is what I’ll say, I would have chosen a few different matches here. But, overall I’m actually pretty satasfied with this set and the matches included. WWE did a good job spanning the first years all the way to the most recent. Since the content for most releases recently have been quite poor I’ll give this one a thumbs up. Nice work. And… we’ve got Owen!

  99. Bryan says:

    Replace the Kiss My Foot Match with Bret vs Diesel from 94 and this would have been a near perfect set, still a buy from me though.

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