Trailer for WWE “The Best of the King of the Ring” DVD – King Booker

October 28, 2011 by Daniel Bee have revealed the trailer for WWE’s upcoming release The Best of the King of the Ring.

The full content is forthcoming. Details we know so far are the US release date of December 13th and that it’s being produced on both DVD and Blu-ray formats.

For more than 20 years, the King of the Ring has been a favorite tradition of the WWE Universe, a tournament to crown wrestling royalty. Past kings have included Randy Savage, Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Edge, and Brock Lesnar.

But the King of the Ring’s popularity goes beyond the storied tournament, as for 10 years, King of the Ring was a wildly popular PPV event that produced a number of unforgettable moments including the Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Mankind, Stone Cold’s memorable battle with Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon for control of the WWE, Austin’s debut of his revolutionary “Austin 3:16” catchphrase, the first-ever match between Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle, as well as matches for the WWE Championship.

Now all those moments are collected in The Best of the King of the Ring, a 3-DVD set packed with more than 8 hours of amazing matches, interviews, moments, and more.
The Best of the King of the Ring is available to pre-order now at!

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  1. gslide says:

    @williamwwe — If you have 1989 KOTR, is there a way I can pay you for a copy?

  2. adam & steve says:

    if anybody should be hosting this dvd, it shoud be jerry the king lawler

  3. xRJx720 says:

    i cant wait for this 🙂

  4. JAM says:

    i wanna see jerry lawler beat the crap outta bret hart during bret’s coronation. long live heel jerry lawler.

  5. LP1 says:

    Btw, glad to see people picked up on Brad Attitude’s sarcasm.

  6. LP1 says:

    @williamwwe, you have all the 1980’s King Of The Ring events on VHS? Wellthen you have a gold mine on your hands because WWE doesn’t even have those tapes! lol You might wanna check your tapes again.

  7. @williamwwe says:

    @Brad Attitude

    I’m not to excited for this one, I wish they could include the chris benoit and chris jericho vs stone cold steve austin from king of the ring 2001 on the match listing 2, that way it gives more interest on it because I have almost every single king of the ring event from the 80’s and 90’s on VHS. So maybe I’ll get it for the picture quality.

  8. Dave says:

    @ Brad Attitude, I highly doubt it…for sets like these WWE has a choice to not include Benoit…if it was an Anthology then WWE would have had that complete event with the triple threat match.

  9. Brad Attitude says:

    i hope chris benoit and chris jericho vs stone cold steve austin from king of the ring 2001 is on the match listing 😉

  10. LP1 says:

    @Justin, it’s not based just on the ppv itself. They showed Randy Savage, Harley Race and several others who won the tournament before it was a ppv.

    Just a few things to clear up. First off the 1985-1991 tournaments were NOT taped by the WWF! The only existing footage are handheld tapes that were recorded from the crowd. The 1991 tournament specifically has been available on the tape trading market forever.

    Second, I’m not sure why they showed Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the trailer since he never won the King Of The Ring tournament. He only won the “Crown” from Haku in 1989 which was more or less an unofficial Title at that time. While Savage also won the “Crown” from Duggan in 1989, he did in fact win the 1987 King Of The Ring tournament. However, since WWE doesn’t have any footage of those tournaments I have no problem with them showing Savage during his Macho King days as exposition for the documentary.

    Also I don’t understand how they can stop selling ppv’s on Blu-ray in the US yet release this set on Blu-ray when 95% of the footage wasn’t even shot in HD. Makes no sense.

    And finally, Vincenzzzzzo is actually right. How can anyone complain about the contents of this set based on a 60 second commercial? Once the match listing and contents are revealed, then you can complain all you want.

    Of course, knowing how some of your dvd buying habits, even if the match listing is fantastic some of you will probably still not buy it because the all important factor in the cecision making of you people is the cover! The cover has to be great or it’s a fail, right?! lol

  11. Dave says:

    @ Justin

    They will probably have few tournament matches with the important coronations like Bret, possibly Owen, Austin, HHH, Angle, Booker, etc.

    Kind of the interested to see the content and format this will follow.

  12. Justin says:

    Judging by the preview, looks like it’s based on the PPV itself not on the tournament. Because if it was on the tournament only, they wouldn’t of shown the Mankind/Undertaker match again.

  13. Roaster says:

    The one thing that I didn’t like about the trailer was the fact that Booker T hosting as “King” Booka. I knew Booker was hosting and had a feeling he might do it as king just really didn’t want it that way as I HATED that gimmick. I’ll still get the set though on bluray since I own old KOTRs on taped VHS. I have a regionfree player so I can get the UK Tagged Classics if I need them.

  14. TripleN says:

    Hopefully we get the Bret/Diesel match from ’94.. and i really hope they dont put Diesel/Bam Bam vs Sid/Tatanka from ’95

  15. Dave says:

    What is everyone’s issue with repeats?!?! are people new to collecting DVDs or what!?…WWE always does this, nothing new…not everyone owns every freaking WWE/WWF DVD ever produced. If you don’t want to buy it, good for you…let other folks that don’t own many enjoy this one.

    At the end of the day, people will most likely buy this set because of the WWE name on it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i hope the owen hart problem doesn’t turn into another chris benoit problem.

  17. indyfan says:

    I hope every match is on another set. Lets go WWE gives us a dvd completely full of repeats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. @williamwwe says:


    evryone knows that!

  19. neverAcquiesce says:

    I hope they release the Michaels/Austin match again on this set. More people need to see this match.

  20. Ed says:

    its bogus that owens wife had too sue wwe for owen hart now we cant watch owen on this one

  21. Harry Faversham says:



  22. Jamie says:

    Should be a hell of a set

  23. @williamwwe says:

    @Harry Faversham

    are you fockin serious!

  24. AIC says:

    @Vincenzzzzzo Did I say I was surprised that they’d be on it? The whole thing is a complete waste that I had no intention of buying from the minute they announced it.

  25. Harry Faversham says:

    That trailer made some good stuff look really bad. Its such a bad trailer that it makes me want to NOT buy it. Before I saw this I wanted to get the DVD.

  26. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I get the point of re-releasing matches on other sets. I get that. But figure thats its only 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 matches that will be repeats. You still have probably 15 other matches new to DVD/Bluray to look forward to. And hey, if you don’t like the concept of this DVD…simply don’t buy it. But don’t act surprised the most obvious king of the ring matches weren’t going to be included in a “best of” format. Thats ludacris to think that way.

  27. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    LOL at people being upset and crying about the BEST OF THE KING OF THE RING having king of the ring matches on it…..hahahahahahhaha. Really? When this dvd was first announced, I, and other common sensed people, could have told you at least 4 matches that were a LOCK for the matchlisting, but these goofs act like its a surprise.

  28. AIC says:

    @Vincenzzzzzo Do you honestly believe they’re going to give us ANYTHING different on this set? And I realise it’s a “Best of” KOTR. That’s why I said the set was a waste of space. Who needs it? We’ll get the usual stuff we’ve seen a hundred times before (HIAC, Austin 3:16, Brets matches, probably Kiss My Foot and the McMahon Ladder match as well)and then a bunch of crap that nobody wants to see from the last few years (the 08 and 10 tournaments) just to justify the existance of a Blu-Ray edition.

  29. SRB says:

    I’m on the fence about it. Let’s be honest, trailers can reveal a lot sometimes, as I think this one did. I personally do not worry about content so much anymore as i worry about time. I’m a DVD collector and even if I already had all of the matches on the set I would probably buy it anyways just because I collect what’s released. WWE is now saying theres more than 8 hours of footage where it used to be 9. I really can imagine getting this set home and it being around 6 hours. As far as content goes, it remains to be seen so yes it is difficult to judge. Where i come from personally on that is that it looks like a lot of repeats, so in that sense i am dissapointed. But, if they do a decent job and give us matches that maybe we forgot about over the years mixed with some repeats then it wont be that bad. Again, it remains to be seen, so theres no point in getting worked up. I completely agree that when you release a best of the KOTR how can you ignore Austin’s win or Mankind’s fall? I get all that. But the fall was just released on OMG and Austin’s win will be on his upcoming set. That said, you cant tell me repeats arent annoying. I feel like I just keep buying the same set over and over.

  30. Simon says:

    All I know is that Vincenzo is a complete ass.

  31. Vincenzzzzzo says:


    You haven’t seen the match listings yet. How do you, or anyone else for that matter, know what will be on it? Of course you’ll see Austin, Hell in a Cell, etc on the DVD – those are main events that happened at king of the ring – and you should have expected that from the start. But you have no idea what other footage will be used.

    How can you people really judge anything just from a 1 minute commercial? Really? Seriously? You can’t be that blockheaded….can you?

  32. Charles says:

    After watching the trailer I have mixed feelings towards this DVD. It’s not what I anticipated. I thought the focus would be on the tournements… now I see they will include Taker/Mankind and other matches not related to the tournements? I would prefer if they released an anthology of the KOTR PPVs, to be able to watch every single match.

    I just think WWE misses this PPV. The best format was when 8 men entered the PPV so we had quaterfinals, semi-finals and a final. It wasn’t as predictable as with the other formats. Please bring it back but not on smackdown or only the final in a PPV. WE WANT A TOURNEMENT ON A PPV.

  33. John McClaine says:

    WWE is sooooooo lazy. They should have dug MUCH deeper. Too many main event guys in these matches. Where are the lesser known guys, who were putting on the real matches in the opening rounds!!!! Those guys could work circles around the guys who ended up winning!!!!

  34. Simon says:

    @Vincenzo: I wasn’t complaining; merely noting that because these matches have appeared on multiple sets already, I don’t really have the need to buy this one. WWE knows that a lot of this footage will already be owned, so you’d think they’d dig a little deeper. Taker/Foley, for instance, easily could’ve been left off in favour of more tournament matches and I don’t think anybody would’ve been too offended.

  35. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    why are you people complaining that Austins tournament win over Roberts, the Hell in the Cell with Taker and Foley, and other moments are on this DVD? Its a BEST of King of the Ring you fools. Like it or not, those are some of the most important moments in history.

    Did you think history would change itself and those matches wouldn’t be included on the DVD? Why are you people acting surprised? did the cell match happen at king of the ring, or SummerSlam? Did Austin win the king of the ring tournament at the royal rumble?


  36. SRB says:

    It looks to me based on that clip that we might get something out of those tournaments from 85-91. I keep hearing rumors they were never taped, which i find hard to believe. Besides this it looks like a lot of repeats. You can count on SCSA/McMahons, Foley/Taker, SCSA/Roberts, and I’ve seen Hogan/Angle on numerous sets before this. I was very excited about this set and after reading the synopsis and viewing the trailer it looks like a bunch of matches that I already have, very dissapointing. Needless to say Clash of the Champions, Halloween Havoc and Great American Bash sets are all overdue. What’s next WWE, the best of Backlash?

  37. AIC says:

    What a waste of space this will be. Maybe it’s of some use for those of you in the US without Tagged Classics but for anyone in Europe this will be pointless. Unless they go deep into the vaults (i.e. get some of the footage from the untelevised tournaments from 85-91 if they were taped), it’s obvious we’ll get the same old, same old again. And then to justify it been on Blu-Ray, we’ll probably end up with something ridiculous like the 2008 and 2010 tournaments in full since that’s the only HD KOTR footage available. Who wants to watch trash like that? The Home Video dept really need to pick things up. This year was by far the worst year for sets yet. Only decent one was Nitro. Hoping for something better next year but knowing them we’ll probably see another Rock set and more of the stuff everyone has seen a hundred times over at this stage.

  38. Simon says:

    So I guess we can safely say that Bret Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (1993), Steve Austin vs. Jake Roberts (1996) and The Undertaker vs. Mankind (1998) will all be included.

    My guess is that they will show brief clips of pre-PPV winners in their robes etc (much like the commercial), but no full content from this period.

    I have to say, the advert didn’t overly excite me. The Austin coronation speech and the Foley cell leap are on countless other sets, so if they’re a large bulk of this compilation, I might end up skipping it.

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