Revealed: Official WWE ‘The Best of Sting’ DVD & Blu-Ray Cover Artwork

August 12, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE The Best of Sting DVD Logo

Sting – The Ultimate Collection will now be simply named, “The Best of Sting”.

The cover art for the new Sting WWE DVD and Blu-ray has come down from the rafters!

WWE The Best of Sting DVD Cover Artwork

Get it on Amazon
Get it on Amazon

WWE will release “The Best of Sting” on DVD and Blu-ray formats next month. You can already pre-order a copy using the Amazon buttons above. As of latest word this is a WCW-heavy match compilation with more than 30 bouts featured on the DVD version alone! Those span Sting’s career from 1986 through to 2001. The Blu-ray edition packs in all of those too and a whopping 19 extras on top – a mix of promos, segments and matches.

Below is a reminder of the official synopsis and selected content.

The Sting DVD chronicles his entire career from his Mid-South days as part of the Blade-Runners (with Ultimate Warrior) through his last WCW match vs. Ric Flair on the very last episode of WCW Monday Nitro (3/26/01).

The video features more than two dozen matches in total, many never before released on DVD. This includes a combination of well-known memorable matches, as well as some fairly obscure matches including encounters with Vader, Cactus Jack, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair. In addition, packages throughout the title will help tell the story of Sting’s career evolution.

Full content/match listing revealed for WWE’s Sting DVD & Blu-ray.

WCW Sting with Baseball Bat


Release Dates for WWE “The Best of Sting” on DVD & Blu-ray formats…


USA: September 23rd. Pre-order now here on

UK/Europe: September 29th. Pre-order soon from

Australia: October 1st. Pre-order now from

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  1. Aaron says:

    Had to create a account just to give this motherf***er a piece of my mind. My job here is done.

  2. Aaron hunt says:

    @attitude.era.4life This right here is why attitude era fans should never talk pro wrestling. You have to be the dumbest f**k off all time. Sting is the most diverse character in the history of the business along with hogan, who’s the only wrestlers to Change something that was working into being even more innovative. But then again I wouldn’t expect you who likes the most overrated era in history to know that as you think one dimensional f***s like Austin & the rock are diverse, cause he could drink more then two beers and could only wrestle the chairman to get big pay offs. Let us stick to our pro wrestling, and you stick to your entertainment and shut the f*** up and never disrespect two all time greats who one happens to be the greatest wwe star of all time, while the other one being the greatest wcw star of all time who use to wrestle circles around your favorite wrestlers that couldn’t make it when it was called pro wrestling, but had a chance when it was called sports entertainment called the shi**y attutude era & pg 13 bulls***. Either get educated or leave wrestling alone cause it’s not for you. Your a f***ing embarrassment to wrestling fans all over the world. Delete yourself from any further wrestling topics and go watch Austin & rock give Vince McMahon the finger.

  3. David Wells says:

    i’m excited about sting in wwe,huge fan of him,when he did in wcw & tna,now he is in wwe,i’m happy that he is part of wwe,can’t wait to get sting’s new dvd next month,also i can’t wait to get wwe 2k15 game,to pre-order & get the game in october,then i will play as sting on game,he is awesome wrestler,i hope he enters in wwe ring,then i will see sting battle with the undertaker at wrestlemania 31 next year?

  4. john hinkle says:

    I cant wait for the release of this sting DVD/blu-ray its gonna be awesome alot of early sting footage from his UWF to wcw years if u are a sting fan this is a must have which I have been since 1988 never been more excited about a, DVD release than I am this one

  5. Richard says:

    Wow, what an underwhelming cover and name for this DVD set.

    I was hoping for a compilation of photos on the cover since Sting really did have two significant phases of his career, but the Blond Sting was the version that had the better feuds and matches.

  6. John Rafterman says:

    Who’s STNG?

    • some guy says:

      It’s shorthand for Star Trek: Next Generation. This is a DVD release of the best Star Trek episodes, but a mixup at the printer put Brandon Lee on the cover by mistake

  7. R&REXPRESS#1 says:

    Hmm….the cover’s not at all like I expected, just a bit disappointed there ….how long till we see the dvd disc artwork?

  8. Justin F says:

    I’m still sad they didn’t include much of Crow Sting. If there is a brand new interview with Sting included, then I’ll be happy.

  9. King9999 says:

    Decent looking cover. I thought it would just be his face on the front. Definite Blu-Ray purchase

  10. james says:

    I hope there is new interviews with sting… if not no buy…

  11. attitude.era.4life says:

    suitable cover to the one-dimensionale character that Sting was.. like todays Cena and yesterdays Hogan, the type that says: “just bring it..” – or… “you know something, Hulkamaniacs..”

    Still not descidet yet, if I will get this.. but if I will, it will be via a super offer for sure.. I respect the influence the Sting’er has had, just like I respect a character like the Hulkster’s long as I do not have to pay in full for those.. 😉

    • Andre Fan says:

      I agree, I buy all my wwe bluray sat discounted prices, the only exception might be the macho man doc

      • attitude.era.4life says:

        I have only pre-odered 3 releases..and I will make it a four times, with Attitude Era vol. 2:
        – United we Slam…which was a huge disapointment I my ad..
        – Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is… well, cos I’m a Paul Heyman guy..
        – OMG vol. 2… August 25th can not get here soon enough..

  12. Dave says:

    I want it and I WANT IT NOW!

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