Official Big Show Trailer, Rock/Cena DVD & New WWE Tagged Classics

February 25, 2011 by Daniel Bee

This week Silver Vision announced a new WWE Tagged Classics DVD set, The Year in Review 1993 & 1994.

It’s to be released in April exclusively to UK/Europe, and you can pre-order it now.



In the USA, Toys “R” Us stores are reportedly selling new 2-pack WWE DVDs in the run up to the release of All Stars, the video game. These being:

John Cena Experience/Rock Most Electrifying Man ($24.99)

HHH King of Kings/Hulk Hogan Anthology ($24.99)

Randy Savage Collection/John Morrison Rock Star ($19.99)



We can exclusively reveal WWE’s official trailer for Big Show: A Giant’s World which was released this past Tuesday. Watch it below!

Big Show: A Giants World DVD
<-- Grab your copy now at WWEShop!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They can only re-release the titles that had to be deleted when the WWF had to change its name to WWE. I think the reason they put three titles on one release is that it just makes sense to when they fit like that, otherwise they may never see the light of day. Besides its great value if they fit 2 tapes on one DVD. I don’t see anything to complain about. We are very lucky that silver vision is the UK distributor. Because if WWE did had distributed in the UK themselves they would not be able to re-release them and you wouldnt get anything except the distorted history you get on the WWE’s sets and anthologies. Saying that I’m surprised they are re-releasing the year reviews since none of the matches are in full. Plus they skipped 1992 year in review.

  2. gavinotts says:

    iam really suprised and random the t.c are gettin cant they atleast release them in order of the chv uk ones in order are they that dumb i dont mean to be horrable its the way am thinkin apart from the ppvs they have done already but yet what makes it odd when they did that 3in1 set hows that a t.c when i last checked tag means 2 not 3 just sayin but on a great note great release from silvervision but on a sad note wouldnt it be better if they release the ones wasnt release in the uk i think they be the best t.c released

  3. Jordan says:

    Cool, thanks for the news about the 2 packs

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